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The Digital Handbook Challenge at StampAuctionNetwork.
See them all and check on the Contest here.

image 1867 3c Rose "C" Grill (83) - Digital Handbook to stamps in never hinged, original gum, used, multiples, pairs and on cover.
(open video)
image Canada 1855 10p Blue on thin wove paper (7, 7a) - Digital Handbook to stamps in never hinged, original gum, used, multiples, pairs and on cover.
(open video)
Rules for our 100 day Digital Handbook Challenge ($100, $200, $300 prizes) read here.
***New*** $19.95 / year BASIC Extended Features is available to infrequent bidders. As a new user you have a FREE membership. You can upgrade your membership plan (by clicking here). For a detailed explanation of each plan watch a (Video here) Contact us by email (here), or call 919-403-9459. Our email is tldroege@StampAuctionNetwork.com.

Master StampAuctionNetwork in 30 Days - Three Minutes at a time. Watch Video 24 Now! BASIC Extended Features - Auction Firm Finder - (3:43 minutes) You can find all of them and more on our Videos page (here)

Newly Listed!

Feature Auctions

  • Stanley Gibbons The Alan Jobling Walker Collection of India & Indian States - March 23, 2023 Welcome to The Alan Jobling Walker Collection of India & Indian States. Private Viewing is available by appointment. Public viewing 13-17 March 2023

  • Golden Oak Online Auctions Collector Series - March 25, 2023 Our 3rd Collector Series Sale of the year features stamps, postal history, collections and philatelic literature of the United States and the World. Of special note: Numerous U.S. stamps with graded certs and 70 collection lots with catalogs values ranging up to $20,000 or more each.

  • Sandafayre Ltd. Worldwide Internet/Mail Sale with all lots shipped free - March 28, 2023 Welcome to this month's Hunter's mail bid sale which includes over 2700 lots. Some fresh-to-the-market collections arrived recently from Zanzibar, Labuan, Cape of Good Hope Triangle and a group of Australian Postage Dues. The Zanzibar features the hight values from 1908-09 with the 200r being exceptionally rare. Labuan has many sets with Pictorial, Postage Due and Crown featuring alongside some fine singles which include the 1880 6c red twice on 16c blue, SG 12. The Cape ‘Wood Blocks’ show well this week at a fraction of their catalogue values. There are some powerful collections from New Zealand, Bechuanaland, Australia and Zanzibar. A real Commonwealth focus but with plenty of new material from around the globe. We hope you find plenty of interesting items for your collections. Happy hunting!

  • H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. United States Postal History Public Auction - March 28-29, 2023 Our March sale features specialized collections of United States Postal History. Of particular note are the Leonard Piszkiewicz Collection of Chicago Postal History, the Van Koppersmith Collection of Philadelphia Postal History and the Tony Dewey Collection of Hartford Postal History. Individual highlights include: Pointing Finger Return to Writer Cover From the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago (1158), 1835 Full Rigged Ship Handstamp on Incoming Cover to Philadelphia (Lot 2398), Hartford Mail Route cover with 1844 5c Black on yellow vertical pair (80L1) (Lot 3055)

  • Universal Philatelic Auctions Wonderful Worldwide Postal Auction with No Buyer's Premium - April 11, 2023 There are many POSTAL AUCTIONS but NONE like this… £2.3 GBP million worth in 27,158 lots and NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! Continuing over 20 years tradition of their Unique Reducing Estimate Auctions, Universal Philatelic Auctions (UPA) presents one of their most valuable ever mail-bid sales closing at 5pm Tuesday 11th April 2023. The auction offers 27,158 lots to the value of £2,382,732GBP ($3,249,180 USD) comprising worldwide Collections, Sets, Singles, Covers, Proofs, High Values, Rarities, Topicals, FEO etc ... from the broadest range of regions including high quality classic Great Britain, British Empire, British Africa, British North America, India, Europe, British Asia, Asia with China, US and much more. Highlights once again include remarkable particularly strong in GB with High Values, British Empire plus exceptional Europe and overseas, with very good USA and many other countries too numerous to mention. There are No Buyer's Premiums plus all lots are covered by their 28 day Total Guarantee.

Featured Stamp or Cover - eZine!!!

    click on the image for full size image and description

    From Resilient Ventures Sale 9 - StampAuctionNetwork - April 14th --- (details on this lot here)

    Lot 7 - 1872, 90c CARMINE USED GRADED '95', #155, beautiful carmine color, exceptionally well centered with large well-balanced margins, light cork cancel, extremely fine - superb, with 2010 & 2020 P.F. certs, latter graded '95', and 2010 PSE cert. graded '95', SMQ $2,500.00

    This stamp ranks #7 out of 399 in the StampAuctionNetwork census. Only four stamps have a higher grade in the PSE population report and nine others share this grade. That leaves only 15 copies in this superior condit....Suggested Bid CV. Est. $1,600 Currently US$ 1,600

    click on the image for full size image and description

    From Box & Country Lot Sale #F675 - No Buyer's Premium! - Paradise Valley Stamp Company - March 24, 2023 --- (details on this lot here)


    StampAuctionNetwork's eZine
    click on the image for full size image and description

    Rare stamps: the 1935 Silver Jubilee Prussian Blue stamp by Stamp Collector, (full article or video), (video), (catalog)

    The rare 1935 Silver Jubilee 'Prussian Blue' stamp is one of the most desirable stamps issued during the reign of King George V. Find out more about this stamp rarity in our special stamp guide.

    For the Complete Article or Video Click (here) To Watch a Video with Bonus content using the StampAuctionNetwork Data Click (here) To Browse the Auction Sale Click (here)

    Stamp Auction Network News and Facts
    • November 14th, the new record for a single C3a 24¢ Invert Position 49, sold to a SAN Live bidder for $1,350,000 + the buyers commission -- this is 2nd place on the all-time highest prices paid using Live Bidding. The bidder was asked if he wanted to be on the phone, and he said, "No I'm fine with StampAuctionNetwork Live".See the top prices paid by SAN live bidders.
    • June 20, 2018 -- StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding was thoroughly test and performed exceptionally. We had 7 bidders participate in the test, They bid on 40 lots in the Siegel International Sale, they won 8 lots, won all the ties, bought lots totalling $14,500, and saved $1,650 at a cost of $145. Unattended Live fees are waived in June, 2018 to anyone who uses the service. You must join StampAuctionNetwork Basic or Extended features at some level (trial, BASIC, Extended, or PowerUser), but that can be as little as $9.95/year. Fees are 1% of the hammer price.
    • June 13, 2018 -- StampAuctionNetwork goes over $1 Billion! (adjusted for currency). With the addition of a number of recent David Feldman SA sales, and the restoration of Shreves Sales 7-39, 151-157, and 161-162 (31,000 lots with PR's of 45 million), StampAuctionNetwork officially crosses the $1 Billion mark in prices realized. No other auction site has this significant a database of prices realized.
    • June 11, 2018. Instructional Videos and Webinars are released at StampAuctionNetwork starting with "StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding Explained"
    • February 23, 2018. Announcing StampAuctionNetwork Extended Features!
    • December 20, 2017. Record Breaking Results. SAN Bidders broke the record for percent of Sales sold for a major sale. Over 83% of Robert A Siegel's sale 1173 sold to SAN bidders, with another 11% of Lots where the SAN bidder was the underbidder. Only 6% of lots sold without SAN competition.
    • June 9th, 2016. Live Bidding results at WSS-NY 2016. Even though the entire world was at WSS, SAN Live bidders who were not at the show brought home great stamps. Live Bidders won $1,059,000 of lots offered by the four auction houses at WSS, and were the underbidders on another $700,000 worth of material, bringing the total impact of SAN live bidders to $1,734,000. Thank you live bidders!
    • May 29, 2016. Live Bidding at World Stamp Show-NY 2016. We are pleased to announce that all of the auctioneers at WSS-NY 2016 will also make their auctions available to StampAuctionNetwork bidders using our live bidding platform on any device. You can bid from anywhere in the world, or even the auction room floor using StampAuctionNetwork's live bidding.
    • April 18th, 2016. Tour de Cure Charity Auction to Benefit the American Diabetes Association. Our 4th annual auction for diabetes was a record breaker! Over $45,000 was raised that will go directly to research efforts to cure diabetes. My ride will be May 14th and 15th. Thanks again to all our auction sponsors who made generous donations of stamps and covers for the auction, and to our collector friends who also made contributions. A special thanks to Daniel Kelleher LLC who at the last minute provided some excellent Asia material which was hotly contested. When the dust had settled, Kelleher was responsible for over $30,000 of the $45,500 total. Paradise Vally and Earl P.L. Apfelbaum also made large contributions.
    • December 31, 2014. Announcing StampAuctionNetwork for Mobile Devices! Just click on the link or go to mStampAuctions.com or StampAuctionMobile.com to use StampAuctionNetwork on any of your mobile devices. The new interface has been in development for a year now, and has been tested by our own StampAuctionNetwork mobile evaluation team, so it is ready for general use. Please send any additional feedback my way!
    • July 10, 2014. The 1st Fantasy Philately! contest is concluded. See the Results!
    • June 26, 2014, a 30c Ultramarine & Carmine, Flags Inverted (121b) sold in the Siegel Rarities of the World to a SAN Live Bidder for $290,000. See the top prices paid by SAN live bidders.
    • May 13, 2014, a few new records for SAN Live Bidders. The C3a 24¢ Invert Position 89, sold to a SAN Live bidder for $230,000. Interestingly, it last sold to a different SAN Live bidder two years earlier for $150,000.See the top prices paid by SAN live bidders.
    • April 1, 2014. The 2nd Annual TourdeCure Charity Auction for the American Diabetes Association realized over $11,000. The autographed copy of Bill Gross's book sold for $775.
    • November 5, 2013. Announcing "Fantasy Philately" at StampAuctionNetwork.com
    • June 25, 2013, SAN Live Bidders shattered several 6 year records which I did not think would be broken. First the new record for a single lot sold to a live bidder is $1,950,000 breaking the old record of $650,000. The new monthly record is already over $5 million which breaks the previous monthly record of $4.3 million. See the top prices paid by SAN live bidders.
    • June 8, 2013 - Let us do your Searches for you! Manage your Saved Searches and opt in for email notification. Just Login, and pick Search to turn your saved searched into email notifications. You will get matches on your searches via email when the auctions are first posted.
    • May 23rd, 2013 - Language Translation Introduced. Press the "Translate On" button to translate from English to any of several dozen languages, or to translate to English. Please send your comments to tldroege@StampAuctionNetwork.com.
    • March 29, 2013 - A record month at StampAuctionNetwork. 3,931 lots sold to 476 different live bidders for $3,870,432 for the month of March, 2013!
    • March 29, 2013 ** New Records** See the top prices paid by SAN live bidders.
    • January 30, 2013. New Search Features let you pull lots added since a date and then save that data to an excel file.
    • StampAuctionNetwork is on Facebook! Like us!
    • May 4th, 2012. We added some pagination to the search feature to make it easier to use. No limits on results now.
    • Dec 14th, 2011. Non US Live bidders take most of Kelleher Delta Collection. 51% of the sale went to Live Bidders, but the US made up only 10% of that. Most went to Saudia Arabian, Egyptian, and UAE bidders.
    • October 31, 2011 - A record month at StampAuctionNetwork. 2,985 lots sold to 620 different live bidders for $3,851,952 for the month of October, 2011!
    • June, 2007. $650,000 record for a lot sold on the Internet, $3.1 Million, record for a day, $4.3 Million to Live Bidders for the month.
    • October 16, 2011 - Another busy live bidding week. 1534 lots were sold to live bidders totaling $1.3 million and 348 different winning bidders participated in auctions by Siegel, Apfelbaum, and Kelleher.
    • August 19-20, 2011 - a record 171 different live bidders were sucessful in the Spink Shreve's Collector's series sale.
    • June 4-5, 2010 - 137 different Live Bidders took home a record 837 lots totaling $660,000 at the Harmers Sale.
    • March 12, 2010 - A record 154 Live Bidders took home 515 lots totaling $672,635 at Spink Shreve's Collector's series sale.
    • Robert A. Siegel sells over 40% of Sale 983 to Live Bidders - February 23, 2010
    • 3,421 unique visits per day as of February, 2010
    • September 13, 2008 - A record 130 Live Bidders took home 796 lots totaling $817,000 at Spink Shreve's Collector's series sale.
    • with over 16,000 Registered Bidders!
    • October 21-24, 2010 - a record 174 different Live Bidders took home a record 1014 lots totaling $576,215 at the Daniel Kelleher Sale.
    • $2.7 Million to Live Bidders in April, 2009
    • $2.5 Million to Live Bidders in May, 2008,

Feature Auctions

  • Cheshire Stamp Auctions (Sandafayre Public Auction) Public Auction - March 24-25, 2023 CHESHIRE STAMP AUCTIONS 24TH-25TH March auction includes the fine collections of Canadian TRANSATLANTIC MAIL part 1 formed by Malcolm Montgomery. The Hensman collections of New Guinea, Papua and Samoa postal history. Exceptional Great Britain 19th century incl. postal notices, a fine range of 1841 1d reds with unusual and scarce postmarks, an 1841 2d blue trial plate of twelve without corner letters. The usual ranges of collections incl. modern decimal lots and worldwide individual stamps.

  • Mowbray Collectables International Public Stamp Auction - March 25, 2023 Welcome to our 42nd sale. This bi-annual auction comprises about NZ$850,000 of estimates. We are honoured to feature stamps from several major collections of outstanding quality, including the wonderful collection of a private collector, and over 100 other vendors. 138 collections including 40 New Zealand; including wonderful 1887 World album; Over 2,250 FFQ's, including 2 x SG 1; magnificient block of 6d imperf mint; SG 2 mint; Remarkable assembly of QV Specimen overprints 186 stamps; A further strong offering of NZ FDCs ex Horrell. These sold well above estimate in our last sale; 2 x 1906 Penny Clarets (1 really cheap, 1 MUH - lots 444/5); 1925 12/6d QVLT mint; estimated low at vendor's request; 1931 35/- Arms MUH' ; Malcolm Millar's extensive NZ Flight Cover collection; Barry Smith's exhibit of commercial Propellor Aircraft; Samoa 1847 Missionary Entire. We are certain that there is something for everyone in this sale, with conservative estimates to attract bidding.

  • Stanley Gibbons Stamps and Postal History of the World Public Auction - March 28-29, 2023 Welcome to Sale: 5941: Stamps and Postal History of the World! Private Viewing is available by appointment. Public viewing 13-21 March 2023

  • Soler y Llach Spain, Ex Colonies and Foreign Countries with Lots and Collection - April 3-4, 2023 Spain, Ex Colonies and Foreign Countries Auction with Lots and Collections Public Auction.

  • StampAuctionNetwork Resilient Ventures - Quality United States, Canada and Rest of the World - April 20, 2023 This sale includes a number of very high quality US Classics, including an 85E 12c Black Z Grill, a 295 Pan American 100J, a 365 13c Blue Green with Saginaw cancel, a few covers, Booklet pane errors on Dealer Sheets, US Revenues, two different Federal Duck stamp collection, a number of high catalog value Canada mint and used (with a very nice 1868 3c Large Queen), a collection of scarce Trust Territory precanceled plate blocks, and Foreign sets and singles from A-Z.

Prices Realized...

Closed Auctions - No Prices realized for these sales.

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Censuses, NFT Corner, White Papers and Newsletters

  • The Latest PDF Example Censuses. Available with any Extended Features plan at or over $49.95 / year. (Signup Here). Most of the censuses have the top 50 examples in each format NH **, OG *, NG (*), Used, Multiples, Pairs and on Cover, except where noted.
    • 1851 1c Blue Type IV US 9
    • 1860 30c Orange and 90c Blue. US 38 and 39
    • 1861 24c Violet, Thin Paper. US 70c
    • 1870-1871 1c - 90c "I. Grills". US 134a-144a
    • 1893 Columbians used plus the 4c error of color. US 230-245 used
    • Key US Revenues. R17c, R99c, R102c, R129
    • 1934 Federal Hunting Permit. US RW1 with used on 3333 forms.
    • Sampler #1 from requests. US 10a, 24 on cover, 292-E6, Canal Zone 157a, Canada CL20-21, Zululand 29
    • Sampler #2 from requests. Bahamas 4, New Brunswick 5, US 296a, CSA 12X2, and Hawaii 7
    More details and info on how to request a census (here)
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