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Fantasy Philately

Announcing "Fantasy Philately" at StampAuctionNetwork.com

...not "Cinderellas" or fantasy stamps, think Fantasy Football with real stamps.

Sign up by Logging in, and picking My SAN.Update Registration. Check the box I would like to play "Fantasy Philately" and press the Update Registration Button.

The goal of the game is make 10 “purchases” with fake money and then judge the results. The general idea is to create the best single theme collection within the budget of the category. The two categories are “$1 Million” and “$10,000”. In order to place an item in your collection, you will have to intend to “buy” it before it sells. Gamers will be able to buy items up to the point where they either purchase 10 items or they run out of “money”. The collections will then be judged as to what kind of collection they were able to create.

The results will be judged by industry recognized authorities and prize money will be awarded in the form of credits to purchase with auction firms. First prize in each category will be $1000, 2nd prize $500 and third prize $250.


  • Goal is to create a Fantasy Collection of 10 stamps or covers with a consistent Theme. Examples:
    • #1’s of the World
    • Classics of a Single country
    • 1st Flights
    • A Single Topical
  • Two categories $1 million and $10,000
  • One entrant per person
  • Judged by internationally known experts
  • Prices realized must be posted by the auction firms (do not ask us which do or do not – part of the game is figuring this out – however you may encourage the auction firms to post prices realized if they do not)
  • Your “collection” must exhibit a consistent theme or single collecting interest.
  • You must select items for your collection from lots offered at StampAuctionNetwork, and you must pick them before the lots are sold. Once selected, you may not unselect an item.
  • Contestants will complete a summary write up of their collection.
  • Judging is subjective but will be based on
    • How well you achieved the goal given your resources
    • How well you were able to create a consistent theme.
    • How well you spent your money (ie you will lose points if you did not make 10 purchases, or if you overspent or underspent)
    • Did you build your collection from different auction firms?
    • Did you include items purchased internationally?
  • Contest will run from Jan 1st 2014 to July 1st 2014
  • Prize money in each category is listed below:
  • How to Play
    • sign up to play by updating your registration and check the box "Play Fantasy Philately".
    • Add lots to your Fantasy Collection found in My SAN or by checking "Fantasy Philately" on a lot you are bidding on or watching in MY Bids.
    • You must add them before they are sold and you must place a "Fantasy Bid"
    • To add an item to your fantasy collection, you must outbid the actual price paid and any other fantasy bidders.
    • Your "Price Paid" will be updated when the auction firm posts prices realized.
    • Your "Price Paid" will be an increment over the actual hammer price (you are not charged buyer's premium -- thereby the "Fantasy") or an increment over the next highest fantasy bidder.
    • You may practice setting up your Fantasy Collection now.
Questions, Feedback, Comments, Suggestions... Contact Tom Droege tldroege@mindspring.com by email or by phone at 919-403-9459. We are still designing how this will work so we welcome your input.


  • $1 million Collection Category
    • $1,000 1st Place award sponsored by Sparks Auctions.
    • $250 Cash prize from StampAuctionNetwork
    • $125 Cash prize from StampAuctionNetwork
  • $10,000 Collection Category
    • $500 Cash prize from StampAuctionNetwork
    • $500 2nd Place award sponsored by Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center
    • $250 3rd Place award sponsored by Paradise Valley Stamp Company, Inc.

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