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StampAuctionNetwork Extended Features

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StampAuctionNetwork Basic and Premium Extended Features at a Glance...

Free to all:

  • Auction Catalogs... Calendars, and Auction Profiles.
  • Newsletter... Notices of upcoming auctions when published.
  • "My Collection"... Add items you did not purchase on SAN to your on-line collection and match them up against our database and find matches.
  • "My Purchase History"... Access your individual purchase history for major sales from 2001-2017. Plus starting in 2018 we will keep all purchase history where the auction firm records you as the winner.
  • "My Archived Bids"...Access your individual bidding history for major sales back to 2014. From 2018 all your bidding history is kept for you to review.
  • "Post your own Prices Realized"...Join the movement to build the prices realized for the auction firms that won't.
  • Zoom Meetings, Join the StampAuctionNetwork community for regular Zoom meetings on a number of helpful topics.
  • Selling your Collection, We can help you find an auction company to consign your collection to.

Membership includes:

  • Bidding... Live Bidding, Absentee Bidding and Watchbids.
  • Unattended Live Bidding... Prepare bids ahead of time that are executed at the opening of the lot in a live bid auction without revealing the maximum amount. Free if you win less than $2000 in winning bids.
  • Search Current Auctions... Saved Searches and search notifications by email.
  • Email and Telephone Support... Contact us directly by phone or email with questions or for assistance.
  • Auction Company Support... Any kind of support we provide to contact auction companies on your behalf.
  • Remember... Free One Year Memberships are always available and include all the features of membership.
  • Membership Promotion... Sign up for Full Membership below at $49.95/year. If you signup before May 1st, this includes BASIC Extended Features ($79.95/year Value) at the same price as long as you renew it each year.
  • The Main Difference between membership and Basic Extended Features is the ability for you to search and research our 2.5 million record database of prices realized. If you want that either now or in the future, you should sign up today and be able to renew forever at the $49.95 / year rate.

Basic Extended Features

  • Search Auction History. for everyday items, collections, varieties, cancels, keywords...
  • Get Market Data. Pull Relevant data from the StampAuctionNetwork Database while browsing a catalog or making bids.
  • Want lists and want list notifications. Save your searches across the entire database and get notifications.
  • Integration with 4 Powerful Search Tools, Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population), and Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") Population report.
  • Remember Search can be Research.

Premium Extended Features

  • Access to Census and Provenance. Full access to on-line Research, Census data, Provenance records, including our provenance screening tool.
  • See your Provance Matches in MyPurchases and MyCollection. Instant access to Census data from your purchases and collection.
  • Access to your online Provenance Reports. Extended features is required to view your provenance reports online.
  • Search Auction History. Over 2.6 million lots with prices representing over $2.2 billion of sales worldwide back to 2001. Images, Charting, Topical Search, Worldwide Search, and more...
  • The StampAuctionNetwork 1000. These metrics are a measure of the stamps that are most likely to be offered as a single stamp or cover, and more...
  • Get Market Data. Pull All (unlimited) Relevant data from the StampAuctionNetwork Database while browsing a catalog or making bids.
  • Integration with 4 Powerful Search Tools, Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population), and Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") Population report.
  • Want lists and want list notifications. plus "WantList MarketPlace" peer to peer private treaty sales.
  • Connections Connect with other collectors to share your expertise, jump start a new collecting interest, or mentor a new collector.

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Prices Realized at StampAuctionNetwork by Auction Firm

Firms may be listed more than once if they conduct sales in different currencies

AuctionFirm # Sales Number of Lots Total Currency Total (US$)
Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. 462 265,424 595,201,709 US$ 595,201,709
Cherrystone Auctions 160 189,781 237,841,444 US$ 237,841,444
Spink New York 170 119,571 229,290,580 US$ 229,290,580
Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co KG 36 244,965 160,038,241 EUR 189,645,316
Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC 381 315,770 135,643,806 US$ 135,643,806
Matthew Bennett International 102 73,456 126,309,986 US$ 126,309,986
Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH 23 35,892 65,412,421 EUR 77,513,719
Corinphila Auctions AG 15 45,401 68,080,851 CHF 74,888,936
H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. 44 55,646 47,963,606 US$ 47,963,606
InterAsia Auctions Limited 6 14,698 368,896,863 HK$ 47,587,695
Sothebys 2 4 41,539,250 US$ 41,539,250
David Feldman SA 14 22,973 34,428,853 EUR 40,798,191
Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions 37 40,067 38,281,030 US$ 38,281,030
Kelleher and Rogers Limited 31 26,443 262,910,077 HK$ 33,915,400
Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktionen 36 88,297 27,918,017 EUR 33,082,850
Gert Müller GmbH 18 32,910 27,453,278 EUR 32,532,134
Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG 13 45,471 25,079,820 EUR 29,719,587
BEHR Philatelie 15 5,285 22,073,528 EUR 26,157,131
Ceres Philatelie 29 69,174 21,877,290 EUR 25,924,589
Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center 53 61,399 21,497,454 US$ 21,497,454
Heinrich Koehler Auktionshaus 15 12,781 15,041,128 EUR 17,823,737
Universal Philatelic Auctions 26 206,239 16,418,597 GBP 16,418,597
Stampedia Auction Japan, inc 1 982 15,834,800 JP$ 15,834,800
Sparks Auctions 41 62,801 20,591,704 C$ 15,608,512
ROUMET Philatélie 15 27,465 12,539,575 EUR 14,859,396
abacus auctions 20 27,145 17,990,363 AU$ 13,114,975
Schlegel Auctions 12 27,192 10,540,595 EUR 12,490,605
Grosvenor 30 25,506 12,443,397 GBP 12,443,397
Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, Inc. 8 12,125 12,405,306 US$ 12,405,306
Rasdale Stamp Company 23 20,122 12,239,220 US$ 12,239,220
Totals for All Firms (only top 30 listed above) 3605 2,985,449 in US$'s 2,456,307,093

StampAuctionNetwork links 5 Awesome Search Tools!

Our latest feature at StampAuctionNetwork now gives you immediate access to 5 great search tools. After you do a Country and Catalog Search at StampAuctionNetwork, you can immediately link to the corresponding pages at The Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (2 tools - Certs and Population), and the Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") population reports. There really more than 5 resources, but we are counting our own search as 1, and only the searches that are a click away. Once you are at Professional Stamp Experts, they have a number of other valuable resources.

The location of the links are show in the image to the right, highlighted in yellow.

  • The Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population). The Philatelic Foundation’s PF Search Program allows you to easily find information about the stamps and covers the PF has examined and their final opinions about each item. At present over 540,000 images of stamps and covers examined by the PF between June 1984 and to date are in our searchable Certificate Archive. You can find both an image of the stamp or cover and the PF’s final opinion for each stamp or cover. The PFSearch program allows you easy access to a variety of information, including grades of stamps we have expertized. http://pfsearch.org/pfsearch/

  • Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE"). The Industry Leader in Postage Stamp Grading and Services. In addition to the link to their Population Report, you will find info on getting your stamps graded, SMQ Values, and a Set Registry. http://psestamp.com/

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