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Brigham Auctions Ltd. Sale - 4

The King George V "Admiral" Issue - March 6-7, 2015

The Admiral Issue was the last collection being prepared as an exhibit when Ron Brigham decided to sell his holdings. As a result only the front end, the 4¢ to $1 values and the provisionals have been mounted. You can now view these pages by visiting www.thebrighamcollection.com and look under the Exhibits tab.

Had it been completed as an exhibit, the collection, as extensive as it is, would have likely covered more than twenty 16-page frames. In large measure the variety of material in the Admiral Issue is due to the vast number of plates used by the Post Office to print this issue during its 17 years of constant use before it was replaced in 1928-1929 by the Scroll Issue – a single provisional Admiral appeared in 1931 and it is included in this sale. The major reason for the multiplicity of plates was the difficulty of finding good steel to prepare the plates as a result of World War I. Because of early wear of the plates, the shortage of paper and its quality during wartime, and the need to replace the German dry inks used in the early printings (1911-1914) the Admiral issue has become the most popular collecting and study area of 20th Century Canadian philately.

It was so even at the beginning. Major Thompson, a prominent collector of the early 20th Century, would regularly visit post offices to purchase full sheets and plate strips or blocks to add to his collection. He was well known to write in pencil on the selvedge the date he purchased the item. Many of the treasures from his collection are included in this sale – just look for the telltale dates. The collection also contains many items from the Senator George C. Marler collection. Senator Marler (1901-1981) wrote the definitive handbook on the issue and his work, published in 1982, is still the most thorough and detailed study of the Admiral Issue. The collection also houses much of the collection of the other great student of Canadian Admirals, Hans Reiche (1914-2000).

The Admiral items in The Brigham Collection have been handled by the greatest collectors of Admirals over more than a Century. They have been studied and loved by many. The delicate condition of some of these items reflects this. As well it should be noted that the mounting techniques of the early part of the 20th Century, sometimes apparent on the items, are not those used today. However, the items are the largest multiples still available to collectors. We should be grateful to these early collectors and to Mr. Brigham for having ensured their travel through the last 100 years.

Session Times
March 6 at 1 PM lots 1-527
March 7 at 1 PM lots 528-1010

For more information please contact us at:

Brigham Auctions Ltd.
Suite 223 - Plaza 2
350 Rutherford Road S.,
Brampton, ON Canada L6W 4N6
Phone: (905) 451-5072
Fax: (905) 457-0537

To request more information by email. info@brighamauctions.com

Visit our Home Page at Brigham Auctions Ltd.

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