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Brigham Auctions Ltd. Sale - 2

The Late Victorian Issues, 1897-1902 - June 6-7, 2014

Part II of the sale of this multi-volume Collection contains the four great issues of the Late Victorian Era. These were contemporaneous and featured Canada’s two first commemorative issues. They were all current from 1897 until the first Edward VII stamps appeared in 1903.

The Jubilee Issue. In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee and the Post Office Department decided to issue a single 3¢ commemorative to celebrate the event. Trial colour proofs (TCP) in many colours were prepared (see the array of 3¢ TCPs, lots 30-41). However before the stamp was issued, the new Postmaster General, Sir William Mulock, decided that a more substantial series of stamps was warranted. Sir William had a great interest in philately and decided to emulate the United States 1893 Columbian Exposition stamp series. He instructed Post Office officials to issue 16 stamps ranging from ½¢ to $5; thus creating a highly collectible series of stamps then and now.

The Maple Leaf Issue. The Small Queen issue was in use for more than 25 years when the new Government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier decided that a new set of definitive stamps was warranted. The portrait of the Queen was brought up to date and she was shown in old age.

The Numeral Issue. The Maple Leaf issue did not have the denomination in Arabic numerals. This caused a problem for postal clerks who had to rely on colour to identify the stamps in sometimes difficult lighting circumstances. Additionally, and more importantly politically, the denominations were written in English only ensuring difficulty for more than 25% of the population whose mother tongue was French and who spoke little or no English. Finally, the illiterate part of the population was handicapped in their identification of the denomination of the stamps. So, less than a year after its introduction, the Maple Leaves were replaced by the Numeral Issue.

The Imperial Penny Postage (IPP) Commemorative. It is commonly called the “Map” stamp or the world’s first Christmas stamp. The stamp, whose preliminary sketches were conceived by Sir William Mulock, was issued to commemorate the introduction of the IPP rate of 2¢ to almost everywhere in the British Empire. The rate went into effect on Christmas Day 1898 and created an anomaly where the domestic rate and the rate to the United States remained 3¢ until January 1, 1899, when they were both reduced to 2¢.

The Collection contains rarities and unique items in all four issues as well as elusive postal history items such as the IPP’s Latchford Correspondence (lots 945-950). Each of these issues has a plethora of die proofs and imperforates—both being some of Mr. Brigham’s favourite philatelic items because of the preciseness of the design and the quality of the colours.

In reading this catalogue you will have the rare opportunity to see The Brigham’s Collection’s holdings of the Jubilee and IPP issues as only a small portion of either has been seen in exhibition. The Leaves and Numerals have had more substantial airings culminating in the Grand Award at ROYAL +* 2009 * ROYALE.

For more information please contact us at:

Brigham Auctions Ltd.
Suite 223 - Plaza 2
350 Rutherford Road S.,
Brampton, ON Canada L6W 4N6
Phone: (905) 451-5072
Fax: (905) 457-0537

To request more information by email. info@brighamauctions.com

Visit our Home Page at Brigham Auctions Ltd.

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