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Fill out this form to submit your auction to be linked at StampAuctionNetwork. We offer the following options: Just get started by filling out the form below. Please Only use capital letters at the beginning of words! If you have any questions, please call Tom Droege or Dave Kern at 919-403-9459. Fields marked in RED are required. We will not get your submission if they are not completed.

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Why You Should Take Bids at StampAuctionNetwork.com

IT IS WHAT WE DO BEST. Dynamic bidding is what StampAuctionNetwork is all about. It is what our collectors like the best. The ability to register once and bid with any number of auction firms using one user name and password is a great convenience to our members. Maintaining a single database that can be searched across all the major auction houses that participate at StampAuctionNetwork and providing a method for bidders to check and change their bids for all the firms they bid with at one time is our claim to fame.

WE DELIVER. Take for example, October 2007. That month we had 80,487 visitors who looked at an average of 18.3 pages of content at StampAuctionNetwork. For the month of October, 1,405,690 pages were viewed. The search engine spiders are continuously crawling our site to add our content to their databases. What is a spider? A spider is a search engine robot that "crawls" the internet gobbling up content and stored it as keywords in the search engine databases. What does that mean? It means that when you post the description of your sale at StampAuctionNetwork, within a day, all the major search engines will have added the description of your sale to their databases, so that when someone searches for a word that matches part of the description of your sale, your website will be returned to the searcher. We are not making these numbers up! See for yourself

FIRST AND STILL THE BEST. We had a major presence (1994) long before eBAY became a force in the market. We are the only centralized collectible marketplace. The value of our offerings has always been 2-3 times the value of the entire eBAY stamps category worldwide. There is no arguing that the quality and rarity of the items at StampAuctionNetwork far exceeds that of anything found anywhere -- especially eBAY. In one day, last spring, StampAuctionNetwork Live Bidders spent 3.1 Million, setting the top ten records for stamps sold to live Internet Bidders -- knocking eBAY out of contention.

JOIN THE FUN CROWD. Come be a part of StampAuctionNetwork. We can get you started for far less than you think. The least expensive entry point is to provide your auctions to our data specifications but we can take any database format, excel worksheets, even word documents. Give us about 3 days to get your first auction up.

OPEN ARCHITECTURE. Our auction administration page allows you to register bidders, get bids, and post openings and prices realized. Our open architecture allows your programmers to import and export bidder information and upload and download the actual bids. Bid info includes options to take credit cards, limit bids, break tie bids, OR bids, increment bids by a percentage or number of bids. You can run Net prices lists or even truly interactive Public Auctions at StampAuctionNetwork.

DO YOU NEED AN AUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? We are the leaders in Stamp Auction Software. If you need a system or want a better system, let us know. Our Windows system is used by 24 different auction firms.

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