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Why your auctions should be at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • Promote your auctions in the North American Market. 70% of our bidders are North American. The single act of posting your auctions at StampAuctionNetwork is the most effective way to reach collectors who never knew of you, and soon find that you have what they have been looking for.
  • Promote your auctions in your own markets. StampAuctionNetwork is the only web site that allows collectors to narrow their experience by geography or language. Most don't use this feature, but for the collectors that only use auction companies on the continent, or who only bid with German auction houses, this is very helpful. If you are for instance, an Italian auction house, you want to make sure you are listed at StampAuctionNetwork with the Italian auction houses, because if you are missing there, it is noticable.
  • Increase traffic to your website. We will send an announcement of your sale to 16,000 Stamp Auction Newsletter Subscribers!
  • Increase sales in your auctions through increased participation from StampAuctionNetwork bidders and underbidders. You get access to over 25,000 registered bidders who spend real money!
  • Increase the recognition of your auctions. Your sale will be promoted at the #1 web site for stamp auctions, right along with and equal to every other stamp auction, from small to big. StampAuctionNetwork is where stamp collectors go to see new auctions, bid at auction, and track results at auction. You need to be there!
  • Increase your Search Engine Exposure. StampAuctionNetwork is positioned #1 at Goggle and Yahoo when searching for "Stamp Auctions" in non-sponsored results. When you advertise at StampAuctionNetwork, you gain the benefit of our top positioning. Search Engine results are increasingly measured by relevancy, which can result in your own web sites' positioning rise solely due to its presence at StampAuctionNetwork.
  • Instructions for How to List your First Sale

Our Achievements

As of May, 2016 This site averages 4,500 unique visits each day. Since 1994 (22 years) over 7000 Catalogs by more than 228 different auction firms have been posted, totaling over 29 million lots since StampAuctionNetwork was started. Typically, there are 800,000 total lots at SAN broken out as 200,000 active/open lots, 400,000 lots with prices realized, and another 200,000 lots that are closed with no prices realized posted. There are over 25,000 active registered bidders at SAN (70% North American - 30% Worldwide). At SAN you have access to over 1.9 million lots each year. SAN bidders make a real impact on Philately, buying $42 million using SAN each year, and leaving bids worth $50 million. If you would like to register to be on our email list send an email to support@stampauctionnetwork.com and mention "Register for StampAuctionNetwork", Please also let us know how you found out about StampAuctionNetwork.

  • 1994 - First to offer complete auction catalogs on the Internet
  • 1994 - First to offer complete prices realized from a major auction firm on the Internet
  • 1994 - First major presence for Auctions on the Internet
  • 1996 - First to offer interactive Bidding
  • 1997 - First fully Illustrated auction by a major auction firm
  • 1997 - First to log over 10,000 visits in a month
  • 1998 - First complete US Collection offered on the Internet - Zoellner Sale
  • 1998 - First to reach over 1 Million Lots offered on the Internet
  • 1998 - First to reach over 500 complete Auction Catalogs on the Internet
  • 1999 - Received the highest award for any auction related Internet site for the 2 first Internet Competitions.
  • 1999 - First to reach over 2 Million Lots offered on the Internet with 1,000 catalogs offered
  • 2000 - Dynamic Interactive Bidding started
  • 2000 - Live Internet Bidding Introduced - First conducted at Nutmeg's Confederate sale
  • Fall 2005 - Live Internet Bidding accepted by Stamp Auction Industry
  • Fall 2006 - Live Internet bidding passed $1 Million in one month
  • Spring 2007 - Live Internet bidding passed $3 Million in one day!
  • 2010 - First with a comprehensive search function.
  • 2013 - First to offer language translation in 50 languages.
  • 2014 - First to offer a mobile version
  • to date - over 228 different auction firms have posted complete catalogs at StampAuctionNetwork
  • to date - over 2.4 Billion dollars of stamps have been offered at StampAuctionNetwork. That is more than five times the estimated revenue to date for eBAY in the same time period.
  • to date - we maintain the most comprehensive auction calendar, auction directory (over 300 entries worldwide), and the most complete linked list to auction firms with web sites (over 244)
StampAuctionNetwork.com is the place to be if you want to see Online auction catalogs from any of the following renowned auction firms:

North American Auctions • Alex Cooper Auctioneers • Brigham Auctions Ltd. • Cherrystone Auctions • Colonial Stamp Company • Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC • Downeast Stamps • Droege • Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center • Earl P.L. Apfelbaum, Inc. • Eastern Auctions • Emerald Ventures, LLC • France International • Fusco Auctions • GradedStamps.com • Harmers International, Inc. • Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, Inc. • HR Harmer • Hunt & Co. • James T. McCusker, Inc. • Jasmin Auctions • Jim Forte • John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd. • Judaica Sales Reg’d • Longley Auctions • Matthew Bennett International • Michael E Aldrich Auction • Modern Stamps, Inc. • MTM International • Northwestern Philatelic Auctions, Inc. • Paradise Valley Stamp Company, Inc • Philip Weiss Auctions • R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd • Raritan Stamps, Inc. • Rasdale Stamp Company • RegencySuperior Auctions • Richard Frajola • Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. • Ron Leith Auctions • Sam Houston Philatelics, Inc. • Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions • Sparks Auctions • Spink USA • Sterling Kingbrook Auctions • Vance Auctions • Wild Rose Philatelic

International Auctions • A. Karamitsos • AB Philea • Apex Philatelics • Argyll Etkin Ltd • BEHR Philatelie • Briefmarkenauktionen Alexander Schultz • Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers • Burda Auction, s.r.o. • Ceres Philatelie • Christoph Gärtner, Auktionshaus • Corbitts • Corinphila Auctions AG • Darabanth Auction House Co., Ltd. • David Feldman SA • Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktions • Essex Stamp Auctions • Filatelia Llach, S.L. • Francois Feldman • Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG • Ghiglione • Grosvenor • Guillermo Jalil - PHILATINO • Harmers Auction SA (Switzerland) • Heinrich Koehler Auctions • Hellman Auctions Ltd • HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG • iberphil • InterAsia Auctions Limited • Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus • Kelleher & Rogers, Ltd. • Laser Invest srl • Michael Eastick & Associates Pty. Ltd. • Negev Holyland Stamps • Nordphila e.K. • NORSTAMPS • Peter Rapp AG • Phoenix Auctions • Postiljonen AB • Postzegelveiling Rijnmond • Rauss & Fuchs GmbH • Richard Allan Stamp Auctions • Romano House of Stamp Sales • ROUMET Philately • Sandafayre Ltd. • Schlegel Auctions • Schwarzenbach Auktion Zürich • Soler y Llach • Spink London • Status International • The Stamp Group • Torsten Weller • Universal Philatelic Auctions • VACCARI s.r.l. • van Dieten Stamp Auctions • Van Looy and Van Looy Stamp Auctions • Walter Fuerst Philately

Publicize Your Auction
Link to Your Auction From StampAuctionNetwork. A prominent link to your firm’s sale in each calendar and in "What's New". The link is removed after the sale. If you post prices realized, then the sale will move to the “Prices Realized” page on the StampAuctionNetwork site. $250/Sale
Email to registered bidders and buyers. Your sale is included in the next email update to our 25,000 qualified StampAuctionNetwork mailing list members. $350/Sale
Featured Auction. Your link and Image in the Featured Auction section. $400/week
Stamp of the Day. Find out more here.
SAN Directory listing. This annual renewal lists your auction firm and profile in the StampAuctionNetwork directory with a link to your website and an email contact. Those who do not renew or purchase will have the company name and address listed without company description, links and contact information. $100/year
Call us! We give volume discounts if you commit to the program. We have special free introductory offers. $save
Auction Catalogs
Interactive Auctions at StampAuctionNetwork. This harnesses the full power of StampAuctionNetwork. You get the benefits of Universal Registration, Interactive Bidding, Search and Bid. Bids and Customers are transferred to your own auction management system. Your complete auction catalog will be posted at the StampAuctionNetwork, allowing interactive bidding access from around the world.
Instructions for How to List your First Sale
HTML and Database Specifications
Excel Spreadsheet for Submissions
Live Bidding with Audio at StampAuctionNetwork. Add to all of the above and let StampAuctionNetwork bidders listen to your public auction and bid over the Internet.
  • Starting at $3,000 per sale. Discounts available for volume committments.
  • How Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork works.
  • What Live Bidding Looks Like.
  • How to Prepare your Information for us.
    Web pages can be submitted in any of the following formats or methods. Read the Instructions for How to List your First Sale
    1. Using "Camera-Ready" Software by Droege Computing Services. This is the best, fastest method and produces the most consistent web pages. (NO SETUP Fee Charged)

    2. Provide data in an Excel spreadsheet format. Here is the link to the Excel submission specifications and sample file. Excel Specifications and Sample Call if you have any questions.

    3. Provide data on diskette in DBF format. Data must be provided in DBF formatted files according to the HTML and Database Specifications. Call if you have any questions about what should go in any of the fields (they should be fairly self explanatory) You must include one record in the profiles.dbf, any category codes that you are using, and 1 record for each item in the catalog file. See the end of this message for basic DBF formats. ($150 Setup Fee -- may be waived if you do a good job).

    4. Provide Web Pages to our specifications. See sample Web pages that follow. ($150 Setup Fee -- may be waived if you do a good job) HTML and Database Specifications

    5. Provide your own web pages. HTML and Database Specifications

    6. As a direct link to your catalog as stored at another web site. Fill out this form Auction Calendar Submission Form.

    7. You provide ASCII files or another format for which we must convert or reformat. ($150 - $400 Setup Fee depending on the amout of work we must do).

    Scans and Images

    If you do the Scanning: Files should be saved as GIF or JPG files and copied to a DOS formatted zip disk or CD. Files should be named "9999.gif" or "9999.jpg" where 9999 is the lot number. Do not 0 fill (ie 279.gif not 0279.gif. Final Stamp image size should be in the 10K to 30K range. Final Cover image size should be in the 40K to 70K range.

    If we do the scanning: Provide the best quality color photographs, xeroxs, or prints as possible. Specify very clearly which lots are to be imaged and linked to your catalog.

    For more information contact:

    Tom Droege
    20 West Colony Place
    Suite 120
    Durham, NC 27705-5590
    (919)403-9459 phone
    (919)403-8199 fax
    send an email to Tom Droege - support@stampauctionnetwork.com

    And don't forget that StampAuctionNetwork is at:
    "BookMark it!"

    Instructions for How to List your First Sale
    HTML and Database Specifications
    Excel Spreadsheet for Submissions

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