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United States continued...

Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
281 nhPB 212 image#212, 50c Orange, unwatermarked, a spectacular full wide top margin imprint and plate no. 75 block of ten, remarkably fresh, bright color, very well centered for this, original gum. never hinged, accompanying certificates notes a small thin spot on the bottom left stamp, which is not part of the plate block of six and which we are unable to find as the gum is pristine, very fine and choice; 1993 PF certificate.The only recorded plate block of ten and the largest recorded plate block multiple. A plate block of eight sold by Robert A. Siegel as part of the Whitpain collection in 2009 realized $46,000.00 The Scott catalog value of $25,000.00 is for a hinged plate block of six. (Image) Est. $30,000-40,000

SOLD for $35,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
United States
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
282 nh   Quality well certified mint never hinged collection offered intact as received partially broken down by a dealer on dealer pages and the portion which was not yet broken down still in mounts on White Ace pages, largely late nineteenth and early twentieth century singles with mostly light duplication throughout, with strength in $50 to $500 catalog value stamps, highlights include #24, 215, 219D, 229, 233, 238, 239, 269 (2), 279Be, 289, 290, 301c, 309 (2), 310, 315 pair, 325, 327, 330 (2), 341, 357-58, 400, 400A, 404, 419, 420, 422, 475, 478, 479, 480, 505 in a block of nine, 523, 524, 547, 550-73, 573a, 581-91, 595, 599A, 606a, 630, 634A, 634b, 803-34 plate blocks, C1-6, C13 (2), C14 (2), C15, E1, E2, E5, E6, E6a, E7 (3), E8 (2), E9, E9a, E10, J35, J66a, J67b, JQ1-5, Q1-12 complete, QE1-4 plate blocks, RW1, RW3 (2), and RW4-82 complete, the overall quality is superior to that of most collections, an occasional off center, previously hinged or reperforated stamp is noted, but the collection is overwhelmingly o.g., n.h., fine-very fine and better; 124 PF, PSE or PSAG certificates accompany most of which are clear, with some graded 80 and above. Est. $20,000-30,000

SOLD for $42,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
283 ogO   Principally used collection to 1974 housed in a Harris album, starts with 5c and 10c 1847 issues and continues with #7, 9, 14, 17, 18, 20, 22, 28, , 29, 30A, 32, 33, 36B, 37, 67, 72, 75, 1867 grills to 90c, 1869 complete to 90c, 1c-7c and 15c grilled Bank Notes and most other Bank Notes to 90c, Columbians to $2.00, 263, 278, Trans-Mississippi complete and C15, among the better mint we note 30, 38, 243-45, 595, 630, C13 and C15, somewhat mixed condition and centering, many fine or better or so appearing so please insect carefully. Est. $4,000-5,000

SOLD for $6,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
284 ogO   Extensive mint and used collection in numerous albums filling three cartons, the earlier issues mostly used starting with 1847 5c, 1857 issues to 30c including 5c Brick red Ty. I, 1861 issues to 90c and some grilled issues, 1869 to 30c, Bank Notes to 90c, Columbians mint or used complete to $3.00, Bureau issues to $5.00, Trans-Mississippi complete, 1917 $2.00 Madison mint, White Plains souvenir sheet, recalled Legends of the West sheet, lots of back-of-the-book including Officials, local posts, many revenues of all kinds, telegraphs, hunting permits mostly mint including RW2 and RW19-58, cut squares, possessions and precancels, this all in one carton, the other two are filled with modern mass market collectibles and FDCs, very mixed condition and often random misplacement of stamps so a careful viewing is essential. Est. $2,000-3,000

SOLD for $7,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
285 nh/og   Mostly twentieth century mint collection in mounts and housed in four Harris albums, includes occasional scattered issues to the 1920s and is then nearly complete from 1924 to 2017 including Kans. and Nebr. sets, 692-701, 803-34, 1030-53, C1-5, C18, Hunting Permits from RW36 and more, an educated guess indicates there is probably somewhere between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00 in face value in post-war issues including sheets, souvenir sheets, sheetlets including a Recalled Legends of the West, booklets, etc., all o.g., mostly n.h., generally fine-very fine. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $1,900.00
Will close during Public Auction
286 og/nh   Intact estate comprised of a mint collection in a Scott National album with Columbians complete to $1.00, Trans-Mississippi to 10c, Pan-Americans cplt., Louisiana Purchase cplt., some Panama-Pacifics, 1922 flat plates to 50c, 1938 Presidential cplt., etc., then 1936-99 commemoratives in two Mystic albums, a plate block collection in two Harris albums with issues to 1976, some mint sheets and a quantity of glassines containing some better such as mint 214 n.h. block of four, 255 imprint and plate no. strip of three and more, a few early commemoratives regummed, otherwise mostly o.g., l.h. or n.h., fine-very fine; worth going through carefully. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $2,600.00
Will close during Public Auction
287 ogOc   Remainder of an estate, varied lot including a mostly used collection in a All American album with some better, hundreds of mint and used singles and multiples mounted on pages including useful 19th century with a used #1 pair, 1869 issue to 30c and other better items, many 1920s and 1930s issues including Farley's, covers and more, mixed condition but well worth a good look. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction
288 og/nh   Mint collection, scattered mint collection in mounts in a Scott album with #7, 230-40, the last with a PSE certificate, 294-99, 369, Kansas and Nebraska sets and scattered modern issues to 1990, mostly o.g. or n.h., fine-very fine. Est. $300-400

SOLD for $375.00
Will close during Public Auction
289 nh   Small high quality mint balance comprised of #506, 511 (PSAG 95 o.g., n.h.), 552 (PSE XF-Sup 95 n.h.), 553 (PSE XF-Sup 95J n.h.), 554, 557 (PSE cert.), 559 (PSE XF-Sup 95 n.h.), and 563 (PSE XF-Sup 95 n.h.). Est. $200-300

SOLD for $300.00
Will close during Public Auction
290 nhPB   Regular issue and air mail plate block balance of premium quality collection in mounts and housed in two clean Scott albums with issues between #551 and 2282 and C7 and C132, included are #551-54, 559, 561-65, 575-77, 585-86, 590, 662-63, 635-42, 692-701, 803-34, 1030-53, plus a fair amount of postage in modern issues, the air mails are C7-12, C16-17 and is then complete from C19 to C132, the quality is consistently excellent and all are never hinged, fine to extremely fine. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $1,200.00
Will close during Public Auction
291 og/nh   1895 2c Carmine, Ty. III imprint and plate number strips of three matched sets, nineteen "round robin" matched sets of #267 comprised of plate nos.143, 145, 148, 150, 151, 153-56, 158, 160, 290, 506-11 and 513, perfs. touch a few, most are fine-very fine or better o.g. or n.h. Est. $400-500

SOLD for $350.00
Will close during Public Auction
292 nhBP   Booklet pane collection balance in mounts and housed in a clean Scott album, with #319g, 319gh, 319ge, 331a-32a, 405b-06a, then is complete to 3177a with the exception of the two AEF panes, plus there is C10a-C79a, all are o.g., n.h., mostly fine-very fine or better. Est. $400-500

SOLD for $625.00
Will close during Public Auction
293 BK   Substantial unexploded booklet collection balance of several hundred mostly different identified in glassines, with items up to $500.00 catalog value present, starts with BK41 and includes BK42-43, BK48, BK53-59, Bk63, BK66, BK68 (2), BK69, BK84-85, BK89, BK91, BK94 (2), BK96-100, BK105-17, etc. right up to very recent issues, including Express Mail and a few errors such as BK153a and BK171a, the air mails include BKC1 (2), BKC12-13, BKC15 and BKC17-18, occasional small problem, but overall very clean and mostly very fine; the catalog value should exceed $10,000.00 Est. $2,000-3,000

SOLD for $2,300.00
Will close during Public Auction
294 ogO   Back-of-the-book collection, modest collection the best of which is a nice run of Telegraph stamps, RB1-7P4 and 5c, 10c and 25c Postage Currency in uncirculated condition (#PC5-7), also some Canal Zone and other possessions, Christmas seals and the like; worth a quick look. Est. $200-300

SOLD for $400.00
Will close during Public Auction
295 ogOc   Entires and cut squares mint and used extensive old-time collection offered intact as received, mounted on pages in an old Scott springback album, largely not identified but we note a plethora of better items throughout, plus there are errors, cancels including fancy, unusual, express company, etc., starts with strong Nesbitt issues mostly as cut squares, then good star dies, Jackson issues, extensive Reay and Plimpton with most cut squares represented, Centennial, oval dies, Columbians and more or less stopping with the surcharges, plus Officials highly complete as cut squares, somewhat mixed condition, but many fine-very fine or better; since these are largely unidentified a careful and thorough inspection is highly recommended. Est. $3,000-4,000

SOLD for $6,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
296 E P   Proof and essay collection of several hundred mounted on quadrilled pages, proofs are mostly card proofs including #3-4P4, 40-47P4, some 1861s, plus a 5c Brown large dies proof, 112-22P4, Bank Notes and small Bank Notes to 90c, 230-45P4 with duplicates to 30c, Officials apparently complete, plus a few with "Specimen" overprints, Newspapers, etc., among the essays are five different Gavit & Co. essays, three of which are for Albany, some nice early Washington essays, Decalcomania essays including blocks, 1877 Philadelphia Bank Note Co. compound frame essays (8) and more, some toning or small faults, most appear to be fine-very fine. Est. $3,000-4,000

SOLD for $5,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
297 ogOc   Lincoln portraits on United States stamps collection and accumulation, comprised of mint singles and multiples, used singles, covers and back-of-the-book issues, much of which is in mounts on quadrilled pages, highlights include #77 unused, used (13) with various cancels and on cover, 91 unused and used with double grill, 98 unused, used (4) and on cover, 122 used (2), 137 unused, used (2) and on cover, many Bank Notes including mint 159, 186, 208a mint pair and block of four and some better cancels, 222 mint imprint and plate no. strip of six, 304 mint block, 315 mint, 367 first day of issue picture post card, 369 mint (3), 6c Officials including Agriculture mint block of four, cut squares, revenues including R224 used and RC18 unused and some foreign, mixed condition, especially the early issues, however many fine-very fine or so appearing so worth a good look. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $4,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
298 og/nhO RW1/32 Hunting permits collection of mint, unused or used singles between RW1/32 on pages, blocks of four with plate numbers of RW10-16 and RW19, and several plate number singles, RW1 on license, etc., somewhat mixed condition, most of the value is fine-very fine. Est. $500-750

SOLD for $450.00
Will close during Public Auction
Postal History
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
299 c   Postal history collection of over 125 mostly better nineteenth century, early twentieth century and air mail covers mounted on pages and annotated, starts with three 5c and one 10c 1847 issue frankings and continues with several 1c 1851 frankings including two paying the 5c rate to France and a strip of three, 1857 10c Ty I on cover, several advertising covers, a couple Civil War patriotics, 1861 3c Pink on cover, 5c Brown pair on cover to France, two 12c single franking domestic covers, 3c "C" grill on cover, 3c "E" grill tied by Cambridge, Mass. fancy shield, Bank Note covers including three franked by 15c, early commemoratives on cover including three Spanish-American war patriotics, useful air mails including frankings by C1, C2, C3, C5 and C6 single and block of four, a couple Zeppelin flights, some first day covers and a good deal more, the condition is mixed but many are fine-very fine and desirable. Est. $1,500-2,000

SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
300 c   Cover mystery lot, well over 2,000 covers, sleeved and unsleeved filling a large carton, seems to include a little of everything from stampless covers to first day covers, there could be some surprises here so take a look. Est. $1,000-1,500

SOLD for $1,250.00
Will close during Public Auction

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