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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 97

Newfoundland & Canada

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 108
Cat No: 21

image Newfoundland, 1861, 6½d rose. Light grid cancels, large margins, bright vibrant color, Very Fine and choice, a very scarce multiple, with 2009 Sismondo certificate.
Scott No. 21; $550 for singles. Scott $550 for singles

Scott $550 for singles

Opening US$ 190.00
Sold...US$ 190.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:56:49 EST
Sold For 190

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 109
Cat No: C3f, C3b

image Newfoundland, Airmail, 1921, 35¢ "Halifax", narrow "AIR MAIL", without period after "1921". Bottom stamp in vertical pair with 1921, 35¢ "Halifax", with period after "1921", o.g., top stamp lightly hinged, bottom stamp never hinged, choice centering, Very Fine, a scarce variety pair.
Scott No. C3f, C3b; $660+. Scott $660+

Scott $660+

Opening US$ 290.00
Sold...US$ 290.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:57:28 EST
Sold For 290

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 110
Cat No: C5

image Newfoundland, Airmail, 1930, 50¢ on 36¢ Columbia Flight. Tied by "St. Johns, Nfld., Sep 25, 1930" slogan machine postmark on flight cover to London, England, endorsed "per Aeroplane Columbia, Hr. Grace, Nfld. to London, Eng." at upper left, reverse with clear "Harbour Grace, Newf'd, Oc 9, 30" transit cds; upper right corner of cover including stamp was torn off and expertly reattached back, Very Fine appearance, with 2010 Greene Foundation certificate.
Scott No. C5; $12,000.


This flight was piloted by R.A.F. Capt. Errol Boyd and U.S. Navy Lt. Harry Connor in the Miss Columbia, in same plane flown across the Atlantic by Clarence Chamberlin and Charles A. Levine in 1927. They left Harbour Grace on October 9th, but a malfunction of the fuel line from the rear tank forced them down in the Scilly Islands, just southwest of England, after 23½ hours in the air. They jettisoned the rear tank, siphoned fuel from a seaplane and continued on to their destination at Croydon. Only 65 of the special flight stamps were used on cover on the flight from St. Johns and an additional 35 were used on cover from Harbour Grace.
Scott $12,000

Scott $12,000

Opening US$ 4,250.00
Sold...US$ 4,250.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:57:51 EST
Sold For 4250

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 111
Cat No: C12

image Newfoundland, Airmail, 1932, $1.50 on $1 Dornier DO-X Flight. Block of 4, o.g., never hinged, nice overall centering, bright and fresh with rich color, Very Fine and choice.
Scott No. C12; $1,400 for singles. Scott $1,400 for singles

Scott $1,400 for singles

Opening US$ 725.00
Sold...US$ 725.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:58:14 EST
Sold For 725

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 112
Cat No: C18

image Newfoundland, Airmail, 1933, $4.50 on 75¢ Balbo Flight. O.g., never hinged, exceptional centering and Post Office fresh, an Extremely Fine gem.
Scott No. C18; $450. Scott $450

Scott $450

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:58:47 EST
Sold For 300

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 113
Cat No: NFT2

image Newfoundland, Transportation Tax, 1927, $2 red. Without gum, strong color; few small flaws, Very Fine appearance, a very rare and elusive mint transportation tax issue.
Van Dam No. NFT2; C$6,000 ($4,560). Van Dam C$6,000 ($4,560)

Van Dam C$6,000 ($4,560)

Opening US$ 1,150.00
Sold...US$ 1,150.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 13:59:23 EST
Sold For 1150

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 114
Cat No: 2TCiv//2TCxi

image Canada, 1851, Prince Albert, 6d trial color plate proofs on India, specimen overprint. Four singles; includes grey with carmine overprint (imperf vert.), and orange (v), black with orange overprint (x) and grey blue with carmine overprint (xi), also and additional gray blue example and greenish gray that are faulty (and not counted), Very Fine.
Unitrade No. 2TCiv//2TCxi; C$1,850 ($1,410). Unitrade C$1,850 ($1,410)

Unitrade C$1,850 ($1,410)

Opening US$ 375.00
Sold...US$ 375.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:00:12 EST
Sold For 375

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 115
Cat No: 40

image Canada, 1877, Small Queen, 10¢ dull rose lilac. Full o.g., well centered amid nicely balanced margins, bright color, Very Fine and choice.
Scott No. 40; $1,600. Scott $1,600

Scott $1,600

Opening US$ 260.00

Closed..Jul-30-2021, 05:00:00 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 118
Cat No: 96-103

image Canada, 1908 Quebec complete. Full o.g., rich colors, an F.-V.F. set.
Scott No. 96-103; $978. Scott $978

Scott $978

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:01:57 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 119
Cat No: 104-122

image Canada, 1912-25, King George V "Admiral", 1¢ to $1 complete. With additional 2¢ green & 5¢ violet thin papers (107a, 112a), o.g., never hinged, well centered throughout, rich colors, a Very Fine and choice set, ex-Parker, four values with certificates.
Scott No. 104-122; $3,053. Scott $3,053

Scott $3,053

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,300.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:02:37 EST
Sold For 1300

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 120
Cat No: 149-159

image Canada, 1928, King George V "Scroll" definitives, 1¢ to $1 complete. O.g., never hinged, rich colors, an F.-V.F. set.
Scott No. 149-159; $1,405. Scott $1,405

Scott $1,405

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:02:58 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 121
Cat No: 159a

image Canada, 1929, $1 Parliament, imperf. Pair, o.g., never hinged, wide margins, bright and fresh, Very Fine and choice.
Scott No. 159a; $975. Scott $975

Scott $975

Opening US$ 550.00
Sold...US$ 550.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:03:19 EST
Sold For 550

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 122
Cat No: 268-273

image Canada, 1946, King George VI "Peace" definitives, 8¢ to $1 complete. Plate blocks of 4, o.g., never hinged, a Very Fine set. Scott No. 268-273.
Unitrade No. 268-273; C$535 ($410). Unitrade C$535 ($410)

Unitrade C$535 ($410)

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:03:32 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 123
Cat No: 1535 var.

image Canada, 1994, 90¢ Christmas, unissued. O.g., never hinged, Very Fine, very scarce with virtually all destroyed.
Scott No. 1535 var.; $475. Scott $475

Scott $475

Opening US$ 240.00
Sold...US$ 240.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:03:47 EST
Sold For 240

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 124
Cat No: 1683a

image Canada, 1997, 47¢ Queen Elizabeth II, imperforate. Horizontal pair, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine.
Scott No. 1683a; $600. Scott $600

Scott $600

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:04:07 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 125
Cat No: O25

image Canada, Official, 1950, $1 Ferry, "G". Top left corner margin plate block of 4, o.g., never hinged, fresh and Very Fine. Scott No. O25.
Unitrade No. O25; C$500 ($380). Unitrade C$500 ($380)

Unitrade C$500 ($380)

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:04:25 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 126
Cat No: FSC10

image Canada, Supreme Court, 1897, $5 black, red control numbers. Without gum, well centered amid wide margins, Very Fine, a scarce key high value.
Van Dam No. FSC10; C$2,000 ($1,520). Van Dam C$2,000 ($1,520)

Van Dam C$2,000 ($1,520)

Opening US$ 325.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:05:07 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 127
Cat No: QP9-QP10

image Canada, Prohibition, 1919, $5 blue green & $10 blue violet. Both with small punch hole cancel at right, rich colors, Very Fine, scarce high values.
Van Dam No. QP9-QP10; C$1,200 ($910). Van Dam C$1,200 ($910)

Van Dam C$1,200 ($910)

Opening US$ 260.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:05:28 EST
Sold For 260

Sale No: 97
Lot No: 128
Cat No: FSC20a

image Canada, Supreme Court, 1935, $30 on $1 slate, black vertical bar surcharge. Without gum, bright color and choice centering; small flaws, Extremely Fine appearance, very scarce.
Van Dam No. FSC20a; C$900 ($680). Van Dam C$900 ($680)

Van Dam C$900 ($680)

Opening US$ 140.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:05:46 EST
Sold For 140
Sale No: 97
Lot No: 129
Cat No: FSC19

image Canada, Supreme Court, 1935, $30 on $1 slate, horizontal bar surcharge. Usual punch hole cancels, wide margins; horizontal bend just slightly creasing, otherwise Very Fine, a rare key Supreme Court issue.
Van Dam No. FSC19; C$2,000 ($1,520). Van Dam C$2,000 ($1,520)

Van Dam C$2,000 ($1,520)

Opening US$ 270.00
Sold...US$ 270.00

Closed..Jul-29-2021, 14:06:00 EST
Sold For 270

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