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Venezuela continued...

1861 SECOND COARSE PRINTING continued...
Lot Symbol Lot Description CV or Estimate
1041 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, strip of five, cut slightly into at left, mostly large margins in other respects, tied by blue dispatch c.d.s.'s on 8 July 1861 cover paying the first distance up to 1¾ oz, endorsed "Pr. 2° Correo Julio 8". The frequent acidic erosions caused my the manuscript ink do not detract from this attractive and rare multi-rate mail. Cert. Kimmel (2009).Provenance: Gebauer. (Image1)

Est. €2,500-3,000

Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1042 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, a very fresh strip of five, mostly very large margins showing neighbouring stamp at base, cut into slightly in one place at bottom left, on entire letter from Caracas to La Guaira, weighing from 1½ oz. to less than 1¾ oz., endorsed "Pr 2° Correo" and dated 6 September 1861, with each stamp cancelled by "0" numeral handstamp with neat c.d.s. on dispatch at left, both applied in blue. Vertical crease passing through the second stamp at right. A scarce high franking in conjunction with the uncommon use of this cancellation on multi-rate mail. Cert. Moorhouse (2011).Provenance: Heister. (Image1)

Est. €2,000-3,000

SOLD for €1,900.00
Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1043 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, strip of four and strip of three, usual margins which range from very large to just cut into in a few places, on 2 September 1861 cover to La Guaira (Boulton correspondence) tied by blue Caracas c.d.s.'s, endorsed "Pr 1er Correo", carried at 3½ Reales rate for a weight up to 2½ oz. within the first distance. Erosions caused by the ink in addressee's panel, and two creases, one resulting in splits in places, the other impinging on one stamp, nevertheless a very rare and stunning cover, representing a unique franking for this stamp, being the second highest recorded on cover. Cert. Moorhouse (2011).Provenance: Heister. (Image1)

Est. €4,000-5,000

Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1044 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, strip of five, margins varying from very large to touching in one stamp at top, on 19 September 1861 cover to La Guaira - less than 25 miles - not exceeding 1¾ oz., tied by "Correos/Caracas" c.d.s.'s in blue. Some acidic ink erosions in addressee's panel which has been reinforced on reverse with tape along with a vertical crease affecting the fourth stamp. A scarce and desirable high franking. Cert. Moorhouse (2011), opinion Holcombe.Provenance: Gebauer, Gibson and Heister. (Image1)

Est. €1,500-2,500

Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1045 6 imageThe Largest Known Multiple on Cover of the ½ Real Second "Coarse Impression". 1861-62, ½r. orange, an extraordinary marginal block of eight from the left of the sheet, large margins on the other three sides, except for being touched on one stamp, tied by two blue c.d.s.'s of Caracas, on 2 October 1861 cover, endorsed "1er Correo", to La Guaira, weighing from 2½oz. to less than 2¾ oz. and carried within the distance of 25 miles. Vertical crease through two adhesives in the third row, in no way detracting. This item can be considered one of the most important in the first issue, as exhibiting the largest multiple known on cover of the second coarse printing, with its appeal being further enhanced by the spectacular sheet margin. Cert. Moorhouse (2011), signed Holcombe and Oliva.Provenance: Gibson, Hubbard and Heister. (Image1)

Est. €25,000-30,000

Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1046 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, rich shade, good to very large margins, tied by clean strike of "Correos/La Guaira" c.d.s. in blue, paying the single weight for the first distance after entering Venezuela at La Guaira for onward transmission to Caracas, on 14 October 1861 cover from Le Havre, paying the double French rate to Venezuela on dispatch with 1853-54 20c. blue, type I, and 40c. orange, tied by "1495" dotted lozenges, with Le Havre maritime c.d.s. and boxed "P.P." in red alongside. A filing fold has caused a horizontal tear which is clear of the franking and closed with hinges on reverse. An extraordinary item featuring the only recorded genuine French-Venezuelan combination franking to include the first Venezuelan issue. Of tremendous visual appeal and, without doubt, can be ranked as one of the great combination frankings in French postal history. Highly desirable for both collectors of French and Venezuelan philately. Cert. Moorhouse (2011), signed Holcombe and Calves.Provenance: Bustamante and Heister. (Image1)

Est. €30,000-40,000

Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1047 6 image1861-62, ½r. orange, a striking left sheet-margin example, mainly large margins on the other sides, tied in transit by "Correos/Nov 4/La Guaira" c.d.s. in black, on entire letter from Puerto Cabello on 31st October 1863 to Caracas. This is the only example recorded on cover of this cancellation in black, which, in view of the extensive usage of this datestamp, makes this cover an exceptional rarity. The late use of this stamp was the cause of being applied in an exceptional colour for the period in which this issue was mainly used. In addition. A marginal example on cover increases the rarity factor. Cert. Moorhouse (2011).Provenance: Heister. (Image1)

Est. €750-1,000

SOLD for €750.00
Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM
1048 2 imageThe Unused ½ Real, First Issue, Error of Colour. One of the Two Most Important Items in Venezuelan Philately. 1861, ½r. red, Error of Colour, adopting the shade of the 2 reales values instead of that corresponding to this denomination, uniformly balanced margins which are large on three sides, ample at right, vivid colour clearly exhibiting the error, unused without gum. Very slight vertical crease which is absolutely not noticeable on front, and minute surface scuff on reverse, none of which being of any significance for a unique item of this category.. This stamp is noted to have been in the Ferrari collection but it was not specifically mentioned in the Ferrari sale catalogues, but was, in all probability, included in the small but important group of Venezuela 1859-62 period which was offered as part of Lot 658 in Sale No. 9 (11 April 1924). The similar single error of colour of this denomination, but from the Fine Printing, is also offered in this sale. Both errors, which are believed to have emanated from the Ferrari collection, would have been the most important items in the 1924 Venezuela assembly.. One of the two most important items, along with the other error of colour, of Venezuelan philately, with the present item originating from a different printing and being unique in an unused condition. A great gem of South American philately. Catalogued in the Scott for US$250,000. Cert. Moorhouse (2011).Provenance: Ferrari, Foster, Hubbard and Heister. (Image1)

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Est. €150,000-200,000

SOLD for €130,000.00
Closing at StampAuctionNetwork... Apr-29, 08:00 AM

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