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United States and Foreign Stamps and Covers continued...

Foreign Group Lots by Country continued...
Lot Sym. Lot Description  
3218 og Faroe Islands Collection, 1919-87. Complete for the period on Scott pages, the No. 1 is tied on piece with ordinary 5o Danish franking, others unused, Very Fine E. 200-300

SOLD for $300.00
Will close during Public Auction
3219 og Finland Collection, 1860-1987. Complete collection on Scott pages less the first five and Nos. 16, 36-37, 57-58 and 82, used to 1885, unused thereafter, incl. some scarce stamps, nearly all Fine-Very Fine, attractive collection E. 750-1,000

SOLD for $550.00
Will close during Public Auction
3220 nh France Collection. Couple hundred unused stamps in Scott Specialty album, virtually all from the 1950's to about 1986, presumably a very high percentage Mint N.H., incl. couple better sets, Fine-Very Fine, neat collection E. 300-400

SOLD for $325.00
Will close during Public Auction
3221 c German Zeppelin Flights. Ten covers or cards, incl. 4m 1929 America Flight (Sieger 26a), 4m 1930 South America Flight (Sieger 57n), four 2m Polar Flight on 1c Green U.S. Postal cards, one minor margin flaw (Sieger 119C, two 119F, 119H) and four 1936 Hindenburg Flights, also what purports to be a tiny piece of the "skin" from the fin of the Graf Zeppelin damaged on a Trans-Atlantic flight and a set of 20 monochrome Zeppelin picture post cards that appear to be reproductions, Fine-Very Fine lot

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E. 500-750

SOLD for $450.00
Will close during Public Auction
3222 og Germany Collection, 1852-1968. Solid largely complete collection in Scott Specialty album, nearly all used to 1880, unused thereafter except 1948-68 present both used and unused, incl. Thurn & Taxis and North German Confederation, large part of value in 1902-68 Regulars, Commemoratives, Souvenir Sheets and Semi-Postals, few Air Post and Officials, nice Occupations with Belgian, US/French and a little Russian (no Berlin), 19th Century typical mixed condition but some nice examples included, there are some better Mint N.H. mixed in with the unused 20th Century, mostly Fine-Very Fine, worthwhile collection E. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $2,300.00
Will close during Public Auction
3223   Germany Collection, 1872-1945. Used collection in Schaubek album, virtually complete, incl. some interesting covers, with Regular Issues, Semi-Postals, Air Post with Zeppelins and Back-of-the-Book, some of the stamps in this collection are not counted (especially Inflation Period and Nos. B292-B293) because they are not expertised, some lesser values no doubt are genuine and even some of the better may be as well, there are also a couple misidentifications, slightly mixed condition here and there but overall Fine-Very Fine collection and a worthwhile lot E. 2,000-3,000

SOLD for $2,100.00
Will close during Public Auction
3224 og Germany (Berlin), 1948-68. Virtually complete collection on pages, incl. Black and Red Overprints, Currency Victims Souvenir Sheet and other better sets and singles, also a few better used duplicates, Fine-Very Fine, nice lot E. 1,000-1,500

SOLD for $1,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
3225   Germany and Associated Issues Collection. Three cartons full of wide ranging material, used and unused, incl. German States, some better with two Bavaria No. 1's noted, Germany from 1872 to 1960's complete, German Offices, Colonies with many sets to the 5m, 3r, etc. high value unwatermarked, Danzig, Saar and other Territories, French and Russian Occupations, Berlin, DDR and more, cover books with Commercial Mail, Hitler era Postal Cards, 1950's Flights, 1929 Zeppelin Round-The-World flight Tokyo-U.S. with 3y10s franking, many blocks of four, also scattered issues of various other countries and a Brussels World's Fair Topical collection, some are stuck down and a number that are in Crystal Mounts have small tape stains, mixed condition (especially the early part) and randomly collected (not entirely in order as typically seen), despite all this, there seems to be quite a bit of useful material given time and patience, considerable catalog value E. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
3226 og Greece Collection, 1924-67. In Lighthouse hingeless album, virtually complete for this year span with nearly all of the better sets of the 1950's to early 1960's in Mint N.H. condition (a few earlier also), 1940 Regular and Air Post Youth Organizations sets (lightly hinged), Fine-Very Fine, beautiful clean collection E. 750-1,000

SOLD for $1,100.00
Will close during Public Auction
3227 og Greenland Collection, 1938-87. Complete on Scott pages, incl. 1945 Ovpt. Set in Mint N.H. condition and all of the Parcel Post, Fine-Very Fine, lovely lot E. 750-1,000

SOLD for $1,200.00
Will close during Public Auction
3228 og Hungary Collection, 1871-1952. Very comprehensive parallel used and unused collection in Scott Specialty album, interesting early issues with a quantity of 1871 First Design engraved (cancellation possibilities), quite a number of 1874-1914 Perforation Varieties, excellent Souvenir Sheets, few interesting covers and blocks of four, Regular Issues, Semi-Postals, Air Post, Back-of-the-Book, some duplicates and later imperforates, lastly there is a complete or virtually complete showing of French, Romanian and Serbian Occupations that we did not count as these overprints were extensively forged (even the very inexpensive) and none are expertised, early issues mixed condition, later virtually all Fine-Very Fine, a desirable collection full of interesting material, some of which is seldom seen offered E. 3,000-4,000

SOLD for $2,700.00
Will close during Public Auction

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