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United States and Foreign Stamps and Covers continued...

1922-26 and Later Issues (Scott 551-1610) continued...
Lot Sym. Lot Description  
2168 nh Image2c Jefferson, Silkote Paper (1033a). Position 70 with selvage at right, Mint N.H., brilliant color, Very Fine, printed on special paper manufactured by S. D. Warren Co. of Westbrook Me., only 300-400 are believed to exist, with 1999 P.F. certificate (Image)

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SOLD for $225.00
Will close during Public Auction
2169 nh Image4c Lincoln, Coil (1058). Mint N.H. joint line strip of six, with horizontal scribed lines at bottom next to parallel joint lines, Fine, very rare, this issue was printed using a large Cottrell rotary printing press which could accommodate two 432-subject coil plates (18 rows of 24 subjects) which comprised two plates without gutters and took up the same amount of space as two normal 400-subject sheet stamp plates, the joint line consists of ink that gathered in the space between the plates, with horizontal scribed lines on either side that were used to help align the centers of the adjacent paired plates on the press, we are indebted to Ken Lawrence for his explanation of how these were printed (Image)

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E. 500-750

SOLD for $275.00
Will close during Public Auction
2170 nh Image4c Winslow Homer, Color Variety (1207 var). Mint N.H. vertical pair with narrow selvage at right, significantly different color in waves and cloud than in issued stamp, Very Fine, an interesting variety worth additional research, it is likely not a missing color but is perhaps another variety such as colors applied in wrong order (Image)

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E. 200-300

Will close during Public Auction
2171 nhbl Image$1.00 Candleholder (1610). Mint N.H. bottom left corner brown plate no. 39076 block of nine, with prominent foldover causing offset of "PL. 39079" to appear at left edge, rich colors


The 50c thru $5.00 of this issue were printed on two different presses. One press used offset (lithography), and the other engraved plates. According to the Durland book, offset plates 39077, 39078 and 39079 were used by the sheet-fed Miller offset press to print, respectively, the yellow candle, the orange glow and the brown background. The sheets were then moved to the sheet-fed Giori press which printed the intaglio brown candle holder and lettering. The intaglio plates were numbered 39076, 39086, 39087 and 39088.

As a result of the foldover it is possible to see the distance between the offset plate numbers and the stamp's design (the yellow and orange plate nos. appeared above the brown and so were not captured on this multiple). Offset plate numbers are impossible to find because a large foldover such as the one offered here, which are easier for inspectors to detect, would have to occur in order for it to be captured.

Official records indicate that no impressions were made from 39077 (yellow) and 39079 (brown), and there are no impression data for 39078 (orange). Durland notes that the first day of issue was July 2, 1979, and since all other offset plates for this issue were sent to press after that date, it must be that these three were used to print the initial supply.

Illustrated and described in an article (as quoted above) in 1994 Durland catalogue (copy accompanies). (Image)

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E. 5,000-7,500

SOLD for $17,500.00
Will close during Public Auction

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