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Raritan Stamps, Inc. - Worldwide Public Auction - March 2-3, 2018 The Sale contains 1125 lots of Rare Collectible Stamps and Postal History of the World, representing the property of 34 owners:

The Auction presents:

  • United States color errors and imperforated varieties;
  • Nice selection of Great Britain and British Commonwealth including
    • GB Queen Victoria blued paper rarities of 2s6p, 5s and 10s,
    • beautiful British Occupation of German Colonies, e.g. New Britain, Cameroon, Samoa, Togo,
    • range of King George VI material in mint never hinged condition;
  • German area material, representing Third Reich, Offices Abroad single lots and Collections,
    World War II Occupation issues with powerful Ukrainian items;
  • Outstanding Republic of Korea presentation souvenir sheets and valuable General Collection of North Korea in 8 three-ring binders;
    • Imperial Postage Stamps and Postal History including two nice quality letters franking by No.1,
      classic stamps of Scott #5-7, 19-25, 26-30, 31-38 in premium quality,
      numerous errors and varieties;
    • RSFSR and Soviet Union Issues, contains early proofs of Marx and Lenin, New Russia Triumphant,
      as well as Postal Fiscals, including extremely rare 1k red on buff network in miniature sheet of ten with overprint "OBRAZETS" on margin,
      all important sets of 1930’s in mint never hinged condition, proofs and varieties,
      valuable perforation errors of Modern Russian Federation stamps;
    • Russian Non-Postal stamps presents the Steve Alushin Collection of Rossika, commemorating various periods of Russian History,
      valuable group of local fiscal stamps;
    • Zemstvo (Rural Post) representing many valuable stamps, complete sheets, large blocks and postal history items
      from Berdyansk, Bogorodsk, Kolomna, Luga, Ryazan, Solikamsk, Zienkov,
      most of the material from legendary Collections of Faberge, Baughman, Stibbe and etc.;
  • Fabulous Ukraine, representing nice range of various Trident Overprints, including material from Dr. Seichter, Dr. Zelonka and other World-class Collections;
  • Asia includes valuable philatelic material of China from all periods, Mongolia, Tannu Tuva and Vietnam;
  • Over one hundred Collections, Collective Lots and Accumulations.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The J. R. Helton, Jr. Collection of Used United States Stamps - March 7, 2018 The J.R. Helton Jr. Collection of Premium Quality Used United States Stamps features issues from 1847 through Revenues. Included are gem singles in superb grades, with 62 stamps the highest graded in the P.S.E. Population Report.

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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The George "Buddy" Byers Collection of United States Stamps - March 8, 2018 The George "Buddy" Byers Collection of United States Stamps and Plate Blocks features a wide range of material from the Bank Note Issues through Air Post. Nearly all unused and featuring plate blocks, the Byers collection contains both rare items and more common blocks and will appeal to a broad array of collectors.

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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The James P. Myerson Collection of Pioneer Flight Mail 1910-1916 - March 8, 2018 The James P. Myerson Collection of Pioneer Flight Mail 1910-1916 contains a complete representation of pioneer airmail flights listed in the American Air Mail Catalogue, for which at least one example is known. Included are several unique example.

Values and census data are quoted from the American Air Mail Catalogue, 7th Edition, Volume 3, with updated census information from Jamie O’Bannon. To learn more about the American Air Mail Society, please visit their website at americanairmailsociety.org

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Kagin’s Auction - Public Auction: Major Encased Postage Stamp Collec - March 9, 2018 Kagin’s Auctions will be offering The Michigan Collection of encased postage stamps at the American Numismatic Association National Money Show in Irving (Dallas) Texas Friday March 9th. It is believed to be one of the most comprehensive sets ever and perhaps currently the finest and most complete including 145 different varieties. Many are the pieces are the finest single specimen known. It is the result of some 25 years of working with Kagin’s Inc. attempting to fulfill a dream of acquiring all known varieties. The pedigrees include pieces from almost all the most complete and famous collections including Mayer, Kelly, Ford, Kagin and by extension, Wilcox, Dunham, Perl, Green and L illy.

Encased postage has always been one of the most historical and elusive of all numismatic and philatelic items to collect, and consequently one of the most rewarding to acquire. These coin substitutes helped augment the inadequate Federal coinage during our nation’s Civil War. In 1862 paper money was not backed by gold and silver and commerce was strained due to a shortage of coins which were being hoarded. Various attempts to alleviate the small change shortage included private companies issuing Civil Wa r tokens, the government authorizing the use of postage stamps in trade, and business issuing promissory notes for change.

Entering the fray was entrepreneur John Gault who patented the use of enclosing a U.S. stamp from 1c to 90c denominations with a round piece of brass. The stamp was sandwiched in between a roughly quarter sized piece of brass with a hole cut in it (the frame) followed by mica to protect the stamp, a piece of cardboard, and finally, a brass backing. A button making machine pressed these items together, the bent the edges of the brass frame over the edge of the brass back. Many of the cases of early examp les were silvered to make them look closer to real coins. Gault sold the encased postage pieces to over 30 different merchants at about 20% over face value and another 2 cents each for stamping their advertising on the backs. Merchants and their products included J.C. Ayer & Company selling Sarsaparilla to “purify the blood”, White the Hatter, and retailer Lord & Taylor who survive’s today.

The first major offering of encased postage was in 1901 when S. H. & H. Chapman sold the Wilcox collection consisting of 88 different varieties. It was described at that time as “the finest collection ever sold.” The next significant offering was five years later when the Hiram E. Deats collection was sold by Ben G. Green. In May of 1914, the Ben G. Green Collection, containing 133 varieties (many of which were in the Wilcox Collection and from dealer Ed Frossard in 1890), was purchased in its entirety b y William F. Dunham. The Dunham collection was auctioned in 1941 by B. Max Mehl and was, up to that time, the finest collection ever formed with 163 recognized varieties. Dunham’s collection was acquired in its entirety by F.C.C. Boyd. In turn, numismatic dealer, John J. Ford acquired Boyd’s collection and when Ford’s collection was sold by Stacks in 2004 it comprised 197 different pieces.

Other significant collections include those of the T. James Clarke collection in 1956, the Josiah K. Lilly collection, sold by Robert A. Siegel in 1967, the Arnold Perl collection, sold by Stacks in December 1969, the Donald Kagin collection (150 different varieties), sold intact in 1983 and then resold in the “Abby” sale by Kagin’s Numismatic Auctions in February 1988. Frederick Mayer, purchased pretty much every variety he did not acquire from the Kagin and Ford collections and when his collection was sold by Currency Auctions of America (owned by Heritage) in 2007 it contained 205 different varieties, the most complete ever assembled. The Michigan Collection contains 145 different varieties and represents many of the finest single specimens that could be obtained for each denomination and from every merchant. A complete variety set (238 pieces) has never been formed, and most likely never will be. Yet, many “complete” sets within the broader “full” sets are within the grasp of the determined numismatist. Encased postage may be collected by denomination, by merchant, by type of merchant (medicinal, dry goods, etc.), by locality of merchant or whatever way one chooses.
email: auctions@kagins.com

Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center - Public Auction - March 9-10, 2018 Our 315 auction will take place March 9-10, 2018. There are 1747 lots of all kinds and sizes. This particular sale includes many large collections and accumulations.

There are many strong cover lots with advertising, event, air, Naval, CSA, Collins cachets, Weddle and many large FDC lots. Postcards are well represented again with many large topical, state and novelty themes. In the worldwide cover section there are many large valuable lots.

U.S. singles feature a nice #1 unused followed by many attractive singles like #188 unused, 209b with APS cert, 240 NH block with PF Cert, 432 PSE 98, 480 PSE 98 and much more. There are many strong accumulations and collections that deserve a look.

In our currency section we have a wonderful group of Colonials and Notgeld.

Our worldwide section is loaded with singles, country collections, topicals, accumulations and large lots. We hope you find something you need! Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Scarsdale Collection, Part 10: France - March 13, 2018 The series of Scarsdale sales continues with a country other than the United States -- France-- but the same theme of quality continues. Inspired by France’s exquisitely engraved stamps of the mid-20th century, the collector started collecting every issue. The result is a small but wonderful group, featuring several major rarities. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Calgary Collection of Canada - March 13, 2018 An eye for beauty and discriminating taste for quality define the connoisseur who assembled the Calgary Collection of unused Canada 19th and 20th century stamps. Highlighting this magnificent collection is one of the finest unused 12p Black stamps in existence. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Ron Leith Auctions - Public Auction - March 17-18, 2018 The Ron Leith Annual Auction will again be held in conjunction with RICHPEX 2018. The show is scheduled for Friday and Saturday (March 16-17) at the Executive Suites Hotel Burnaby with the auction on Saturday and Sunday (March 17-18). We look forward to seeing you there.

Postal History auction highlights; includes the Daniel Rosenblatt reference collection of over 12,000 Canada Multi-Office slogans (lots 1671-1735); a rare 1872 Victoria BC Wells Fargo Express cover to England (lot 382); a very scarce Canada Boer War 1st Contingent soldiers letter with BC mining town connections (lot 1174); a collection of Imperial & Bickerdike Canada machine cancels (lots 74-79, 104-107); scarce Canada Victoria Jubilee 10¢ and 20¢ registered rates to Germany (lots 102-103); a Quebec Tercentenary registered 15¢ rate to Germany (lot 173); a Billy Bishop autographed cover (lot ); a collection of 72 Canadian WWII Air Letters (lots 1298-1310); a Karl Lewis hand painted Japan cover (lot 1042); a spectacular group of hand painted Warren Reed signed USA first day covers (lots 1843-1857); a rare 1899 USA cover to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia (lot 455); scarce $20 and $200 USA Postal Savings Notes (lots 794-795); many USA manuscript town cancels noting 2 with 1861 Pigeon Blood Pink frankings (lots 830/838, 872); a massive collection of 13,290 California covers with town cancels (lots 810-816); an exceptional collection of France and French Colony covers (lots 917-962, 1877-1912); extensive collections of WWI soldiers letters (lots 1183-1232); USA WWII Japanese Internment Camp covers (lots 1277-1281); a scarce Atomic Bomb Manhattan project cover (lot 1276); a nice group of Charles Lindbergh items (lots 1122-1132); a collection of 1817-1916 European Disinfected Mail covers (lots 1080-1079); a rare 1864 Scotland cover to Prussian occupied Denmark during the 2nd Schleswig War (lot 1000); an impressive group of 270 Railroad postcards (lots 1322-1342); an Empress of Ireland salvaged letter (lot 1398); the section closes with 650 wholesale cover & postcard collections that are bound to satisfy philatelists and dealers alike.

Stamp auction highlights; includes an unlisted 3¢ Orange-Red Small Queen on very thick paper (lot 2116); scarce early MNH Italy (lots 2372-2374); a nice collection of German coil strips (lots 2305-2317); an excellent Estonia collection noting a very rare se-tenant pair #2-3 Oteppa local post (lots 2279-2286, 2550-2553), a good Liberia collection (lots 2388-2397, 2623-2639); a massive worldwide dealer stock with 360,000 stamps in 43 red boxes (lots 2754-2773); the stamp section concludes with 354 Worldwide stamp collection lots with extensive collections of Canada, Australia, China, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA and much more. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Cherrystone Auctions - Public Auction - March 20-21, 2018 Cherrystone is pleased to present our MARCH 20-21, 2018 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal history of the World, featuring the collection formed by Arden L. Bement, Jr., offered on behalf of Purdue University. The sale contains 1,765 lots, with notable United States, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, numerous European countries, with Austria, Belgium, France & Colonies, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Colonies, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Switzerland. From Asia there are selections of China, Japan and Korea. South American countries are also well represented, with Colombian Air Post and many others. As customary, the sale contains 100+ large lots and collections, including Dr.Bement's Russia and Zemstvo. A limited number of printed catalogues are available. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - Public Auction:Collections, Accumulations and Stocks of the World - March 23-24, 2018 Over 900 lots of collections, stocks and accumulations of the world, featuring:

  • The Dr. Jack Ott stock
  • The James P. Kramer collections
  • The "Regents" colleciton of Canada and B.N.A.
  • Stanley J. Richmond holdings, part VII
  • U.S. and Possessions
  • British Commonwealth
  • Europe and Colonies
  • Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Hundreds of worldwide collections and accumulations
LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

James T. McCusker, Inc. - United States First Day Covers & WWII Patriotics - March 24, 2018 Public Auction #368 comprised of over 375 individual lots from the classic period to contemporary hand painteds as well as Back of the Book. Highlights abound including several classic hand painteds with Knapp, a number of Beazell's, scarce selection of some of the scarcest Collins H/P varieties, as well as a fine selection of WWII Patriotic's including rare period hand painteds. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - United States and Possessions - March 27-28, 2018 Sale 1179 features choice U.S. stamps and Possessions, including the estate of Charles H. McNutt. Included are strong sections of Essays and Proofs, Carriers and Locals, Revenues, Canal Zone and Hawaii, as well as high-grade singles. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

April, 2018

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The David Wingate Collection of United States Stamps - April 11-12, 2018 Gifted with an eye for aesthetic quality in both art and philately, Mr. Wingate applied his talent and resources to the formation of a United States stamp collection that is extraordinary for its completeness, quality and depth. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd. - Spring sale - April 18-19, 2018 18-19 APRIL 2018 UNRESERVED AUCTION SALE • Canada • Stampless Transatlantic • Joe Virtanen Collections • Large Queens • Telephone & Telegraph Franks • British Columbia and Vancouver • New Brunswick Postal History • Newfoundland • Great Britain • British Commonwealth • Foreign • Topicals • Covers • Republic of China • People's Republic of China Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd. - Public Stamp Auction - Sale 184 - April 29, 2018 Our 184th Public Stamp Auction is full of intact collections, bulk lots, better single stamps and postal history. Also included in the sale is 68 Philatelic Literature lots from the library of an advanced collector. The sale will be held at The Hellenic Community Centre (South Room), 133 Southdale Rd West, London, ON, Canada. Viewing of material begins at 9:00 the day of sale with the auction beginning at 1:00 pm. Please visit our web site for a detailed listing since there are over 300 "Floor Sale Only" lots (you must be present to bid on these larger, bulkier lots).
email: john@johnsheffield.com

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