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Lots and Collections continued...

Foreign -- Collections & Accumulations continued...
LotNo. Symbol Cat No. Lot Description
1888 O/og/CVR Worldwide imageBox with Thousands of Stamps, in 3 albums and a plastic tub. One album contains Canada FDC's with a number of Cole cachets. Another album has a range of slightly better material such as the DDR 50pf Mao stamp, Australian Roos and Heads, Ireland airs and blocks scattered throughout. Another small album has interesting early used France and Colonies, with many better postmarks, newspaper stamps, etc. Inspect. (Scan a) (Scan b) (Scan c) (Scan d) (Scan e) (Scan f) (All Scans)

image image

Est $ 100

SOLD for C$130.00
Will close during Public Auction
1889 O/og/CVR Worldwide Several Hundred Stamps in a Medium Box, all loose, on piece, in stockbooks and in glassines, with emphasis on Finland, Germany and Russia, with lots of duplicated used from about 1900 to 1920. Opportunities for better cancels, we note several nice covers including two Karjala (see scans), two Swiss and one Finnish censored covers, several Finland FDC, etc. Albums and stockbooks contain many stamps with scotch tape stains, so inspection is recommended, still lots of useful material included. Est $ 150

SOLD for C$140.00
Will close during Public Auction
1890 O/og/CVR Worldwide imageTwo Stockbooks Filled with Hundreds of Stamps, Mainly Germany. An interesting world assortment, much of it not often seen such as Paraguay Zeppelins C79-83 and C93-97 (mint hinged), Dominican Republic 310-322 (used), Mozambique RA21-30 (mint hinged), Poland N76-90 (mint hinged in imperforate pairs) and more. Most of the value is in Germany with highlights such as B49, 55a, 56, 57 (mint no gum), C35-37 (hinged), 9N73 (used), 669 (three used copies), 9N61-63 (used), etc. Also includes covers, including black Berlin overprints. Well worth a close look, nice lot. (Scan a) Est $ 250

SOLD for C$425.00
Will close during Public Auction
1891 O/og/CVR Worldwide Carton with Thousands of Stamps, in 2 binders (world and Canada), plus loose and on piece and covers. The world album has some medium value Netherlands semi-postals but most of the other stamps are scotch-taped. The on-piece material centers on Canada and Australia, with the latter having $10 stamps and souvenir sheets. There are many Netherlands FDCs, three Swiss "Société des Nations", some flights and some postal stationery. Many covers have been roughly opened. Inspect for possible finds. Est $ 100

SOLD for C$90.00
Will close during Public Auction
1892 O/og/CVR Worldwide Box with Hundreds of Stamps, loose, on piece and on cover. Range is from 1900s to 1990s and many of the stamps and covers need "a bath" as they have a musty odour. Noted better items such as Bavaria #87*91 (used, $320), Luxembourg semi officials (several $14 values), used 1930s Italy and a Germany Zeppelin (C37) on cover but a Belgium souvenir sheet (B317) stuck on top of it. A used Japan collection on a large poster, with stamps ranging from #1 to #87, plus some face Canada. Est $ 150

SOLD for C$160.00
Will close during Public Auction
1893 O/og Zanzibar #3/280 imageMint and Used Collection on Scott Specialty Pages, 1895 to 1963, with many sets, some complete, with a mix of mint and used, and overall nice quality (one stamp was not counted in catalogue value). Many of the used have squared circle cancels, fine or better. (Scan a) (Scan b) (Scan c) (Scan d) (All Scans)

image image

Scott $ 672

SOLD for C$140.00
Will close during Public Auction
Foreign -- Topical Collections
LotNo. Symbol Cat No. Lot Description
1894 nh   image1981 Diana and Charles Royal Wedding Collection, neatly mounted in two volumes on Herrick pages, appears complete for British Commonwealth, note a sheetlet from Togo as well. Each page has a dealer retail price, and these total $440. Mint never hinged, very fine. (Scan a) Est $ 100

SOLD for C$55.00
Will close during Public Auction
1895 nh/CVR   imageExtensive Topical Bee Collection, assembled over many years, the collector was able to obtain lots of very unusual and challenging material pertaining to bees, bee hives, apiculture, humour about bees, beekeeping, honey, etc., with stamps covers, post cards, postmarks, stickers, collector cards, cinderellas, booklets, cigar labels, and more. A lovely assembly of material, just waiting to be written-up on collection, or exhibit pages. Overall very fine and would have been expensive to purchase. (Scan a) (Scan b) (All Scans)


Est $ 200

SOLD for C$190.00
Will close during Public Auction
1896 O/og/nh   imageAttractive Collection of Birds on Stamps, all neatly displayed on black stock sheets in a binder, with a wide variety of birds and countries (we note Botswana, Papua New Guinea, Australia, France, Malawi, Denmark, Samoa, etc.) and owner's catalogue value exceeds $1,000. Overall very fine. (Scan a) Est $ 150

SOLD for C$120.00
Will close during Public Auction
1897 nh/CVR   Extensive Collection of Disabilities Topicals, with blindness, deafness, physical disabilities, Paralympics, crippled children and much more, all in 8 binders of stockbooks, plus a shoebox with just covers and cards. There is a wide variety of subjects covered here and a great lot of material, and we note the essential topical requirements for an exhibit, such as postmarks, stamps, covers, souvenir sheets, proofs, die proofs, maxima cards, research material and much more. We note some items signed by Rick Hanson, Dr. Jonas Salk. Part of this lot is an exhibit which has been shown, and which has since been going through several new changes, with new material, etc, so this whole lot is a work in progress, just waiting for someone to put it together and exhibit it. A lovely group of material, with very nice quality throughout and high replacement cost. Est $ 500

SOLD for C$170.00
Will close during Public Auction
1898 CVR/nh   Extensive Collection of Pope Saint John Paul II, all neatly displayed in black Vario pages in 9 Lighthouse binders with their slip cases. Each album contains First Day covers, commemorative covers, souvenir sheets, souvenir folders, mint never hinged stamps singles and sets, all commemorating his life and many travels around the world. During his 28 year Papacy (1978 to 2005) he visited 129 different countries, many of which (possibly most or all) are represented here. The average number of pages contained in each album is about 40, and most are two-sided 4-pocket pages, for an approximate total of over 2,800 different items. A lovely and clean collection, put together after several years of care and attention and well worthy of continuation, although it might prove difficult to find items not already present. Est $ 1,000

SOLD for C$400.00
Will close during Public Auction
1899 O/og/nh   imageCollection of Sports and Olympics on Stamps, filling 11 double-sided black stock sheets, from many different countries and sports, with mint and used and note several complete sets, etc. Nice and clean material. (Scan a) Scott $ 720

SOLD for C$85.00
Will close during Public Auction
1900 nh/CVR   Topicalist's Estate Remainder Lot, with many different topics covered, but mostly The Circus, Disabilities, Paralympics, Fighting Polio, and Children. We note a quantity of material from all over the world, including stamps, souvenir sheets, proofs, covers, postmarks, research material and more, all in stock sheets, stockbooks folders, etc. We note an exhibit page and cover signed by Rick Hansen, cover signed by Kurt Waldheim, etc. Also included is a binder full of one page exhibits, some still in progress, but includes "Man in Motion", "The Highland Games", "Princess Diana", "Pottery", etc. Not very well organized, but careful viewing might surprise. Nice overall quality. Est $ 100

SOLD for C$75.00
Will close during Public Auction


Collecting Supplies
LotNo. Symbol Cat No. Lot Description
1901   Brand New Set of Three Lighthouse Hingeless Albums for Canada, 1851 to 2007, with slipcases, never used and still wrapped in plastic (two are open), these retail for about $900. Retail $ 900

SOLD for C$525.00
Will close during Public Auction

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