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Welcome to Extended StampAuctionNetwork Features! If you would like to sign up for our Extended Features, you can do it here. Note: You must already be registered at StampAuctionNetwork. Click here if you need to create a StampAuctionNetwork Account.
  • Pick either of the PayPal easy pay buttons below.
  • Send your payment to StampAuctionNetwork@Droegecomputing.com via paypal yourself.
  • Or Send a check to Droege Computing Services Inc, 20 West Colony Place, Suite 120 Durham NC 27705 (Make sure you include your StampAuctionNetwork user name and email) We will renew your StampAuctionNetwork account that matches the email from PayPal.
Thank you for your subscription to Extended Features at StampAuctionNetwork.com! Let us know if we can be of assistance.

- Tom Droege

BASIC Subscription - up to $49.95

Thank you for your voluntary support.

The BASIC subscription will guarantee that you get everything that is free now, plus everything we develop for the basic subscription, email support, telephone support, access to new features, and access to on-line helps all at this reduced price.

We are not going to require everyone to pay to use StampAuctionNetwork. However, if you like our site and want to help us improve it, your participation will be helpful.

Voluntary Membership Fee (1 Year)
Premium Extended Features $79.95

The premium subscription is the same as "Extended Features". It includes everything in the BASIC subscription, plus the following and more:
  • Search Auction History. Over 1 million lots with prices representing over $1.2 Billion of sales worldwide back to 2001. Images, Charting, Topical Search, Worldwide Search, and more...
  • StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding. Prepare bids ahead of time that are executed at the opening of the lot in a live bid auction without revealing the maximum amount .
  • Integration with 5 Powerful Search Tools, Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population), Siegel Auction Galleries POWER SEARCH™, and Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") Population report.
  • "My Purchase History" Access your individual purchase history for major sales from 2001-2017. Plus starting in 2018 we will keep all purchase history where the auction firm records you as the winner.
  • "My Archived Bids"...Access your individual bidding history for major sales back to 2014. From 2018 all your bidding history is kept for you to review.
  • Want lists and want list notifications.
PowerUser Advanced Subscription $179/year

The PowerUser subscription includes everything in the BASIC and Premium, plus... Expanded access to the data. This is for specialists and buyers who want advanced access to the data for their own research or pricing modeling.
  • Download a single Excel compatible data file for either (purchase history, Auction History, Archived bids).
  • Dealer access to want list information.
  • Download images.
  • Aggregated Pricing Information. Examples: The Number of distinct buyers for a Stamp#, The number of different auction firms offering a Stamp#. Ask us for others that you want to pull up.
  • Research and Crowdsourcing. Powerusers with a collecting interest in a specific area may join us to make the database better through our "Stamp Champions".

How and Why you can support StampAuctionNetwork on a voluntary basis.

In a recent survey we floated the idea of bidders supporting StampAuctionNetwork using a subscription based plan. There was a resounding “No!!!” to that idea. Some 70% said they should not and would not pay for StampAuctionNetwork, and that the auction houses should pay all the costs associated with our services.

As a plain spoken person, please allow me one more opportunity to explain why you should support our site. This may be something that you had not thought of.

If the auction firms pay the entire bill, then we work for them.

We would like you to think of us as serving you. You may not want to subscribe to StampAuctionNetwork. I get that. I understand why you would feel that way. And no you should not pay us if all we are is a channel to get bids to the auction firms. I agree with that. But we have always been more than that, and we are going to become much more than that. You should think of us as looking out for your interests, as your advocates, whether it is helping you get better info to bid, or offering bidding advice, or supporting your claims that you left bids that were not executed, or supporting you in your infrequent disputes with an auction firm. We have done all those things and more for you in the past, and we pledge to do much more in the future, and we are asking you to voluntarily partner with us and give us the job of serving you by supporting us.

Now for the most part, I got into this as a collector, so I have a collector bias. I started my software company in 1985 and after writing 25 major system for Duke Medical Center, I found myself in 1990 giving up Volleyball to help take care of our third child. Though I had less time, I still had some time, so I renewed my interest in collecting stamps, remembering that one should buy and sell at auction. I immediately noticed there were obvious computer solutions for stamp auction houses to make my life easier as a stamp collector, but the auction houses had no such systems. I approached a few, and by 1994 was the major provider of software to stamp auction firms -- we still are. We wrote the software most of the auction houses use to take consignment, build catalogs, conduct their auctions, send invoices etc…

And not just Stamp Auctions, over the years we worked for all the major sports auctions, and we currently do the systems for the top wine houses Hart, Davis Hart and Sothebys (US and UK). We also wrote the PF system and the agent system Purser uses. We still support the systems we wrote for Duke and also have a thriving IT business. Because I wrote these systems, I know the inner workings of just about every stamp auction house. I have high regard for the vast majority of auction firms, and for the most part they are to be trusted. But they do have a dilemma, in that they must represent the competing interests of their buyers and their consignors. When an auction site is paid for by the auction firms, and free to the bidders, it is by definition going to lean to the interests of the auction house and the consignors.

Have you caught on why you should support StampAuctionNetwork yet?

Here it is. If you support us, then we serve you. We have more than an orientation to work in your best interests, we have a contractual obligation to do so. We are willing to put ourselves smack in the middle of the auction firms and the auction bidders -- we are asking you to do so.

But do not be alarmed! You can still play for free. But we are asking that if you want to hire us to be your advocate, you can do so with any voluntary amount. Any amount you send up to $49.95 sends the message that you want us to work for you. And we will! We just tested StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding with an intial group today and it is ready for use. That will be the start of many more Bidder oriented services. Many of those features will be available to all, some will be in extended services, but we will always provide the basic functionality of the site and more for free.

If you are willing to support StampAuctionNetwork, you can follow this link. You can send any amount from $9.95 up to $49.95. You will get most of the premium extended features, including StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding.

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