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South African Philately Club - Steve Hannath. The South African Philately Club aims to display new material every month, much like a print magazine. Next month. the July 2020 Issue will feature Egypt, much of which covers World Wars 1 and 2 and the South African and British Forces based there. Contact steve@southafricanphilatelyclub.com by Email

Postzegels verkopen en postzegels veilen - Bart Van Acker. in België en Nederland. Antwoorden op vaakgestelde vragen over de verkoop van postzegels en postzegels verzamelen. Contact bartva@gmail.com by Email

Armstong's Stamps - John E. Armstrong . Armstrong’s Stamps carries mint and used stamps, supplies and literature and specializes in Canada Errors, Freaks and Oddities Contact librarianc@cogeco.ca by Email

Record Holders for Stamps sold Live on the Internet. - StampAuctionNetwork. StampAuctionNetwork has long been the leading site for live bidding. Going back to 2007 when StampAuctionNetwork bidders took trusted the site to place their bids live from overseas and won $1 million in realizations on a single day. And then just last year, on November 14th, 2018 the new record for a single C3a 24¢ Invert Position 49, sold to a SAN Live bidder for $1,350,000 + the buyers commission -- this is 2nd place on the all-time highest prices paid using Live Bidding. The bidder was asked if he wanted to be on the phone, and he said, "No I'm fine with StampAuctionNetwork Live"

2014 Fantasy Philately contest - Tom Droege. Please find the results for our 2014 Fantasy Philately contest. Contestants were judged on the following points system. Judges gave us their subjective 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings in each category. Points were awarded as follows: a 1st place was worth 3pts, 2nd 2pts, and a 3rd 1pt. Points were also awarded 1pt each for use of money (closest to category), 9-10 lots purchased, 6 or more auction firms. Points were deducted for more than 15 lots purchased and fewer than 3 auction firms used.

Finally I will conclude with a comment from one of our judges. "I found the $10,000 exhibits more interesting than the million dollar ones. Some of the $10,000 exhibits left me wondering what they would have accomplished had the spent more. Maybe another category next year: $50,000 or $100,000? I think this can grow once collectors get a better understanding how fun this can be. Some pointers to the participants might be in order, such as building a collection with some consistency and maybe difficulty, buy from numerous auction houses being a plus. "

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of how to create your own collection

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Are you Interested in collecting Stamps?

  • Yes, I like the idea of collecting stamps.
  • History and Geography interest me.
  • My heritage (country of origin) is something I would like to learn more about.
  • Collecting items of value appeals to me.
  • I understand the adventure of discovering scarcity among the plentiful.
  • I love the hunt!

You are at the right place, but why buy at auction?

  • The best items are sold at auction.
  • You buy where the dealers buy.
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  • Unique items are only available at auction.
  • I can bid and buy with auction firms around the world.
  • The essential features of StampAuctionNetwork, registration, bidding, searching, and results are free. You are not obligated to purchase anything or place bids with the auction firms.
  • Registration includes 45 days use of Extended Features granting you access to the database and tools to learn how to use StampAuctionNetwork to build your own stamp collection.
  • If you are building a collection of any size, you should consider the $179/year plan. You will get additional access to the database as well as custom introductions to help you build your collection.

Ideas for starting to collect - We can help you get started.

  • Buy a couple worldwide collection lots. The stamps are the cheapest this way. You can use the collection to identify countries, and you will get a basic idea of what you want to collect.
  • You already know what country to collect? Then buy a couple country collections. Same value as above. Best way to get all the inexpensive stamps.
  • Topicals interest you. Contact me for how to do this.
  • Ready to just start buying #1's of the world, Contact us.

Video Presentations

Stamp Champion Data Miners! - Cleaning up the Database using 17a as an example.. Thanks to all of you PowerUsers at StampAuctionNetwork. With great power comes great responsibility. You have the power to make the database better. This video explains the quickest way to clean up a Country/Stamp combination. Tom Droege

Get Market Data while you are browsing a Catalog or Updating your Bids - part of Extended Features. This short video uses the Hawaii Revenue stamp R12 to demonstrate the new Get Market Data feature.

Get Market Data lets you At the touch of a button, pull up StampAuctionNetwork's extended database of prices realized to help you determine historic price fluctuations. If you see the [Get Market Data] link, you can press it to get the history of that country's stamp at our site. You can access this option from your MySAN.My Bids pages, or while searching by country and catalog number in Extended Features. This option will be available on the catalog pages of auctions posted after Feb 24, 2019.

Take a Tour of StampAuctionNetwork. - Tom Droege. After the tour you can join StampAuctionNetwork, the first Marketplace for Stamps. With one registration you can participate in 95% of Stamp Auctions Worldwide. Each year over $400 million of auctions are presented here in a way that makes it easy to bid before or during the sale, and find out the prices realized after the sale.



Get Connected - Tom Droege. Do you want to get connected to other Stamp Collectors? I can post your connection here. Find other collectors like yourself. Find someone to kickstart you on a new collecting interest. Or maybe you want to offer a new collector assistance in the area of your specialty. Contact tldroege@mindspring.com by Email

Confederate States of America - John L. Kimbrough MD . is a major philatelic website devoted to the stamps and postal history of the Confederate States of America 1861-1865. John L. Kimbrough MD, Confederate States of America Stamps. Postal History, Currency. Contact jlkcsa@aol.com by Email

Exporta Collectors Wanted - Tom Droege. I am looking for other collectors that are specializing in the Exporta Issue. Actually this is just an example of a Connection request, I recently sold my entire Exporta Collection -- It gave me a great deal of pleasure, now others can take it over. Contact tldroege@mindspring.com by Email

North Carolina Chapter - StampAuctionNetwork - Tom Droege. I am considering organizing a StampAuctionNetwork North Carolina Chapter. The purpose will be to assist members in building their collections by bidding and buying at auctions while effectively using the tools StampAuctionNetwork can provide. The 2nd purpose will be to develop the next generation of collectors ages 40-65. This idea was prompted by my recent survey asking people for ideas on promoting the next generation of stamp collectors. Some of the suggestions revolved around the idea of building in a social component. We can have other activities as the group determines. We can have member presentations, club auctions, social activities, etc... Contact tldroege@mindspring.com by Email

Extended Features Stamp Champion Application - Tom Droege. Stamp Auction Network is looking for qualified individuals who will help manage and standardize the data submitted to StampAuctionNetwork so that it will be the most useful possible. For the most part we are looking for individuals who can be responsible for a collecting area (US and North America, German, British Commonwealth, France and Colonies, Africa, Asia, South America, Offices, Occupations, etc...). In return for managing your area (minimum of 200 corrections per month), we will give you full access to the PowerUser features. You also become part of the development team that makes recommendations for future Extended Features. Contact tldroege@mindspring.com by Email



Philatelic Club in Oflag IIC, a World War II German Prisoner of War Camp for Officers - Stanley J. Robboy. Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer whose scientific observations changed our understanding of our place in the heavens. From a philatelic viewpoint, he stands out as one of the most celebrated of physicians of all time. This article tells of a place and time most unusual in which he was honored.

The United States Bicolored Postage Issues of 1869, Focusing on the 24-cent Stamp Depicting John Trumbull's painting Declaration of Independence - Stanley J. Robboy. This essay concentrates on the historically important 1869 series, the first bicolor production of a US stamp. It features John Trumbull's oil painting, which contrary to the popular belief that it depicts the signing ceremony of the Declaration of Independence, is actually a romanticized imaginary image of the five-man committee presenting their draft of the Declaration to the Continental Congress.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Fly, The 1923 Series of Airplane Stamps - Bob Baltzell. It did not take long after the Wright brothers made their historic powered flight of a manned glider in 1903 before the U.S. Post Office Department (U.S. POD) could envision using aeroplanes to transport mail. At first it was authorizing pilots to carry mail during barn-storming air events and experimenting with short routes, but the flying machines and their pilots were subject to many adverse conditions to depend upon them for any regular scheduled mail. Bob unravels the early history of Air Mail Service.

1898 1¢ Franklin (Scott #279) Watermark Varieties - Len McMaster. I have occasionally seen stamps with watermark orientations other than “normal” offered for sale at a premium on eBay, yet my experience would suggest that no one orientation is more rare than any other. Thus I set out to examine a sample of the stamps in my collection to verify this observation and will report my research here. In addition, I will discuss other watermark varieties and report three plate numbers with vertical watermarks, previously unknown. Note that I collect and study only the 1898 1¢ Franklin, Scott #279, so my remarks relate only to that stamp.

Exporta Postal History can be Hard to Handle! - Tom Droege. The Exportas were the regular series of Mexico issued from 1975-1993 and consisted of 30 Designs (regular, airmail, special delivery / entrega, insured / seguros). They were printed on 14 Papers (Series 1a-14a) Watermarked, Phosphorescence and Fluorescence (Yellow, White, Dull White, Reddish) and offer the collector Postal Stationery, Inverts, Perforation varieties, design differences, color varieties, essays, fixed Plate Flaws, and major Errors (bionicas printed on the non-phosphorescence side of the paper).

Collecting the stamps is challenging enough, but if you are up for a real effort, try collecting the series on cover. Given that the postal rates changed 20 times during the Exporta era, and given the number of different designs and denominations that were used, you can assume that just collecting covers with each stamp would be tough enough. This article is going to take that challenge to the next level and give you 10 (some almost impossible) tough objectives in collecting the Exporta series on cover.




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