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Canada continued...

Queen Victoria Era -- Large Queens continued...
Lot Symbol CatNo. Lot Description CV or Estimate
421 c 27v,24,37b image27a,24,37b: 6¢ brown plus 2¢ green and 3¢ copper red Small Queen, all tied by Montreal 20 MY '70 duplexes to illustrated (on back) Ottawa Hotel advertising cover to SWITZERLAND with manuscript routing instructions 'per Canadian Mail Steamer' (the 10¢ rate per ½oz via Belgium was overpaid by 1¢), red London 31 May transit on front, 2 JU Pfaffikon receiver on back, a fine and attractive FOREIGN DESTINATION RATE cover, with disastrous 2006 Greene certificate mis-stating every catalogue number 'Scott Nos 23 (sic), 26 (sic), 37d (sic), No. 23 (we assume they mean 24) did not originate on the cover in its current position, portion of red PD has been painted on No. 23 (again, we assume they mean the 2¢). most curious, as the cancels and stamp position look all right to us, but nevertheless the cover is sold on the basis of the certificate. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$10,000

SOLD for C$6,500.00
Will close during Auction
422 c 27a image27a: 6¢ yellow brown (plate 1) PAIR, both tied by targets to cross-border 12¢ rate cover from Phillipsburg 1 OC 1870 to Vermont, slightly trimmed at right, slight perforation faults at top of stamps and slight cover edge faults, still a fine and presentable DOUBLE WEIGHT CROSS BORDER cover, with 2009 Greene Foundation certificate stating 'not tied to cover, but accentuated line in cancel suggests the edge of heavier contents justifying the double weight postage, tiny piece missing from top left corner'. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$500

SOLD for C$300.00
Will close during Auction
423 c 27 image27: Two 6¢ dark brown (plate 1), both tied by targets to cross-border DOUBLE RATE cover from Richmond Hill 15 SP 1868 to Yorkshire, NY, slightly trimmed at right, still fine. Ex - Wellburn, Jansen, Brigham. (Image) Est. C$250

SOLD for C$260.00
Will close during Auction
424 c 27a,24 image27a,24: Pair 6¢ yellow brown (plate 2) plus 2¢ green, tied by grids to each other and REGISTERED trans-Atlantic cover (6¢ postage, 8¢ registration) from Toronto 14 JY 1870 to IRELAND, (via Allan Line's 'Peruvian'), 26 JY Dublin receiver on back, 2¢ is faulty and some cover stains/faults, still an attractive and RARE 14¢ RATE COMBINATION COVER, with 2009 Greene Foundation certificate. Ex - Jansen, Brigham. (Image) Est. C$3,500

SOLD for C$2,700.00
Will close during Auction
425 c 27a,24i image27a,24i: 6¢ yellow brown (plate 1) PAIR and two copies 2¢ emerald green, all tied by Hamilton 7 AU '71 numeral '5' grid duplexes to 16¢ rate trans-Atlantic cover to ENGLAND, 21 AU London receiver on back (travelled on Cunard's 'Parthia'), cover reduced at both ends, still fine and attractive and the ONLY KNOWN DOUBLE BRITISH PACKET RATE cover with this franking. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$2,500

SOLD for C$1,900.00
Will close during Auction
426 c 27,24,25 image27,24,25: Three 6¢ dark brown (plate 1) plus 2¢ and 3¢, all lightly cancelled/tied by grids to each other and (at a couple of spots) REGISTERED TRANS-ATLANTIC cover (paying 15¢ postage, 8¢ registration) with manuscript 'By Cunard Steamer' on front from Toronto 10 JA '69 to ENGLAND, light red CROWN REGISTERED on front, 1 FE London receiver on back, back faults and water stains, an EXTREMELY RARE 23¢ RATE COVER, one of two known and the only one with this stamp combination. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$15,000

SOLD for C$10,000.00
Will close during Auction
427 c 27c,24,29b image27c,24,29b: 6¢ dark brown (plate 1) plus 2¢ green and 15¢ red lilac, tied by Brantford 18 NO 1868 duplexes to mourning cover to Woodstock, AUSTRALIA, 19 NO Hamilton and 17 FE Melbourne receivers on back, London 4 DE transit on front, all stamps with perforation faults and cover has backflap faults, still a rare 23¢ rate cover to Australia via England, one of FIVE KNOWN, and a most attractive THREE COLOUR FRANKING FOREIGN DESTINATION COVER. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$7,500

SOLD for C$5,000.00
Will close during Auction
428 c 27a image27a: Four copies 6¢ yellow brown (plate 1), all tied by Quebec 26 AP '71 duplexes to re-inforced OCTUPLE RATE domestic cover to Halifax with intact red wax seal on reverse, stamp and cover faults (as can be expected with such a large heavy cover), a HUGE 24¢ DOMESTIC FRANKING. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$750

SOLD for C$425.00
Will close during Auction
429 c 27a,39 image27a,39: 6¢ yellow brown (plate 1) strip of three and single, plus 6¢ yellow brown Small Queen in FIVE STAMP MIXED ISSUE FRANKING IN MATCHING COLOUR, tied by two fine to very fine strikes of blue WELLS FARGO & Co. / EXPRESS / VICTORIA, V. I. ovals to undated printed Wells Fargo PAID envelope used as a PARCEL SLIP (paying for a package weighing not over 1¼ lbs), must have been used between late-January and the summer of 1872 (after the 6¢ Small Queen was issued and before the Large Queen stamps were withdrawn from use), a UNIQUE LARGE QUEEN USAGE ON A PARCEL SLIP, a spectacular and eye-catching SHOWPIECE. Ex - Menich, Brigham. (Image) Est. C$5,000

SOLD for C$3,500.00
Will close during Auction
430 P 28P image28P: The unique 12½¢ LARGE TRIAL COLOUR DIE PROOF PRINTED ON CELLULOID (35 x 41mm) in BLACK, originally purchased directly from the holdings of Robert Burland, a manager at the British American Bank Note Co. (his business card accompanies), who was related to another manager there - G. B. Burland, whose firm Burland & Lafricaine merged with BABN Co in 1866, a truly magnificent gem, suitable for the most advanced and discriminating collector of the Large Queen issue. Ex - Wellburn, Menich, Brigham. (Image) (imagea)


Est. C$50,000

SOLD for C$29,000.00
Will close during Auction
431 P 28P image28P: 12½¢ LARGE TRIAL COLOUR DIE PROOF die sunk (41 x 59mm) on India paper on card (77 x 80mm) in rich REDDISH BROWN, a choice and very fine DIE PROOF, and the only recorded example showing full die sinkage in this shade, a breath taking DISPLAY PIECE for any in-depth Large Queen collection. Ex - Menich, Brigham. (Image) Est. C$20,000

SOLD for C$13,500.00
Will close during Auction
432 P 28P image28P: 12½¢ LARGE TRIAL COLOUR DIE PROOF on India paper (41 x 50mm) in a distinctive brilliant shade of TAN RED (different than the other brownish trial colour shades of this denomination) and showing unburnished engraver's GUIDELINES at top and bottom, undoubtedly unique and a very fine example of the miniature 'works-of-art' which could be produced in the mid-19th century by intaglio printing, for the advanced and discriminating collector. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$15,000

SOLD for C$11,500.00
Will close during Auction
433 P 28P image28P: 12½¢ TRIAL COLOUR DIE PROOF on India paper (26 x 29mm) in a crisply printed deep REDDISH BROWN shade, ever-so-slight thinning at top - negligible, a RARE and very fine GEM. Ex - Menich, Brigham. (Image) Est. C$7,500

SOLD for C$5,250.00
Will close during Auction
434 TCcP 28TC image28TC: 12½¢ 'stamp size' TRIAL COLOUR PROOF on India paper in a medium shade of BLUE (more or less the the colour of issue of the stamp, but this was still a 'colour trial'), margins just intrude on design at a couple of spots, still fine and RARE. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$750

SOLD for C$400.00
Will close during Auction
435 TCcP 28TC image28TC: 12½¢ 'stamp size' TRIAL COLOUR PROOF on India paper in BLACK, very fine and very RARE. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$1,500

SOLD for C$3,250.00
Will close during Auction
436 TCcP 28TC image28TC: 12½¢ 'stamp size' TRIAL COLOUR PROOF on India paper in a gorgeous true shade of INDIGO, very fine and RARE. Ex - 'Lindemann', Brigham. (Image) Est. C$1,000

SOLD for C$625.00
Will close during Auction
437 TCcP 28TC image28TC: 12½¢ 'stamp size' TRIAL COLOUR PROOF on India paper in intense DEEP BLUE, shallow hinge thin at top, otherwise very fine and RARE. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$1,000

SOLD for C$600.00
Will close during Auction
438 TCcP 28TC image28TC: 12½¢ TRADE SAMPLE SHEET PROOF on thick card in a lovely rich shade of DARK GREEN, most attractive and with overly generous margins, extremely fine. Ex - Brigham. (Image) Est. C$1,000

SOLD for C$1,250.00
Will close during Auction
439 PP 28P image28P: 12½¢ PLATE PROOF on card in DEEP BLUE, very fine. Ex - Brigham. (Image) CV. C$750

SOLD for C$425.00
Will close during Auction
440 PP 28P image28P: 12½¢ PLATE PROOF on card in DEEP BLUE (almost indigo), fine. Ex - Brigham. (Image) CV. C$750

SOLD for C$290.00
Will close during Auction

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