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StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding Explained!

During our recent survey the most requested new feature from StampAuctionNetwork users was for StampAuctionNetwork to act as an agent during live bidding, so as to not reveal their maximum bid. We have developed this feature and it is been thoroughly tested, and is already in use. If you leave book bids in an auction with Live Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork, you will find this very useful. SAN Agent bidding is an Extended Features option, so you will need to support SAN at some capacity, a trial, a voluntary amount, or the full extended features subscription. Agent Bidding is for placing bids in StampAuctionNetwork Live Bidding Auctions. If this catches on, we can look at ways to deliver bids as Agent to other auctions. Follow this link for a live demonstration of StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding on Youtube.

StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding Explained

  • The auction firms will not see these bids until the lot is opened.
  • They will look identical to other live bids, except that your maximum bid amount will not be revealed.
  • You will get the benefit of your highest bid if there is a tie among other live bidders. In most cases, you will be the first bid in.
  • If your maximum bid is reached and beaten, and you are watching the live bidding, you can take over your bid. You will never have to worry about bidding against yourself.
  • During Live Bidding, you will also be able to place a Live SAN Agent Bid. This will be identical to a Live Bid, except the Auctioneer will not see your max bid. Currently the SAN console operator and the Auctioneer (if watching their monitor) can see everyone's max bids in order to expedite the live bidding.
  • This will be optimal for both current live bidders and current absentee bidders. For absentee bidders this will give you the opportunity to keep the auctioneer from seeing your bid on the book. For live bidders it will keep the auctioneer from seeing your maximum live bid.
  • Be Careful! You can place bids both in MyBids and in MyAgentBids. This is not a good idea, but if you do, SAN Agent Bidding will resolve them. If your Agent Bid is higher than your book bid, it will take over, if it is lower, it will leave your book bid alone.
  • When you place an Agent Bid, StampAuctionNetwork will register you with an "I" Paddle for Live Internet Bidding.
  • StampAuctionNetwork will automatically drop your linking OR bids if a bid marked as OR is executed for you.
  • Once your Agent Bids are executed, they will become part of your regular MyBids and will be archived into MyArchivedBids when we take the sale down.
To Enter your SAN Agent Bids
  • Check and see that the auction you want to bid in is in the "Live Bids" section. Right now SAN Agent bidding is only available for Live Bidding Sales.
  • Make sure you are logged in and approved to bid with that firm. You can check by going to their auction, SAN will tell you whether you are approved to bid or not.
  • Place your mouse over [SAN Agent] and choose the auction from the list.
  • Follow the Auction Categories until you see the lot descriptions and a place to enter your bid.
  • To make changes to your bids, choose either [All my Current Agent Bids] this will give you only the open lots.
  • or to look at your bids by Auction Firm and Sale Number, pick [Review Agent Bids by Sale]
There are some diffences to note in SAN Agent bidding.
  • You may change your SAN Agent bid before the auction as your bid will not affect the selling price until the auction begins.
  • You may delete your SAN Agent bid for the same reason.
  • You will not see your Agent Bids, in the SAN.My Bids. "My Bids" go to the Auction Firms. For the same reason, you will not get a confirmation from the auction firm. You don't want them to confirm your bids, right?
  • Agent Bids are seen under [SAN Agent] "All My SAN Agent Bids" and "Review Agent Bids by Sale"
  • StampAuctionNetwork will automatically drop your linking OR bids if a bid marked as OR is executed for you.
  • Once your Agent Bids are executed, they will become part of your regular MyBids and will be archived into MyArchivedBids when we take the sale down.
Fees and Payment Instructions
  • We will charge you 1% of the realized amount, with no caps or minimums if your SAN Agent bid is successful.
  • We will send you an invoice after the close of the sale. Payment is due on acceptance of the lot from the auction house. Paypal is the recommended payment method.
  • StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding is part of Extended Features, however it is available for anyone to use who has signed up with either a trial, a BASIC voluntary subscription, or any of the entended features. Payment of the 1% is required.

Signup for StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding Here!

BASIC Subscription - up to $49.95

Thank you for your voluntary support.

The BASIC subscription will guarantee that you get everything that is free now, plus everything we develop for the basic subscription, email support, telephone support, access to new features, and access to on-line helps all at this reduced price. It Includes:

  • "My Purchase History"... Access your individual purchase history for major sales from 2001-2017. Plus starting in 2018 we will keep all purchase history where the auction firm records you as the winner.
  • "My Archived Bids"...Access your individual bidding history for major sales back to 2014. From 2018 all your bidding history is kept for you to review.
  • "Post your own Prices Realized"...Join the movement to build the prices realized for the auction firms that won't.
  • "Quick Consign, Sell, Private Treaty"...Offer all or part of your collection or Exibit to vetted auction firms, dealers and other collectors.

We are not going to require everyone to pay to use StampAuctionNetwork. However, if you like our site and want to help us improve it, your participation will be helpful.

Voluntary Membership Fee (1 Year)
Premium Extended Features $79.95

Pay with a $7.50 monthly recurring fee at Paypal. Sign up here. Or Pay $79.95 below.

The premium subscription is the same as "Extended Features". It includes everything in the BASIC subscription, plus the following and more:
  • Search Auction History. Over 1 million lots with prices representing over $1.5 Billion of sales worldwide back to 2001. Images, Charting, Topical Search, Worldwide Search, and more...
  • The StampAuctionNetwork Top 800. These metrics are a measure of the stamps that are most likely to be offered as a single stamp or cover, and more...
  • StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding. Prepare bids ahead of time that are executed at the opening of the lot in a live bid auction without revealing the maximum amount. Free if you win less than $1000 in winning bids.
  • Get Market Data. Pull Relevant data from the StampAuctionNetwork Database while browsing a catalog or making bids.
  • Integration with 5 Powerful Search Tools, Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population), Siegel Auction Galleries POWER SEARCH™, and Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") Population report.
  • Want lists and want list notifications. plus "WantList MarketPlace" peer to peer private treaty sales.
  • Connections Connect with other collectors to share your expertise, jump start a new collecting interest, or mentor a new collector.
PowerUser Advanced Subscription $179/year

The PowerUser subscription includes everything in the BASIC and Premium, plus... Expanded access to the data. This is for specialists and buyers who want advanced access to the data for their own research or pricing modeling.
  • Download a single Excel compatible data file for either (purchase history, Auction History, Archived bids).
  • Dealer access to want list information.
  • Access to members who want to sell, consign or arrange private treaty to sell their collections or exhibits.
  • Download images.
  • Aggregated Pricing Information. Examples: The Number of distinct buyers for a Stamp#, The number of different auction firms offering a Stamp#. Ask us for others that you want to pull up.
  • Research and Crowdsourcing. Powerusers with a collecting interest in a specific area may join us to make the database better through our "Stamp Champions".
  • We will make a custom introduction and help you find a advisor to help you build your collection.

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