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This Fall, use StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding and Save!

Follow this link for a live demonstration of StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding on Youtube.

Unattended Live Bidding is now available to any registered bidder at StampAuctionNetwork. You do not need to subscribe to extended features. Some people assume that unattended bidding is only useful when your schedule does not allow you to participate in real time. This will explain the strategic importance to most types of bidders, whether you attend the sale or not.

  • What it is? Unattended bidding lets you prepare your bids ahead of time to be executed when the lot comes up for auction without revealing your top bid.

  • Why to use it? Auction firms take bids at two times, before and during the auction. Bids placed before the auction go on the "Book". Those bids guide the auction firm as to where to "open" each lot for bidding. Lots with bids will open at or below the highest bid on the book. However, where there are no bids, the auction firm will be influenced to open the lot much lower, otherwise they run the risk of not selling the lot. As you can imagine, it is to the benefit of the bidder to keep all bids from the book, especially if there is low demand or market for an item.
So that is the what and the why. The main benefit of unattended live bidding is to keep your max bid secret, and... your bid gets placed immediately when the lot opens so you get the benefit of the tie bid. That is important as I will explain later. But is it for you? To answer that, I am going to provide some typical profiles of bidders and explain how it works.

  • The Live StampAuctionNetwork Bidder. Most people like the action of the live bidding. They are going to watch each lot sold anyway, so why pay 1% to use the feature? First, you are covered. If you have to walk away, or you get a phone call, your bid gets placed. It helps to control "auction fever" by placing your bids ahead of time. OR bids are handled for you just the same. But mainly, you get the benefit of the tie bid against other live bidders, and as you think about it, winning a tie is like saving 10% on your total purchase. So it will save you money. You can always take over your bid if you want to bid more and if you want, you can jump the bid without revealing your max to the auction firm.

  • The Mail or Absentee Bidder. If you place absentee bids in a live auction you have little reason not to use unattended bidding. By keeping your bid off the book, you create the scenario that the lot will open lower than the auction firm intended. You have heard the auctioneer say "I've got no bids -- how about $100". The only reason to send in an absentee bid is if you think the lot will sell for that amount and you want the advantage of the tie bid. But that is offset by revealing your bid to the auction house.

  • For thoses that use a real agent. If you use the additional service of an agent like Frank Mandel or others, you get the benefit of his experience, knowledge of the market, and last I used him, he will examine the stamps for you. You pay more for that service but it is worth it.

  • The Bargain Bidder Even if your strategy is to place low bids and hope something comes your way, all these reasons work for you as well. Especially if you are bidding on items with low market interest.
For more information on how to use Unattended Live Bidding. Keep Reading below...

StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding Explained!

Many years ago, a survey revealed that the most requested feature was for StampAuctionNetwork to not reveal their maximum bid. Unattended Live Bidding has been doing that for years now. If you leave book bids in an auction with Live Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork, you will find this very useful. Unattended Live Bidding is for placing bids in StampAuctionNetwork Live Bidding Auctions. Follow this link for a live demonstration of StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding on Youtube.

StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding is not anything like Hiring a real agent, this article explains how, but if you want to know why you would want to hire an Auction Agent -- Read this article by Jeff Purser Note: We are not acting as your agent nor are we hiding your identity from the Auctioneer. We do not bid "for" you. You place the bids to be executed "unattended". The feature allows you to leave a bid to be entered at the time the lot is opened. Once the bid is in the system, we don't even keep bidding for you. What happens is that we successively reveal only enough of your bid for you to win the lot.

StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding Explained

  • The auction firms will not see these bids until the lot is opened.
  • They will look identical to other live bids, except that your maximum bid amount will not be revealed.
  • You will get the benefit of your highest bid if there is a tie among other live bidders. In most cases, you will be the first bid in.
  • If your maximum bid is reached and beaten, and you are watching the live bidding, you can take over your bid. You will never have to worry about bidding against yourself.
  • During Live Bidding, you will also be able to place a Live SAN Unattended Live Bid. This will be identical to a Live Bid, except the Auctioneer will not see your max bid. Currently the SAN console operator and the Auctioneer (if watching their monitor) can see everyone's max bids in order to expedite the live bidding.
  • This will be optimal for both current live bidders and current absentee bidders. For absentee bidders this will give you the opportunity to keep the auctioneer from seeing your bid on the book. For live bidders it will keep the auctioneer from seeing your maximum live bid.
  • Be Careful! You can place bids both in MyBids and in MyAgentBids. This is not a good idea, but if you do, SAN Unattended Live Bidding will resolve them. If your Unattended Live Bid is higher than your book bid, it will take over, if it is lower, it will leave your book bid alone.
  • When you place an Unattended Live Bid, StampAuctionNetwork will register you with an "I" Paddle for Live Internet Bidding.
  • StampAuctionNetwork will automatically drop your linking OR bids if a bid marked as OR is executed for you.
  • Once your Unattended Live Bids are executed, they will become part of your regular MyBids and will be archived into MyArchivedBids when we take the sale down.
To Enter your SAN Unattended Live Bids
  • Check and see that the auction you want to bid in is in the "Live Bids" section.
  • Make sure you are logged in and approved to bid with that firm. You can check by going to their auction, SAN will tell you whether you are approved to bid or not.
  • Place your mouse over [Unattended Live] and choose the auction from the list.
  • Click on the (TOC - By Lot Number) link to bid using the lot number and Table of Contents.
  • Click on the Search to bid using the Auction Categories.
  • To make changes to your bids, choose either [All my Current Unattended Live Bids] this will give you only the open lots.
  • or to look at your bids by Auction Firm and Sale Number, pick [Review Unattended Live Bids by Sale]
There are some diffences to note in SAN Unattended Live bidding.
  • You may change your SAN Unattended Live bid before the auction as your bid will not affect the selling price until the auction begins.
  • You may delete your SAN Unattended Live bid for the same reason.
  • You will not see your Unattended Live Bids, in the SAN.My Bids. "My Bids" go to the Auction Firms. For the same reason, you will not get a confirmation from the auction firm. You don't want them to confirm your bids, right?
  • Unattended Live Bids are seen under [Unattended Live] "All My SAN Unattended Live Bids" and "Review Unattended Live Bids by Sale"
  • StampAuctionNetwork will automatically drop your linking OR bids if a bid marked as OR is executed for you.
  • Once your Unattended Live Bids are executed, they will become part of your regular MyBids and will be archived into MyArchivedBids when we take the sale down.
Fees and Payment Instructions
  • We will send you a statement of your bids. If the total is over $20 in fees, we will send you a PayPal invoice. Use of Unattended bidding is free up to $20 in fees. Enjoy!
  • We will charge you 1% of the realized amount, with no caps or minimums if your SAN Unattended Live bid is successful.
  • We will send you an invoice after the close of the sale. Payment is due on acceptance of the lot from the auction house. Paypal is the recommended payment method.
  • StampAuctionNetwork Unattended Live Bidding is part of Extended Features, however it is available for anyone to use who has signed up with either a trial, a BASIC voluntary subscription, or any of the entended features. Payment of the 1% is required.

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