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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Sale - 3002

Single Lots and Sets

United States
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
1 1610c imageUnited States, 1979, $1 Lamp, engraved brown inverted (Scott 1610c), a choice mint example, Post Office fresh with pristine, never hinged o.g., Very Fine. One of only 93 sound mint examples that have survived.

Scott $17,500.

An exquisite mint example of the famous "C.I.A. Invert".

Price: $16,000; £12,550; €13,615; 160,000 SEK; HK$124,800. (Image)

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Closing..May-30, 02:12 PM
Scott $17,500
2 SH 532A imageUnited States, 1919 (Jul 3), U.S. Army Flight, Honolulu - Hilo (AAMC SH 532A. Muller 1), cover canceled Honolulu, JUL 3, with manuscript "‘By airplane’, July 3, 1919" on front and back; minor perforation tones, cover reduced slightly at right, otherwise Very Fine, reportedly only 10 covers were carried.

Price: $1,500; £1,175; €1,275; 15,000 SEK; HK$11,700. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
3 116A var. imageArmenia, 1920, 100r on 5r dark blue, green & pale blue, perf 13½, inverted surcharge (Michel 116A var. Scott 160 var.), o.g., very lightly hinged, Very Fine; signed Champion.

Michel €3,600 for normal perf 13½ ($4,230).

Price: $1,500; £1,175; €1,275; 15,000 SEK; HK$11,700. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Michel €3,600 for normal perf 13½ ($4,230)
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
4   imageAustralia, 1920, Ross Smith First Flight cover, England to Australia, pictorial "First/Aerial Post/12 Nov - 10 Dec/1919/England-/Australia" label on envelope addressed to G.F. Pearce, Minister for Defense in Melbourne, cancelled by one of two strikes of oval "First Aerial Mail/Received/26 FEB 1920/Great Britain to Australia" handstamp; front also shows "per/Vickers 'Vimy' Aeroplane/ to Australia" three-line handstamp applied by Smith; an exceptional quality cover (Eustis #27) without the folds and faults so often found; label facsimile (never hinged miniature sheet of one) also included, Extremely Fine, one of only 364 covers flown, 92 of which were addressed to Melbourne and Victoria; with 1973 R.P.S.L. certificate.

A phenomenal opportunity to own a piece of history.

Price: $4,000; £3,135; €3404; 40,000 SEK; HK$31,200. (Image) (Image2)


Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
5   imageBermuda, 1617 (May 22), the Sir Robert Rich correspondence, the earliest letter from Bermuda—and the earliest letter from any extraterritorial British colony in private hands

For the historian, Bermudian or postal.

An extraordinary three-page letter from Charles Wolferston, on Bermuda, to Sir Robert Rich at High Holborne, describing conditions on the island. The letter is a single folio-sized sheet folded, three sides correspondence, the last the address. Three horizontal mail folds and minor edge wear; fore-edge chipped on page two, affecting a few words of text. Public Record Office handstamp on verso.

Addressed "To my Honorable good friend Robert Rich, Knight at his house in Hyghe Holborne," the letter is docketed, possibly in Rich's own hand, "from Somer Islande."

* * *

Rich (grandson of Richard Rich, who played an important role under Henry VIII in the dissolution of the monasteries and the prosecution of Thomas More) was created first Earl of Warwick in 1618, and was an early supporter of English colonies in the New World. He was a shareholder in the Virginia Company—behind the foundation of Jamestown—and also backed the Somers Isles [Bermuda] Company when it was founded in 1612, holding 3% of total shares in the latter by 1618. For Richard's progeny, it seems, even Wales was not enough.

Wolferston was an early English colonial administrator, who would serve as governor of Barbados from June 1628 to February 1629. At the time he penned this letter, he may have been acting as Rich's agent in Bermuda.

The letter here offered is thus one of the earliest detailed first-hand accounts of Bermuda to survive, offering a glimpse of the island just five years after colonization began.

Wolferston's voyage was quick and prosperous, it seems, despite the failures at whaling. Conditions on the island were difficult, with a continuing plague of worms and rats (brought to the island in life-saving meal in 1615, but not exterminated until 1620), difficult crop-raising, supplies failing to be delivered, and the need for shoes. The Bermuda Company had been established as an off-shoot of the Virginia Company and, as on the mainland, the hope—furthered by Wolferston here—was for profits from tobacco. Other areas of commerce (whaling, pearl diving) or the "hope of war" were also held out as potential money-makers. One of Bermuda's eventual economic bases, regional trade, is also mentioned as Wolferston planned to sail to the West Indies.

The letter comes to us through Robert Rich's third wife, Eleanor Wortley, who, on Robert's death, married Edward Montagu, Second Earl of Manchester. In 1880, the Seventh Duke of Manchester, William Montagu, placed the Manchester papers with the Public Record Office. The Office, expecting that they would be gifted the papers at some point, struck each item with their oval handstamp. In 1970, however, the Tenth Duke, Alexander, withdrew them from the PRO and sold them—along with the family estates and anything else that could raise cash. This letter was sold in the May 5, 1970, Sotheby's Parke-Bernet auction of Sir Nathaniel Rich's American Papers.

Price: $20,000; £15,685; €17,020; 200,000 SEK; HK$156,000. (Image)

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
6 X2a imageBermuda, 1854, Hamilton Postmaster's Stamp (Perot), 1d red on bluish wove (Scott X2a. SG O4). One of two 1854 Provisionals known—and the only one in private hands.

One of two Perot Provisionals—no matter the year—known on cover.

The discovery example, presented to and described by Alfred Smith (Bath, England) in 1897.

The finest of the 11 recorded examples of Perot's First Issue Provisionals, this with clear red imprint of the datestamp, cut to an octagon with gargantuan margins (most issues cut roughly to shape, with margins close or in), and bold, unfaded "one penny" and "WB Perot" penned inscriptions.

The folded letter is from Nathaniel T. Butterfield, founder of the first bank in Bermuda (1858, still in existence) and a former mayor of Hamilton, to B[enjamin] Wilson Higgs in St. Georges, a merchant (listed in the 1858 Bermuda Almanack as one of the city's qualified auctioneers) and sometime forwarding agent.

This is one of only two 1854 issues recorded, the other residing in the Royal Philatelic Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is also only the second First Issue Perot known on cover, the other being a repaired 1848 example printed in black.

The quintessential Bermudian—a true one-of-a-kind., PROVENANCE: Ferrary, Burrus, Tomasini, Kapiloff, and others.

An aristocrat of philately, Only surviving cover available.

Price: On Request. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
7 o X3 imageBermuda, 1853, Hamilton Postmaster's Stamp (Perot), 1d red on bluish wove (Scott X3. SG O5), First Issue at Hamilton, 1d red on bluish (Gibbons thick white) paper, cut approximately to shape. Small shallow thin at left invisible from face, one of six recorded examples.

Scott $200,000. SG £180,000 ($229,500).

William Bennett Perot (1791-1871) was appointed Postmaster at Hamilton in 1818 and remained in his position until 1861. During the early years of his tenure, postmasters were permitted to keep any postage paid on inland mail. Outside of regular hours, though, some senders would leave a letter without payment, resulting in letters being sent free (and the postmaster losing income). To counter this practice, Perot in 1848 took his datestamp, removed the day and month slugs, and struck multiple impressions on paper, creating "stamps" that could be sold in advance and affixed by the sender to outgoing mail. As control marks, Perot inscribed each "one penny" above the date and signed "W.B. Perot" below.

Only 11 examples of Perot's First Issue are known, six struck in red, five in black. The blacks date from 1848 (3 examples) and 1849 (2), with the reds known 1853 (3), 1854 (2) and 1856 (1).

Of the six reds, one is affixed to an entire letter in the hand of banker N. Butterfield of Hamilton, dated April 16, 1855, addressed to B. Wilson Higgs at St. George's.

This example is considered one of the finest of the remaining reds.

Discovered in 1918 among the family papers of Miss Frances Trott (the third of five examples!), the stamp was acquired by Alfred H. Caspary in 1922. It was then purchased by Vahun Mozian in the 1957 Caspary Sale (Sale 9, May 14), acquired by Claude Cartier in 1969, and purchased for an unnamed buyer in Chartwell in 2011.

An exceptionally rare and iconic stamp.

Price: $150,000; £117,650; €127,660; 1,500,000 SEK; HK$1,170,000. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $200,000
8 X5 imageBermuda, 1861, Hamilton Postmaster's Stamp (Perot), 1d carmine red on bluish laid (Scott X5. SG O6), Perot's Second Issue at Hamilton, using a double-circle crowned "Paid" handstamp (Gibbons Type CC 1), struck in carmine red on bluish laid paper. Face value believed to be 1d, though no confirming documentation has been found.

This example is affixed to a small piece (dated "1861/October" on reverse) and pen-cancelled with manuscript "X". Vertical thin at left along edge of backing letter page. Two scissor-cuts at foot and close at right, but an exceptionally rare item, with only five recorded (one unused plus four used, two of which are on cover), Provenance:

Discovered in Bermuda in 1966 and purchased by Ritchie Bodily. Sold the following year at H.R. Harmer to George Ulrich, coming to market again in the George Ulrich Collection sale of 1989 and the Robert W. Dickgiesser Collection sale of 1999.

Scott $130,000. SG £100,000 ($127,500).

Price: $95,000; £74,510; €80,850; 950,000 SEK; HK$741,000. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $130,000
9 o X4 imageBermuda, 1860, St. George's Postmaster's Stamp (Thies) (1d) carmine red on buff (Scott X4. SG O7), neatly canceled by clear and virtually complete "St. Georges/JA21/1863/Bermuda" handstamp in black. Of the four examples recorded on yellow paper, the other three are cancelled with a manuscript "X" in pen.

An exceptional and unique piece of Bermudian postal history., One of only four examples recorded—and the sole example cancelled with a datestamp, Provenance:

Bought by Ralph Woolmore in 1895(?) and sold to a continental collector in a 1937 H.R. Harmer Private Treaty sale. The stamp later passed to King Carol of Romania and was purchased by George Ulrich in 1976. Most recently offered in the George Ulrich Collection sale of 1989, the Robert W. Dickgiesser Collection sale of 1999.

Scott $100,000. SG £85,000 ($108,380).

Price: $75,000; £59,055; €63,560; 750,000 SEK; HK$585,000. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $100,000
10 o X6 imageBermuda, 1862 (?), Hamilton Postmaster's Stamp (Ward), 1d carmine red (Scott X6. SG O6 var.), Using the same crowned double-circle handstamp as Perot's Second Issue and Thies' Issue, at Hamilton, red on cream vertically laid paper. Cut from sheet in shape of an octagon and cancelled by blue crayoned "X". Franking value assumed to be 1d (the long-time current rate). Small facial scuff at right, thins, but a great rarity only discovered 90 years after its issuance, one of only two recorded examples, Provenance:

Discovered and acquired by Sir Henry Tucker in 1953, sold as part of the Sir Henry Tucker Collection in 1978.

Scott $38,500.

Robert Ward was assistant to William Perot at the Hamilton Post Office and, during the latter's temporary leave in 1852, assumed full duties of the office. He continued Perot's stamp-issuing practice, using his Second Issue handstamp, but on laid cream rather than wove blue-white paper.

Price: $25,000; £19,600; €21,275; 250,000 SEK; HK$195,000. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $38,500
11   imageBermuda, 1875 (May 26), the Moncrieff cover, a spectacular envelope, mailed from Ireland Island and addressed to H.A. Moncrieff Esq., 3 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London SW, bearing each of the "One/Penny."-overprinted Provisionals: the 3d yellow buff (4: single, plus horizontal strip of three, straight edge at right), 2d dull blue and 1s green, plus an 1865 rose red 1d—all tied by light "3" (K1) cancels. "BERMUDA/I/26MY75/PAID" P5 datestamp at lower left (the "2" and "7" of the date added in brown ink in manuscript), with "Via New York" in, if not two different hands, then two different inks, running up the left side. Reverse bears "LONDON •     S.W/MN/JU12/75" receiver to left of flap, the tip of which bears a striking deep blue "H.M.S. Bellerophon" crest.

The cover travelled from Bermuda via the Quebec Canima to New York and thence by Cunard Abyssinia to Queenstown and London.

The cover also bears the distinction, following Groten & Pitts' Bermuda: Crossroads of the Atlantic—A Postal History, of being the earliest recorded cover bearing the 1d on 3d overprint, which had been issued May 8.

Some age stains and edge wear (including a small inconsequential bit of flap missing).

A phenomenal eye-catching centerpiece for any Bermuda collection or exhibit., the sole cover known bearing all three varieties of the 1875 1d Provisional Issue, Provenance: Ex-JS Sidebottom, Sir Archibald Alison, Sir Henry Tucker, Baron Stig Leuhusen.

Price: $45,000; £35,300; €38,300; 450,000 SEK; HK$351,000. (Image)

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Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
12 o 7a imageBulgaria, 1881, 5s black & orange Lion of Bulgaria, background inverted (Scott 7a. Michel 7K), an especially choice example of this very rare 19th century error, which only exists used; strong fresh colors and unusually well-centered for this typically tightly margined stamp; neatly cancelled, very fine; only a small number are known to exist; signed P.Y. Karaivanoff and accompanied by his 1961 certificate, Superb, only a small number are known to exist, with this a true condition rarity, Ex-Cunliffe; signed P.Y. Karaivanoff, with his 1961 certificate.

Price: $7,500; £5,880; €6,385; 75,000 SEK; HK$58,500. (Image)

Get Market Data for [Bulgaria 7a]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
13 12a imageBulgaria, 1882, 3s orange & yellow Lion of Bulgaria, background inverted (Scott 12a. Michel 14K), prior to 2009, most references in various Bulgarian stamp handbooks and catalogues held that this error only existed used, only nine of which had been recorded; this mint example is as fresh as the day it was printed, with bright vivid colors, excellent centering and full o.g. which is lightly hinged, Very Fine, a breathtaking example of this incredibly rare mint error—believed to be the only unused example, Ex-Cunliffe; with 1966 P.F. certificate.

Price: $25,000; £19,600; €21,275; 250,000 SEK; HK$195,000. (Image)

Get Market Data for [Bulgaria 12a]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
14 o 12a imageBulgaria, 1882, 3s orange & yellow Lion of Bulgaria, background inverted (Scott 12a. Michel 14K), a brilliantly fresh used example with radiant colors on bright paper, attractively centered, and neat partial c.d.s. postmark, Very Fine, only nine used copies are believed to exist, this amongst the nicest, Ex-Cunliffe; signed P.Y. Karaivanoff, and accompanied by his 1961 certificate.

Price: $6,000; £4,700; €5,100; 60,000 SEK; HK$46,800. (Image)

Get Market Data for [Bulgaria 12a]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
15   imageChina, 1884 (Mar. 10), remarkable combination Large Dragon cover from Peking to Tokyo, written by Saburo Yokata to Kuniomi Yokata, Minister of Justice in Tokyo, endorsed "Tokio Japan" on front, franked with Japan 5s blue New Koban tied by crossroads obliterator along with "Shanghai/19 MAR/1884/I.J.P.A." c.d.s. (Mizuhara type II). Reverse shows China 5ca chrome yellow Large Dragon on thick paper, smooth perforation issue, tied by one complete and one partial strike of Peking seal in blue, with matching "I.G. of Customs/MAR 10/84/Peking" origin c.d.s. alongside the 5ca stamp, which shows a partial second strike where a 1ca stamp was affixed, then lost in transit. Interestingly and quite amazingly as well, is that exactly where the 1ca would have appeared, a Tokyo (Meiji) 17.3.22 double-circle date stamp appears, tying the 5ca Dragon! Two tiny pinholes, which are completely harmless, are noted for accuracy, otherwise Very Fine and choice, a Great Rarity among the Large Dragon covers; 2014 Experts and Consultants Ltd. photo certificate.

The sender paid 6ca for the newly revised international rate to Japan with one 5ca and one 1ca stamp. When the cover reached Shanghai, the Customs P.O. affixed the 5s Japanese Koban and transmitted it to the Japanese P.O. in Shanghai where the crossroads killer and I.J.P.A. c.d.s. were applied. The 1ca was subsequently lost in transit, though since the correct rate of 5s was affixed, the Tokyo P.O. did not treat it as postage due.

This cover is truly remarkable for several reasons. In James B. Whang A Comprehensive Illustration of the Covers of Chinese Large Dragons, page 329, he notes, "Large Dragons addressed to destinations in Japan are extremely rare, so far only two are known". Secondly, according to Whang on page 443, this cover would now represent the earliest known cover charged according to the new 6ca rate to the U.S. or Japan. Thirdly, under normal circumstances, the loss of a stamp from a cover does not enhance its value. In this case, where the partial Peking seal on the 5ca and the Tokyo receiver, which ties the 5ca stamp, explains this remarkable usage.

Price: $45,000; £35,300; €38,300; 450,000 SEK; HK$351,000. (Image) (Image2)


Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
16 24a imageChina, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 1st Printing, 24ca carmine, vertical pair imperf between (Scott 24a. Chan 30a), an absolutely magnificent example of this, one of the rarest Dowager varieties, fresh as the day it was printed with luxurious rich color and excellent centering, full, near pristine o.g. which shows just the slightest evidence of hinging, Very Fine+, certainly among the finest of the few recorded mint pairs; 1990 APS photo certificate.

A cornerstone exhibition piece.

Price: $60,000; £47,060; €51,065; 600,000 SEK; HK$468,000. (Image)

Get Market Data for [China 24a]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
17 47-55 imageChina, 1897, Large Figures wide surcharges on Empress Dowager, 2nd printing, ½¢ on 3ca to 30¢ on 24ca complete (Scott 47-55. Chan 56-64), o.g., a wonderful, exceptionally fresh complete set of blocks of 4, each displaying vivid, distinct second printing colors, Very Fine, a splendid and rare set of blocks.

Price: $30,000; £23,530; €25,530; 300,000 SEK; HK$234,000. (Image) (Image2) (Image3) (Image4)

image image image

Get Market Data for [China 47-55]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
18 FX-SH1d imageChina, 1883-1911, Shanghai, China Registry Label (Scott FX-SH1d), narrow black Roman letter "R", a beautiful example of this rarity, with fault-free face and crisp printing on clean paper. A 2019 P.F. Certificate accompanies, noting "with small faults"—a small thin at top plus two spots (one bottom, one left) of small paper pulls, visible only from the back.

These registry exchange labels resulted from an 1882 Universal Postal Union resolution that international registered mail be so marked by a label or handstamp with a capital letter "R". The US opted for gummed labels, with 37 authorized exchange offices. Labels are known from 26 offices, with Shanghai being the sole office outside the US or its Possessions.

A total of 52 Shanghai labels, across four different types, are recorded. Scott's US Specialized notes only nine of this type "d" label, with Roman letter "R". While most US labels were printed by the Government Printing Office and gummed, perforated and distributed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC, this label was printed locally in China, while officials there awaited arrival of the US-printed labels in red.

A beautiful and scarce item, of interest to any philatelic Sinophile., o.g., previously hinged, arguably one of the finest unused examples known.

Price: $7,500; £5,880; €6,380; 75,000 SEK; HK$58,500. (Image)

Get Market Data for [China FX-SH1d]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
19 () 247a imageChina, 1922, Junk, First Peking printing, 2¢ on 3¢ blue green, "Temporarily Used For" surcharge in red inverted (Scott 247a. Chan 280a), a wonderfully fresh and nicely centered example which, while without gum, is absolutely sound, Very Fine, a splendid and desirable example of this great rarity—one of the legendary "Four Treasures of the Republic"; 2018 Experts & Consultants Ltd. photo certificate accompanies.

Scott $175,000.

We note 15 unused examples, along with two examples used on cover.

Price: $95,000; £74,500; €80,850; 950,000 SEK; HK$741,000. (Image)

Get Market Data for [China 247a]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $175,000
20 o 194-197 vars. imageChina (People's Republic), 1953, Russian Revolution 35th Anniversary (C20N) complete, inscribed "Soviet" (two additional characters) (Scott 194-197 vars.), fresh, a most attractive set of this ever-popular issue; some minor imperfections as customary, $800 green repaired, Very Fine appearance.

Scott $12,000.

Price: $5,000; £3,925; €4,250; 50,000 SEK; HK$39,000. (Image) (Image2)


Get Market Data for [China 194-197 vars.]

Closing..Jun-02, 09:00 PM
Scott $12,000

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