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"Stamp of the Day" at StampAuctionNetwork

Stamp of the Day at StampAuctionNetwork

What is "Stamp of the Day"?

In one sentence, it is the way to get a single lot featured at StampAuctionNetwork.com.
QuickStart Word Document.

Over the years, "Stamp of the Day" has been a important feature at StampAuctionNetwork. At first, Stamp of the Day was sold on a weekly basis, but for the last few years it has been purchased by a single auction firm. Stamp of the Day is auctioned on a daily basis in the same way that Google and many other "pay for placement" sites work.

How will it promote my auctions?

  • It will give every auction firm the opportunity to promote their sale in the most prominent way possible.
  • It will include a link to your sale, a description of the lot, an image, and a profile of your auction firm.
  • It will increase the exposure, sale participation, and ultimately prices realized for your sales.
  • How does it work?

  • Stamp of the Day is the most visible feature at StampAuctionNetwork.
  • We will feature the top 5 bids in the "Stamp of the Day" slider.
  • Your bid is ranked among the other bids. The rank of your bid will determine the placement among the other "Stamp of the Day" listings.
  • When you place your bid, you will see your rank and the amount of traffic that you should expect each day.
  • The minimum bid is $.01 (1 cent) per impression.
  • If you are the lowest bidder, you will pay what you bid.
  • All other bidders will pay .5 cents over the next lower bid (or their bid / whichever is lower). Tie goes to the earlier bid.
  • The "slider" changes every 5 seconds. So if your bid is number 2, your stamp will be shown after 5 seconds, or sooner, if the visitor presses the link to show your stamp.
  • You are paying by impressions. However, only the first impression for a visitor is counted. So if a bidder hangs out at StampAuctionNetwork, looking at various sales, and seeing the main page multiple times, we only record the first time they hit the site. We also do not count "spiders" (Google and other traffic).
  • You will be billed once a month.
  • You have a credit of $500 to use in 2012.
  • Promotions: We are currently giving a 20% discount to the top bidder, while we figure out traffic and other issues. Other Discounts are 40% to the 2nd place bidder, 60% to the 3rd place bidder, 80% to the 4th place bidder, and 90% to the 5th place bidder.
  • You can see the results on your admin page.
  • You can promote an upcoming lot, or the price realized from a past lot
  • You can regulate your charges with either a daily or monthly budget. Your listing will be stopped within an hour after your budget is exceeded.
  • We do not stop your listings when your auction is over. You can use Stamp of the Day to feature prices realized. So if you want charges to stop, take your listing offline after the sale.
  • You can change your lot, or bid price as often as you like.
  • What is Required?

  • Since it is based off the dynamic bidding at StampAuctionNetwork, the lot you are featuring must be being run as either a dynamic bid auction or a live bid auction at StampAuctionNetwork.
  • Your lot must have an image that can be presented with a resolution of 150 pixels across. So in general, you want to pick a stamp not a sheet of stamps or plate of images. The actual image size should be 250-500 pixels more or less. In 2012 when there will be more space, larger images will work, but for now, check your image by sizing it to 150 (in the admin page).
  • How to get started

  • If you are already at StampAuctionNetwork...
    • Word Document with a Great Explanation of how to get started.
    • Login to your admin account, and pick Edit Auction Firm Information/START "Stamp of the Day"
    • Put in your Sale Name, Dates, Sale Number, Lot Number, Mininum Bid (starting at $.01), and company profile.
    • After reviewing your Listing, Change Start Auction to "Y"
    • You will start off with a $500 credit. We will start billing you monthly when your credit expires.
  • If you are not at StampAuctionNetwork then contact Dave Kern at our office to get your auctions at StampAuctionNetwork.
Questions... Contact your StampAuctionNetwork rep (Tom Droege or Dave Kern) at 919-403-9459. We are still designing how this will work so we welcome your input.

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