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Selling or Consigning Your Collection?

We get many inquiries at StampAuctionNetwork asking us how they can sell a collection. StampAuctionNetwork is for Auction firms only. Collectors can not sell their material at StampAuctionNetwork directly. However, if you want us to help you find an auction firm with which you can sell your collection outright or consign it for auction, then this feature will help you do that quickly and easily. Once you fill out this form, we will try to forward your information on to an auction firm that may be interested.

FIRST, watch this excellect Video (Inherited stamp collection? - What to do!)

These two resources are also available at the American Philatelic Society. Use this to get basic advice when you have inherited a collection. (click here to go to the APS "Estate Advice") Use this to find a dealer near you to take your collection to. (click here to go to the APS "find a dealer by Zip Code")

If you want us to take care of everything, you can ship your collection to us. We have a trusted auction firm that will take any collection and either give you a offer outright or consign it to auction. If your material is better than average, we may get other auction companies involved. The steps are: 1. Fill out the form below. 2. We will respond, we may ask for photos or more information then 3. Ship it to us at Droege Computing Services, 20 West Colony Place, Suite 120 Durham, NC 27705. 4. on Receipt we will send you a receipt and the auction firm will contact you when they have picked up your material. It can take 3 months to find an auction company that is interested, so be patient.

Fill out this form and we will try to help you. Contact Tom Droege at (919)403-9459 or at tldroege@mindspring.com with questions. If you need any help filling out the form.

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Questions about any of the Entries above

  • Your email address: Please enter your email address. This is a required field.
  • Stamp Society Memberships: Enter any Stamp Societies for which you are a member. APS, etc...
  • Countries Represented: List the major countries represented in the collection.
  • Time Frame of Stamps: What time frame does the collection cover? Pre 1900, all modern, 1920-1970.
  • When purchased: Over what period of time were the stamps purchased?
  • Approximate Value: Give your estimate of the value of the collection. Remember that catalog value is a good estimate only for difficult to obtain stamps in very fine condition. Common stamps sell for less than catalog.
  • Est. of Cost to create collection: Approximately how much has been spent in aquiring the collection to date.
  • List the Sources from which the collection was acquired:
  • Auctions: List the auction houses that the collection was purchased from. (If many list the major ones)
  • Dealers: List the dealer names that the collection was purchased from. (If many list the major ones)
  • Other (Inherited, Friends): List any other sources for the collection.
  • How active have you been? Are you a specialist? How serious have you been in creating this collection?
  • Enter as complete a description of the collection as possible: Describe your collection in a paragraph.

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