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Public Sales

Status International Sale - 331
Worldwide Public Auction
Sale Date: March 30, 2017

Auction 331 has 5,713 lots, catering for all types of collectors & dealers - from bulk accumulations and intact collections to desirable single items. This auction offers a huge range of material, with special emphasis on lotting stamps to cater for collectors with varying types of interests and budgets. Items range from $10 to $100,000 so there's something for everybody. This auction offers strong representation of Australia & Colonies, strong British Empire material of all areas & periods, as well as General Foreign including small and large collections. There are over 200 lots of Australian Collections (Lots 111-332) and almost 500 lots of World collections (Lots 333-803).

Following on there are almost 1100 lots of Australia which consist of singles, sets and covers including Australian colonies (Lots 847-1890). The Australian lots cover all periods, from the Kangaroo issues up to Decimal and contain numerous number of mint & used £1 & £2 top values - this includes a First Watermark £2 Black & deep rose. Stamp fresh MUH nice never hinged original gum top marginal, reperfed at right, amazing deep colour. SG16 cat £6500 for M, should be at least double, £13,000 MUH. ACSC 55 cat $30,000. Genuine MUH original gum examples are extremely rare.(Lot 873) There are over 3,800 lots of World stamps, covers and single country collections (Lots 1891-5713) with the British Empire well represented, highlighted by a Malaya- Straits settlements 1904-10 KEVII $100 purple & green on yellow, wmk mult crown, chalk-surfaced paper. Superb fresh MLH, pristine original gum, nice colours. SG 140 cat £22,000+. Major British Empire high denomination rarity. 1992 Holcombe photo-cert.(Lot 4206) A good range of China. Numerous other European and Asian rarities as well.

Status International Sale - 331

Schlegel Sale - 20
Worldwide Public Auction
Sale Date: April 3-4, 2017

Our 20th auction from April 3 to 4, 2017 once again offers a wealth of fine postal history specialties, covers, good single stamps and sets, as well as the usual wide variety of collections and estates. Some Highlights:
  • Remarkable collections BAVARIA (Lot 134), PRUSSIA (Lots 183 to 186), P.R. CHINA (Lots 1613 to 1616), SHIPMAIL WW I (Lot 502), GERMAN COLONIES AND POST OFFICES ABROAD (Lot 462) as well as SPACE (Lot 1871) are offered in our large and multifaceted section of collections from all over the world. Not to forget the APOLLO 15 MOON LETTER which is part of the mentioned Space collection.
  • We gladly present a wide offer of single lots BRITISH COMMONWEALTH including a mentionable section of the popular CAPE TRIANGLES with an unused Woodblock (Lots 2460 to 2488).
  • Beautiful selections of FINLAND and ICELAND are amongst the large choice of lots from Europe.
  • Of course you can expect a complex range of german areas. Please note the rare overprint error 'RDF STATT RPF' of German Reich (Lot 4692) and the used very rare RIBBON OVERPRINT 1 M. ON COVER of Allied Occupation (Lot 6353).
  • No doubt, the greatest attraction of single lots after WW II this time are very rare and seldom offered watermarks STEPS STEEP FALLING and STEPS STEEP RISING of the Soviet Zone Thuringia Theatre s/s (Lots 6682 and 6682A).
Schlegel Sale - 20

Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus Sale - 68
Worldwide Public Auction
Sale Date: April 8, 2017

On offer in the 68th. Auction on April 8 2017 they are nearly 10600 lots with stamps and some coins. Here you can find material from all philatelic areas, particularly postal history including good KZ-POST, good stamps from the whole world, Germany, Europe and Overseas, ISRAEL and Holy Land, France with good covers, Great Britain a lot of black pennys including Plate 11 and, Liechenstein very good postal history including cover LBK 34 and with full sheets of good stamps, Prisoner of War Mail, Post Field Post 1st and 2nd WK, much of the time from 1945 to 1949, a great range of German Foreign Post Offices and Colonies, strong all over in Germany with a lot of Stamps with perfect cancellations, German States including a very good cover Baden 30 Kreuzer,Mele AI,II MNH, very good Infla including OPD, SBZ Special Mec kl. Vorpommern and Thüringen, special collection of mnh Europe Air mail stamps and Blocks, overseas, Europe and Germany, A lot of good collections and lots, but also many cheap Lots from 10 euros.

The conclusion is a wide range of items and collections Germany, Europe and Overseas. At least some good coins and medals.

Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus Sale - 68

Mail Sales

Earl P.L. Apfelbaum Inc. Sale - R477
Buy It Now #R477
Sale Date: March 21, 2017

Buy It Now #R477 - Many Hundreds of New Lots - Newly Listed Net Price Sale. Low Prices. All items are one of a kind. There is is no progressive discount on this sale. You like it......you click it.....and it's yours at exactly that price delivered to your door, whether a single lot or a multi-carton hoard. Sale ends Tuesday, March 21st at 8 AM Free shipping - No shipping charges including box and carton lots!!! No postage & handling charges for any lot of any size going anywhere in the Continental United States.

Earl P.L. Apfelbaum Inc. Sale - R477

Paradise Valley Stamp Company Sale - F399
Box & Country Lot Sale #F399 - No Buyer's Premium - Free Shipping
Sale Date: March 24, 2017

NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! Sale #F399 features over 800 lots of United States and Worldwide singles and collection lots with further offerings from the Wimbledon collection and the "Marseille Find" such as German Areas incl. Saar and German Occupation of Lithuania, German Colonies highlighted by Kiauchau and Caroline Islands. United States is of particular note this time with some very attractive mint classics, $5 Columbian well-centered mint, Officials and a comprehensive section of Official cut squares from a "famous" collection. Cigar boxes and similar are now listed under "Stamps in Cigar Boxes & Similar" and not under their respective country. FREE SHIPPING TO US BUYERS! For our buyers outside of the the US, we also offer a shipping incentive if purchases exceed $1,000.00 and fits into a USPS medium flat rate box.. Shipping can be combined from different sales. Contact us for details. Lots of singles and collection lots from a wide variety countries. Of note are:
  • San Marino
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • British Commonwealth
  • Germany incl. Offices and Colonies
  • United States
  • Scandinavia incl. Sweden, Greenland and Revenues
  • Eastern Europe
Sale closing on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Paradise Valley Stamp Company Sale - F399

This is mailing #2. to be sent out week of 3/26 - 4/1!

Universal Philatelic Auctions Sale - 65
Wonderful Worldwide Postal Auction with No Buyer's Premium
Sale Date: April 4, 2017

Universal Philatelic Auctions (UPA) presents one of their most valuable ever 21,041 lot 65th mail-bid sale closing Tuesday 4th April 2017. It’s easy to test UPA: New Bidders Receive 1st US$69 WINNINGS FREE**: Continuing 17 years tradition of their Unique Reducing Estimate Auctions PLUS No Buyer’s Premium.

The sale offers 21,041 lots to the value of $2,352,800 USD (£1,875,421 GBP) comprising worldwide Collections, Sets, Singles, Covers, Proofs, High Values, Rarities, Topicals, FEO etc ... from the broadest range of regions including high quality classic Great Britain, British Empire, British Africa, British North America, India, Europe, British Asia, Asia with China, US and much more. Highlights once again include remarkable particularly strong in GB with High Values, British Empire - with amazing British Africa, KGV, KGVI, Australia, Malaya, India, Hong Kong plus exceptional Europe, good USA and many other countries too numerous to mention...

Universal Philatelic Auctions Sale - 65

ABC Auctions Sale - 117
Collections & Accumulations
Sale Date: April 6, 2017

Our 117th ABC Sale consists of 506 lots of U.S. and Worldwide collections, accumulations and balance lots of stamps and covers. There are lots with catalog values ranging from $100 to $50,000 each. There is over $2,000,000.00 in total catalog value in this sale. This sale will close Thursday, April 6th. The live internet session of this sale will start at 1:00 PM (PDT). There are over 350 lots with scans available.

ABC Auctions Sale - 117

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