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Public Sales

Ghiglione Sale - 97
Public Auction
Sale Date: June 10, 2017

Welcome to our auction #97 offering 4301 lots split into two sessions. The morning session offers: ancient letters without stamps (Prefilateliche/Franchigie), letters sent trough vassels (Vie di Mare), old documents (Documenti), letters with signs of disinfection (Sanità). In the first session there's a really complete offer of Old Italian States stamps and letters (Lombardo Veneto/Modena/Napoli/Province Napoletane/Parma/Stato Pontificio/Romagne/Regno di Sardegna/Sicilia/Toscana). After the Old Italian States the auction goes on with lots of Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia Annullamenti/Collettorie/Regno d'Italia Regno d'Italia Saggi e Prove/Regno d'Italia Varietà/Lotti del Regno d'Italia). Then we offer lots from the 1944 period (Repubblica Sociale Italiana/Luogotenenza) and a good selection from Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana) and Italian Area (Servizi Privati/Amgvg/Trieste A/Trieste B/Emissioni Locali e C.L.N./Corpo Polacco/San Marino/Vaticano/Smom), many lots from War Occupation (Occupazioni Straniere-I Guerra/Terre Redente Occupazioni Italiane e Straniere-II Guerra). Then auction goes on with Italian Colonies (Uffici Postali all'Estero-Levante/Colonie Italiane/Occupazioni Straniere delle Colonie).

In the afternoon session we offer a nice selection of Air Mail and Polar Mail (Posta Aerea/Posta Polare). Then some Militar Post (Posta Militare e Franchigie) and Entires (Interi Postali). Then stamps and covers from Europe (Paesi d'Europa) and Overseas (Paesi d'Oltremare). We close the auction with Old Books (Libri antichi e moderni), non philatelic items (Varie), Postcards (Cartoline), Philatelic Books (Letteratura filatelica), Thematic Collections (Tematiche) and a large section of Lots and advanced Collections (Lotti e Collezioni).

Ghiglione Sale - 97

AB Philea Sale - 344
Worldwide Stamp Auction
Sale Date: June 14, 2017

Welcome to AB Philea's international auction no 344. The auction contains over 2800 lots from many different countries, among them 278 numismatic lots and 58 lots miscellany. Some areas of interest: Sweden, Nordic countries, collections Europe, all-world, thematics, Non-Nordic countries A-Z, Numismatics, miscellany Also, don't miss our quality auction no 343, also running now until 2 June.

AB Philea Sale - 344

Christoph Gärtner Philatelic Sale - 37
Worldwide Public Auction
Sale Date: June 16-23, 2017

We welcome you to our February 2017 auction! We invite you to a new auction which has a broad selection of single lots, collections and every other type of philatelic material in almost 35000 lots spread over six days. Here are some of the areas well represented in this auction, with rarities to be found throughout:
  • Asien|Asia
  • Übersee|Overseas: A - Z
  • Thematik|Thematics
  • Flug-, Zeppelin- & Schiffspost Weltweit
  • Europa|Europe: A - Z
  • Altdeutschland|German States
  • Deutsches Reich - Privatpost
  • Dt. Auslandspostämter|Kolonien - Zensurpost
  • Deutschland Vor 1945|Germany Before 1945
  • Deutschland Nach 1945|Germany After 1945
  • Berlin - Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  • Ansichtskarten | Picture Postcards
  • Numismatik Münzen | Numismatics Coins
  • Banknoten | Paper Money
Christoph Gärtner Philatelic Sale - 37

Sterling Kingbrook Auctions Sale - 17B
Worldwide Public Auction
Sale Date: June 17, 2017

Our June 17th auction is a mail/internet auction till 12 noon. At 1pm, we will continue the auction on the floor at our office. We will be accepting bids by mail, through our website www.sterlingkingbrookauctions.com, as well as Stamp Auction Network. This auction is loaded with some nice singles, sets, covers, specialty items, smaller accumulations, and many larger box lots. We are still offering low start bids and a competitive buyer’s premium (15%) again making this auction appealing to the collector and dealer.

Here are some highlights in our February 18th auction:

  • Several classic USA singles and sets
  • Large selection of Match and Medicine stamps
  • Beautiful Dorothy Knapp hand-painted first day covers.
  • Early Korean Souvenir Sheets.
  • Several interesting USA and foreign covers
  • Many, many boxlots, accumulations, including intact collections
Sterling Kingbrook Auctions Sale - 17B

Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center Sale - 311
Public Auction
Sale Date: July 14-15, 2017

Celebrate the beginning of our 39th year in business by joining us for our July Anniversary Auction. We are pleased to say that we will be featuring many collections, large lots and singles. The sale starts with nice groups of stampless covers followed by many accumulations of U.S. and WW covers. There are nice groups of postal stationery oddities, first day cover collections, post cards and more.

In the U.S. singles section we feature a nice unused #17 with a PF cert, RW1, plate blocks of #572, C3, C5, C6, E10, E13 and a sheet of O16. This auction features many large lots of US; both accumulations and collections including multiple EFO groups. Our coin section is strong with a 1793 Wreath Large Cent, 1884-CC Morgan Dollar, ten different China 1/10 oz Gold Pandas and many more! The worldwide is loaded with better singles like the PRC monkey and many other singles and sets. The strength of the worldwide section is in the country collections and larger accumulations and collections. We hope you find something you need among these many offerings!

Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center Sale - 311

Mail Sales

Paradise Valley Stamp Company Sale - F410
Box & Country Lot Sale #F410 - No Buyer's Premium - Free Shipping
Sale Date: June 16, 2017

NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! Our 410th sale includes over 500 lots of United States and Worldwide singles and collection lots. This sale includes a few choice US cut squares, a large dealer's worldwide stock on counter pages, an old British Commonwealth collection in oversized Yvert album, China PRC sets NH, a Great Britain accumulation of Penny Red #33 with thousands of stamps, bit of classic Brazil and Canada and so much more. Cigar boxes and similar are now listed under "Stamps in Cigar Boxes & Similar" and not under their respective country. FREE SHIPPING TO US BUYERS! For our buyers outside of the the US, we also offer a shipping incentive if purchases exceed $1,000.00 and fits into a USPS medium flat rate box.. Shipping can be combined from different sales. Contact us for details. Lots of singles and collection lots from a wide variety countries. Of note are:
  • French areas - French Colonies
  • British Commonwealth
  • Belgium
  • United States cut squares
  • China PRC
  • Eastern Europe
Sale closing on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Paradise Valley Stamp Company Sale - F410

Sandafayre Ltd. Sale - 4268
Internet/Mail Sale
Sale Date: June 27, 2017

With over 3400 lots on offer our latest sale is sure to have something for everyone! We have everything from sought after single stamps and sets to exhibition standard collections and even multi-carton sorter lots! Don't miss the following:
  • D.W.I.: Small but attractive mint collection offered as individual stamps with some collections and stationery.
  • Hong Kong: Extensive collection offered as individual items with many values to $10, Treaty Ports and Offices in China, also collections to £1000.
  • Ireland: 1922 - 69 Fine collection offered as individual items and collections with a good range of overprints on GB stamps including Seahorses, Airmail covers and Coil-joins.
Plus thousands of smaller singles/sets (great for buyers seeking to fill gaps in their collections or find that elusive single stamp!).

Sandafayre Ltd. Sale - 4268

Internet/Mail Auction
Sale Date: July 4, 2017

La Postale Philatélie is pleased to announce that his mail Auction#20 is now online. Included French mint and used 19th and 20th century, coverts,  variety,  booklets,stamps of Liberation, full mint sheets and a rare selection of "Colis postaux". There are also many lots of French Colonies

No Buyer's Premium and No commission


Tel Aviv Stamps (Y. Tsachor) LTD
44 Mail Auction
Sale Date: July 12, 2017

Haifa 1845 – 1960: the postal history – the international gold collection formed by Dr. Yermiyahu Rimon We are proud to offer this unique collection built over a period of more than 4 decades. It contains numerous chapters and we hope that many collectors will find interest, among others, in the following:
  • The Prephilatelic Period
  • The Foreign Post Offices: Austrian, French, Russian & the Jewish Colonies mail that passed through Haifa The Turkish Post including the Travelling P. Offices The Palestine Period including Air Mail, Zeppelin & Maritime mail The Haifa – Baghdad � Overland mail The 1948 Transition Period The Israel Post All the above incorporate Rare Routes & Frankings, Taxed mail, Unusual Destinations & Origins.
  • Doar Ivri Specialized collection.
  • Israel's taxed mail 1948 – 1970 the international gold medal collection formed by the late Capt. Yaakov Shabbat z.l.
  • 1948/1954 Arab Palestin: The section contains irregular items from this period seldom offered on the market. The material was collected with diligence over 40 years with emphasis on Rarity

Downeast Stamps Sale - 308
Juy 2017 Internet - Mail Sale
Sale Date: July 19, 2017

Welcome to our 308th auction, featuring something for everyone. Highlighting the sale is a wonderful selection of U.S. and foreign covers, especially a Great Britain Penny Black, issued in 1840, the world's first adhesive stamp, and marking the beginning of cheaper postal rates. Our sale also includes:

  • United States stamps from 19th century classics to modern errors.
  • A few fancy cancels, both on- and off-cover
  • Over 250 lots of U.S. Postal History including 55 lots of illustrated advertising..
  • 133 lots of autographs of famous people, including President Donald Trump, VP Hubert Humphrey, Andrew Carnegie, Liberace, and a dozen cartoonists with original sketches.
  • A wide selection of paper ephemera including a Postmaster Appointment signed by President Harry Truman.
  • Over 60 lots of Philatelic Literature.
  • Foreign stamps, including a choice of five Penny Blacks from Great Britain, plus covers and collections.
Only 12% buyer’s fee.

Downeast Stamps Sale - 308

Sam Houston Philatelics Sale - 3048
Mail Auction
Sale Date: July 19, 2017

Sam Houston Philatelics next auction will close on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at 1:00 PM, CDT. The sale contains over 850 lots, with material in all price ranges and something for everyone, collectors and dealers alike. A few of the highlights include the following:
  • UNITED STATES, There are approximately (170) lots: about half Classics to Washington/Franklin & Commemorative lots and the other half 1930 to current; includes over 40 graded issues 90 and better.
  • COVERS, a nice selection of about (35) lots of Commercial, & FDC covers including a very nice C18 on cover and a U10 Advertising cover.
  • AIRMAIL & BACK OF BOOK ISSUES, contains over (55) lots of Airmails and other BOB lots. Also, includes a beautiful UO65 full corner and several very nice revenues.
  • ERRORS, FREAKS & ODDITIES, about (100) interesting selections of color varieties and shifts, perforation faults and other types of EFO's, including $2.40 RAISING FLAG ON MOON omitted color and several striking envelope errors.
  • GENERAL FOREIGN & COLLECTIONS, about (65) lots with a wide variety of countries.
  • AUTOGRAPHS, there are (25) lots from various fields and includes signatures from Gus Grissom and Red Skelton.
  • DUCK STAMPS AND CONSERVATION STAMPS (Federal, Junior & State) contains about (370) lots, including state and federal licenses, Junior duck stamps, Federal singles, plate blocks, artist signed about (70) & PNS about (60), great selection of Federal Errors (45), FDC and collections (16); and about (55) State lots; an exceptional variety! Not to mention a Form 3333, an RW1 signed by "Ding" Darling and a beautiful RW1 Plate Blk/6!

Sam Houston Philatelics Sale - 3048

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