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Sterling Stamps Sale: 23C

United States
Collections and Lots
Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 159
Symbol: *
Cat No: Collection

image 2 Volume Definitive Collection in White Ace Albums, 1930-2001 - Beautiful mounted mint collection in White Ace albums with slipcases. Includes Prexies complete with coil pairs, Liberties complete to $5 value, Prominent Americans, express mails singles and booklets, several PNC pairs, couple dozen self adhesive panes to the 34¢ era, and the high values up 2001. Note that there are also modern officials and duck stamps beginning 1980 (face $290+). Face value not counting permit required is about $600. Perfect for continuation or filling in the early issues with yours. Generally F-VF throughout. (Est $600-900) (Image)

Opening US$ 450.00
Sold...US$ 450.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:34:33 EST
Sold For 450

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 160
Symbol: *
Cat No: Collection

image 9 Volume Commemorative Collection in White Ace Albums - Beautiful mounted mint collection in White Ace albums with slipcases going to 2001 (pages for 2002 included). Includes Scott 704-15, 730-1, 750, Famous Americans, Imperf Bugs, Recalled Legends, Space Hologram souvenir sheets with singles, $3 Pathfinder, Celebrate the Century, and ends in the 34¢ era with the many of the mini-sheets. Not much before 1930 but very complete after 1940. Note post-1970 face value is over $1400. Perfect for continuation or filling in the early issues with yours. Generally F-VF throughout. (Est $1200-1600) (Image)

Opening US$ 1,000.00
Sold...US$ 1,000.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:36:37 EST
Sold For 1000

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 161
Symbol: o
Cat No: Collection

image Large Used Accumulation in Banker Box - 1000's of Washington Franklins, postage dues, cut squares, etc., all in need of sorting to find the needle(s) in the haystack. Any takers? (Est $150-200) (Image)

Opening US$ 110.00
Sold...US$ 110.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:37:31 EST
Sold For 110

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 162
Symbol: */o

image Mostly USA Consignment Remainder in a Large Box - Large box holding USPS postcard sets, several joint issues (note Columbus souv sheets from Portugal, Italy, and Spain, few ducks and junior ducks, Challenger covers with folders, uncut $2 bill (strip of 4), postal stationery, seals, first days, and more. Generally fine or better. Enjoy! (Est $150-200) (Image)

Opening US$ 75.00
Sold...US$ 95.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:38:58 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 163
Symbol: */o
Cat No: Collection

image Small Group of US Private Perforations on Page - 8 singles and 4 pairs mounted to collector page. Includes Scott 314 Shermack used pair, Scott 344 Mail-o-meter MH pair, and Scott 343 and 344 US Auto Vending Co MLH pairs. All 8 singles are used. Small start to a new collecting area. Generally fine. (Est $45-60) (Image)

Opening US$ 60.00
Sold...US$ 60.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:39:43 EST
Sold For 60

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 165
Symbol: **

image US Mint Year Sets plus Extras - 1974//1998 year sets with duplication, some definitive sets, and extras like 1986 Civil War, Famous American album for Scott 859-93, Bicentennial stuff, Birds and Flowers, etc. Owner's face value around $750 but not verified. Heavy box. (Est $500-750) (Image)

Opening US$ 325.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:41:50 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 166
Symbol: *
Cat No: Collection

image USA Mint Plate Block Collection, 1938-50 - Mounted front of book collection on old Minkus pages includes Prexies and Famous Americans both complete, Scott 906, and Overrun Nations complete. generally MNH with few previously hinged and the $5 Coolidge has disturbed gum. F-VF. (Est $400-450) (Image)

Opening US$ 180.00
Sold...US$ 180.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:42:33 EST
Sold For 180

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 168
Symbol: *
Cat No: Collection

image USA Plate Block Accumulation with Several Better - Clean group of several dozen, mostly MNH from Scott 548 into the 1940's. Notables include Scott 548, 617, 629, 635, 643, 646, 647, 654-5 (each MLH), 657, 692-3, 718-9, 832c, C7, C9, C20, C46, CE2 type 2, and others. Centering varies. Ideal lot for the internet retailer. Many later plate blocks not counted in SCV of $1100+. (Image)

Opening US$ 160.00
Sold...US$ 160.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:44:03 EST
Sold For 160

Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 169
Symbol: o
Cat No: Collection

image USA Used Collection in Vintage Jefferson Album - The Jefferson Stamp Album (1955) hold several 100 very clean used stamps including several better like Scott 68, 115, 119, 234-7, 294-9, 326-7, 403, 548-50, 614-21, 834, C1-6, C18, Q1-12, and more. Better than usual quality and centering throughout as well as the album being in excellent condition. (Est $300-350) (Image)

Opening US$ 270.00
Sold...US$ 270.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:44:54 EST
Sold For 270
Sale No: 23C
Lot No: 170
Symbol: o
Cat No: Collection

image USA Washington Stamps Mostly Used Coils - Group of 11 different Washington stamps including used Scott 351, 353, 390, 393, 412(x5), 413(x14), 413 pair, 444 (x17), 453(x9), and 546. Also includes Scott 543 unused with dist gum. All appear genuine, sound, with mixed centering, but sold "AS IS". (Owner's SCV $3000+) (Image)

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Jun-24-2023, 12:46:26 EST
Sold For 130

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