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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Sale: 790

Worldwide Stamps and Covers
Early Zeppelin Flights

United States
Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1085
Symbol: C
Cat No: US TC5 1929.0204

image 1929, US Army Airship TC-5, first ever mail pick up from a steamer, 5¢ Beacon Airmail (#C11) with "Phila. & Norf. R.P.O. Feb. 4, 1929 T455 RMS" duplex cancel on card with "The Pennsylvania Railroad" handstamped at top left and typed message "This mail was lifted by airship from Virginia Lee, PRR steamer, Chesapeake Bay, Feb. 4, 1929. First mail lifted by airship from mail carrying steamer in America." reverse with "This is to certify that this piece of mail was picked up from the deck of the Pennsylvania Railroad ship "Virginia Lee" on February 4, 1929, by the U.S. Army Airship TC-5. The airship was commanded by Captain William J. Flood, Air Corps, whose signature appears below." and also signed by the 1st Lieutenant acting as a notary, Extremely Fine.

Captain Flood's obituary mentioning this; see https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1977/03/22/gen-william-flood-dies-pioneer-balloonist-pilot/ae55076f-4185-4e07-9ac7-759582968691/.

Estimate $200-300

Opening US$ 110.00
Sold...US$ 140.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:09:39 EST
Sold For 140

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1086
Symbol: C
Cat No: US ZMC2 1929.0912

image American Tin-clad Airship ZMC-2, 1929 (Sep 12), Detroit - Lakehurst, cover franked with a Beacon Airmail (C11) tied by a Sep 12 Lakehurst flag cancel; typed endorsement reads "This envelope was carried by me on the Delivery Flight of the Detroit Aircraft Corporation's Metalclad Airship ZMC-2 from Grosse Ile Airport, Detroit to Lakehurst, NJ, Pilot (signed) W.E. Kepner".
Michel 25, €1500.

The ZMC-2 was affectionately referred to as the Tin Bubble. Walter E. Kepner, its test pilot, was a successful Air Racer and, as a member of the Army Air Corps during World War II, reached the rank of Maj. General.

Estimate $500-750

Opening US$ 1,300.00
Sold...US$ 1,400.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:10:14 EST
Sold For 1400

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1087
Symbol: C
Cat No: US Volunteer 1929.0629

image 1929 (June 29), Goodyear Volunteer Christening Flight drop mail, 5¢ Airmail entire cancelled next day at Arcadia, Calif., with typed note "Dropped from aboard 'Goodyear' dirigible 'Volunteer'…", which was the official airship for the Shrine Convention in Los Angeles; two-line "Special Christening Flight" handstamp at center, the cover signed by co-pilot Campbell (?) at lower left; light overall toning, but otherwise sound, Fine to Very Fine. (Image)

Estimate $500-750

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:10:46 EST
Sold For 325

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1088
Symbol: C
Cat No: US Volunteer 1931.0612

image 1931 (June 12), Volunteer Pacific Coast Ship-to-Shore Air Mail Transfer (AAMC 1139A), six better examples from the flight of Goodyear Airship Volunteer; autograph of Earl Ovington, San Pedro dumb oval cancels, pilot signed on Roessler envelope, San Pedro Calif dumb cancel, one with several signatures on the reverse, and one sent to Manila; strong collection. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Estimate $150-200

Opening US$ 80.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:11:08 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1089
Symbol: C
Cat No: US Volunteer 1931.0612

image 1931 (June 12) Volunteer Pacific Coast Ship-to-Shore Air Mail Transfer (AAMC 1139A), twice flown envelope from Ship to Shore; carried by Goodyear Airship Volunteer from the steamer "City of Los Angeles" to the roof of the post office in San Pedro CA; it was later catapult mail from Europa to Southampton; includes cert, Fine to Very Fine, signed Herbert Bloch. (Image)

Estimate $200-300

Opening US$ 225.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:11:51 EST
Sold For 600

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1090
Symbol: C
Cat No: US Volunteer 1931.0612var

image 1931 (June 12), S.S. City of Los Angeles & Goodyear Volunteer, 5¢ Hawaiian entire, #U11 uprated with US 5¢ Winged Globe (#C12) tied by "San Pedro Calif." dumb ovals and "Jun 12 1931 duplex cancel, violet "Hilo, Hawaii Postmaster Jun. 2, 1931" double-circle datestamp and the signature of Bert D. Chilson, reverse with San Pedro Chamber of Commerce large turquose pictorial cachet and blue "S.S. City of Los Angeles" straightline handstamp and three signatures -- Capt. J. F. Nicholson, David Heenan Jr. and C. P. Wright (San Pedro Postmaster), Very Fine, late use of the Hawaiian entire. (Image)

Estimate $200-300

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:12:18 EST
Sold For 200
Sale No: 790
Lot No: 1091
Symbol: C
Cat No: US TC13 1937.0602

image 1937, Crew-Signed Cover for the Last Army Flight of the TC-13, plate number 21589 pair of 3¢ Susan B. Anthony (#784) tied by "Moffett Field Jun. 2, 1937" duplex cancel on airmail cover signed by eight crew members who operated the TC-13 on its last flight while operated by the Army, signatures include pilot L.A. Lawson, plus crewmen Miller, Short, Cheslea, Edwards, Eichlin, O'Brien and Collins, Very Fine. Commissioned for the army in 1933, the TC-13 was transfered to the Navy after this flight and received a new crew. (Image)

Estimate $100-150

Opening US$ 60.00
Sold...US$ 60.00

Closed..Oct-11-2023, 10:12:37 EST
Sold For 60

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