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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Sale: 790

Worldwide Stamps and Covers
Collections & Balances

Zeppelin Collateral Material
Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2353
Cat No: Collection

image Extensive Collection of Zeppelin-Related Picture Post Cards…and More, impressive holding of approximately 250 single picture post cards plus three folders of postcards (2 Goodyear Zeppelin, 1 Akron Ohio), a postcard folder only depicting a zeppelin, three folders of 6½ x 9 cm photographs (12 each), etc.; images show external images of the ships, crew, airships under construction, airships over cities, and more, with the majority being photographs (not drawings or paintings, though these are here too), with numerous real photo cards noted; most portray German zeppelins, but US and Great Britain airships are also represented; some war-related images, some used, some not, with two- and even four-panel cards included (the four-panel from the Hudson-Fulton Celebration; St. Louis and Chicago World's Fair items also present); bonus material includes a miscellany of letters, covers, at US Navy Station Tillamook, OR matchbook cover, etc., etc., etc.; Fine-Very Fine or better, inspection invited; a sampling imaged online. Shipping charges apply - weight 11 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Image)

Estimate $5,000-7,500

Opening US$ 2,500.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:16:24 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2354

image Binders Packed with US Zeppelin Ephemera, set of four hand drawn glassine envelopes with stamps.com 39¢ custom postage (image of an airship) postmarked NAS Lakehurst on the anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster, Zeppelin ticket blank (but not on security paper), leather luggage strap with Duraluminum emblem used on the airship Akron by Goodyear Zeppelin Corp, 1930 European-Pan American Graf Zeppelin Press Pass (ringed in aluminum) and a NAS Lakehurst Press Pass signed by C E Rosenthal for 1936 Transatlantic Airship Demonstration, double wide French mint postcard with a turn of the century airship, commercial Registered Special Delivery censored mail from Luftschiffbau Zeppelin to California in April 1941, a few dozen Zeppelin Club photographs, sepia photograph of the USS Shenandoah and J-1 in a hanger, British R 101 attached to a mast, beautiful picture of USS Shenandoah on a mast, 1929 TLS from the Airship Guarentee Company accompanying wonderful booklet on the R 100, 1928 TLS from the NJ Governor, German telegram message to Columbus OH as well as a period RCA Radiogram, scarce Hindenburg/American Airlines baggage label, 1936 Dr Eckener Leipzig Spring Fair advertising postcards (example in English and another in German), 1937 Zeppelin postal stationery with commemorative cancels, Waldorf Astoria Hotel Reception and Dinner Seating List to honor Dr Hugo Eckener and the airship Hindenburg (there are 107 tables!), pair of TLS by C E Rosendahl on NAS Lakehurst stationery, two oversized Registered envelopes from Tannu Tuva with Zeppelin stamps, cover with Spanish Airmail set overprinted Guinea addressed to France, 1936 Transatlantic Airship Demonstration Special Pass signed by NAS Lakehurst Commander, US Navy airship in flight with photograph signed by 8 including C E Rosendahl, 1934 booklet about the Zeppelins (written in Russian), a few dozen postcards including very early ones, and much more. Shipping charges apply - weight 13.4 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Image)

Estimate $1,000-1,500

Opening US$ 1,200.00
Sold...US$ 1,100.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:16:49 EST
Sold For 1100

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2355
Cat No: Collection

image Group of 25 Russian Zeppelin-themed Propaganda Postal Cards, a mix of mint and used, the used both by normal mail and by airmail, two flown on the Graf Zeppelin's 1931 Polar Flight; offering a mix of indicium designs and values, interesting upratings, and a variety of themes and designs including war-related; an attractive holding, generally Fine to Very Fine. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Estimate $750-1,000

Opening US$ 650.00
Sold...US$ 700.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:17:57 EST
Sold For 700

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2356

image Russian Zeppelin-franked Covers, One Flown, 1930-39, 24 items in total, 22 of which are franked by various Zeppelin-themed stamps, both perforated and imperforate, with a couple full-set frankings; five with Foreign Exchange Control stamps on the back, seven with "Berlin 2" Airmail Service red receiver, but only one—a "State Bank of the U.S.S.R./Foreign Department/Moscow" corner card cover is endorsed "Per Zeppelin" with red "Mit Luftschiff/Graf Zeppelin/befördert" oval handstamp; still a lovely holding with better stamps and great Topical appeal, generally Fine to Very Fine. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Estimate $750-1,000

Opening US$ 900.00
Sold...US$ 1,200.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:18:38 EST
Sold For 1200

Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2357
Cat No: 1907

image Everything Zeppelin Worldwide Array, 1934-39, pile of airship related items for your collecting pleasure; photocard of zeppelin over Lake Constance autographed by Dr Eckener, official sheetlet issued by the Zeppelin Co with pictorial cancels for Count Zeppelin's 100th birthday, meter mail pictorial honoring LZ130, Oct 1929 letter from the Zeppelin Co to Mr Wilkens in San Francisco, 1926 card postmarked Berlin with Zeppelin Charity label, 1938 Registered Vienna cachet of airship in hanger, mint 1936 German postal card showing Junkers and Zeppelin, 1932 postcard from Zeppelin Construction Wharf requesting items for a exhibit, 1933 Graf Zeppelin service map and schedule, Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition (1907) Advertising envelope showing turn of the century blimp, Registered envelope from Hermann Sieger, 1935 Graf Zeppelin mail from Mannheim to Buenos Aires, window commercial envelope from the Zeppelin Co, 1933 Austrian transportation series canceled at the WIPA Congress in Vienna on a sheet of paper, Goodyear-Zeppelin Corp letterhead, and more, Fine to Very Fine. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Estimate $500-750

Opening US$ 400.00
Sold...US$ 400.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:19:07 EST
Sold For 400
Sale No: 790
Lot No: 2358
Cat No: Collection

image Zeppelin-related Miscellany, broad array of material, including approximately 60 anniversary/commemorative covers, zeppelin-picturing stamps (some from the 1930s, most later), philatelic souvenir cards, picture post cards, and more and more; numerous items signed, with some better (e.g., Schiller); worth a look for your collection, exhibit, or stock. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.6 lbs. (Image)

Estimate $500-750

Opening US$ 300.00
Sold...US$ 300.00

Closed..Oct-13-2023, 14:19:31 EST
Sold For 300

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