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Harmers International, Inc. Sale: 13

The Dr. Guy R. Dillaway Collection of U.S. PRESIDE
Mixed Frankings with other U.S. Issues
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 163
Symbol: Cat No: 825,C46, E16

image Combination with other US Issues: 1952 cover bearing 1938, 20¢ Garfield bright blue green, 1952, 80¢ Hawaii, 1931, 15¢ orange special delivery with smudged cancellations and 80c bright red violet air, tied by HONOLULU HAWAII MAR 26 1952 FIRST DAY OF ISSUE duplex on label on portion of package, printed at top of label Hawaii Blossoms 2049 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu 15, Hawaii and on bottom FRESH FLOWERS PERISHABLE – RUSH, POSTMASTER:CONTENTS MERCHANDISE – FOURTH CLASS MAIL. THIS PACKAGE MAY BE OPEN FOR POSTAL INSPECTION IF NECESSARY. RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED. (Scott 825,C46, E16 )

Showing intended use of 80c airmail paying for shipment of flowers from Hawaii. Very cute

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $200-400 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $200-400

Opening US$ 170.00
Sold...US$ 170.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:08:00 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 164
Symbol: Cat No: 804,931

image Post Card Return to Sender: 1946 Postcard bearing 1938, 1¢ Washington green,1945, 2¢ Franklin D. Roosevelt commemorative Carmine, tied by WASHINGTON, D.C. OCT 2 1946 duplex on postcard to the U.S. zone in Germany, label attached “POST OFFICE Foreign Section, Morgan Annex, NEW YORK 1, N.Y. RETURN TO SENDER This article is returned because it is not in compliance with conditions applicable to the country of destination. See postal bulletin (4/2/46-8/15/46 in manuscript). ALBERT GOLDMAN, Postmaster. N.Y.P.O. – 6/1/45-5OM.” On reverse is picture of Abraham Lincoln Memorial. (Scott 804931 )

Paying the 3c international post card rate, the card was returned because of the use of an illustrated post card (Lincoln). The applicable section of the POSTAL GUIDE, Part II, International Service, July 1946 reads “Germany. Regular Mails. Service restricted to ordinary (unregistered) letters…and non-illustrated post cards.” Excellent item for an exhibit.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-250 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-250

Opening US$ 240.00
Sold...US$ 240.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:08:19 EST
Sold For 240

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 165
Symbol: Cat No: 808, RW112

image Registered with $1 Duck Stamp: 1 ½ c bister brown 1938 , tied by WORTHINGTON, MINN. DEC 17 1945 duplex on card to Director of the Minnesota Fish and Game, license holder’s name and 9-20-45 in manuscript on duck stamp, on reverse is printed PLEASE REPORT (manuscript Noblis) County REPORT OF LICENSEE Report of Small Game shot under this license NO. 28824 (in red) 1945 and a checklist of types of ducks, upland birds, geese, other migratory birds, and mammals, completed by hunter in manuscript. (808, RW12) (Scott 808, RW112 )

An excellent example of a “game kill” post card used to report small game shot under the license, the card was mailed in December, 1945 per regulations.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-299 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-299

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:09:05 EST
Sold For 120

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 166
Symbol: Cat No: 825, 905

image Well traveled: A 1944 Cover bearing 1938, 20¢ Garfield bright blue green 1942, 3¢ Win the War bright lilac, tied by mute ovals on envelope, magenta REGISTERED 30613, mailed 42 days after D-Day, with numerous forwarding markings including 21 different backstamps. (Scott 825, 905 )

See photo to appreciate the 4-month journey before the letter was delivered. The earliest date stamps on reverse is a magenta double circle CAMP CROWDER, MO. JUL 18 1944 handstamp. The letter was sent by a soldier at Camp Crowder to a soldier at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas, less than a month and a half after D-Day. Due to Army troop movements and transfers, the letter took almost 4 months to reach the addressee. A perfect example of the difficulties in delivering a letter during wartime. Mounted on exhibit page with keys to the routes taken by the letter.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $200-300 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $200-300

Opening US$ 200.00
Sold...US$ 200.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:09:50 EST
Sold For 200

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 167
Symbol: Cat No: 832c, 820, E20

image Domestic First Class Special Delivery: $1 Woodrow Wilson violet and black, 15¢ Buchanan 1954 blue gray and 20¢ deep blue Special Delivery, tied by smudges on legal size envelope, magenta REGISTERED manuscript 57 RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED handstamp, magenta SPECIAL DELIVERY (2x) handstamp, magenta Fee Claimed by Office of First Address handstamp, on reverse magenta double circle NEW WILMINGTON PA. DEC 7 1955 handstamp (2x), magenta double circle NEW YORK N.Y. ….STA. DEC 8 1955 handstamp, DOUBLE OVAL NEW YORK, N.Y. REG”Y. DIV. handstamp. (Scott 832c, 820, E20 )

Rate paid for the registry fee for indemnity of $200.01 to $300 ($1.05), the return receipt fee (7c) and the special delivery fee (20c). A very nice example of the $1 red violet and black shade which wasn’t issued until August 31, 1954.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 80.00
Sold...US$ 80.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:10:45 EST
Sold For 80

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 168
Symbol: Cat No: 832, 829, 825, 807

image Registry and Special Delivery: 1938, $1 Wilson purple black, 25¢ McKinley deep red lilac STRIP OF THREE, 20¢ Garfield 1938, 3¢ Jefferson 1931, 15¢ orange, tied by mute double ovals on envelope, magenta REGISTERED with red 25297 handstamp, magenta Special Delivery – Air Mail handstamp, typewritten in 3 lines AIR MAIL SPECIAL DELIVERY REGISTERED, on reverse magenta double circle LANCASTER, PA. REGISTERED FEB 21 1951 handstamp (2x), magenta double circle MIAMI, FLA. AIR MAIL SEC FEB 22 1951 handstamp, magenta FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA FEB 23 1951 handstamp. (Scott 832, 829, 825, 807, C39, E16 )

Rate paid for registry ($1.50 for $1,000 indemnity and 48c for $3,000 unindemnified excess value), special delivery (15c) and air mail (6c). A nice example of combined registered, special delivery and air mail services.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 70.00
Sold...US$ 70.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:11:12 EST
Sold For 70

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 169
Symbol: Cat No: C25

image Military Rate to Hawaii: 1945 cover bearing 1938, 3¢ Jefferson light violet, booklet pane of 6 1941, plus 6¢ Transport carmine Air Mail, tied by HOUSTON TEX. OCT 22 1945 duplexes on legal size envelope to Hawaii. (Scott C25 )

Envelope addressed to Army Captain at APO 455 c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California. Complete 3c booklet pane and 6c air mail paid the quadruple military air mail rate to Hawaii.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 60.00
Sold...US$ 60.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:11:36 EST
Sold For 60

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 170
Symbol: Cat No: 803, 905

image Penitentiary Mail Turned Usage: 1942, 3¢ Win the War, tied by WILKES-BARRE PA AUG 30 1943 duplex on envelope, purple manuscript X crossing out return address at upper left, purple manuscript FROM and OVER, WEST NEW YORK N.J. FEB 23 1944 duplex, on reverse ½ c deep orange block of 6 tied by LEWISBURG PA. FEB 21 1941 duplex (2x) addressed to West New York, N.J. (explaining the extra duplex on front), typewritten return address BOX 35 LEWISBURG, PA. (Scott 803, 905 )

A highly unusual use of an envelope sent to someone at the U.S. Penitentiary in Lewiston, PA and then turned over and used almost 6 months later to an individual in New Jersey.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:12:21 EST
Sold For 150
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 171
Symbol: Cat No: 815, J82

image Special Delivery Postage Due: 1940 envelope bearing 1938, 10¢ Tyler brown red and a 1931, 3¢ dull carmine, wet printing, tied by SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. FERRY ANNEX JAN 13 1940, 3c dull carmine postage due tied by mute double oval on envelope with printed red RADIOGRAM and blue Special Delivery, magenta Postage due 3 cents handstamp, on reverse OAKLAND CALIF. JAN 14 1940 duplex, purple OAKLAND CALIF. JAN 14 1940 receiving mark. (Scott 815, J82 )

Sender properly paid the 10c special delivery fee but neglected to pay for first class postage.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 60.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:12:54 EST
Sold For 0

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