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Harmers International, Inc. Sale: 13

The Dr. Guy R. Dillaway Collection of U.S. PRESIDE
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 189
Symbol: Cat No: 832

image Used from Philippines - Last flight before War: 1938 $1 Wilson purple and black, Vertical Pair, tied by ASIATIC FLEET DEC 1 1941 CAVITE P.I. duplex on penalty envelope, MAILGRAM handstamp at lower left, manuscript VIA TRANSPACIFIC AIRMAIL, printed at upper left NAVY DEPARTMENT UNITED STATES ASIATIC FLEET U.S.S. Houston, Flagship, Asiatic Station, Via San Francisco, California OFFICIAL BUSINESS, on reverse magenta NAVCOMM RECD 1941 DEC 8 17 50 handstamp. (Scott 832 )

Paying four-times 50c airmail rate from the Philippines, the envelope was sent on the last Clipper flight from the Philippines before the outbreak of the war and was logged in as received in Washington the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Historically significant item.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $200-400 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $200-400

Opening US$ 650.00
Sold...US$ 650.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:31:05 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 190
Symbol: Cat No: 825, UC5

image Registered Airmail: 1938 20c Garfield bright blue green tied on 6c 1945 embossed air mail envelope by smudged mute double oval, magenta Returned for Postage (crossed out by pencil) partially beneath stamp, large magenta oval U. S. CUSTOMS FREE OF DUTY N G J Port of NEW YORK handstamp, boxed magenta REGISTERED NO. and manuscript 437, on reverse handstamps showing the circuitous route taken before receipt by addressee including three purple double circle NEW YORK, N.Y. U. S. Army Postal Service Br. A.P.O. 88 OCT 1 1945; magenta double circle ---- BASE P.O. A.P.O. 790 OCT 5, 1945; U.S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE A.P.O. 549 OCT 7, 1945 handstamp; two magenta double circle NEW YORK, N.Y. U.S. Army Postal Service Br. A.P.O. 88 OCT. 9, 1945; magenta double circle 2ND. BA------ O. A.P.O. 790 REG. SEC. OCT 10, 1945; double oval NEW YORK, N.Y. REG’Y DIV. 10-12 1945; and double oval CHURCH ST. ANNEX N.Y.-REG-N.Y. 10-13 1945 (Scott 825, UC5 )

The rating was 6c for the military air rate and 20c for the minimum registry fee. The sender initially neglected to attach a 20c stamp for the minimum registry fee and the letter was returned. The correct postage was added and the letter was then sent from Verona, Italy (APO 88) on October 1, 1945, then to Naples, Italy (APO 790) on October 5, then to Leghorn, Italy (APO 549) on October 7, then back to Naples, Italy (APO 790) on October 10, then finally to New York on October 12 and finally to the Church Street Annex in New York on October 13, 1945, an amazing routing that actually took only 12 days from its start on October 1, 1945 and its arrival on October 13, 1945.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-250 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-250

Opening US$ 95.00
Sold...US$ 95.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:32:07 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 191
Symbol: Cat No: 825, 899, 901 2x

image Military Mail, WWII: 1942 envelope bearing 1938 20c Garfield bright blue green, 1c National Defense commemorative, 3c National Defense commemorative two copies, tied by straight line REGISTERED handstamps on 5” x 7 ½ “ envelope, magenta REGISTERED handstamp, magenta boxed DETAINED ALIEN ENEMY MAIL EXAMINED BY……. U.S.I. & N.S., printed INSURED No. with black “4600” handstamp, printed in five lines at lower left “CONTENTS: MERCHANDISE FOURTH CLASS MAIL POSTMASTER this parcel may be opened for postal inspection if necessary,’ typed name and manuscript P.O. BOX 300 Area I Bismarck N. D. at upper left, on reverse two magenta double circle BISMARCK, N. DAK. APR 1 (1 inverted) 1942 handstamps, magenta double circle WHITE PLAINS N. Y. REGISTERED handstamp, large blue manuscript checkmark(?). (Scott 825, 899, 901 2x )

An amazing piece of detained German alien enemy mail from the Ft. Lincoln, N.D., detention camp. Mail was censored, sealed and sent to Bismarck for mailing. Rate paid was 20c for the minimum registry fee and 3c postage (1 ½ c per 2 ounces).

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-250 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-250

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:32:47 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 192
Symbol: Cat No: 807

image Military, Prisoner of War: 1938 3c Jefferson light violet tied by FORT KNOX KY. FEB 17 1944 duplex on legal size envelope, label (covers address) Form OC-15 RETURNED TO SENDER BY CENSOR, at left and overlapping on reverse censor tape EXAMINED BY 11013 U.S. CENSOR, typewritten at lower left VIA NEW YORK. (Scott 807 )

Enclosed is the original typewritten letter to American prisoner of war held at the Osaka, Japan POW camp. Also enclosed is Form 1698 listing the conditions imposed by Japan that must be met for delivery of any mail to American prisoners of war; a manuscript check mark is next to condition 1: Letters must be less that 25 words in length (and the enclosed letter was more than 60 words). A reminder of the one of the many hardships faced by U.S. prisoners of war.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $200-300 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $200-300

Opening US$ 130.00
Sold...US$ 130.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:33:24 EST
Sold For 130
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 193
Symbol: Cat No: 842

image Military, Killed in Action: 1938 3c Jefferson light violet booklet single tied by WORCESTER MASS. APR 2 1943 duplex on envelope to Al Baravkos, Co. B 805 T.D.B.N.(A) A.P.O. 302, red pointing hand aimed at return address, red four-line marking, difficult to decipher except for fourth line KILLED IN ACTION, pencil marking at lower left “Killed in action 20 Mar/ 43 Lt. A.E. HAMLET,” on reverse red handstamp “WAR DEPT., A.G.O. CASUALTY STATUS VERIFIED Group Verified by Date” handstamp, added for verification (ORMER) and date (SEP 18 1943) handstamps. (Scott 842 )

A.P.O. 302 was at Tebessa, Algeria in 1943. Historically significant item reminding us of the sacrifices by our troops. The envelope has not been opened and the contains the original enclosure.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-250 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-250

Opening US$ 180.00
Sold...US$ 180.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 14:34:39 EST
Sold For 180

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