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Harmers International, Inc. Sale: 13

The Dr. Guy R. Dillaway Collection of U.S. PRESIDE
Destinations - Asia
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 216
Symbol: Cat No: 825, 820

image Used to China:1949 Cover bearing 1938 20c Garfield bright blue green, 15c Buchanan blue gray, tied by mute oval on envelope magenta, boxed REGISTERED no. AND BLUE 4747 handstamp, magenta RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, magenta AR at upper left, partial manuscript c/o Christian….at lower left, address covered by label which reads Form 2911 Post Office (filled in by magenta San Francisco, Calif.) RETURN TO SENDER (Sections 2203 and 2204, P.L.7R.) This article is returned for delivery to the sender, as it is not transmissible to destination for the reason noted below: (typewritten reason for return) “Registered Service Suspended,” form is folded over on reverse with magenta John F. Fixa Postmaster, on reverse two strikes of magenta double circle SPOKANE, WASH. REGISTRY DIV. NOV 22, 1949 handstamp, magenta double circle SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. REG. SEC. NOV 23, 1949 handstamp, magenta double circle SPOKANE, WAS. REGISTRY DIV. NOV 26, 1949 handstamp, partial 1949 Christmas seal, (Scott 825, 820 )

Intended to pay the 5c surface rate, the 25c registry fee and the 5c return receipt fee for mail to Shanghai, China in November, 1949. Returned because of war between Nationalist and Communist China. AR for AVIS DE RECEPTION. Rare service suspended item from 1949 Communist takeover in China.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $750-1,000 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $750-1,000

Opening US$ 700.00
Sold...US$ 700.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:01:56 EST
Sold For 700

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 217
Symbol: Cat No: 807,900

image Used to Manchukuo: 1941 cover bearing 3cJefferson light purple, 1940 2c rose carmine/National Defense commemorative, tied by CINCINNATI, OHIO NOV 18 1941 duplex on envelope to Catholic Mission in Hushun (?), Manchukuo, magenta two line RETURNED TO SENDER SERVICE SUSPENDED handstamp, on reverse censor tape at right (overlapping on front) EXAMINED BY 1692, magenta two line RETURNED TO SENDER SERVICE SUSPENDED handstamp. (Scott 807900 )

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $150-250 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $150-250

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:03:05 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 218
Symbol: Cat No: 812,821,825, 806, C3

image Used to Nepal: 1954 envelope bearing 1938 16c Lincoln black, 7c Jackson sepia, 20c Garfield bright blue green, 2c John Adams rose carmine, 10c violet air mail, 25c blue airmail, tied by mute ovals on airmail envelope to Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia, magenta REGISTERED and black 24053 handstamp, blue label PAR AVION BY AIR MAIL FORM 2978, on reverse magenta double circle SAN DIEGO CALIF. JAN 6 1954 handstamp (2x), double circle INDIAN EMBASSY (NEPAL) 17 JAN 54 receiving mark. (Scott 812,821,825, 806, C36, C42 )

A very attractive usage to Nepal paying the 25c international air mail rate and the foreign registry rate (55c). Mailed to India because Nepal did not become a member of the UPU until 1956. Delivered through India to their embassy.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $100-200 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $100-200

Opening US$ 60.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:03:29 EST
Sold For 0

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 219
Symbol: Cat No: 810, Tibet 7

image Used to Tibet:1953 envelope bearing 1938 5c Monroe bright blue, tied by BROWNSVILLE TEX. JAN 15, 1953 duplex on envelope paying the international surface rate routed through India to an agent in Gyantse, forwarded with a 2 Trangka stamp for interior delivery, on reverse double circle GYANTSE TIBET 7 MAY 53 backstamp. (Scott 810, Tibet 7 )

A remarkable usage showing the payment of internal postage. Sent from Texas on January 15 and arrived almost two months later.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $750-1,000 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $750-1,000

Opening US$ 525.00
Sold...US$ 525.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:04:06 EST
Sold For 525

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 220
Symbol: Cat No: 806, UX38, Tibet 03

image Used to Tibet: 2c John Adams rose carmine on 2c carmine rose 1953 postcard, tied by PLAINVILLE CONN APR 8 1953 duplex and by double circle GYANTSE TIBET receiving handstamp, together with Tibet 2/3 Trangka reddish brown official tied by double circle cancel. Postcard with crease away from stamps which does not detract from this rarity. (Scott 806, UX38, Tibet 03 )

Another rarity

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $500-1,000 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $500-1,000

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:04:45 EST
Sold For 600
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 221
Symbol: Cat No: 810

image Used to Tibet: 1938 10c Tyler brown red VERTICAL PAIR, 5c Monroe bright blue, tied on air mail envelope by CLEVELAND.OHIO DPO. NOV 13 1951 duplex to Lhasa, Tibet via India, stamps with perforated initials (ERIE) of Erie Railroad Company, magenta arrow-shaped VIA AIR MAIL handstamp, separate red manuscripts B, 30/12 and DLO Calcutta, on reverse red manuscript “There is no convention of exchange of mail between India and Tibet nor authorized appeal hence rtd to sender via DLO Calcutta,” partial double circle GYANTSE 24 NOV 51 postmark, boxed D.L.O. CALCUTTTA 30 NOV 51 handstamp, boxed D.L.O. BOMBAY JAN 52 handstamp, boxed INCONNU handstamp, pencil manuscript 17937 Sherrington, magenta arrow shaped VIA AIR MAIL, tape with sender’s typed name and address. (Scott 810 )

The sender of the letter asked for the mail to Tibet to go via India. Tibet was never a member of the UPU. The envelope arrived in Gyantse, Tibet on November 24 but was sent back to sender via the Calcutta and Bombay dead letter offices.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $400-600 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $400-600

Opening US$ 325.00
Sold...US$ 325.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 15:05:04 EST
Sold For 325

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