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Harmers International, Inc. Sale: 13

British Guiana
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 416
Symbol: Cat No: Collection

image THE BIRTH OF BRITISH GUIANA: THE folded letter foretelling the seizure of the Dutch colony of Demerara by the British, and the Birth of British Guiana., London to Demerara, 4th Feb. 1795. A Mr. M. Higgens writes to a Mr. Chalmont - Page one conveys cotton market conditions and profit etc. Page two follows: …. It is said here the Dutch have entered in to a treaty with France, not to lay down their arms until England is vanquished. We expect Demerara will be taken possession of by our Commanders in Chief in the west if they do not free Negros according to French model will be declared free……. …. If Demerara is taken over. there will be a very fine new ship from this appears then directly, the capt will give you a letter from me … I wish you to get it loaded as fast as possible - at all events keep your self free of entanglements & ___ who you can't ship yours truly _________ M Higgens Page 3: Next packet will determine the time of sail and remember me to ______ Demerara was seized probably in April 1796 by a force from Barbados. Who says the military industrial complex was discovered by President Eisenhower. Extensively presented, historic and a great front-piece for a superior collection. The stampless 3 page letter bears a London _______ FE 4 95 postmark on reverse and a manuscript "1/- charge on front transitioning through Barbados. Historical documentation accompanies.

Sale and Lot Updates

Suggested Bid $1,500-2,000 (Image)

CV. Suggested Bid $1,500-2,000

Opening US$ 1,050.00
Sold...US$ 1,050.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 17:18:31 EST
Sold For 1050

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 417
Symbol: O
Cat No: 6

image 1852, Waterlow Litho Issue, 1¢ black on magenta, light DEMERARA JULY 13 1853 c.d.s. good to large margins all round. some normal surface rubbing touched up in places and is minimal for this issue, very fine Holcombe Cert.(1993)
(SG 9 £6,500 Scott 6 $7,000 )

Sale and Lot Updates

Scott $7,000

Scott $7,000

Opening US$ 1,900.00
Sold...US$ 1,900.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 17:19:02 EST
Sold For 1900

Sale No: 13
Lot No: 418
Symbol: O
Cat No: 35

image British Guiana: 1862, Local Typeset Issue, 1¢ black on rose, No 15 1862 c.d.s., roulettes three sides, faint thin, typical of this paper fine .
(SG 116 £850 Scott 35 $850 )

Sale and Lot Updates

Scott $850

Scott $850

Opening US$ 120.00
Sold...US$ 120.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 17:19:19 EST
Sold For 120
Sale No: 13
Lot No: 419
Symbol: Cat No: 58

image 1863-76, Ship Seal of the Colony, 1¢ black, perf 15 Waterlow Imprint Sheet Margin Block of Ten, top row stamps N.H. bottom row l.h., small faults in imprint salvagefresh and very fine . Ex Maisel.
(Scott 700 +/- Scott 58 $890)

Sale and Lot Updates

Scott $890

Scott $890

Opening US$ 400.00
Sold...US$ 400.00

Closed..Oct-04-2023, 17:19:45 EST
Sold For 400

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