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Other Asian Countries continued...

Japan continued...
LotNo. Symbol Lot Description
1437 cover image1916 (Nov. 3), 3s Heir Apparent First Day Cover from Truk to Japan, the newly issued stamp alongside 2s and 5s Tazawas, all tied by two of three light strikes of Truk First Day cancel in violet (sadly, each struck so that date does not appear at bottom); Tokyo 5.11.16 receiver on reverse, Fine to Very Fine, surely a scarce First Day location. (Image1) (Image2)


Est. HK$3,000-4,000
Selling for...HK$2,600.00
Will close during Public Auction
1438 imageImpressive Mint and Used Collection, 1872-1997, housed in numerous Scott and other albums, with many issues complete, including unused #1, 2 and 5 (1974 I.J.S.P. certificate, damaged corner); used #15, 34 with 17 different syllabics, 36 (syllabic 14), 38 (syllabic 4), 39, 46, 47 (syllabics 1-3), 50, 52, 54, 63, 65 and 154; and the following mint unless otherwise stated: #75-84 (the 1y without gum), 87-90, 108 (without gum), 163-166, 190-193, 198-201, 227-229, 257-275, 276-279, 371-372, 371 imprint block of four (lower pair never hinged), 385a, 422a, 456, 479a, 480-497, 498 (never hinged), 521c, 551 (never hinged), 564a imperforate (no gum), and 575a (2, one on unaddessed First Day Cover), National Park souvenir sheets in original folders with #283a, 288a, 293a and 318a never hinged; plus covers and postal stationery, Post Offices in China, Japanese Occupation of Burma and China, as well as an album containing unused China issues, Manchukuo; Military mail with various F.P.O. postcards from China, Manchuria and South East Asia; United States A.P.O. and F.P.O. World War II mail related to Asia, Australia "B.C.O.F." overprints with mint #M1-M7 and two covers, and Ryukyu Islands; the classic issues are in mixed condition, a few later have faults, otherwise Fine to Very Fine, get a taste of what's in store online. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (PDF3 for this Lot) (PDF4 for this Lot) (PDF5 for this Lot) (PDF6 for this Lot) (PDF7 for this Lot) (PDF8 for this Lot) (PDF9 for this Lot) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [China Collection]

Est. HK$34,000-45,000
Selling for...HK$17,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
1439 imageInteresting and Varied Collection, 1872-2002, in a Scott Specialty and various other albums, stockbooks and envelopes, including used #46 (3), 63, 66 (2, one with 2001 APEX certificate, thin); specialized 1894 Silver Wedding issue (#85-86) with mint, Mihon overprints, perforations and cancellations comprising 46 stamps and a cover; mint #190-193, 222a, 238a (2), 385a (two stamps and one label with red commemorative cancel), 422a (toned), 456 and C8 (creased and interleaving on reverse), and used #C1-C2 (signed Kruper BPP), faults, but a number are Fine to Very Fine, see a sampling online. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (PDF3 for this Lot) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Japan Collection]

Est. HK$15,000-20,000
Selling for...HK$7,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
1440 imageNice Representative Collection, 1872-1967, in a Scott Specialty album, mint and used with many issues complete; includes used #38, 39 (1988 I.S.J.P. certificate), 47, 50, 154 and C1-C2 (2001 APEX certificates); unused #179-187, 370a; mint #163-166, 200-201, 222a, 279, 456, 480-487, and C19-C24; and never hinged #385 and 422a, 580a, and C9-C13; a few small faults, but generally Fine to Very Fine. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Japan Collection]

Est. HK$12,000-15,000
Selling for...HK$6,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
1441 imageUnusual Assembly of Koban Issues, 1876-88, with cancellation interest, mostly on #73 but other values as well; includes complete strike of the rare Naha Bota cancel for use in Ryukyu Islands on 2s (#73, tears), "Fusan/ Nihonyubinkyoku" double-ring datestamp on 1s (#72), and 11 covers including 1899 envelope to Elmira, New York bearing 10s (#80) canceled by "Fusan/I.J.&T.O." c.d.s. (July) with the original letter datelined "On Steamship China between Kobe & Nagasaki on the Inland Sea. June 30th noon", detailing the voyage and routing which will then take the writer to Chemulpo, the letter being posted at the Japanese Post Office in Korea; some faults as expected, but Fine to Very Fine strikes. (PDF for this Lot) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [China Collection]

Est. HK$8,000-10,000
Selling for...HK$4,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
1442 imageSubstantial Collection of Cancellations on Koban and Chrysanthemum Issues, ca. 1876-1907, as well as a few others from a related period; replete with multiples, neatly mounted on pages; the various types represented, including a multitude of cork cancels with "crossroads", Bota classified by town, Postage Due, bisected circle, and a few non-postal, Fine to Very Fine strikes. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (PDF3 for this Lot) (Image1)

Get Market Data for [Japan Collection]

Est. HK$6,000-8,000
Selling for...HK$3,000.00
Will close during Public Auction

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