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Worldwide A-Z continued...

Saudi Arabia
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
2712   imageSaudi Arabia, Highly Specialized Collection, 1916-2013, Following World War I, the Ottoman empire was divided into smaller states within the Middle East. The eastern Hejaz was secured by Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi (King Ali of the Hashemites). In 1922, the western Nejd was consolidated by Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (Ibn Saud of the house of Saud), who later, in 1925, was able to conquer Hejaz and unite Hejaz and Nejd into one kingdom. This collection, through these early Hejaz and Nejd issues, tells the story of the fracturing to unification and then proceeds to tell the story of a unified country under the royal family emerging as the leader of the world's largest energy supplier. Collection is highly complete and starts with a couple early circular seals of Gedda (Jedda), the moves to the early Hejaz issues, with the perforated and various rouletted issues, plus shades and dues of the Sherifate of Mecca issue, proceeds to Kingdom of Hejaz issues of 1921 overprints, along with the two rare surcharged issues, blocks containing missing dates and various inverted overprints, proceeding to the revised block overprints, surcharges and dues, proceeding to the 1922-24 Arms of Sherif of Mecca issues in various shades and even an occasional imperforate, along with the 1923 surcharged and Caliphate issues with a few inverted or with very light gold to produce black appearing overprints. Next we get to the Jedda issues of various overprint colors, perforations and includes the very rare gold over red on roulette 20 for use by the Royal Family, inverts, printed on back, double overprint, various blue overprints on roulette 20 issues and 2 qirsh inverted magenta, overprints over the blockish overprint (Scott L67-76A sets) are only missing the four incredibly rare values, most of the ¼ green red and blue overprints with reading up and down, red down double and triple red reading up with errors to produce omitted or shifted overprints (only seems to be missing L81), along with the various dues regular and inverted. Next we have the various color overprints of the 1922-24 issues, with occasional shade, inverted overprints, double overprints, imperforate etcetera varieties, along with dues with similar varieties, with small mustahaq (due) and various large mustahaq overprint varieties including without large mustahaq, double handstamp, inverted handstamp, etcetera, various varieties of the small 1925 surcharges (L135-41) with various inverted, double, shades, etcetera varieties, large 1925 surcharges in various colors (L142-59) with various overprint and shade varieties, 1925 King Ali proofs, imperforate and perforated, with various color overprints including some inverted overprint varieties, postage due set with normal, imperforate, normal overprint, different color overprints, double overprints and inverted overprints. Nejd issues: start with the various Ottoman and Arms of Sherif of Mecca issues with the long arching overprint, proceeding to the Hejaz bill, notarial and railway overprint issues, dues with black and blue mustahaq overprints, rare matbu'a (Newspaper) overprints, second overprint issue with the typical overprint varieties we have been seeing, capture of Medina set (57-63), capture of Jedda set (64-68), pilgrimage issue (30-34) and postage dues. Kingdom of Hejaz-Nejd: first issue and color change issue with imperfs, imperfs between, experimental perforations, dues, Pan-Islamic Congress set with dues, Tughra set with dues, Tughra overprint set, 1925 surcharge on Turkish stamp with unissued red surcharge, various Tughra sets from 1929-32, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 1934 Kingdom set, perf and imperforate with a few used, very specialized section of postal tax stamps including mint 1936 Medical Aid (RA2), with shades, perforations, plate condition, etcetera, 1939 mint official set, 1934 Tughra specialized set with various perforations and a couple covers, 1945 Yanbu Harbor set, 1946 Postal Tax sheet of 25, 1949 airmail set, Saudi Arms and Afghanistan set with POSTFS varieties, 1950 Riyadh Old City Walls set with 10g error, 1952 Bedouins and Train set, the various 1950's-60 commemorative sets, 1960 complete Wadi Hanifa Dam, Oil Separating Plant and Boeing 720-B Jet long sets with occasional gum and frame varieties along with group of unissued imperforated pairs and block, 1961 official set, 1961 Dammam Port with imperforate sheetlets of 4 (Scott $425), various 1963-65 Saud Cartouche retouched Wadi Hanifa Dam, Oil Separating Plant and Boeing 720-B Jet issues, 1964 redrawn officials set, 1965 redrawn Saud Cartouche - Wadi Hanifa Dam, Oil Separating Plant and Boeing 720-B Jet including 100p-200p from Wadi Hanifa Dam and Oil Separating Plant sets, and rare 2p used (but missing 5p) from airmail set, plus frame varieties, 1966 redrawn Faisal Cartouche - Wadi Hanifa Dam, Oil Separating Plant and Boeing 720-B Jet including 50p-200p from Wadi Hanifa Dam set, 100p-200p (only missing 26p and 50p) Oil Separating Plant set, and Boeing 720-B Jet set (only missing 5p, 31p, 50p and 100p), 4p and 10p aerogrammes, O36 1965 official sheet with "19" instead of "16" variety, 1965 Official complete set (Scott $7,653), 1968 Faisal Cartouche redrawn Wadi Hanifa Dam (Scott $2,188, set only missing 1p), Oil Separating Plant and Boeing 720-B Jet sets, 1968 Falcon airmail set, various 1968-69 pictorial sets including varieties, booklets and a couple covers, all of the (below $100) denominations of the 1970 officials set with watermark and shade varieties, 1974 UPU set, 1974 postal tax stamp (RA9), 1975 Faisal set and souvenir sheet, 1976 Holy Ka'aba set, 1976 Oil Rig set (with some gutter pairs), 1981 Hegira set with souvenir sheet, 1981 Telecommunications souvenir sheets, Abdul Aziz set and souvenir sheet, 1992 Fauna blocks and sheetlets set and more, generally Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 18.2 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Video4 for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $10,000-15,000
SOLD for $9,500.00
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