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British Commonwealth continued...

New Zealand
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
453   imageNew Zealand, Highly Specialized Mostly Modern Mint Collection, 1855-2021, For this lot, you can put the Scott Catalogue back on the shelf. Reaching for Stanley Gibbons would be a step in the right direction, but to get the most out of this lot, we recommend using the Campbell Paterson Specialised Catalogue. You will certainly find some fine classics here, but the strength of this collection is overwhelmingly in the modern era, almost right up to the day! And the main attraction is not just that it's virtually all here, but it's highly specialized too. Quite often Scott will mention in a footnote that something exists, such as paper varieties, sideway watermarks, etc. but not assign a catalogue number, and on many other items it seems they never even got the memo! This collection is mostly on album pages, many hundreds of them with all stamps in mounts, and mostly in duplicate, triplicate or more with an endless number of blocks, booklets and full sheets. The face value alone is more than likely to be in the NZ$10-15k range. But again, it's the specialization which makes this more than a simple face value lot. Let's look at some of the Scott-listed, such as the overprint variant "ff joined" for official stamps #O76a-84a here in pairs or the perf varieties of the 1935 Pictorials, some of which are in Scott and others not. How about the miniature sheets of 1579-84 & 1622-28, which were only available in a hard-bound Millennium book and merely footnoted in Scott? Plenty more, like imperf sheets of 2331 (CP #SM1207-21(z)) or 2364 (CP #SM1243-64(z)), the Tory Channel booklet error (CP #PE16bY) from the 1996 Scenic Definitives, and the 4p QEII Official from 1954 printed on the gum side (CP #NO25a(z)). Better sets & singles as listed in Scott include 131d (pair), 147-59, 165-70 (3), 179-81, 185-98, 189a, 197a-98a, 288-301, 320 (3), B3-4 (also in pairs), C1-4 (2), C5 (5), O69, O76-86, O100-11. Also scores of gutter pairs including 296-98 in blocks, extensive Framas, some Ducks, and many hundreds of blocks of various sizes including earlier issues, such as plate number blocks of 306-12, some in duplicate with alternate plate numbers. Also includes Ross Dependency, complete many times over with most in triplicate and in blocks up to 2018. The odds of seeing another modern New Zealand collection on the same echelon in the near future seems highly unlikely. With this in mind, the only collections we should regret are the ones we didn't bid on! Additional photos and video flips online, but to get a full grasp we recommended viewing this collection in person, overall Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 87 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Video4 for this lot) (Video5 for this lot) (Video6 for this lot) (Video7 for this lot) (Video8 for this lot) (Video9 for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $7,500-10,000
Currently Opening at...$3,750.00
Will close during Public Auction
454   imagePredominantly Mint New Zealand, 1953-2021, A worldwide lot dominated by the stamps, first day covers and postal stationery of New Zealand. Well over 100 booklets from the pre-decimal period all the way to 2021, about 37 Limited Edition hardcover books from NZ Post for both New Zealand & Ross Dependency, boxes with many hundreds of postal stationery items and FDCs (some with proof coins), a roll of KiwiStamps (NZ's version of the Forever stamp), numerous souvenir sheets, over 50 souvenir booklets / presentation packs, and two mint collections in Scott Specialty albums, one running from 1970-2000 and, with the exception of the kid with the teddy, looks complete; the other covers 2017-18, and that may not sound like a lot but it still runs about 50 pages! Let's just say, there's a heck of a lot of face here! Some non-NZ bonus material, too, like two worldwide albums of mostly used, a binder of U.S. souvenir pages, a couple of boxes of U.S. FDCs & modern covers, Royal Wedding Philatelic Panels from 1981, complete mint Victory & Peace omnibus issue in a White Ace album, and more, generally Fine to Very Fine, on-site inspection highly recommended. Shipping charges apply - weight 166 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $2,500-3,500
Currently Opening at...$1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction
455   imageNew Zealand, Excellent 99% Mint Collection, 1871-1997, In a Scott Specialty album with almost all stamps in black mounts; some very nice classics and a 90-year run of mint from 1907-97 with all the mini-sheets and a few added booklets. Better sets & singles include mint #64, 67, 69, 70-81, 106, 107-17, 122-24, 126-28, 130-39, 145-59, 165-70, 179-81, 185-98, 288-301, 320, 333-52, 382-404, AR102-05, B3-4, C1-3, C5, E1, J22-25, O72-74, O76-86, O92-99. Also includes complete Ross Dependency (1957-82); a winning collection! overall Fine to Very Fine, additional images available online. Shipping charges apply - weight 7 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Video for this lot) (Image)

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Estimate $1,000-1,500
Currently Opening at...$650.00
Will close during Public Auction

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