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United States continued...

1861-1866 Issue
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
87 64 vars. image1861, 3¢ pink, Stamp Collection, Pinks Included (Scott 64 vars.), begins with a "Color Guide" of 12 unused singles identified by shade and time of issue plus additional shades, other highlights include #56 (2 different shades), 64b unused affixed to envelope, 12 used with preprinting paperfolds, 20 used misperfs, 46 used and 1 unused with double perfs, 11 used blocks of 4 or 6, 24 used "pinks" with a variety of cancels off cover and 7 covers including #64 with 2013 PFC, #64a on Civil War Patriotic with 2010 William Weiss certificate, #64 on blue and red Civil War patriotic cover and front, and #64b with APS certificate, overall, Fine to Very Fine, outstanding reference nearly impossible to duplicate today; see the entire lot online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 1 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $4,000-6,000
SOLD for $4,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
88 73, 87, 93 image1863-68, Behemoth 2¢ Black Jack Collection (Scott 73, 87, 93), this behemoth of a collection begins with proofs and essays including #73P1a (Scott $2,500), #73P2 (Scott $1,300), ten decalcomania essays, set of Atlanta trial color poofs, plus six specimens, o.g. includes block of four (Scott $2,750) and bottom selvage vertical strip of 3, used include vertical imprint pair (ex-Metzger) and 4 with vertical preprinting paperfolds, double transfer (APS cert), but strength in the many hundreds of canceled stamps including red "RETURN TO WRITER" and black cancels (1979 PFC), two patent, straightline "Postmaster Plea", pair with "Short Paid" in oval, "S.C. May 11 1861" double circle datestamp - meaning an illegal Confederate states use, many "pioneer" precancels of Eagleville CT, Harrisburg PA, Chambersburg PA and others, "Wells, Fargo & Co. Victoria B.C." cancel (PSE cert), revenue cancel, 31 manuscript (revenue), skull, "OK" cancel of Hartford City Ind" (on cover), shields (5), masonic (5), "Short Paid", flower petals, many geometrics, many colored, anchors, pig, stars, clover (red strike), red NY foreign mail, bee, plus uses on receipt (11; one with Weiss cert, one with 3c #65, one on shipping manifest for U.S. Mail Ship Savannah), on cover in pair with bisect (cat $1,500; 1973 PFC), varieties include "dry" printing at right, thin paper, Francis patent paper (experimental paper), stitch watermark (unused no gum), shifted perforations, some 2c stamps with grill including #84 (six including one with red shield and one with blue cancels; Scott $32,650), #85B (eleven comprising three black (one with PSE cert), one red and two blue cancels plus piece with five examples tied by clamshell cancels (1992 PFC); Scott $14,050), #87 & 93 o.g. include two #87 singles and two #93 blocks of four (Scott $8,600), over 100 used examples of #87 including one with green cancel (Scott for all used #87's exceeds $21,000), clover leaf in blue, and the collection concludes with approximately 100 covers with many better including use with 1c Lincoln Johnson patriotic cover, couple circulars including on 24 page booklet regarding temperance advocate Mrs. Theobald, some advertising, four wrapper fragments including three to Europe (one with 1990 PFC), one franked by #87 with points up and minor double transfer at top, #73 used with 2 #65 to New Brunswick Canada, #73 pair used with #65 pair to Canada West, clover cancel locally addressed Newark NJ, on large Valentine cover and small cover that contained a Valentine (accompanies), and much more we didn't mention, some faults as always found, generally, Fine to Very Fine, virtually impossible to duplicate, and certainly neither quickly nor easily; Scott for what we catalogued is $84,350 so the entire collection surely exceeds $100,000; see the entire collection online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 9.4 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (PDF3 for this Lot) (Image)

Get Market Data for [United States 73, 87, 93] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $30,000-40,000
SOLD for $22,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
89 63-72, 75-77 image1861-66 Issues, Specialized Collection (Scott 63-72, 75-77), a striking and ever-interesting collection of these popular issues, showcasing the myriad cancels they received; comprises the standard 1861 issues (#63//72; 3¢ items included but not in quantity as the others), plus the 1866 5¢ Jeffersons and 15¢ Lincoln; too many highlights to list them all, but suffice to say that if you like cancels, you're in for a treat: colors and fancies abound; Carrier cancels include New York (red and black) and Philadelphia, there's a Road Street, PA precancel (with glazed full o.g.), several "New York City/Paid 1ct." cancels, a wealth of "PAID"s, "FREE", Steamship; plenty of town postmarks throughout with specialized holdings of San Francisco cogwheels; New Orleans, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New York and Wells Fargo postmarks, plus Transatlantic markings for New York (French, Bremen and Hamburg Convention Mails) and Boston (British Packets); the stamps themselves are no less appealing, with shades (#63a, 63b and more throughout); #68 double transfer, another with two punched holes, one with possible Hiogo Japan cancel (as purchased by consignor); and there are double perforations, imprints and captures, straddle margins, and more to be discovered; some stamps noted as faulty or reperforated, others may be lurking—but this is a joy to behold, stamps generally Fine to Very Fine, the compilation as a whole Very Fine, fully imaged online; a collection rarely seen today—be sure to view, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.2 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Get Market Data for [United States 63-72, 75-77] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $20,000-25,000
SOLD for $13,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
90 70, 78 vars. image1862-63, 24¢ Study Selection (Scott 70, 78 vars.), four covers and over 120 stamps showing a large range of shades and variations, with colored and fancy cancels to match; #70 in red lilac, dark red lilac, grayish violet, red violet, grayish lilac, brown lilac (#70a), steel blue (#70b), dark violet (#70c, 1), bluish violet (1), grayish lilac and dark grayish lilac (#70d), pale gray violet, bluish gray; #78 as lilac, grayish lilac (#78a), gray (#78b), and blackish violet (1, damaged), each in quantities of 2 to 12 unless noted; cancels include PAIDs, blue Baltimore, red Supplementary Mail (3, on #70b, 78 and 78b), FREE, Boston British Packet, and fancies of all varieties, including an encircled Skull & Crossbones, New York Foreign Mail cancels, a Union Soldier's Head (1988 PF certificate), and much more; covers to North Wales, England (2) and France; the occasional fault noted by the consignor, others possibly lurking, but a wonderful array with great retail potential or a useful study aid for the specialist, generally Fine to Very Fine with better, inspection invited; imaged in full online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 0.6 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Get Market Data for [United States 70, 78 vars.] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $7,500-10,000
SOLD for $5,750.00
Will close during Public Auction
91 O/cover 71 imageStupendous Study Collection of the 30¢ orange, 1861 (Scott 71), all neatly mounted on Scott stock pages, over 90 stamps and three covers offering an alluring compilation of used Franklins; cancels include a rainbow of grids, various "PAID"s, reds and blues, fancies of every description, a blue Wells Fargo, a black Utah Territorial cancel, blue Baltimore Carrier, red "Steam", red "34" (accounting mark?); the stamps themselves offering some shades, one stamp noted as "unlisted silk threads"; all attractive and most appear sound, though expect the occasional trimmed perforations or other flaw as often found on these classics, Fine to Very Fine with much better, well worth the time to view, in-person or online (fully imaged), ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 0.8 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Get Market Data for [United States 71] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $7,500-10,000
SOLD for $5,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
92 65 imageMassive Cancel Study on 1861 3¢ rose (Scott 65), of over 2,000 stamps and 14 covers, an enormous variety of cancels with many better fancy including flower petal of Stillwater Minn. (2), "PAID" in 3 of Brattleboro VT, red "PAID 3 Cts" of Brighton Ohio, "PAID 3" in circle of Westborough Mass., "Jehovah" in Hebrew of Putnam CT, inset of NYC, Lyre in circle of Canton Miss., animals including fox running right, cat of Port Royal SC, cat of St. Louis, "U.S. Mail" in padlock of Stoneham Mass., 5 different strikes of Uncle Sam Thumbing nose (blue and black), heart with lines of Bridgeport CT, and much more, plus geometrics galore, checkboards, numerals, numerals in circles, letters, "PAID", "PAID" in lozenge, "FREE", leaves, colored cancels including green (19 plus 3 covers) and olive green (10), also includes #64b on New York & Erie Railroad Co. cover with 2013 APS certificate, and much more, some dubious as always, overall, Very Fine, strikes; see the entire lot online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 3.6 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

Get Market Data for [United States 65] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $5,000-7,500
SOLD for $15,000.00
Will close during Public Auction

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