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United States Possessions continued...

Canal Zone
LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
297 1 imageMeaty Canal Zone Collection, 1904/78 (Scott 1), a lifetime's effort in two Scott albums - one for stamps and the other for covers, many extra pages (many of which with detailed overprint analysis) added top accommodate the numerous duplicates which will include different cancels, shades and vast number of overprint varieties, multiples, booklet panes and booklets, etc., a seemingly endless list of premium highlighted by 1-3 mint and used selection with assorted varieties in overprint including 3 unused with PF cert, and 3a used single franking use to US Consulate in Colon (As cert), 4-8 NH, 4-8 set tied on cover to Panama (Molesworth notations on back side), 6 block mint, 7 block unused, 1904-06 issue specialized with numerous overprint varieties and errors as 10a Mint (PF cert), 11a used, 12c mint, 12d used, 13 "PAMANA" reading down mint, 13a mint, 13b mint, 14b pair mint (2 including one with crease), 19a-b mint, 20a mint, 20 block "Canal Zone" omitted mint (PF cert), 22a mint, 22e unused (2), 23c mint (2), 23fd mint, 24c unused, 27-69 mint (47 used, 48 with APS cert), 31c (2 panes in complete booklet, cover with small stain), 32c mint (APS c ert, top stamps thinned), 34 top margin block of 20 NH, 35 block mint, 39c mint (2), 39e mint, 46 top right corner margin block of eight with marginal markings NH, 46a mint, 46b mint, 48 UR corner margin block mint (PF cert, 3 stamps NH, some perf seps), 52a block mint, 52b mint, 53b mint, 55c NH, 56a block NH (PSE cert), 56d NH, 57 block mint, UR corner margin plate no and imprint block of eight NH, 60b mint plus pane and partial pane of two in booklet, 65 block NH, 66 block mint, 1924 5c-1b unissued varieties set of 7 mint, 70-96 mint (many NH and well centered), 71b mint, 71e (4 panes in complete booklet), 101a NH, 101a (2 panes in complete booklet), 115c (2 handmade complete booklets with two panes each), 117b (2 handmade complete booklets with 2 panes each), 120-35 NH, C1-53 NH, C2 block mint, CO8-12 used, J1-29 mint with some NH, J18a mint center stamp in a block of nine mint, O1-9 mint (includes rare 5c), UF1 used, registry envelope with Canal Zone overprint/ surcharge printed over for use in Panama used, ends with a some pages of perfins, precancels official seals, revenues, etc. including #`107 "P" official perfin single franking use on cover to Germany, typical condition for a Canal Zone collection with good number of the mint stamps tropicalized or disturbed gum to some degree, overall F-VF and a spectacular collection offered intact as received, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 14.6 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Video4 for this lot) (Image) (Image2)


Get Market Data for [United States Possessions (Canal Zone) 1] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $20,000-30,000
SOLD for $27,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
298   imageCanal Zone Miscellany, 1904/78, an album mostly filled with multiples including plate blocks and sheets, also includes some booklet panes, precancels, etc., note 21 block of six mint, 24-26 blocks mint, 35 top margin block of eight mint, 39d block mint, 54 block mint, 57 margin pair mint, 62a block mint, 70-75 blocks mint, 73a mint, 84d mint, 89-90 blocks of six NH, 80 block mint, 81 top arrow block mint, 85 top plate block NH, 88 plate block mint, 90-93 blocks mint, 92 plate block mint, 92-93 blocks of six NH, 93 top plate block NH, 97 block mint, 99 block of six NH, 102-04 blocks mint, 114a sheet of 100 NH, 120-35 blocks NH, 121-28 plate blocks of 24 NH, 164a plate block NH, 1928/40 1c/50c precancels incl NH multiples, C12-14 plate blocks of six NH (2 each), C15-20 blocks NH, C15-17 plate blocks of 24 NH, C21-26 plate blocks mint, C36-41 sheets of 50 NH, J1 bottom margin block with plate no 5534, J6 block NH, J9-10 blocks of six mint, J16 plate block of six mint (VG-F), J17 block mint, J18-20 used blocks, J21-24 plate blocks of six mint, etc., some typical gum disturbance/ tropicalization but plenty fresh and F-VF, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 9.8 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Image) (Image2)


Get Market Data for [United States Possessions (Canal Zone) 2 each] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $3,500-5,000
SOLD for $5,250.00
Will close during Public Auction
299   imageCanal Zone, "In the Zone" Mint & Used Collection in Stockbook, 1904-78, Outstanding offering of Canal Zone with a few hundred overprints on Panama & U.S., mint & used blocks, and strong B-O-B. Many better throughout, such as mint #4-8, 8 (block of four with plate #), 62a (block of four), 77 (block of six), 84-95 (2), 87 (two blocks of four), 91c (block of four), 120-35, C15-20, C26 (plate block of six), J16 (two blocks of four, one with plate #), and used 70-80, 95, CO7 (block of four), CO8, CO10, J1-3 (blocks of four), J12-14. You will also find cut squares, post office seals, TB seals and a few covers, generally Fine to Very Fine, Entirely viewable online. Shipping charges apply - weight 3 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $2,000-2,500
SOLD for $2,400.00
Will close during Public Auction
300 U1 imageCanal Zone Postal Stationery Collection, 1907/78, four volumes showing the full range of postal cards and envelopes and nicely enhanced with uses, some varieties, etc., perusing the pages reveals better as U1 mint (central vertical fold) and unused, U2 mint (3 including one with vignette shift), U2a mint and used, U2c mint (faults), U3 used uprated with #67, U4-5 mint and used, U6-7 mint (2), U8-9 mint and used in varying sizes, U12 mint (2), U14-15 mint, UC1 mint (3), UC2 mint, UC10 with albino impressions of the surcharges mint, UX1 mint, UX2 mint (6 including different types), UX3 mint (3 with different types), UX4 mint (3 with different types), UX4 used with sender's return address "Marine Barracks/ Camp Elliott/ Panama", UX5 used with printed ad on back, UX6-7 mint, UX8 mint (2), etc., usual mixed condition with most F-VF, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 17 lbs. (Video for this lot) (Video2 for this lot) (Video3 for this lot) (Video4 for this lot) (Image) (Image2)


Get Market Data for [United States Possessions (Canal Zone) U1] Visual Pricing Guide

Estimate $1,500-2,000
SOLD for $1,300.00
Will close during Public Auction

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