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United States continued...

LotNo. Symbol CatNo. Lot Description
115   imageThe Statesman's Officials Collection, 1873-2006, one with gravitas; hundreds upon hundreds of stamps, mostly mint/unused, on Scott album (mounted) or stock pages, running the gamut from the classics to the modern; the core is a complete collection of all Departments (including State to $20), each with some stamps duplicated, plus a wealth of supporting material including blocks (some used!), a top margin imprint block of eight #O108, #O35 on ribbed paper, three pages of dollar-value State facsimiles, soft paper #O17 strip of 3, Official Postal Savings Mail blocks of four with 2mm and 3mm spacings noted plus used blocks of four or more, etc.; the modern series is no less impressive, with plate or copyright blocks, plate number coils of three and five, #O148 imperforate pair and block of four plus perforated bottom margin strip of four with full gutter between, and a rarely encountered quantity of used (some on-piece) with singles, pairs and multiples up to strips of ten; certificates accompany for #O6 (2001 PSE, regummed), O69 (2004 PSE) and O70 (1992 PF, reperforated at left); as always with a holding of this size, expect the occasional flaw, generally Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, a must-see; imaged in full online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.4 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $15,000-20,000
SOLD for $16,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
116   imageAn Imperium of Used Officials, a whopping 3,000 items (yes, we counted), with pairs and strips counted as single items, offering every variety of Officialdom with cancels in a rainbow of colors, a gallery of designs, and a gazetteer of locales, all arranged on oversized stockpages in a like-new binder; begins with a complete set of each Department (State to 90¢), with duplicates following, arranged by Department and then by denomination, with brush cancels, Fancies galore, alphabets of letters, Forts, Territorials, "PAID", towns, duplexes, Wheels of Fortune, a Kicking Mule, "US" and "US WAR", rare Ann Arbor rubber bottle stoppers, Railroads…the list goes on and on; the stamps themselves noted as to paper varieties; a magnificent holding of cancels, expect some stamps to have faults, Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, imaged in its entirety online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 7.2 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (PDF2 for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $10,000-15,000
SOLD for $11,000.00
Will close during Public Auction
117 O1S//O93S imageOfficial Specimen Collection, 1873 (Scott O1S//O93S), fresh Specimen collection on black stock pages; includes Agriculture O1S (6), O2S (2) and block of 4, 08S, and O9S; Executive O10S (15), O11S (2) and vertical pair, O12S, 013S, and 014S (2); Interior O15S, O16S, and O17S; Justice O25S (7), O26S (2), and O30S; Navy O35S (3) plus O35S "SEPCIMEN" overprint, O36S, and O39S; Post Office O47S (2) plus O47S with inverted "SPECIMEN" overprint and cert; State O57S (8) including vertically ribbed and soft paper, O58S (2), O59S, O61S, and 066S; Treasury O72S (and another with a fancy Geometric cancel), 073S, and O76S; and War O83S (2), 084S (2), 087S, O88S, O92S, and O93S; scarce, Very Fine, ex Gatsby, with 2008 P.F. certificate graded 70. Shipping charges apply - weight 0.8 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $4,000-6,000
SOLD for $4,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
118   imageThe White Paper Collection of Official Proofs, valuable and varied holding of large die and plate proofs, on India and card, spanning all nine Departments; begins with a complete set of card proofs, followed by Continental card proofs for War (in plum) and $2-$20 State (2 sets), $2-$20 State proofs on India ($20 with part imprint capture) and large die proof #O69P1, various card proof blocks of four including State to 90¢; Roosevelt Album Navies (#O35P2-O45P2), complete large die proofs for Executive and Justice, complete Atlantas (all five colors) for Post Office (with original envelope) and Navy, plus single-color sets and part-sets, #O39TC1 (1994 PF certificate), #O71Pa (faults, but rare), 2¢ Navy Trial Colors (green and black) on perforated stamp paper, and more besides; the occasional fault visible, others may exist, generally Very Fine, a stunning collection that must be seen to be fully appreciated; completely imaged online, ex-Gatsby. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.6 lbs. (PDF for this Lot) (Image)

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Estimate $4,000-6,000
SOLD for $7,500.00
Will close during Public Auction
119   imageHigh Catalog Collection of Officials, More than 100 with minor duplication, mostly on album pages; lots of $75-and-up including mint O6 (no gum), O10 (no gum), O15, O21, O22 (no gum), O23, O24 (2, one no gum), O25-26, O28 (2, one no gum), O29, O30 (no gum), O31, O35-O41 (all no gum or regummed), O52, O54 (no gum), O55, O56 (no gum), O57 (2, no gum), O59, O60-62 (no gum or regummed), O64, O75 (NH, crease), O76 (no gum), O77, O82 (no gum), O84 (no gum), O87, O91, O93, O100, O101 (no gum), O102, O106 (2, one without gum), O109, and O120 (no gum); and usedO11-12, O25, O32-34, O42-44, O58, O63, O65, O80, O95, and O110-111; also Post Office plate proofs O47P3-O56P3 (12¢ on card); condition is extremely variable with the best stamps having small faults and/or poor centering. Still a useful lot for filling spaces.
Scott $15,000. (Image) (Image2) (Image3) (Image4) (Image5) (Image6) (Image7) (Image8) (Image9) (Image10) (Image11) (Image12) (Image13) (Image14) (Image15) (Image16) (Image17) (Image18) (Image19)

image image image image

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Estimate $2,000-3,000
SOLD for $1,400.00
Will close during Public Auction

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