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June, 2019

Heinrich Koehler Auctions GmbH & Co. KG - STOCKHOLMIA 2019 and Erivan Rarities Worldwide Public Auction - June 1, 2019 While the first STOCKHOMIA 2019 auction catalogue contains a large variety of rare stamps and post-historical letters from various consignors, the second STOCKHOLMIA 2019 auction catalogue features international rarities from the ERIVAN collection.

A total of 12 experts from our companies were involved in the implementation and philatelic descriptions. With the two STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Rarities Auctions you have the opportunity to complete your collections with rare and valuable items. Perhaps by purchasing a dream item you are taking advantage of the opportunity to start a new collection? Many of the stamps and letters on offer have not been on the market for years or even decades!
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David Feldman SA - Public Auction Series: All World & Several Specialized Catalogues - June 4-7, 2019 David Feldman International Auctioneers are pleased to announce its upcoming Auction Series which will be held in Geneva from June 4th to 7th. We will offer our traditional All World catalogue (Europe, Overseas and collections) as well as the following several specialised sections:

  • Olympic Games & Soccer
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Rarities of the World
  • France & colonies
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Grosvenor - Auction of British Empire and Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal History - June 5-6, 2019 Welcome to sale 129 featuring the latest in our popular offerings of specialised Falkland Islands & Antarctica together with the Helen Davis Gold Medal collection of Penguin Stamps, the Gold Medal collection of Straits Settlements, Malaya and British Borneo during the Second World War formed by the late David Foreman and numerous other rare items and fine specialised collections.
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David Feldman SA - Public Auction: Great Britain & British Empire and Ireland - June 7, 2019 David Feldman International Auctioneers are pleased to announce its upcoming Auction Series which will be held in Geneva from June 4th to 7th. We will offer our traditional All World catalogue as well as the following several specialised sections:

  • Great Britain and British Empire
  • Ireland
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Heinrich Koehler Auctions GmbH & Co. KG - Public Auction: The Erivan Collection of German States - June 8, 2019 While the first STOCKHOMIA 2019 auction catalogue contains a large variety of rare stamps and post-historical letters from various consignors, the second STOCKHOLMIA 2019 auction catalogue features international rarities from the ERIVAN collection.

A total of 12 experts from our companies were involved in the implementation and philatelic descriptions. With the two STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Rarities Auctions you have the opportunity to complete your collections with rare and valuable items. Perhaps by purchasing a dream item you are taking advantage of the opportunity to start a new collection? Many of the stamps and letters on offer have not been on the market for years or even decades!
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Cherrystone Auctions - The James R. Simon Collection - June 12, 2019 The James R. Simon collection is comprised of over 600 volumes, well researched by a historian and student of philately of very diverse areas, starting with Afghanistan and Albania, continuing with extensive Austro-Hungarian Empire, impressive Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and Yugoslavia, as well as Croatia, Fiume and Trieste. There are specialized collections of Honduras, Liberia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and many others. Most of the collections are offered intact and include United States & Possessions, Independent Asia, Benelux and British Commonwealth, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Germany, Greece, Italy and Italian Colonies, as well as South and Central America, Japan, Korea, Portugal and Colonies, Turkey, Uruguay and many others. Many of the collections are highly specialized and viewing is recommended, either in person (by appointment prior to the sale) or our website (www.cherrystoneauctions.com), where additional scans are added continuously.

This auction takes place on June 12th, 2019 at 10:00 at Cherrystone Auction Galleries and on CherrystoneLIVE. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Spink USA - The Summer Collector's Series sale - June 13, 2019 The Spink USA 169th auction starts with United States with Valentines, stamp boxes and postal scales, many mint never hinged singles, better plate blocks and ends with some handsome Hawaii covers. The U.S. collections section includes several valuable collections and an extensive collection of Expositions and Fairs offered intact as well as New Jersey postal history. The foreign portion features Cape of Good Hope triangulars, Trans-Jordan and an extensive collection of mint never hinged Switzerland, including Cantonal issues. The sale ends with a large offering of collections. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Corinphila Auctions AG - Worldwide Public Auction - June 11-17, 2019 Top-class philatelic material from around the world... a truly exceptional offer of valuable philatelic and postal history material awaits collectors in ten auction catalogues.

  • Switzerland & Liechtenstein
  • The ERIVAN Collection Austria and Lombardy-Venetia
  • All World catalogue including the special collections: Egypt, Ceylon, Gibraltar, British Levant, Brit. Morocco, New Zealand and Cyprus
  • Levant Postal History, incl. Austrian Lloyd
  • Australia, incl. 'The Hess Collection'
  • Chile The Joseph Hackmey Collection part II
  • South & Central Amerika 'The Brian Moorhouse Estate'
  • Ducato di Parma
  • The Besançon Collection: Great Britain (part I) and
  • The Besançon Collection: Cape of Good Hope, incl. Mafeking, Griqualand, Natal, Orange Free State and Zululand
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AB Philea - International stamp auction - June 13, 2019 Welcome to AB Philea's international stamp auction no 369 on 13 June, with more than 2800 lots. The auction features a strong Scandinavian section as usual, but also many good lots from many other countries. E.g. Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA and China. There are about 240 lots coins, banknotes, tokens and art.

  • Sweden
  • Nordic countries; Clearance lots
  • Europe, All-world, thematics, Non-Nordic countries
  • Numismatics; miscellany
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Eastern Auctions Ltd. - Public Auction: Highlands Part Three, Newfoundland Canada Airmails, Small Queens - June 13-15, 2019 The Highlands Collection of British North America – Part Three June 13, 2019 (Lot 1-345)
This extraordinary multi-million dollar holding was built over a period of forty years, with emphasis on acquiring great rarities in superior condition. A concerted effort was made by the collector to secure items for his collection in the highest attainable quality. The collection is reminiscent in style and scope to the greatest collections of the past, with strong emphasis on the pre-Confederation era. We invite everyone who appreciates stamps, proofs and postal history of British North America to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Archives of Patricia Airways and Exploration Limited June 14, 2019 (Lot 346-570)
Finally surfacing after more than 90 years, these archives contains original artwork, numerous essays and proofs, issued stamps often in full sheets and first flight covers, displaying a multitude of variations in imprints, inscriptions, perforations, paper, etc. Many are not documented in the literature and other specialised catalogues.

General Sale June 14-15, 2019 (Lot 571-1255)Postal history is a dominant feature in our upcoming General Sale with fantastic Maritime Provinces colonial era covers; Newfoundland KGV and KGVI eras with a wealth of die proofs, varieties and imperforates in addition to specialized postal history lots; the W. Terry Averbeck collection of Canada Small Queen 1870-1897 Postal History with an excellent array of foreign destinations and rates; and the Vic Willson collection of Canada International Airmails 1919-1941.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Gernot Reiners Collection of Togo and Cameroon - The Anglo-French Occupation - June 18, 2019 The Gernot Reiners Collection of Togo and Cameroon features the Anglo-French Occupation period. This exceptional specialized collection is replete with numerous singles, multiples, varieties and postal history -- many of which are important rarities.

The Reiners collection was carefully assembled over the period of decades, and the special auction catalogue (and descriptions) provide interested bidders with a wealth of detailed information regarding these fascinating issues.

Session One (lots 1-138): Tuesday, June 18, 2019, at 10:30 a.m.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, including the Angel Collection - June 18-20, 2019 This large and diverse sale contains an interesting assemblage of desirable stamps and covers from around the world, featuring several important name collections such as The Angel Collection of International Mails, the Michael Andrew Pope Collection of Gem Quality Canada, the Dr. C.S. Raveendran Collection of India and Cochin, Specialized Offering of Colombian Air Posts Issues, 1919-1923, and the Henning Jarle Mathiassen Aviation exhibit collection.

Concluding the auction is an extensive array of large and valuable Worldwide Collections and Large Lots. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd. - Public Unreserved Auction - June 18-21, 2019 We’re happy to bring you our 550th auction sale. We would like to thank the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada for the privilege of holding an auction at the 2019 Royal Stamp Show at the Hilton Mississauga, 6750 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON, L5N 2L3 This auction will run for three days from Tuesday June 18th to 21st starting at our offices in Aurora. On Friday 21st June 2019 will be at the 2019 Royal in Mississauga at 6:00 pm. We’ve arranged for viewing of the lots in the Friday session at the Hotel Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please make note that our Aurora offices will be closed on Thursday June 19th.

In 1987, Canadian philatelists everywhere were excited about CAPEX 13-21 June 1987. My father and the staff at R. Maresch & Son were the official auctioneers and were busy putting together an auction for the show. As fate would have it, we have an item in this sale that we sold just before CAPEX and was exhibited at the show. R. Maresch & Son is an unreserved auction house and we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of items from the properties of numerous owners and estates.

This sale offers many very fine or better items from Pence on. It also has many large multiples of Leaf, Numeral and Admirals issues, including a complete sheet of the 10¢ Numeral. Over 70 lots of Large Queens, the 10¢ Small Queens including shades, dated copies and varieties. The collections of William Apsit with Latvia including extremely specialized collections of the First issue printed on Maps, Currency, plus Revenues, Field Post as well as other Baltic countries. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Raritan Stamps, Inc. - Rare Worldwide Stamps and Postal History Public Auction - June 21-22, 2019 The Sale contains 1076 lots of Rare Worldwide Stamps and Postal History of the World and represents the property of 44 owners.

The Auction presents:

  • United States - Classic stamps, with rare proofs of the Bureau and -American Exposition issue, imperforated varieties and color errors;
  • Nice selection of British Commonwealth, including:
    • Valuable Collection of Canada,
    • British East Africa, Central Africa and St, Lucia Intact Collections,
    • Beautiful range of Kings and Queen Elizabeth II material, many in mint never hinged condition;
  • Argentinean collection of Die and Trial Color Proofs, Essays and Artist's Works;
  • German area items, representing Third Reich, Offices Abroad and Colonies, Danzig and Memel material, valuable Soviet Zone of Occupation collections and many more;
    • Imperial Postage Stamps and Postal History, along with Printer’s Control Markings Collection presents a nice range of Classic Russia with unused No.2 and 4,
    • RSFSR Issues are showing extremely rare “Sword Breaking Chain” Proofs, rarities of “Star” surcharges, including litho surcharge 20r on 15k (No.224),
    • Soviet Union Section starting with Part II of the Die Proofs Collection, representing over 30 different items, as usual, presented numerous proofs, perforation errors and imperforated varieties,
    • Air Post Section includes Airships of 1934, complete set of five trial color proofs along with Moscow-San Francisco Flight surcharges and other items,
  • Beautiful range of single lots and collections of Armenia with rarities and positional blocks of surcharges on the First Constantinople issue; nice Azerbaijan material;
  • Classic Ukraine representing a strong range of various Trident Overprints, notable items from Dr Seichter, Dr Zelonka and other World-class Collections, in addition there are lots of General issues, including modern imperforates and proofs;
  • Asian Countries Countries include material of Cambodia, China of all regimes, Japan, Korea and North Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Tannu Tuva, Thailand and South Vietnam;
  • Worldwide lots from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Crete, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France and Territories, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portuguese Colonies, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Colonies, Switzerland, Vatican City and many more;
  • Over one hundred Collections, Collective Lots and Accumulations.
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abacus auctions - Worldwide Public Auction: Stamps, Postal History & Picture Postcards - June 22, 2019 Abacus Auctions Sale 236 on Saturday 22 June 2019 offers 1300+ lots of Australia, Australian Colonies & Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Postal Stationery & Picture Postcards with just over A$1 Million in estimates and the vast majority of material being ‘fresh to market’. In addition to the many exceptional single items, highlighted by the Tamiami South Australian Departmental Overprints & the second part of William Pate’s New Guinea Covers 1889-1941 including GRI/NWPI overprints, there are literally hundreds of collections & accumulations waiting for your perusal.
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Sandafayre Ltd. - Worldwide Public Auction - June 22, 2019 New to SAN this public auction has 482 mostly collection and accumulation lots but also some Commonwealth and GB items amongst a fascinating array of vendors material.
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H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. - The “ERIVAN Collection” of United and Confederate States: Sale 1 - June 22, 2019 On June 22, 2019, H.R. Harmer will conduct the sale of the first part of the ERIVAN Collection of United States Postal History in New York City. Included in the ERIVAN Collection are many of the most celebrated items in all of American philately, including some which have not been on the auction block for decades. Among the countless highlights we would like to draw particular attention to:

  • The Alexandria “Blue Boy,” an icon of American philately, offered publicly for the first time in over 50 years (Lot 1)
  • The Grove Hill Confederate Provisional on cover, considered by experts to be one of the most important Confederate items in existence (Lot 58)
  • One of two eastbound covers in existence carried on the first trip of the Pony Express (Lot 109)
  • A Waterbury “Man With Hat” fancy cancellation on a patriotic cover, one of the most spectacular of all fancy cancellations (lot 124)
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Sterling Kingbrook Auctions - Mail Bid/Internet/Floor Auction - June 22, 2019 Welcome to Sterling Kingbrook Auctions Sale 2019B. This sale is very diverse and you will find some nice singles, sets, covers, specialty items, smaller accumulations, and our usual larger box lots. Hopefully you find something that appeals to you!

Here are some highlights in our June 22nd auction:

  • A strong selection of earlier US material, many with newly obtained certificates
  • Fabulous German Colonies and Occupations collections
  • One man's large Swiss Soldier stamp and cover collection
  • People’s Republic of China 1980 year set including “Monkey” stamp
  • More postage lots than usual
  • A nice selection of worldwide topical lots and ephemera/Cinderella lots
  • Multiple small, medium and large accumulations & box lots as well as many better foreign singles, sets, and intact collections
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Interasia Auctions Limited - Public Auction - June 23-24, 2019 The General Sale (June 23-24) commences with the early postal history of the Chinese Customs and Imperial Post periods, featuring two rare examples of mail matter from Taiwan and Korea. Among the Large Dragons is what is considered to be the rarest and most remarkable of the essays and proofs: the unique complete sheet of the 5 candarins brownish ochre with extra circle and trial perforation, originally owned by Sir Robert Hart, later Sir Percival David, and ultimately the Beckemans. There are also four Large Dragons covers, the undoubted highlight of which is the Large Dragon-Small Dragon mixed franking sent from Chinkiang to Denmark through the French Post Office in Shanghai. Among the Small Dragons is the remarkable double rate combination cover from the Chinese Imperial Post Office in Seoul. The 1894 Dowager Empress Birthday features the magnificent set of the Second printing in marginal or corner blocks of four offered intact. The 1897 New Currency surcharges are replete with rare multiples and varieties, including the small figures surcharge 10c. on 9ca. with surcharge double and a fresh marginal mint example of the famous "Golden Dragon", the only such recorded with sheet or interpane margin. Two Red Revenue usages on postal stationery cards comprise a taxed usage to London and a registered mixed issue usage franked with the large figures 2c. on 3c. and various other values including C.I.P. 1c. horizontal imperforate between pair. A stunning mint set of the 1914-19 Junk Peking printing in blocks of four and the 1923 surcharged 2c. on 3c. with surcharge inverted are representative of the later issues, but one should also mention the eight exquisite 1942 die proofs in black of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen London printing. The highlight of the Local Posts is a set of the rare Shanghai Double Dragon essays with the values in English lettering rather than Arabic numerals. Rare unused multiples of the Taiwan 1950 Flying Geese surcharges include the top three values in blocks of six (the two high values with sheet margins). The Foreign Post Offices in China are highlighted by a splendid array of combination covers, the large part of which are from the Mick Goldsmith collection. Then, there are nearly fifty lots from the correspondence of Dr. Willis Clarke Noble, a late 19th century American missionary in Paoting who established a public health service there, which comprise mail from both the U.S.A. and China during the 1894-98 period, and represent a veritable gold mine for postal historians. Finally, there is a fine section of postal stationery.

The Hong Kong and Treaty Ports, and Macau catalogue (June 23) has a diverse offering, with the issued stamps featuring a mint example of the Queen Victoria 96c. olive-bistre and a further offering of modern varieties, including the 1983 Hong Kong by Night $1.30 variety silver omitted in a complete sheet and the 1988 Peak Tramway miniature sheet with black omitted in a booklet. We are privileged to offer the renowned collection of Revenues and Postal Fiscals formed by Philippe Orsetti, whose monograph represents the definitive catalogue of this subject. Macau includes early mail, extensive "Specimen" overprints, modern varieties, and the finest offering of postal stationery in many years.

The Stamps and Postal History of the People's Republic of China and the Liberated Areas (June 24) include a fine representative section of the Liberated Areas, while the stamps of the P.R.C. are well represented throughout and showcased by the unissued large format "Whole Country is Red" cancelled by Liaoning c.d.s., one of four recorded used examples of this great rarity.
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Christoph Gärtner Philatelic - Worldwide Public Auction - June 24-28, 2019 This auction offers a wide variety of remarkable items from all over the world, including unique pieces, world rarities and post-historically important items of all kinds. Some highlights of our 44nd auction.

  • Bank notes - Worldwide, Germany
  • Coins
  • China & China - Liberated Areas
  • Asia, Overseas, Special Auction British Africa
  • Germany, Europe
  • Collections Overseas / Europe / Germany
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Stanley Gibbons Auctions - The Dr Dunlop Collection of Switzerland - June 25th 2019 Dr. Joyce Dunlop with her passion, competence and dedication extensively covered the various aspects of Swiss philately; we are proud to offer the fruits of her many years of collecting here in one catalogue. With many key items each accompanied by a certificate, we hope you find something of interest that will further enhance your own collection. You can bid Live on June 25th via Stanley Gibbons Auction website for no additional fee.
The auction takes place at Stanley Gibbons, 399 Strand, London, WC2R 0LX
email: Iain Murphy

Georg Bühler Nachfolger Briefmarken-Auktionen GmbH - Worldwide Public Auction - June 25, 2019 Welcome to this Worldwide Auction imcluding wonderful singles, collections, letters and more offered by Georg Bühler Nachfolger Briefmarken-Auktionen GmbH, Berlin's oldest stamp auction house, founded in 1949. We welcome you to review this catalogue and participate in this auction. Some highlights:

  • Whole world, overseas A-Z
  • Europe
  • Old German states
  • German empire
  • German colonies and offices abroad
  • German territories 1914/45
  • German city - air - ship - fieldpost, propaganda, etc.
  • German local issues
  • Liquidation
  • Letters
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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - The MLG Collection - June 25, 2019 A magnificent one-owner specialized collection of US issues from 1883 to 1930. Once in a very great while a collection comes to market that inspires us, all encompassing within a certain subject from production drawings to completed proofs and specimens, special printings, to the issued stamps and their varieties: from plate blocks to full panes; usages from pre-issuance to day of issue, unusual destinations, cancellations, and routings
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Oldlouis - $1 START Rarities of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and The World (Stamps & Covers) - June 25 - July 3, 2019 The Auction contains 2,250 lots of rare collectible postage stamps and postal history. The extraordinary and stunning material such us probes, proofs, specimens, print errors, varieties, locals and high valued sets.

The Auction includes:

  • RUSSIA : Russian Empire, Civil War, Offices Abroad, Non-Postal & Cinderella, RSFSR, Soviet Union
  • UKRAINE : Tridents, Western Ukraine, Carpatho Ukraine, Camp Post, Occupations, Underground Post
  • GERMANY : Third Reich, Occupations, Varieties
  • ALSO: Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Transcaucasian SSR, Czechoslovakian, Latvia, Lithuania, Silver Miniatures Collection, etc.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - 2019 Rarities of the World - June 26, 2019 The Siegel Rarities of the World sale is an annual event held every year since 1964. The 2019 edition includes:

  • 19th and 20th Century Rarities
  • The Inverted Jenny Position 19
  • The Scott Newman, M.D. Collection of Gem-Quality United States Stamps
  • Carriers, Locals and Independent Mails from the Daniel J. Ryterband Collection
  • Revenues from the Michael Willis Collection.
  • Confederate States, Hawaii, Canada and India
Afternoon Session (lots 2001-2195): Wednesday, June 26, 2019, at 1:30 p.m.
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Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH - Worldwide Auction of Stamps, Postal History, Coins & Postcards - June 28-29, 2019 Dear collector friends of the Auction Galleries, in our upcoming, 13th auction we have again numerous attractive and rare specialities ready for you. Almost 8000 lots of worldwide singles and collections.

A highlight - and as we think, quite rightly, on the title page - is the mixed franking Ethiopia/French Somaliland from 1906. This alone is worth an exclamation mark, but it gets even better. The vast majority of such mixed frankings made their way to Europe, only a handful to other parts of the world. The present letter with destination China is according to all known sources the only one existing and has thus an exceptional position!

The "second look" is the next story! While describing the following lot by the author, the second look was paired with unbelieving amazement. Sure, Saarland service Mi. 33-44 real stamped and accordingly certified: "...yes, not bad, one can take...". But wait, there is something else! And the second look revealed the secret of the planned exclamation, a first day cover! Personally in the hands holding, was then a premiere and the present colleagues did not go it much better...

This is truly only a small excerpt and certainly also influenced by personal feelings. We are sure that you will find your personal highlight, perhaps even your highlights, on the journey through the offer.
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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - Collections, Stocks and Accumulations of the World - June 28-29, 2019 Over 700 meaty lots of collections, stocks and accumulations of the world, including:

  • The Irving Garfinkel British Commonwealth Collection
  • The Charles V. Cover, Jr. Collection of U.S.
  • The Joseph Krois Stock
  • The Oberlyn Family Collection
  • The Rosenberg Family Holding
  • The Al Schickler Collection
  • The Thomas P. Slavin European Collection
LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Modern Stamps, Inc. - Public Auction #475 - No Buyer's Fee - June 29, 2019 Public Auction #474 includes 417 Lots without Hidden Reserves. This Sale includes Collections of U.S. Stamps, plus World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Country Collections, Accumulations, Covers and "Box Lots". Sale Highlights Include Early U.S. Issues, U.S. "Postage" Lots, U.S. Mint Sheets and U.S. Covers. The Sale also includes World Wide Small Lots and Collections from British Commonwealth, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and Middle East. There is a Wide Selection of Country Collections & Accumulations (Over 100 Lots), Plus Some "Cinderella" Items (Not Listed by Scott) and World Wide Covers. There are many Better "Box Lots", Unsorted Mixtures and Accumulations (U.S. and World Wide). Something of interest for almost every collector can be found in this Sale. NO BIDDER'S FEE IS ADDED TO THE INVOICE. All Lots Sold to the High Bidder at an Increment Over the Second High Bid. PHONE BIDDING DURING THE AUCTION CAN BE SCHEDULED. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Oakwood Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - June 29, 2019 Our June 29th auction is an internet auction, finishing when all the lots have been completed. This auction is loaded with some rare Canadian singles, sets, covers, specialty items, smaller collections, many foregin lots, as well as foreign and Canadian coins. We are offering low opening bids and a competitive buyer’s premium (20%), again making this appealing to the collector and dealer.

Here are some highlights in our June 29th auction:

  • Canada "Large Queens"
  • Canada "Small Queens"
  • Edward and George V
  • Jubilees
  • Plate Proofs and Blocks
  • Israel MNH Tabs Collection
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July, 2019

Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG - Worldwide Public Auction - July 2-6, 2019 Summer is on the way and our 166th auction is just around the corner: between 4 and 6 July, Auktionshaus Felzmann will once again be holding its international Summer Auction. As always, the Felzmann team has pulled out all the stops and put together an extensive range of material designed to appeal to collectors in as many areas as possible. Highlights include:

Coins, Medallions and Banknotes

  • Eight coins (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 riyals) from the United Arab Emirates (Lot 1442, starting bid: €3,000). These well-preserved specimens from 1970 were issued during the lifetime of Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmad Al Mualla II
  • Collectors of coins belonging to the Germany Until 1799 field can look forward to, among other things, an unedited rarity from 1641 depicting the hand of God. The gold coin is the ultimate addition to any Jülich-Berg collection and will be going under the hammer in the Summer auction as Lot 158.
  • These include eight different issues of the world’s first stamp – the “Penny Black”. As Peter Such, Head of Philately at Auktionshaus Felzmann, explains: “This stamp, which cost a penny in its day, is not the rarest or most expensive of stamps but is nonetheless very popular among collectors.”
  • Hanover collectors can also look forward to July, when exceptional specimens from the Kingdom of Hanover will be going under the hammer – complete with separate auction catalogue! Worthy of particular mention is a 10-groschen mark in green olive on a cover to Chile (Lot 5659, starting bid: €5,000). This is a very rare foreign destination with a high postage class. Very few pairs of 10-groschen stamps on a cover are known to exist.
  • Of no less historical interest is the exceptional special section featuring some 270 covers “400 years of disinfected mail” from all over the world.
However, Felzmann has more to offer than just coins, medallions and banknotes and philately – collectors’ items such as watches can also be found in the auction catalogue. A specimen from the well-known manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne can be found under Lot 1772, starting bid: €5,000. Issued circa 1920, the piece is made of 14-carat rose gold.
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Phoenix Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - July 5, 2019 Auction 71 starts 9:30 am local time with the following schedule:

  • Part 1 is the Boxlot section.
  • Part 2 features the Carson/Morgan sale with a large Roos section including a select offering of early essays and many lots with monograms and imprints, including a number of very scarce items, such as a £2 1st wmk with 'CA' monogram, 1/- 1st wmk 'CA' monogram strip of 3, 2½d 2nd wmk 'CA' monogram block of 6, 6d blue 3rd wmk imt block of 8, 6d Engraved Kooka impt/Plate 1 block of 8 and 5/- Bridge impt block of 10.
  • Part 3 of this Auction begins at 1:30pm. It contains a good selection of Australian Commonwealth incl 1d red Die I with Wmk Sideways block of 4 with major plate variety, unissued 3½d Olympics, Ross Smith vignette on cover, a further selection of Hugh Freeman's Victorian Barred Numerals.
  • Another hightlight is Lot 1101 is a Private Treaty lot. it is massive book of photos of the 1880 Melbourne Exhibition. The Auction ends with a group of Autographs, including Elvis Presley, model cars and a large wonderful group of Sport cards with particular emphasis on Australian Rules Football and Cricket.
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Cherrystone Auctions - The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Stamps - July 10, 2019 Every stamp collector remembers his first album. It was a gift from a parent, grandparent, handed down from a sibling or relative, or just purchased with allowance money. Think back to the first time you browsed through that album. History of the United States unfolded in front of you. There were the Founders, Presidents, Revolutionary Heroes and Generals, Scientists, Innovators, Automobiles and Airplanes. Your mind quickly calculated which spaces you could afford to fill on your current budget. You thought about stamps that were beyond your reach and what chores or odd jobs you could do to generate some extra funds. You also instinctively knew, that some spaces would remain forever blank.

The New Amsterdam Collection began over sixty years ago, back in the old (pre-internet) days. Our collector was on a mission to complete spaces in his newly acquired Scott National Postage Album. Over the years, while enjoying the philatelic journey and the resultant education, the quest continued, the means changed and some of those difficult spaces, especially Reprints, Reissues and Special Printings began to fill. When the rare, early 20th Century Coils became available, the opportunity to acquire them was not missed. Once the album achieved a fair degree of completion, the collector moved on to Inverted Centers, picking up an outstanding 1869 unused 30c Pictorial, 1c, 2c and 4c Pan-Americans, and of course an Inverted Jenny, every philatelist's dream.

When it became clear that a complete unused collection was not possible, the focus turned to the rare 1867 Grills. First came the 30c A.Grill (one of only 8 known), then a spectacular 3c B.Grill (accompanied by the original cover from Mason, Texas to Darmstadt, Germany, on which the only four known examples originated); on another occasion, the finest example of the 10c Z. Grill, followed by the iconic 15c Z.Grill (which like its famous counterpart 1c Z.Grill is one of only two in existence).

Much, if not most of the material was acquired through Bill and John Solomon of Dumont Stamp Company, an old established and respected dealership. Their well-known shop was located just around the corner from our current offices. Many of the stamps were accompanied by certificates from the American Philatelic Society Board of Examiners and the Philatelic Foundation. Since condition and expertizing standards have changed since the 1940s-1960s, we have re-submitted all individual items for updated re-examination. Every single lot in the New Amsterdam Collection is accompanied by a brand new 2019 Philatelic Foundation Certificate (images of the new certificates are available on www.cherrystoneauctions.com). The New Amsterdam Collection is the largest single collection ever submitted at one time to the Foundation for certification.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did while researching and preparing the lots for auction.

Best of luck in the sale, Josh Buchsbayew Vice-President Cherrystone Auctions Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktions - Worldwide Public Auction of Stamps, Coins and Collections - July 12, 2019 Dr. Reinhard Fischer's auction house will be presenting its 169th auction on 12th of July 2019. 11,100 lots with a total starting price of EUR 1,30 Million EUR will be auctioned. The auction offers rarities like:

  • German States: very good offer in high quality containy the "Schwarze Einser" of Bavaria MNH ** in luxus quality
  • German Empire: all the sought after issues in good quality like Chicago Flight MNH ** and Help in Need souvenir sheet MNH ** as well as used
  • German colonies with many rarities like the rare "Masinde" cancellation of German South West Africa
  • German occupation in WWII/Fieldpost with a specialised offer of Dunkirk and Lorient Fortress
  • Germany past 1945: a rich offer, specialised posthorn issue with a MNH ** set with sheet corners as well as a Printing job number - rediscovery!
  • Europe with an interesting offer of French airmail stamps
  • A very good collection offer
  • The numismatics section offers about 1,100 lots with an opening bid value of EUR 200,000
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Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center - Public Auction - July 12-13, 2019 Our 40th Anniversary Sale July 12-13 is again filled with both quantity and quality; from single stamps to multi-volume collections. We have some great covers including a Boyd’s 20L4, advertising, air, naval, Zepps, fancy cancel, patriotics, space, topicals, FDCs, postal stationery, accumulations, postcards and a strong WW group with individual items and accumulations.

There is a nice showing of U.S. led by a used #294a w/ cert, used #391 pair w/ cert; many groups, accumulations, and collections. A very nice group of large lots.

We have an excellent selection of coins including an 1804 Large Cent PCGS G Details, 1870-CC Seated Half PCGS G4, 1801 Bust Dollar, 1893-CC Morgan Dollar NGC AU58 and a few scarce pieces, some proof and uncirculated, of Indian cents, Shield and Liberty nickels, Seated Half dimes, Standing Liberty quarters, and a nice selection of commemoratives and US gold. Our currency section features a $1 Educational, $5 Chief, $5 Porthole, $10 Bison, a Series 1928 $500 bill, and several nice Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates and legal tenders.

Our worldwide section is packed with great singles, country collections, topicals, and large lots of stock and worldwide collections. We hope there is something for you, come join us if you can! Free Food! Prizes! And good values!

1st Session (Lot 1-417) – Friday, July 12, 2019 - 4:00 PM ET
2nd Session (Lot 418-598) – Friday, July 12, 2019 - 6:30 PM ET
3rd Session (Lot 599-1254) – Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 10:00 AM ET
4th Session (Lot 1255-1840) – Saturday, July 13, 2019 – 12:30 PM ET

** Phone, Email & Online Bidding Closes 1 Hour Before the Start of the Auction **

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Harmers International, Inc. - United States, British Commonwealth, Foreign and Classic Unused Great Britain - July 23, 2019 Our summer auction contains over 450 lots with:

  • U.S. early issues with strength in 1857 through the Grill Issues, plate blocks and 22 lots of collections.
  • Great Britain with 39 lots of very high value classics, individual catalogue values to $35,000 and very fine Officials.
  • Other British Commonwealth with exceptional Africa issues, also B.N.A., several n.h. Zanzibar high values and Rhodesian Double Heads
  • Foreign includes Zeppelins, Persia.
  • 35 lots of Harmer’s famous Collections and Various.
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