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June, 2018

Raritan Stamps, Inc. - Worldwide Public Auction - May 31 - June 2, 2018 The Sale contains 1160 lots of Rare Collectible Stamps and Postal History of the World, including the Vadim Ustinovsky Collection of Soviet Union. This Sale represents the property of 32 owners. The Auction includes:

  • USA - color errors and imperforated varieties, including NYSE invert;
  • Nice selection of Great Britain and British Commonwealth;
  • 26 French Colonies and Territories with numerous imperforated stamps, trial color and die proofs;
  • German area representing Third Reich, Offices Abroad and Colonies single lots and Collections, World War II Occupation issues with powerful Baltic States items;
    • Imperial Postage Stamps and Postal History, including several used No.3 and 4, complete sets of No.19-25, 26-30a, 31-38 in premium quality,
      the last one in addition in blocks of four, numerous proofs, errors and varieties,
    • RSFSR Issues contains numerous varieties of definitive issues, lithographed "Star" surcharge 20r on 15k (Sc. #224) and horizontal pair proofs 10r on 15k of only just another pair known,
    • Giant and Powerful Vadim Ustinovsky Collection of Soviet Union, containing about 250 lots of valuable single and collective units,
      including postal stationery items, practically complete for the period, postage stamps and postal history material,
    • Soviet Union and Modern Russian Federation sections are representing proofs, essays, imperforated stamps and perforation varieties,
      as well as numerous issues in complete sheets,
    • Russian Semi-Postal and Air Post present placed diagonally overprint "Philately for the Children" on perforated 1k orange,
      along with a complete set of six, several varieties of "Philately for the Labor" issue, including block of ten, containing vertical pair
      with and without surcharge, which is unique with high probability; sheet margin imperforated set of Moscow Zeppelin Flight (MNH),
      several San Francisco Flight surcharges, including sheet margin single with small "f" variety from position 10, different proofs, plate and perforation errors,
    • Russian Non-Postal stamps represent the National Red Cross Project "Thank you for Help, People!", containing 13 different essays of unissued Charity stamps,
    • Russian Offices Abroad includes several postal history items of Offices in China, valuable plate proofs of early issues from Offices in Turkey,
      nice Collection of Russian stamps used in the Middle Asia,
    • Civil War Local issues include valuable collections of Far Eastern Republic, Siberia and South Russia along with various single lots,
    • Zemstvo (Rural Post) representing many valuable stamps, complete sheets, large blocks and postal history items,
      including unique block of nine from Bielozersk (Schmidt #72) and Lubny (Chuchin #2b) on vertically laid paper (C.v. $25,000);
  • Traditional Baltic States, representing valuable stamps of Central Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Beautiful range of single lots and collections of Armenia;
  • Fabulous Ukraine, representing nice range of Trident Overprints, notable material from Dr. Seichter, Jaroslav Terlecky, Dr. Zelonka and other World-class Collections;
  • Worldwide material with nice lots from Austria and Bosnia, Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Hungary, Italy and Colonies, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Spain, Tannu Tuva and many more;
  • Over one hundred Collections, Collective Lots and Accumulations.
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Alan Blair - Emerald Ventures presents Alan Blair Worldwide Stamp Auction #165 - June 2, 2018 Welcome to Auction 165! We have a strong showing of:

  • Worldwide and US stamps with extensive better singles, collections, postal history & accumulations!
  • Portugal and Colonies is outstanding with runs of many dozens of single stamp lots and collections, much better early material with staggering coverage across the board of seldom seen sets. French colonies (many France Libre better sets), Liechtenstein, and China have standout singles as well.
  • Worldwide collection coverage is strong with great Mint NH and pristine Korea groups, a lifelong Faroe Isalnds stamps and covers collection, a Brazil Bullseye study, an excellent group dealer stock from a 30+ year old German States dealer, much specialized material and large runs of accumulations as well.
  • United States has strong coverage across the board including better than average collection groups. A Mint OG block of 4 #117 is a highlight with only 8 known but there is a wide range of coverage from #1 through back of the book issues including an exquisite #E11 Mint OG pink back variety Plate Block of 6 with great centering and PF cert. Possessions are also covered with a top-tier 1898 Hawaii patriotic cover from USFS Philadelphia, a Mint OG pair of Canal Zone #15, and some very nice collections.
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Fusco Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - June 2, 2018 This auction contains 914 lots of rare stamps, country and topical collections, cover lots, large lots and dealer stocks. Very nice offering of U.S. with some of the highlights being 19th c. singles, a nice selection of U.S. Match & Medicine and revenue stamped paper. Excellent foreign collections with many unused pre-1940 lots. Large Postcard lots, Large U.S. and outstanding country collections and large worldwide lots .
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Christoph Gärtner Philatelic - Worldwide Public Auction - June 5-15, 2018 Welcome to the 40th Christoph Gärtner auction. June 5-15, 2018. Seven auction days with more than 32.000 lot from all over the world. Philately, postal history, numismatics, coins, banknotes, picture post cards and much more!
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Mayfair Philatelic Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction in partnership with David Feldman SA - June 6-7, 2018 Mayfair Philatelic Auctions is proud to present its first live auction in collaboration with David Feldman SA. The auction will be held on June 6th and 7th at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, London.

The auction features an extensive and very strong section of Commonwealth sets and singles as well as a superb range of one country lots, including Great Britain, Ireland, Indian States, Montserrat, etc., with rarities, key sets, high values and collections.
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Eastern Auctions Ltd. - Worldwide Public Auction - June 8-9, 2018

Featuring British North America, Canada Pence & Cents
Postal History from Pence Era to Admirals
Specialized Collections of Plate Varieties, Registered Mail
Sale begins with a small but interesting assortment of British Commonwealth including Malaya issued under Japanese Occupation, also 1935 Silver Jubilee constant plate varieties, etc. British North America features choice classic stamps, Newfoundland proofs and varieties.

Many highlights are shown in the Canada section, with noteworthy Pence and Cents with specialized 1851-1859 Three pence Beaver. A very interesting selection dedicated to this popular stamp will be sold along with a remarkable range of Pence & Cents proofs, stamps, multiples, plate varieties and cancellations. The postal history is especially valuable from highly select single usages to esoteric rates that will certainly please even the most seasoned collector.

The Dominion of Canada starts with an excellent array of Large & Small Queen stamps and postal history including substantial representation of Registered and Money Letters, from single lot items to very extensive collections. Other stand alone sections are postal history of the Canada Admiral issues, specialized 1935 Silver Jubilee and modern varieties & errors.
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Württembergisches Auktionshaus Joachim Erhardt Gmb - Worldwide Public Auction - June 9, 2018 Special Auction German Empire, breastplate editions 1872/75, Part 1 of the unique special collection German colonies and foreign post offices.
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Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH - Worldwide Public Auction - June 8-9, 2018 Welcome to our 8th International Auction offering more than 4500 lots. For more than 40 years, in the "Reichenhof", in the middle of the famous Hamburger Kontorhausviertel (World Heritage Site of UNESCO) auctions for sophisticated philately and Numismatics are held. Each of our 4-5 auctions each year offer items of a total value of several million euros and have highlights and rarities in the following areas:

  • German and International postal history
  • Unique and Classic Rarities
  • Philatelic Literature!
We guarantee professional processing and the greatest care in the exploitation of your treasures and are also your contact person for collection construction and investment.
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Essex Stamp Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - June 10, 2018 Welcome to our 50th sale which contains many British Commonwealth rarities and fine collections from around the world. There are very rare individual stamps on offer, like the New Hebrides 1908 1d pair lower stamp overprint omitted, only 12 pairs exist, or the spectacular Tonga 1897 7½d Head Inverted, a very small number known and highly prized.

There are mixed lots and collections from mint KGVI to estates offered by the box ranging in value from £50 to £5000. In the Country sections are fine used West Indies collections, collections of Canada with Classics with scarce Large Queen's. Also Cape triangular’s with multiples, a Falkland Is colln with high values including Centenary, excellent France and Colonies with mint 'Sage' Classics.
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Cherrystone Auctions - Public Auction - June 12-13, 2018 Welcome to our June 12-13, 2018 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World. This auction features properties of various owners and estates, including United States, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, South America, including the Robert T. Lee collection of Guatemala, as well as his Mexico Civil War issues. There are many interesting lots from European Countries, especially Russia and Poland, as well as Austria, Germany & Italy. A collection of Israel formed by the late Robert J. Cohen is offered in association with Ed Rosen of the House of Zion in California. As always, the sale contains 75+ large lots and collections. A limited number of printed catalogues are available.

Please note that this four-session auction (at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each day) takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 12-13 at our New York 57th Street Auction Galleries and on CherrystoneLive (www.cherrystoneauctions.com/live). Lots on view at our galleries on Monday June 11. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

David Feldman SA - Public Auction: Indian States, GB & British Empire - June 12-13, 2018 After the wonderful success of the "Tatiana" Collection sales in 2015 and 2016, and the "Tatiana" Mafia Island, the Dan Walker Indian States and the fabulous "Adamastor" classic Mauritius collections in 2017, we are delighted to present yet another very fine and diverse offering of Great Britain and British Empire to the market as well as a specialised catalogue presenting a second selection of the Indian States from the Dan Walker Collection. Over 50 countries are represented in more than 1'250 lots with a wonderful array of singles and collections spread throughout this catalogue thanks to two old-time fresh consignments, which includes specialised sections of Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Mauritius and South Africa.
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AB Philea - International Stamp Auction - June 13, 2018 Welcome to AB Philea's International stamp auction no 358 on 13 June. This time we offer over 9200 items and lots - the first 3000 items are auctioned in a public room, the other lots are part of our mail-bid sale. The Scandinavian section is comprehensive as usual, incl. many superb single items incl. Skillings and prephilately. The foreign section is also strong. Finally we offer about many lots coins, banknotes and medals. Also several Swedish first issue comic books incl. Donald Duck.
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Grosvenor - British Empire & Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal Hist - June 13-14, 2018 Welcome to sale 122 featuring featuring the latest offering in our popular series of specialised sections of Falkland Islands & Antarctica, an important offering from the little known French Postal Agency in the Seychelles, the fine collection of Italian States formed by the late Robert Spalding and unusual sections of Olympic labels, Palestine and Zanzibar.
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David Feldman SA - Spring Auctions: All World Stamps, Covers, Collections & Rarities - June 13-15, 2018 David Feldman International auctioneers are pleased to offer a wonderful selection of All World stamps, covers and collections including Rarities. This auction features 2 catalogues:

  • The 21st Rarities of the World catalogue, shows a diverse assembly of over 80 lots; including a wonderful arrays of Greece Large Hermes Head covers, Italian States and Romania's classics.
  • Our traditional Europe & Overseas catalogue highlights important sections of Austria and Austria used in Hungary, the balance of the Otto Sellinger collection of Belgium, Balkans, Egypt, France and Colonies, Italy and Italian States, Poland and a wonderful range of Olympic Games, all presented in over 2000 lots. Other notable highlights are one-country collections and lots, plus general all world collections throughout.
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Interasia Auctions Limited - China, Hong Kong & Asia Stamps and Postal History Public Auction - June 16-18, 2018 This 2,500-lot auction is another important sale of China and Hong Kong stamps and postal history in the Interasia tradition. The auction features:

  • CHINA with Ching Dynasty and Republic stamps, postal history and rarities, including rare Large Dragon essays, proofs, stamps and covers from the Olsson collection, highlighted by the earliest recorded cover bearing the stamps of Imperial China - the October 5, 1878 envelope from Peking to Shanghai with 5 candarin pair and single, as well as the legendary Red Revenue Small One Dollar and the Hall of Classics $2 invert; Chinese Provinces; Manchukuo; Japanese Occupation; Postal Stationery; Taiwan; Tibet; and Foreign Post Offices.
  • PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA includes a remarkable assembly of the greatest rarities, without precedent in one auction in recent years: the 1956 unissued Views of Peking 8f. (with Sun Rays), three of the 1964 unissued Peking Opera Masks, the 1968 unissued "Great Victory of the Cultural Revolution," the 1968 "The Whole Country is Red" and the 1953 unissued Navy $800. A magnificent collection of mint blocks and large multiples complements them and includes the 1951 Tien An Men fifth printing set in blocks of fifteen, the 1967 Mao Thoughts strips and the 1968 Mao Directives in part sheets of 20 and imprint blocks of the 1968 Mao Poems set. This section also includes two 1980 Year of the Monkey complete sheets, multiple copies of the popular sets and souvenir sheets, as well as Liberated Areas.
  • HONG KONG AND TREATY PORTS comprises almost 500 lots of stamps and postal history and includes an extensive Queen Victoria offering with the iconic mint 96c. olive-bistre, a magnificent mint Postal Fiscal $10 rose-carmine (ex the Royal Collection) and two mint copies of the $10 grey-green, as well as specialized 1891 Jubilees replete with multiples and errors (including two of the five recorded complete panes of this quintessential Hong Kong stamp). The postal history is highlighted by an 1856 "Shanghae Post Office Crown" cover to France, a marvelous example of this first postal marking of Shanghai, and includes Philppe Orsetti's marvelous collection of security marks and perfins on cover. MACAU concludes this portion and includes a very rare usage of the British "Crown/Macao" double-ring
  • OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES includes BURMA JAPANESE OCCUPATION Shwedagon Pagoda set in blocks of four and NORTH KOREA.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - Worldwide Stamps and Covers - June 19-20, 2018 This large and diverse sale contains an interesting assemblage of desirable stamps and covers from around the world. Included in this auction is extensive British Commonwealth including a specialized section of Canada from a West Coast Collector, Indian Pioneer Flight covers and China – all periods from Imperial thru PRC. Concluding the auction is an extensive array of large and valuable Worldwide Collections and Large Lots. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Dr. Robert B. Pildes Collection of Israel 1948 Doar Ivri Issue - June 20, 2018 The Dr. Pildes collection of the popular “Doar Ivri” first issue of Israel, along with their corresponding Postage Due emissions, is an internationally acclaimed exhibit containing many of the most important items known. Replete with essays, varieties, major errors – and easily one of the finest assemblages of plate number/control blocks ever offered at auction. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Soler y Llach Subastas Internacionales - Public Auction: "Important Stamps and Covers of the World - June 20, 2018 This auction helds a Postal History selection from all over the world, stands out France with a collection of ornamented covers "Valentine" and with manuscript illustrations from 1800 to 1870; also a collection of Maritime Mail from 1830 to 1900, with many unique items from several maritime lines of the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Far East. Belgium with a collection of frankings and destinations from 1850 to 1875 with many spectacular frankings. Well represented are the French and British Colonies as well as several European countries specially Portugal. South America and Central America have also an ample representation of most of the countries in particular an important selection from Mexico. On the Far East to highlight three covers from the French-Spanish Intervention in Cochinchina (1858-1860), several covers from the French Offices in China and Japan and also one of the oldest covers arriving to Thailand in 1839"
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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - Worldwide Public Auction - June 20, 2018 Aerophilately of the World: 900 lots of postal history and collateral material, including exhibition collections, pioneer flights, first flights, Zeppelin flights, literature and more
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VACCARI s.r.l. - Public Auction - Philately and Postal History - June 23, 2018 This catalogue no.93 contains the sectors Vaccari has been representing for years, philately and postal history of Italy and foreign countries from preadhesive up to present days, but certainly large and very interesting are the sections that reflect the company's specialisations, that is Old Italian States, Italian Risorgimento, Italian Kingdom. There is also a wide overview of Air, Zeppelin and Space mail.

To decide one's own bid, please bear the following in mind:

  • at Vaccari auctions no commission is applied to buyers' return prices (generally 20/22%);
  • the lots with Paolo Vaccari initials or signature, regardless of whether they come with or without an expert certificate, are absolutely guaranteed with reference to their description and, among them, those with a value higher than 500.00 euro come with a Vaccari S.r.l. certificate of guarantee free of charge.
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Sterling Kingbrook Auctions - Mail Bid/Internet/Floor Auction - June 23, 2018 This auction is loaded with some nice singles, sets, covers, specialty items, smaller accumulations, and our usual larger box lots. Here are some highlights in this auction:Highlights include:

  • A strong selection of earlier US singles, many with new certs.
  • n impressive variety of US back of book, including many better revenues.
  • A large selection of US Fractional Currency items.
  • Several Victorian era Great Britain plating and cancel collections.
  • A nice supply section with many hingeless albums.
  • Many small, medium and large lots, including intact country collections.
We are still offering low start bids and a competitive buyer’s premium (15%) again making this auction appealing to the collector and dealer.
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Modern Stamps, Inc. - Public Auction #466 - No Buyer's Fee - June 23, 2018 Public Auction #466 includes 442 Lots without Hidden Reserves. This Sale includes Collections of U.S. Stamps, plus World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Country Collections, Accumulations, Covers and "Box Lots". Sale Highlights Include Early U.S. Issues, U.S. "Postage" Lots and U.S. Covers. The Sale also includes World Wide Small Lots and Collections from British Commonwealth, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Middle East and Spain. There is a Wide Selection of Country Collections & Accumulations (Over 140 Lots) and Some "Cinderella" Items (Not Listed by Scott). There are many Better "Box Lots", Unsorted Mixtures and Accumulations (U.S. and World Wide). Something of interest for almost every collector can be found in this Sale. NO BIDDER'S FEE IS ADDED TO THE INVOICE. All Lots Sold to the High Bidder at an Increment Over the Second High Bid. PHONE BIDDING DURING THE AUCTION CAN BE SCHEDULED. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Van Looy Stamp Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - June 22-23, 2018 Our 161° auction includes many eye-catchers. W.O.1 collection of Mr. De Jonghe and and exceptional share of the Netherlands with mainly the semi classics in mint condition. In addition to our well-known range of European countries also English regions with a special attention to Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa etc ...
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - 2018 Rarities of the World - June 27, 2018 Our 2018 Rarities of the World sale continues an annual tradition started in 1964. Among the highlights of the auction are a non-inverted Jenny pane, two copies of the Inverted Jenny, Graf Zeppelin panes of 50, a Canada 12-pence stamp and blocks of the Canada Seaway Invert.

Afternoon Session (lots 1-127): Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at 1:30 p.m.
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Kilbourne Collection of CSA Stamps and Postal History - June 28, 2018 The Kilbourne Collection of Confederate States Stamps and Covers is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the collector of Civil War and Confederate philatelic material. Built over a period of more than 75 years, it includes many iconic rarities which have not been seen at auction since the 1950's-1960's. The collection is particularly strong in Patriotics, the 10-Cent Rose Lithograph and the 10-Cent Copper Plate Engraved Issues ("TEN" and Frameline). This offering of Part 1 will be followed by Part 2 later in 2018. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

TCNC Stamp Auction - Canada & World Stamp Auction - June 29, 2018 This is our 2nd sale and it features 367 various single, small and several large accumulations of stamps mainly housed in quality albums, stockbooks, cartons & envelopes. These lots come from various older dealers stock along with a few new consignors. The material offered includes a large selection of sometimes unusual and even odd mixes with alot of unsearched lots that could possible hide some unseen gems.

The Auction consists of Stamps from all around the World with a stronger concentration/ accumulations from France, Great-Britain, Old Canada, Quebec Revenues (law & registration) and more. Lots of interesting lots for all, Specialists, Dealers, general and beginner collectors.
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July, 2018

Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG - Worldwide Public Auction - July 3-7, 2018 The stamp auction will begin with more than a thousand international airmail and Zeppelin mail lots from the winding-up of prominent British philatelist Ian Nutley’s extraordinary collection, which – together with material from other passionate collectors – gives extensive insight into international airmail history. The auction includes a unique piece of Greenlandic philately in the form of a cover addressed to Zoltan J. Kegl with a Rockwell Kent airmail stamp from 1932 in exceptionally good condition (Lot 3003) and one of only 15 known “Crociera Aerea del Decennale” Balbo covers, which was flown from Benghazi via Rome and Amsterdam back to Rome (Lot 3057).

Equally rare and impressive material from Europe includes an Austrian 3 Kr block of six, described by Austria doyen Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer as a “magnificent specimen in pristine condition” (Lot 5277).

Select rarities are also the order of the day in the Old German States section, such as a “rare and originally 33-kreutzer colourful franking”, as Stegmüller describes the top piece of the 30 Kr maximum value in mixed franking on a letter from Baden (Lot 5485), a highlight with undiminishing colouring. From Saxony comes a well-known prime specimen of one of the best known stamps from the Old German States, a “Sachsendreier” in bright red carmine with a characteristic cliché defect “lower frame line interrupted in the middle” (Lot 5713).

Enthusiasts of North German philately will appreciate the Schleswig-Holstein 2 S pink with perfect margin and part of the adjacent stamp. There is also plenty to discover in the area of German Post Offices Abroad and Colonies, such as China’s 40-pfennig Germania with handstamp impression (TIENTSIN 27/1 01) on a small luxury cut square (Lot 6074).

The highlight of the single lots is the famous Audrey Hepburn charity stamp, which was auctioned here in 2006 and is now to go under the hammer again. Featuring a round cancel “BRIEFZENTRUM 12 14.10.03” on a section of envelope, the stamp is one of the few specimens that have actually gone through the postal system and, owing to its rarity, has received widespread television, print and radio coverage well beyond the philatelic scene (Lot 6840).

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