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  • Schlegel Auctions Worldwide Public Auction - November 1-3, 2021 Our 29th auction once again offers a wealth of fine postal history specialties, covers, good single stamps and sets, as well as the usual wide variety of collections and estates. We are pleased to present four special catalogues in this auction:
    • The special catalogue OLDENBURG with unique items in exceptional quality (e.g. lot 204 a stripe of three with the correct postage as multiple franking).
    • The special catalogue PNEUMATIC POST AND OCEAN LETTERS offers e.g. rare postal stationeries of the German Reich.
    • Edition VIII of our EXCLUSIVITÄTEN with e.g. three wonderful pieces of the first German stamp, two of the famous Sachsen Dreier and an interesting part Brustschild covers. A previously unknown double print of an Olympic Games souvenir sheet of 1936 must be one of the highlights. You will also find a wonderful assembly of items from The German Occupation of France during WWII as well as rarities from the time of the French allied zone.
    • Once again we are happy to offer a rich variety of nearly all collecting areas with numerous high quality items in our main catalogue. Our estate and collection section is multifaceted and covers all five continents. One especially interesting section must be our offer German occupation of France – with several lots Dunkerque, Lorient and St. Nazaire.
    Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • Soler y Llach Spain and Ex Colonies Auction - November 3, 2021 Welcome to our auction 767 presenting Stamps and Postal History Spain and ex Colonies with a Special Stationery collection from the ex Spanish Colonies.
    Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd Unreserved Public Auction - November 3-4, 2021 We hope this catalogue finds you well. This summer we had the joy of having our son Charlie spend a couple days a week helping us in the office. It has gone by quickly and now school is back. Hopefully you have had some time to enjoy your families and collections this summer as well. Our last sale was very successful, with many new bidders from all over the world, and prices realized 36% over original estimate. The stamp market is strong, and if you are considering disposing of your collections we are here to help. We are constantly getting calls from customers looking for more material. Whether buying or selling, feel free to contact us to discuss how we may help. This auction offers the collections and estates of over 60 people. Starting with Canada larger lots, Postal History and FDCs, Pence, Large Queens, Cents, Jubilees, Admirals, and modern varieties. The British Commonwealth section might appear smaller than normal but as an unreserved auction we are dependant on the collections consigned. The larger lots in this sale have filled our shelves again. Please come and take time to view as there is too much to mention in the descriptions, viewing is a must. Viewing October 25 to October 30 and November 1 to November 2 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Earlier viewing by appointment only. LIVE INTERNET AUCTION. NO FLOOR BIDDING This auction will be held using Stamp Auction Network’s ‘LIVE INTERNET BIDDING’ for two days. November 3-4, 2021. Start time 10:00 AM EST 30 minute breaks at 1:00 PM EST and 5:00 PM if necessary. Viewing for the sale will start October 25, 2021 including Saturday October 30, 2021 to November 2, 2021. Out of town customer can arrange for early viewing by appointment. We are planning to have our normal in house viewing prior to the sale. Currently the local by-laws will allow for this. However, with the next wave of Covid cases rising everywhere we will be following any changes in the local by-laws. If there is a change, we will be happy to accommodate viewers on a one on one basis. Feel free to contact us to arrange a time. We are still getting late bids via mail and fax even during the sale. Unfortunately, as much as we want to accept your late bids, we can’t. Please do your best to ensure your bids arrive before the sale, Tuesday November 2nd, as it does take time to enter them. This public unreserved auction sale again will be held LIVE at Stamp Auction Network. Please make sure you are registered prior to the sale and feel free to bid as soon as possible or anytime during the sale. 2022 will be a very busy year for us with CAPEX 2022 approaching quickly. We will be having another general auction mid May to allow for pick up and shipping of all lots prior to the show. CAPEX 2022 will be in downtown Toronto June 9-12, 2022 at the International Convention Center. https://capex22.org/ R. Maresch & Son will be selling the Fred Fawn award-winning Large Queen exhibit at unreserved public auction on the Friday June 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM, after the bourse closes. We will also have some retail items available for the entirety of the show. Please come and visit us at our booth 711 and 713 to say hello again or meet us for the first time. Peter Maresch September 2021 LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • Victoria Stamp Co. Public Auction #39 - November 6, 2021 Our 39th Public Auction is strong in British America and features:
    • The "Pinehurst" collections of Leeward Islands and St. Kitts-Nevis, a marvelous specialized assemblage of mint, used, specimens, proofs, and a plethora of varieties.
    • The Paul Larsen's gold medal collection of Leeward Island Postal Stationery and other Leeward material contains many treasures.
    • The "Hatteras" collection of British America is replete with key values and a degree of completeness not usually found.
    • We also offer the Eric W. Todd collection of Cayman Islands, two specialized collections of Dominica, each with large holdings of covers, Grenada with specialized War Tax, interesting Br. Honduras, a Bermuda collection and an extensive section of Montserrat postal history.
    • Literature, lots and collections will be found at the end.
    email: VictoriaStampCo@aol.com

  • Mowbray Collectables Postal Stamp Auction - November 9, 2021 Welcome to our Monthly Stamp Auction #540, closing on Tuesday 9th November.

    We have a lovely range of 3,527 lots this month, with a large range of New Zealand material as well as all World. We are sure there is something for everyone in this sale.
    Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • Colonial Stamp Company Fall 2021 - November 10, 2021 Welcome to our 135th consecutive specialized British Colonial Public Auction featuring a marvelous collection of pristine high values from Ireland. After conducting a very brisk 7-figure “want list” business (both selling and buying) from my wife’s kitchen table we are back to our offices. Want list work has always dwarfed our Auction business. Most of all, I have enjoyed working closely with our world-wide clientele in helping with the forming of excellent Colonial collections, A-Z, both big and small.

    An overview of some of what is inside the catalogue: Great Britain & British Europe: GB includes a lovely mint £5 orange and unusually nice high values including a 5/- mint I.R. Official, both mint £5 from Cypress and Gibraltar and the scarce Malta 10/- mint.

    British Africa (always a personal favorite!): £2 from Gold Coast – postally used! Kenya and Uganda £1-£10 mint and £50-£100 “SPECIMEN”. We offer 24 large Consular Mail issues of Madagascar and a used 50 Rupee Mauritius plus Natal £5 mint, Nyasaland £10 K George V. We have both mint £5s of Sierra Leone. There are also some rare Togo occupation issues (and errors) and a strong Zanzibar provisionals and later Sultan’s Palace through 200 Rupee. Nice Baden-Powell items from Mafeking round out this area.

    British Oceania: Australia highlights include £2 as well as 10/ - 20/ “slash” Postage Dues (the “key” stamps of the country!). Brunei features a rare $3 on 1 155 Japanese Occupation stamp; there are scarce New Britain overprints, a Fiji 9d "Times Express", and a Papua 39a pair showing “rift in clouds”. There is also some nice inverted centers from Cook Islands and Niue.

    British America: Highlights include a superb Bahamas SG 6 mint, a small but mighty range of mint perforated Ships from British Guiana, a Falkland Islands £1 Tercentenary mint plus mint NH, used and Specimen items. St. Vincent showcases scarce mint early issues and Turks Island #6 1/- mint. Almost forgot: Oh Canada! British Columbia has a lovely example of the very rare mint 5¢ imperf; strong Canadian items include a choice used #1, superb high value Jubilees and a lovely mint example of the pivotal rarity 1¢ on 3¢ Port Hood (ex Dale-Lichtenstein pair)!

    Did I forget some other good stamps or sections? No doubt! As always: Best of Bidding Luck to you all!

    George & Kevin Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • Rasdale Stamp Company Worldwide Public Auction - November 13-14, 2021 Welcome to Rasdale Public Auction # 449. Over the past 3 months, we have travelled far and wide by driving and flying as far west as Reno, north to Minneapolis, east to New Jersey and south to Florida. In doing so, we have amassed over 1100 quality lots. The collection section is highlighted by US, Canada, early Great Britain, Germany and Areas along with Independent Africa. The single section features lots from about 90 different issuing entities. It includes one of the nicest selection of Canada we have ever offered. It contains a huge variety with specialized items. The British, as a whole, is strong especially the Irish Seahorses. The market continues to be solid as we have noticed many new collectors entering the market particularly from the internet.

    Live bidding is available auction day ONLY on the Rasdale Stamp Company website, www.rasdalestamps.com. Stamp Auction Network customers MUST also be a registered bidder on the Rasdale site to participate in the live online auction. Please register at least three business days prior to the sale. Please note it could take up to 48 business hours for registration approval. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

  • VACCARI s.r.l. Philately and Postal History - November 13, 2021 Despite the small quantity of lots (470), there are many noteworthy or peculiar “pieces”. Most of them belong to the Old Italian States section. Some featured areas:
    • Duchy of Modena: one letter fragment (lot 65) franked with c.40 carmine of Sardinia with grid cancellation with boxed “Zocca” alongside, both in green azure. It is a really rare evidence of c.40 cancelled in Zocca with this kind of cancellation: the grid postmark was used, in Modena post office, only from 26.6.1852 to 13.7.1852; it was substituted by another type since it cancelled the postage stamps too lightly. When the post office in Zocca was opened (1.1.1859), besides the nominal postmark and that for registered letters, they received the grid one; in Modena they always used black ink, while in Zocca the few impressions known are in green azure.
    • Naples: during Farini Regency period, one really fresh and well preserved pair (lot 76) of t.1/2 deep blue “Crocetta” with line cancellation “Annullato” (introduced in February 1861). In the pair, the first example is with wavy lines watermark, while the second one is without watermark and it has one margin short at top on the right. The printed matter wrapper (lot 95) from Naples to Durham (Great Britain) of 14.2.1862 is franked up to destination for a first postage rate with Naples Provinces gr.1/2 greyish brown + gr.2 blue. The small circle cancellation “Napoli al Porto 14 Feb. 62” has a “P.D.” alongside. On arrival, the first address was crossed out and it was forwarded to York with p.1 red (perforated 14) cancelled with Sunderland numeral “761”. It is a really rare combination.
    • Provisional Government of Parma: with c.80 olive bistre (lot 104) with a quite invisible hinge.
    • Papal State: b.50 blue (lot 109) and b.50 dark ultramarine (lot 110) (print of 1864 defective because of cliché rust), both unused with original gum with hinge; c.3/1868 rose grey (lot 130), unused with original gum without hinge.
    • Sardinia: c.40 lilac rose of the IV issue (lot 170) with invisible trace of hinge.
    • Sicily: gr.1 I plate I state paper of Naples rust brown (lot 199), unused without gum, with retouch n.R14, and gr.50 lake brown (position 52) (lot 211) with good margins and with part of the lower example with double impression really evident (pos.62); the horse-shoe cancellation is well centred.
    • Tuscany: cr.60 deep scarlet on greyish paper (lot 224), with 3 very good margins and 1 perfect at top, with light cancellation “P.D.” It is in very good condition and freshness.
    • Foreign countries: an example is the letter (lot 401) from San Marino to Faenza with Sardinia c.5 green + c.10 bistre with boxed cancellation “S.Marino” + small circle “Rimini 10 Set. 63” repeated alongside, and, on the back, “Faenza 10 Set. 63” on arrival.
    • About the other categories, in the Kingdom of Italy there is a section devoted to Florence as a capital city, and then R.S.I. and Regency, the Italian Republic,...
    A “smart” auction, only by mail and LIVE, therefore without being present in the room, and with a limited number of lots (470), thus “smart” in every sense. This type of auction, presented in catalogue no.99, is new for Vaccari, in the continuous goal of combining innovation and tradition.

    Two points have remained steady and they are quite important to decide one’s own bid:

    • at Vaccari auctions no commission is applied to buyers’ return prices (generally 20/22%);
    • the lots with Paolo Vaccari initials or signature, regardless of whether they come with or without an expert certificate, are absolutely guaranteed with reference to their description and, among them, those with a value higher than 500.00 euro come with a Vaccari S.r.l. certificate of guarantee free of charge.

      Closing date: by mail 12th November at 5 p.m. (local time) - live 13th November starting at 3 p.m. (local time)
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Public Auction - November 16-18, 2021 We are excited to announce our November Sale #337. It has a great cross-section of material! Our cover section has over 300 lots again with a variety of singles, groups and accumulations. Highlights include U.S. #1, 1a, 2, 85 and much more. There are many large lots, one of the more interesting is Ryukyu Islands. Also, a (Modena) Italian States cover #10-11 with a cert that has a catalog value of $26,630. We have a very strong showing of U.S. singles, collections and accumulations including a PR94 & PR96. Our worldwide section includes singles, sets, country collections, topicals and accumulations. A good opportunity to find something you need or hours of fun. All the best! Viewing will be open by appointment only beginning Tuesday, October 19th. Please call or email to schedule an appointment. 1st Session (Lot 1-530) – Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 10:00 AM ET 2nd Session (Lot 531-1178) – Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 10:00 AM ET 3rd Session (Lots 1179-1755) - Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 10:00 AM ET LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Stanley Gibbons Stamps and Postal History of the World - November 17-18, 2021 Welcome to our Auction 5929 presenting stamps and postal history of the world including many unique items and rarities.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Eastern Auctions Ltd. Public Auction - November 18-20, 2021 We are proud to present this exciting sale, where desirable attributes such as high quality and rarity are often found combined. British Caribbean with excellent Barbados, Nevis, Trinidad. BNA includes specialized Newfoundland. Canada features the D’Arcy Mosher Pioneer & Semi-Official Airmails, Three Pence Beaver, Small Queen Postal History, Daniel Cantor 1897 Jubilee, Derek Smith Illustrated Mail, Admirals, KGVI, large lots and collections.
      email: contact@easternauctions.com

    • Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH Worldwide Auction of Stamps, Postal History, Coins & Postcards - November 19-20, 2021 This auction offers a wide variety of remarkable items from all over the world, including unique pieces, world rarities and post-historically important items of all kinds. We are looking forward to welcome you at the viewing and the auction days.

      Diese Auktion bietet eine breite Palette bemerkenswerter Gegenstände aus aller Welt, darunter Einzelstücke, Weltraritäten und postgeschichtlich bedeutende Objekte aller Art. Wir würden uns freuen, Sie bei der Besichtigung und den Auktionstagen begrüßen zu dürfen.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Corinphila Auctions AG Worldwide Rarities Public Auction - November 19-26, 2021 From 19 to 26 November 2021 the Corinphila Worldwide Rarities Auction Series will take place in Zurich. Corinphila presents philatelic rarities with over 7,000 lots.
      • The Classic Swiss starts with Erivan Haub's 'ERIVAN' collection
      • The Swiss General Sale, including the 'IKARUS' air mail collection, rarities from a collection of early Swiss air mail
      • Italy, France, European States, Great Britain and Colonies are again to be found in the third part of the Pietro Provera collection.
      • The Jack Blanc collection special collection with 'Partially paid or insufficiently paid mail to France in the 19th century
      • British Pacific Island Colonies from the 'BESANÇON' collection with Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Fiji, Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Nauru, Samoa and Tonga are only some of these most exotic areas of philately. Also being offered from the 'BESANÇON' collection is Part 1 of the Ceylon & Maldive Islands material
      • Brian Moorhouse estate with South & Central America again offers many rarities
      • In a small special catalogue Corinphila presents a small but very fine range of 'Stamp Boxes'
      • The general catalogue with worldwide material comprises a special "Scouts" collection as well as the special offers of Brunei, Bushire and Rhodesia from the 'BESANCON' collection together with a special collection 'Ville d'Orléans' (Ballon Monté) to Norway as well as Exhibition Collection ‘Boy Scouts’
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Paradise Valley Stamp Company "Paradise Live" Auction S117 United States - November 20, 2021 Sale #S117: A sale of United Stamp Quality Stamps: Live bidding will start at 1 p.m. EST on Saturday, November 20, 2021 on Stamp Auction Network. Lots sold in this sale are subject to a 12½% buyer’s premium. We are pleased to offer a select group of US and Hunting Permit (Duck) stamps. The collector acquired most of the high-end stamps in the late 80s thru the mid-90s at Christie’s/Spink auctions in New York City. His focus was to purchase very fine/extremely fine mint examples of attractive pictorial stamps. Here are some outstanding examples of the $2, $3 and $4 1893 Columbian issue, 1898 $1 and $2 Trans-Mississippi issue as well as a gorgeous mint never hinged 1930 $2.60 Graf Zeppelin stamp. A couple of great 1861 re-issues incl. the 10c mint and the 30c unused, both with sizeable margins. A beautiful mint never hinged block of four of the first duck stamp followed by other multiples including a plate block of the 1936 hunting permit (#RW3). A NOTE REGARDING EXTENSIONS (applying to this sale only): a number of the lots have certificates from The Philatelic Foundation in New York. As these are all from the time of purchase new certificates may be obtained on the following conditions: Lots submitted for expertisation must be submitted to The Philatelic Foundation of New York as the sole expertiser for any lot from this sale. Any lot to be submitted to The Philatelic Foundation must be submitted by Cornerstamp, Inc, dba Paradise Valley Stamp Company, Inc. The buyer is responsible for all costs in connection with the expertisation such as certificate fees and shipping cost. In order to participate in the sale bidders need to be registered with us thru Stamp Auction Network. Are you unable to attend the sale? Check out Stamp Auction Network’s unattended live bidding feature, a premium service offered to registered bidders on Stamp Auction Network for a fee. Lots sold in this sale are subject to a 12½% Buyer’s Premium. Credit card payments and Paypal payments are accepted with a 3% convenience fee. Shipping and insurance are charged at actual postage cost or less. Live sale starts on Saturday November 20, 2021 at 1 p.m. EST on Stamp Auction Network LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Burda Auction, s.r.o. Public Auction 67 - November 20, 2021 Dear philatelic friends, our upcoming Public Auction 67 will be held on Saturday, NOVEMBER 20 in our auction house in Prague. The auction comprises almost 2.400 rare and important lots, mainly stamps and postal history items, including singles, sets, collections and also some large bulk lots and accumulations. Some highlights:
      • The auction consists of the comprehensive selection of Europe and overseas with classic Italy, interesting Great Britain, Commonwealth and British Empire, french and italian colonies, with wide range of complete sets, high values and specialities.
      • The sale also includes extensive selection of Czechoslovakia 1918-1939, 1945-1992 or Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia with scarce miniature sheet Heydrich and many important lots.
      Richard Burda and team
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Golden Oak Online Auctions Collector Series - November 20, 2021 We are pleased to announce our 6th Collector Series Sale of the year, featuring:
      • Autographs
      • Currency
      • U.S. Stamps, classic to modern
      • Errors
      • Revenues
      • U.S. collections including interesting postcards and some high catalog value lots
      • C.S.A. and U.S. Possessions
      • British Commonwealth
      • Europe and Colonies including Germany
      • Asia, including China and strong Japan
      • Worldwide collections
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Ocean Park Stamp Auctions Ocean Park Stamp Auction #56 - November 21-22, 2021 Sale #56 contains a wide selection of postal history and worldwide stamps. Many areas of BNA philatelly also are included:
      • Stampless covers
      • Cancels
      • Revenues
      • Precancels.
      Many small worldwide lots are also included in this sale.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Sparks Auctions Sparks Auction #38 - November 22-24, 2021

      Welcome to Sparks Auctions’ Sale 37. Many thanks to all of our bidders and buyers who helped make our last sale, the Comox Valley Collection, a tremendous success. That sale and other recent sales are proof that the market is strong for good quality material.

      At Sparks Auctions we consider our consignors’ property to be of the utmost importance. Our aim is first and foremost to make sure every consignment, whether it be a single stamp or several cartons, obtain the highest realisations. Our judicious lotting, descriptions, numerous high quality scans and realisations speak for themselves. This is why we are receiving more and more consignments, not only from estates, but also from collectors directly; each consignor considers it very important that their treasures be handled in the most professional and lucrative way.

      This is the last of four sales we have planned for 2021, and we are certain there will be something in it for everyone. The many interesting items offered in this sale include:

      • The first part of an interesting collection of early Canadian mint multiples
      • Nice collection of South African stamps and postal history from an old estate
      • Nice collection of mint plus used British West Indies
      • Our usual great offerings of worldwide country collections
      • Many topical and thematic offerings, some quite extensive
      • Another installment of the Jan van der Ven Canadian First Day Cover collection
      • Another installment of the stock of a retired postal history dealer
      • Collection of Canadian foreign airmail destination covers from the WWII period in several lots
      • A superb quality and extensive mint collection of Canada and British Commonwealth broken up in several lots
      • Material from the personal files of retired Canada Post designer, Bernard J. Reilander
      • Dealer stock galore.

      All of our sales are conducted in Canadian dollars, and our buyer’s premium remains at an industry low of 17%. Please visit StampAuctionNetwork.com to view the sale and place your bids, both before the sale begins and live during the auction. Our online images include many thousands of high quality scans. Any Corrections and Updates to lot descriptions can be seen on our site.

      Enjoy the sale!

      Stéphane Cloutier
      Auction Manager
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktionen Worldwide Public Auction of Stamps, Coins and Collections - November 24-27, 2021 Dr. Reinhard Fischer's auction house will be presenting its 183rd auction on 24th - 27th of November, 2021. 7,400 lots with a total starting price of EUR 2,12 Million EUR will be auctioned. The auction offers rarities like:
      • German States: very good offer in high quality incl. the famous "Bavaria 1 Kr. Black" very fine used
      • German Empire: wide offer of all the good issues in perfect quality, incl. Unissued "Burg Rheinstein" and "NSFK
      • German colonies: wide offer, incl. German Occ. of Turkey MiNo. 35b cancelled.
      • German occupation: a valuable offer, incl. Gorochow MiNo. 16 cancelled, 16KdrW, rare items field post
      • Germany past 1945: a rich offer incl. breaking of a specialised collection of SBZ Bezirkshandstempel
      • Europe with an interesting offer
      • Overseas with an interesting offer of PR China
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Gert Müller GmbH Worldwide Public Auction - November 25-27, 2021 The 112th Gert Muller auction offers a wide selection of material with the focus on Germany and various European counties including many classic rarities. Of special note are:
      • A Zeppelin cover from Saudi Arabia ( Nejd )
      • A strong section of German States with Saxony error
      • German Colonies with Kiaochow forerunner 3pf with diagonal overprint etc.
      • The third part of Freudenstadt local issue covers ex Dr. Penning
      • Along with the specialist material the sale features over 2000 collections, cover lots and whole estates.

      For English translations please either see the Gert Mueller website using the link below or use the StampAuctionNetwork Translate button above.
      Die 112. Gert Müller Auktion bietet ein reichhaltiges Angebot seltener Briefmarken und Briefe mit Schwerpunkt Deutschland und verschiedener europäischer Länder. Dabei viele klassische Raritäten, auch ein Zeppelinbrief von Saudi Arabien (Nedschd), ein starker Teil Altdeutschland mit Sachsen-Fehldruck, Deutsche Kolonien Kiautschou-Vorläufer 3 Pfennig diagonaler Aufdruck usw. Außerdem auch der dritte Teil Deutsche Lokalausgaben Freudenstadt Briefe ex Dr. Penning. Desweiteren kommen über 2000 Sammlungen, Partien, Briefposten und ganze Nachlässe zur Versteigerung. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • AB Philea Online stamp auction - November 25, 2021 Welcome to AB Philea's auction no 389, held live at our website, www.philea.se, as well as on the floor, on 25 November 2021.
      This time we offer a good section early royal letters and manuscripts, as well as the second part of the fantastic collection of military mail formed by Harry Hohndorf which includes many interesting and scarce/unique items. The remaining Swedish as well as the foreign section are also strong with many better singles and collections+accumulations from various areas. Finally, at the end of the sale we offer a substantial part of Esbjörn Janssons collection of matchbox labels.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Viennafil Auktionen Worldwide Mail Auction: Italy, Austria, Germany, Europe and Overseas - November 30-December2, 2021 Viennafil invites you to its auction. We have put together an interesting offer with a focus on Austria, english colonies, Italy ans collections. The images of most of our collections are available on our webpage. The auction is composed by more than 3.700 lots:
      • Old Italian States more than 600 lots
      • Italian Area with more than 500 lots
      • Lombardy-Venetia 220 lots
      • Austria more than 900 lots
      • Great Britain and English Colonies more than 250 lots
      • Europe and Overseas more than 200 lots
      • Gold and silver coins more than 100 lots
      • more than 700 collections from private individuals
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • abacus auctions Australian & Worldwide Stamps, Postal History & Picture Postcards - December 1-4, 2021 Australian & Worldwide Stamps including The 'Artemis' Kangaroo & Map Rarities, Postal History & Picture Postcards, Coins, Banknotes, Postal Notes, Sporting Memorabilia & General Collectables.

      Offering 2400+ lots with estimates of A$3,200,000+ including The 'Artemis' Kangaroo & Map Rarities featuring the most impressive array of spectacular Kangaroo items ever offered together, plus Australian stamps highlighted by further rarities including unique essays and errors, extensive South Australian Departmental overprints, wonderful New Guinea ‘GRI’ & ‘NWPI’ overprints including ‘CA’ and ‘JBC’ monogram formes , Pacific Islands, Asia (notably China), Empire and Foreign singles, sets, postal history & picture postcards. This is followed by Postal Notes from the Jack Harwood Collection, Coins & Banknotes, Historical documents & signatures, Natural History fossils & meteorites, extensive Cigarette & Trade Cards and an outstanding range of vintage Toys. The final day is devoted exclusively to Sporting Memorabilia including one of the finest Boxing collections ever formed in Australia.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. Great Britain and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History Public Auction - December 1-2, 2021 Due to COVID impacts on our staff we are NOT able to offer LIVE Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork. Please place your absentee bids here or live bidding from our website. Welcome to our Great Britain and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History Auction.

      Session 1: Worldwide Stamps & Postal History
      Wednesday 1 December 2021 at 10-am GMT (05:00 EST) Lots 1 - 759 Live Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.
      Featuring worldwide stamps & postal history including:

      • Specialised collections of Malta postal history & Zeppelin covers
      • British Commonwealth, foreign, Omnibus & thematic collections
      • Philatelic accoutrements & literature
      • Worldwide, maritime, military & airmail postal history
      • Autographs, cigarette cards, picture postcards, stamp boxes & revenues
      • Countries from Aden to Zanzibar.
      Absentee bidding stops 7am GMT (02:00 EDT) .

      Session 2: Great Britain Stamps & Postal History
      Thursday 2 December 2021 at 10-am GMT (05:00 EST) Lots 760 - 1768 Live Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

      • The Guy Bridges Collection of Shropshire Postal History
      • A very special collection of early Christmas & Valentine cards
      • A strong section of high quality Irish postal history
      • Extensive collections of 1840 1d Blacks, 1841 1d Reds, 1854-65 1d Reds & QV surface printed issues.
      Absentee bidding stops 7am GMT (02:00 EDT) . Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Oldlouis Auctions Rare Stamps & Postal History of Russia, Germany, US Locals, China, Ukraine, Poland, and World - December 3-23, 2021

      Rare Stamps & Postal History of Russia, Germany, US Locals, China, Ukraine, Poland, and World

      The grandiose auction consists of a record 7,500 lots of rare stamps and postal history items of Russia, Germany, Ukraine, United States, China, Poland, and other countries. The auction includes several unique collections: Russian Post Office in Mongolia; The Big Zemstvo Auctions #3 in four parts; German Occupations, Legions, Weimar Republic varieties, ND Croatia; China and Local issues of the United States; Russian Empire, Civil War, RSFSR, and USSR; Displaced Person Camps: Russian, Polish, Baltic, Ukrainian; Ukraine in 3 parts: West Ukraine, People Republic, Carphato-Ukraine, Tridents, Sich Rifelmens, Exile Issues, Courier mail, as well as banknotes!


      3 December (Lots 1-441) - Print Errors of The World, Poland, Baltic States
      4 December (Lots 442-851) - China & United States Locals
      7 December (Lots 852-1314) - Russian Empire & Offices in Mongolia, Levant, China
      8 December (Lots 1315-1850) - Russian Civil War, Armenia, Russian & Batlic DP Camps
      9 December (Lots 1851-2395) - The Soviet Union: Chronology, Complete Sets
      10 December (Lots 2396-2801) - The Soviet Union and RSFSR: Rarities, Print Errors, Collections
      11 December (Lots 2802-3444) - The Big Zemstvo Auction #3: Rare Stamps, Multiples
      14 December (Lots 3445-3978) - The Big Zemstvo Auction #3: Chronology (A-K, Covers)
      15 December (Lots 3979-4435) - The Big Zemstvo Auction #3: Chronology (L-Z)
      16 December (Lots 4436-4876) - The Big Zemstvo Auction #3: Postmarks & Cancellations
      17 December (Lots 4877-5331) - Germany, Croatia ND, Polish DP Camps & General Government
      18 December (Lots 5332-5790) - Germany: Occupations Specialized Collection
      21 December (Lots 5791-6287) - Ukraine #1: West & Carpatho Ukraine, CMT, Courier, Sich Rifelmens
      22 December (Lots 6288-6922) - Ukraine #2: Trident Overprints, Stamps & Postal History
      23 December (Lots 6923-7448) - Ukraine #3: Banknotes, Underground Post, DP Camps, UNR, Soviet Rep.

      Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork stops at 10:00 AM EDT (07:00 AM PT) each day for each session.

      Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork stops at 04:00 EST for the lots to be auctioned each day.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Collections, Stocks and Accumulations of the World - December 3-4, 2021

      Welcome one and all to the Daniel F. Kelleher Winter collection sale #762. This enormous assembly consists of further portions from the legendary William S. Langs holdings, including superb offerings of errors, proof and essay large lot holdings, a magnificent grouping of Match and Medicine proofs not seen since the Joyce sale, etc. Additionally, you will find a fine array of superb United States collections offered as received from a variety of collectors. Mixed lots and foreign accumulations abound, including the first installment from the "Bay Area” horde, which offers some of the largest multi-carton lots we’ve ever offered. Single country lots and holdings are also to be found. While much of this material is available to be viewed online, Kelleher is accepting appointments for viewing accommodations at their Danbury, Connecticut offices. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to participate in the largest collections/accumulation sale held in the United States this year!

      • Bambini Collection of Asia
      • Hughes Worldwide Collection
      • Kohtz Collection of USA & Germany
      • Mallen Collection of US & Israel
      • Mason Quality Collection of US
      • Ray Specialized Collection of German Area
      • Sarkin Collection of the World
      • Peter USA Quality Collection
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Württembergisches Auktionshaus Joachim Erhardt Gmb Worldwide Public Auction - December 3-4, 2021 German and international philately with special section German foreign post offices and colonies.
      • Übersee, Europa/Overseas, Europe
      • Deutsches Reich, Zeppelinpost/German Empire, Zeppelin mail
      • Deutsche Gebiete, Nachkriegsdeutschland/German Areas, Postwar Germany
      • Sammlungen, Münzen, Literatur, Nachtrag/Collections, Coins, Literature, Addendum
      • Altdeutschland/Old Germany
      • Deutsche Kolonien und Auslandspostämter/German colonies and foreign post offices
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Cheshire Stamp Auctions (Sandafayre Public Auction) Public Auction - December 4, 2021 CHESHIRE STAMP AUCTIONS PUBLIC AUCTION OF 4TH DECEMBER features a huge section of accumulations and collections in boxes and albums to suit all budgets, notable CANADA Transatlantic Mail from pre stamp to the 1880's incl. with named ship endorsements, many individual Classic Commonwealth high values mint incl. Australia Kangaroo issues, Ceylon, Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika incl. the iconic £100 overprinited "SPECIMEN", Falkland Islands, Rhodesia incl. the £1 Double Head ERROR OF COLOUR, similarly the New Zealand 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1d printed in claret, GREAT BRITAIN with marvellous Victorian from Penny Blacks, mint surface printed issues, high values to £5 used, Kings to high values, a big section of decimal "postage" lots estimated at around half of the face value.

      Live bidding can be accessed from our main webpage listed below.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Modern Stamps, Inc. Public Auction #497 - No Buyer's Fee - December 4, 2021 Public Auction #497 includes 459 Lots without Hidden Reserves. This Sale includes Collections of U.S. Stamps, plus World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Country Collections, Accumulations and "Box Lots". Sale Highlights Include Early U.S., U.S. Mint Sheets and U.S. Postage Lots (Including many "Forever" Stamps). The Sale also includes Collections from Philippines (U.S. & Spanish), Canada (Postage Lots), Finland, France (Imperfs.), Germany (and Related), Great Britain (& British Commonwealth), Italy (and Related), Korea, Portuguese Colonies and Scandinavia. There is a Wide Selection of Country Collections & Accumulations (Over 200 Lots), plus Some "Cinderella" Items (Not Listed by Scott), plus Some Confederate Currency. There also are some Better "Box Lots" (U.S. and World Wide). Something of interest for almost every collector can be found in this Sale. NO BIDDER'S FEE IS ADDED TO THE INVOICE. All Lots Sold to the High Bidder at an Increment Over the Second High Bid. LIVE INTERNET BIDDING will be Available. PHONE BIDDING during the Auction can be Scheduled. Auction Begins at 12:00 Noon (EST). LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • House of Zion Public Auction - December 5, 2021 Dear Friends and Fellow Collectors,
      I am pleased to announce PUBLIC AUCTION #108, to be held SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1:30pm. The sale features a huge selection of DOAR IVRI and FIRST FESTIVALS Stamps and Covers. We have included a rare collection of Holocaust "JUDE STARS"

      Also included are outstanding items of Forerunners, Palestine, WWI, WWII, 1948 Locals, Israel, Autographs, Judaica, Holocaust, Collections, Accumulations, and Dealer Lots. We are lucky to have items from the great collection of Samson Scholom.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Cherrystone Auctions Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World - December 7-8, 2021 Cherrystone December 7-8, 2021 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World will take place at our New Jersey Galleries and over the internet via CherrystoneLIVE and StampAuctionNetwork (SAN). This 1,554 lot sale begins with United States, with 19th and 20th Century single rarities, graded items, proofs, essays and back of the book material. European countries are well represented, with a good showing of Great Britain & British Commonwealth. South America is highlighted by classic Colombia. Other noteworthy areas include the late Roy Koczarski's award-wining collection of Poland, plus Russia, with an unused Number One. The sale concludes with Large Lots and Collections, with single country albums to specialized collections, multi-carton worldwide groups and cover lots. Scans of most of the lots are available on our website and additional scans are being added daily. Printed Catalogues will be distributed to our regular mailing list. This is a public auction, with live Internet bidding (via CherrystoneLIVE at www.cherrystoneauctions.com). For additional information please contact Cherrystone Auctions, Inc. - 300 Frank W. Burr Blvd. Second Floor - Teaneck, NJ 07666 - TOLL FREE (800) 886-9313 - PHONE (212) 977-7734 - FAX (212) 977-8653 - info@cherrystoneauctions.com. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Mowbray Collectables Postal Stamp Auction - December 7, 2021 Welcome to our Monthly Stamp Auction #541, closing on Tuesday 7th December.

      We have a lovely range of 3,665 lots this month, with a large range of New Zealand material as well as all World. We are sure there is something for everyone in this sale. Scans and further information can be provided on request.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions The December Sale - December 8-9, 2021 We are offering a total of 1,584 lots in two separate catalogs for this very special event. The first session commences at 10:00 AM PST on Wednesday, December 8th 2021 in our San Francisco auction galleries.

      Auction 99 has a total of 1,205 lots with an array of United States and Worldwide stamps and postal history! The sale features:

      • Better U.S. singles
      • Specialized Mexico
      • The first part of the Gary Munson collection of Hawaii stamps and postal history including three Missionary stamps.
      Sale 99 Sessions:
      Session 1: 12/08/21 The December Sale 10:00 PST (13:00 EST) Lots 1-653
      Session 2: 12/09/21 The December Sale 10:00 PST (13:00 EST) Lots 654-1205

      Browse our Gems of Philately Sale 100 held December 10, 2021 at 10:00AM (Jump to sale 100)
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Corbitts Public auction - December 8, 2021 Welcome to Sale 167 comprised of 1150 lots, held at our usual venue, the Britannia Hotel, where we look forward to welcoming you.

      A-Z all world stamps & postal history including mixed lots & accumulations, single country lots offered intact, foreign countries, British Empire & GB. Noted a strong section of Great Britain postal history with ranges of Railway stamps & covers, registered post, Northumberland County etc. Hopefully something of interest for everyone. You can also find additional scans on ou website.
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Spink London The 'Lionheart' Collection of Great Britain and British Empire - Part XV - December 8, 2021 SPINK are pleased to offer the fifteenth in the very popular ‘Lionheart’ series of auctions on December 8th. As usual it is a varied sale with items for collectors at all levels. Areas of particular note include strong sections of Bermuda including the unique unused 1861 W.B Perot 1d. Carmine-red on bluish paper, K.U.T with 1922 high values to £100 overprinted specimen and several issued values including the £10 and Long Island including multiples and varieties. There are also fine sections of British Guiana, Ceylon and Rhodesia along with a range of single country collections and some very useful ranges at the end of the sale to appeal to all. Highlights:
      • Lot 31 - Bermuda. A True World Rarity. The Unique Unused Example.. 1861 Postmaster's Stamp, W.B. Perot. (1d.) carmine-red on bluish horizontally laid paper, a crisp rich red strike, cut square and not obliterated, the faintest trace of a wrinkle mentioned strictly for accuracy; The unique unused example and of the highest exhibition quality. A true world rarity. B.P.A. (1984 and 1991) and R.P.S. (1991) Certificates. S.G. O6, £150,000
      • Lot 79 - Ceylon. 1863-65 2d. yellowish green, unused without gum, discreet repair to lower right corner though insignificat considering the extreme rarity; one of only four unused examples recorded, one of which is in the collection of Her Majesty The Queen. R.P.S. Certificate (1991). S.G. 50d, £9,000
      • Lot 121 - India. A Magnificent Example of Exhibition Quality. 1854 4a. blue and red (2nd printing) Head Die II, Frame Die I, cut square with full margins showing the wavy lines and corner ornaments on all four sides, toned original gum as always, a striking example of this rare stamp. Brandon Certificate (2018). S.G. 19, £26,000
      • Lot 192 - Mauritius. 1848-59 Post Paid, Intermediate Impressions. 2d. light blue on yellowish paper, block of four [5-6, 8-9], some creasing and thinning in places, small tear in last stamp nevertheless hugely rare as a block of four, generally good to large margins and traces of gum on the reverse; an important and remarkable piece of exhibition quality. S.G. 15
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • classicphil GmbH Just Stamps Public Auction - December 10, 2021 We are happy to announce our 9th auction on the 10th of December 2021. One day, packed with stunning rarities from around the globe. A large section of the catalogue is dedicated to the British occupation stamps of Cameroon, New Guinea/Marshall Islands, Mafia, Samoa and Togo. There are also selected luxury lots from Australian States, beautiful Great Britain envelopes as well as unique and scarce lots from Arabia and Canada round up.our auction.
      Good hunting!
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    • Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Gems of Philately - December 10, 2021 Welcome to our seventh annual Gems of Philately auction of United States and Possessions stamps and postal history. The auction is highlighted by:
      • Better free franks and autographs with one of the last Amelia Earhart signature
      • Lincoln campaign envelopes
      • An outstanding 3¢ 1869 Issue Alaska Territorial use
      • Choice U.S. singles and multiples including #1c 5¢ red orange graded 90, #118 mint o.g., #143 mint o.g. block of four and the 4¢ bluish paper mint
      • Civil War and Confederate States including the rare Chicago "Old Stamps Not Recognized" handstamp
      Enjoy the sale!

      The live bidding auction schedule for all lots at our San Francisco auction galleries is as follows:
      Sale 100 Lots 2001-2379 Friday, December 10, 2021 at 10:00AM PST (13:00 EST)

      Browse the lots from our December Auction 99! (Jump to Auction 99)
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • David Feldman SA Worldwide Public Auction - December 13-15, 2021 Welcome to our next autumn auction series featuring Stamps, covers and collections from all over the world. These catalogues offered in Euros feature lots from:
      • Olympic Games & Football
      • Egypt including The J. Chalhoub Collection
      • France & Colonies
      • Persia and Bushire
      • Europe
      • Overseas
      • Stamp Boxes
      • All World Collections
      See the Great Britain and British Empire lots of the Autumn Series here
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales: United States Stamps Featuring The "Nelson" Collection - December 14, 2021 Welcome to H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales. In addition to the spectacular Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery (replete with essays, forerunners, and pioneer post cards) and the Donald D. Nelson Collection of Untied States Stamps, or December sales also include a strong selection of free franks, the Jan Billion Collection of United Nations Postal History, and the Dr. Andrew A. Mazzara Collection of Italy and Italian Areas. There are also many powerful and worthwhile collections and accumulations that are deserving of a close look.

      Within this catalogue for Sale 3052 you will find United States Stamps Featuring the "Nelson" Collection. One specific highlight is a mint NH block of four of the 1857 1c Blue Type V (Lot 1018).

      Jump to Sale 3053: The Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery Click Here
      Jump to Sale 3054: United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections Click Here
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales: The Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery - December 14, 2021 Welcome to H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales. In addition to the spectacular Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery (replete with essays, forerunners, and pioneer post cards) and the Donald D. Nelson Collection of Untied States Stamps, or December sales also include a strong selection of free franks, the Jan Billion Collection of United Nations Postal History, and the Dr. Andrew A. Mazzara Collection of Italy and Italian Areas. There are also many powerful and worthwhile collections and accumulations that are deserving of a close look.

      Within this catalogue for Sale 3053 you will find The Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery. A couple highlights:

      • A rare used example of the Lipman postal card essay in blue (Lot 2093)
      • The unique example of the 1873 1c Postal card (April group) on unwatermarked paper (Lot 2111)
      Jump to Sale 3052: The "Nelson" CollectionClick Here
      Jump to Sale 3054: United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections Click Here

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    • Kelleher and Rogers Limited The 2021 Fall General Sale - December 14, 2021 Featuring
      • The Alan Warren Collection of Tibet
      • Gould Boxer Rebellion Correspondence
      • Specialized Postal History of Canton
      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Kelleher and Rogers Limited The Customs Mail Matter Handstamps of China, 1883-1897 - December 15, 2021

      This magnificent collection of 78 envelopes, postal cards and postal documents represents the finest collection of the rare Customs Mail Matter handstamps ever formed, and additionally represents the first time this subject has been offered in an individual catalog. These items were meticulously assembled over a 25 year period by one of the foremost Chinese postal history enthusiasts of our time. Several unique, and many spectacular examples are offered throughout. Never before has a holding of this magnitude dealing with a subject of this importance been offered at one time.

      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Kelleher and Rogers Limited The I.P.O. Tie-prints, 1899-1904 - December 15, 2021

      The incomparable collection of the always popular Imperial Post Office “Tie-print” markings, 1899-1904 represented by nearly 290 lots formed by an eminent Chinese philatelist of our time. Never before has a holding of this size and magnitude been brought together in one offering as this. Twenty-six major towns or postal districts are known to have used these handstamps, and nearly all are represented here, often times with the finest known examples. Without question, this holding represents not only the largest, but the finest offering by far of these sought-after, eye-appealing gems of Chinese postal history.

      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • H.R. Harmer GPN, Inc. H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales: United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections - December 15, 2021 Welcome to H.R. Harmer’s December 2021 Sales. In addition to the spectacular Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery (replete with essays, forerunners, and pioneer post cards) and the Donald D. Nelson Collection of Untied States Stamps, or December sales also include a strong selection of free franks, the Jan Billion Collection of United Nations Postal History, and the Dr. Andrew A. Mazzara Collection of Italy and Italian Areas. There are also many powerful and worthwhile collections and accumulations that are deserving of a close look.

      Within this catalogue for Sale 3054 will find United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections. One specific highlight is a 1793 free frank from George Washington as president (Lot 3285). Other areas of interest:

      • Worldwide Stamps, Covers and Collections
      • United States Free Franks
      • United States Postal History and Flight Covers
      • United Nations Postal History
      • United States Collections
      • British Commonwealth Stamps, Covers and Collections
      • Philatelic Literatue
      Jump to Sale 3052: United States Stamps Featuring the "Nelson" Collection Click Here
      Jump to Sale 3053: The Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery Click Here

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    • David Feldman SA Great Britain & British Empire Public Auction - December 16, 2021 Welcome to our next autumn auction series featuring Stamps, covers and collections from all over the world. These two catalogues offered in Great Britain Pounds feature lots from:
      • Great Britain
      • British Empire
      See the Worldwide lots of the Autumn Series here
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    • Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Coin & Currency Auction #20 - December 16, 2021 Coin & Currency Sale #20 includes better coins in virtually all series plus a fine group of sets in many categories including Indian Cents, Lincoln cents, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Washington quarters and Walking Liberty halves. Type coin and Morgan dollar offerings are numerous. A nice selection of all denominations of gold coins are presented, both vintage U.S. and foreign as well as bullion U.S. and foreign. This sale also offers two rare pattern coins – Judd-325 1863 Pattern dime and Judd-1771 1896 Pattern nickel. As usual, the sale offers something for every type of collector, and is well worth careful review. The auction will begin at 4:30 PM ET on Thursday, December 16, 2021. Live online bidding will be available via Stamp Auction Network. Absentee bids may also be submitted via Stamp Auction Network, phone, email and fax. Viewing will be open by appointment only beginning Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Please call or email to set-up an appointment. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Kelleher and Rogers Limited Stamps of the People's Republic of China - December 16, 2021

      The People’s Republic of China sale featuring over 400 lots of these always popular issues including multiples, marginal markings as well as better collections and accumulations. The obvious highlight of this wonderful sale is a superb, lower left corner margin, sheet number example of the 1958 8f “Sunrays” withdrawn issue.

      LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • AuctionGallery AG Worldwide Auction - December 17, 2021 Welcome to AuctionGallery Timed Auction 17 December at 10.00 am (GMT +1)

      GNR BRESCIA - First Part - With over 480 lots we are pleased to present this specialized auction of the Italian Social Republic. The rare edition of Brescia with all the overprinted values of the issue. Other highlights:

      • Lot 2481: Repubblica Sociale - G.N.R. Brescia - 20 lire (487/III errore ea) bordo foglio con numero di Tavola - GR punti piccoli (pos. 98) - gomma integra - Raybaudi + cert. Andreoni
      • Lot 2483: Repubblica Sociale - G.N.R. Brescia - 25 lire (488/I) - gomma integra - Oliva + cert. oro Raybaudi
      • Lot 2485: Repubblica Sociale - G.N.R. Brescia - 50 lire (489/Ifd errore pd) - punto piccolo dopo N (posiz. 99) - gomma integra - splendido - grande rarità - cert. Sorani + cert. Andreoni + cert. AG
      The auction will start at 10 am GMT+1 and every minute the system will automatically expire a lot, awarding it to the highest bid received up to that moment. Absentee bidding at StampAuctionNetwork will stop at 8:00 am GMT+1 (01:00 EST)
      Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

    • Soler y Llach Stamps and Covers of the World Public Auction - December 21, 2021 Welcome to our auction 769: Stamps and Postal History of the World to highlight Italy with Collection Imperato and Collection Esmeralda.
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