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October, 2018

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - United States Stamp Treasures: The William H. Gross Collection - October 3, 2018 United States Stamp Treasures from The William H. Gross Collection is the greatest U.S. stamp auction in history. The auction contains 106 lots with some of the most iconic items in United States philately. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

van Dieten Stamp Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - October 5-6, 2018 Welcome to our 640th Worldwide Public Auction! Are you collecting cancellations on the First Issue of the Netherlands? Are you looking for rare and much sought-after numbers of the Netherlands and Overseas Territories? Do you have a special interest in postmarks and covers? Pre philately, the First and Second World War, Censorship Post of the Netherlands East Indies? And all of this in the most beautiful quality?

It could very well be that you are searching for original, intact collections, like from the Netherlands, Belgium,British Commonwealth, French- Spanish- and Italian Colonies, Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Latin America, Switzerland, or Coins and so on. You can find this all presented in our 640th Sale which will be held at Roermond on October the 5th and 6th. Have we wetted your appetite? Please view all lots in our sale.
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Ghiglione - Worldwide Public Auction - October 6, 2018 Welcome to our auction #101, offering 4956 lots split into two sessions. The highlight of this auction is a big collection of very old letters from XIV century, XV century and XVI century.

The morning session offers: ancient letters without stamps (Prefilateliche/Franchigie), letters sent trough vassels (Vie di Mare), old documents (Documenti), letters with signs of disinfection (Sanità). In the first session there's a really complete offer of Old Italian States stamps and letters (Lombardo Veneto/Modena/Napoli/Province Napoletane/Parma/Stato Pontificio/Romagne/Regno di Sardegna/Sicilia/Toscana). After the Old Italian States the auction goes on with lots of Kingdom of Italy (Regno d'Italia Annullamenti/Collettorie/Regno d'Italia Regno d'Italia Saggi e Prove/Regno d'Italia Varietà/Lotti del Regno d'Italia). Then we offer lots from the 1944 period (Repubblica Sociale Italiana/Luogotenenza) and a good selection from Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana) and Italian Area (Servizi Privati/Amgvg/Trieste A/Trieste B/Emissioni Locali e C.L.N./Corpo Polacco/San Marino/Vaticano/Smom).

In the afternoon session we offer lots from War Occupation (Occupazioni Straniere-I Guerra/Terre Redente Occupazioni Italiane e Straniere-II Guerra). Then auction goes on with Italian Colonies (Uffici Postali all'Estero-Levante/Colonie Italiane/Occupazioni Straniere delle Colonie a nice selection of Air Mail and Polar Mail (Posta Aerea/Posta Polare). Then some Militar Post (Posta Militare e Franchigie) and Entires (Interi Postali). Then stamps and covers from Europe (Paesi d'Europa) and Overseas (Paesi d'Oltremare). We close the auction with Old Books (Libri antichi e moderni), non philatelic items (Varie), Postcards (Cartoline), Philatelic Books (Letteratura filatelica), Thematic Collections (Tematiche) and a large section of Lots and advanced Collections (Lotti e Collezioni).
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Schlegel - Worldwide Public Auction - October 8-10, 2018 We proudly present the offer for our 23rd auction from October 8-10, 2018. We once again offer plenty of fine postal history specialties, covers, good single stamps and sets. We like to especially direct your attention to:

  • Our massive collection and estate part, including many en gros lots of the German Colonies. These originate from an old dealer stock.
  • Our Baltic States, Poland and Guatemala collections.
  • Following the success of our special catalogue EXKLUSIVITÄTEN DER PHILATELIE of our last auction we bring you the second part of said series: Once again 111 exclusive lots will open our first auction day.
  • Another very special catalogue serves as the prelude to our main catalogue: The collection "ONYX". The collection "ONYX" gives a good insight into the genesis of stamps in the time of the Third Reich. This special catalog includes a wealth of unique and selected pieces of this fascinating philatelic area. It should be a great addition to any philatelic library.
  • Many more worldwide lots.
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Historama - Worldwide Public Auction - October 9-10, 2018 Auction #6 is our largest yet, with 1362 lots almost evenly split between philately and numismatics/militaria/Judaica + more. In all areas of collectibles, our focus is on Israel, the Mandate and the Holyland – although many countries and regions are represented in these fields. Our offering of medallic Judaica is probably the largest and highest quality of any available in the market today, while our selection of militaria is unparalleled in its depth across various historical periods; our offering of philately is similarly rich in scope and in depth, offering both stamps as well as postal history in a total of 43 different and exciting categories. Reflecting our gradual entry into the world of collectibles from the Arab world, we are pleased now to offer a selection of fine and rare Egyptian stamps of her earliest series.

Viewers will note that we go to great lengths to research and verify facts surrounding the materials we offer, specifically as regards postal history. For this sale we have now started to offer index pages, assigning various “special characteristics”, associated “historial periods”/locales/countries and even personalities to the materials offered for sale. We invite you to visit us and try our search filters, to help you find exactly what you want – or discover something you didn’t expect to find.
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Christoph Gärtner Philatelic - Worldwide Public Auction - October 9-19, 2018 This auction offers a wide variety of remarkable items from all over the world, including unique pieces, world rarities and post-historically important items of all kinds. Some highlights of our 42nd auction.

Let‘s start with Paris: We offer a “Un franc vermillion” with original rubber, wide margins and in fresh colour, probably the most sought-after stamp in France. And this stamp with the ”Ceres 8 head was printed in Paris, in the Paris Mint.

Well, going to Texas now isn‘t easy. However, our special "USA” offer has about 300 lots – and let‘s face it, Texas cowboy —romance always comes into play when we think of the USA. First of all, the strip of four of the 10 Cent Washington from 1847 with a red grid cancel should be mentioned – a fascinating piece. In addition, around 300 further lots from the “New World”, including proofs from the period before 1900.

Of course, other areas are also represented with outstanding individual lots and collections, e.g. Bavaria with a gutter of the 9 Kreuzer in the blue-green shade, Alexanderstadt 10 roubles black/dark red with overprint in Type III, PR China with the “monkey” in a block of four, – and again and again untouched collections from collectors‘ hands, both classic collections and post-historical objects.
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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - “Flagship” Sale:US, British and Worldwide Stamps & Postal History - October 10-12, 2018 "Flagship" sale with nearly 2000 lots of U.S., British and Worldwide stamps and postal history, featuring:

  • The "RGB" Collection of US including back-of-the-book, Iceland, Ireland and worldwide
  • The William B. Martin Collection of important stamps and covers of the world
  • The "Magic City" Collection with further offerings of US including sheets, plate blocks and multiples - Part II
  • The "Boca" Collection of British and German Area - Part
  • The Howard Herzog Collection of US and worldwide stamps
  • The "Munchen" Specialized Collection of Bavaria and Baden cancellations and postal history
  • Further offerings from an extensive collection of spectacular modern Italian errors
  • For the collector of great rarities: there are 38 lots estimated at $5,000 or more, including rare U.S. special printings, coils and multiples
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Phoenix Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - October 12, 2018 This auction is held on Friday 12th Oct. The Boxlot section (lots 1- 465) starts at 9am, features world & one-country lots, plus Australia and Colonies accumulations including revenues. At Noon our main auction commences with Aust C'wealth, inc 3rd Wmk £1 chocolate & blue, £2 CTO and £2 rare Type ‘C’ Sub-Type 1a Specimen, KGV Heads with PB State 3 Die Proofs & 1d red shades with several eosins including a pair, and several rare KGVI-QEII Sunken Die Proofs. At 2.30pm Aust Cols start inc Sydney Views on cover (8 lots). South Aust 1886-96 Postage & Revenue set to £20 with rare 17½mm ‘SPECIMEN’ plus a fine selection of Departmentals, WA with 1/- & 2/- Coolgardie Express locals in complete sheets; British Commonwealth with rare varieties including Kuwait 1939 1r, 2r & 10r Extended ‘T’ flaws; foreign material including Germany Occupation of Sudetenland collection & Herrnhut (Oberlausitz) set of locals.
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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions - Public Auction: United States Stamps and Postal History plus Worldwide Collections and Balances - October 12-14, 2018 Welcome to our October 12-14, 2018 Sescal auction of United States stamps and postal history plus Worldwide collections and balances auction. The sale features an array of State Postal History including Rhode Island, Texas and New Mexico, Transatlantic mails featuring the Jack Pemberton collection, Nick Kirke off-cover New York Foreign Mail fancy cancels, part II of the Bradley Horton Postal Stationery and Cards, specialized Canal Zone and Hawaii including Aloha Nui post cards. With 2,019 lots, there is bound to be something for everyone. The auction is being held at the Sescal Stamp Exhibition in Ontario Cal. Browse the entire sale with additional images at www.rumseyauctions.com. A limited number of printed catalogs are available.
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Sterling Kingbrook Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - October 13, 2018 This auction features the rare "CIA Invert" in addition to with some other nice singles, sets, covers, specialty items, smaller accumulations, and our usual larger box lots. Here are some highlights in this auction:

  • The rare USA "CIA Invert" (Scott 1610c) with 1989 PFC, Lot 287.
  • More wonderful US singles from the Northville, MI consignment, many with recent certificates.
  • Fractional currency, US coins and Vatican gold coins
  • Excellent selection of Canadian Semi-Official stamps and covers
  • Many small, medium, and large lots and accumulations including intact collections
  • Select literature and supplies
We are still offering low start bids and a competitive buyer’s premium (15%) again making this auction appealing to the collector and dealer.

We accept bids by snail mail, through our website www.sterlingkingbrookauctions.com as well as Stamp Auction Network only till 11:30am. At 1pm, we will continue the auction on the floor at our office at which you may bid by phone with prior arrangements (call 810-220-6000).
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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions - Public Auction: United States Advertising Covers - October 13, 2018 Welcome to our October 13, 2018 Sescal auction of United States Advertising Covers, featuring the Max Mayo Collection of Allover Advertising Covers and the Ernst Sielaff Collection of Advertising Covers. With 842 lots, this is a tremendous offering of covers illustrating the craftsmanship during the Golden era of advertising covers. The auction is being held at the Sescal Stamp Exhibition in Ontario Cal. Browse the entire sale with additional images at www.rumseyauctions.com. A limited number of printed catalogs are available.
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Cherrystone Auctions - Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World - October 16-17, 2018 Welcome to our October 16-17, 2018 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World. With 1,627 lots, this auction features properties of various owners and estates from all over the world, including Ernest Wheeler's flight and Space covers and autographs, additional selections from the Scouts of the World collection, Vito Bianco's stock of Italian area and many others. There are solid selections of United States, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, Latin and South America, European Countries with Austria, Belgium, France, Germany & Italy, with their respective Colonies, also Poland, Russia, Spain and Switzerland; rarities from China and other Asian material. As always, the sale contains 150+ large lots and collections, with individual country collections, worldwide accumulations in cartons, cover lots and more. Browse the entire sale at www.cherrystoneauctions.com. A limited number of printed catalogues are available on request. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

AB Philea - International Stamp Auction - October 17, 2018 Welcome to AB Philea's stamp auction no 362 on 17 October, with almost 2000 lots. The Scandinavian section is comprehensive as usual. The foreign section is also strong.

  • Sweden, Nordic countries - Lots 1-1061 (16:00 local time)
  • Europe, Worldwide, Non-Nordic countries, numismatics, miscellany - Lots 1062-1988 (17:30 local time)
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H.R. Harmer, Inc. - The Elmer Campbell Collection of Germany and German Areas - October 20, 2018 The Elmer Campbell Collection of Germany and German Areas represents one man’s dedication to collecting as much of the German Empire as possible, from Germany itself to the nation’s numerous colonies and foreign offices. With parallel collections of mint and used stamps, as well as covers, varieties, and much more, Mr. Campbell amassed a wonderful collection the likes of which is rarely seen on this side of the Atlantic. Particular highlights include the aforementioned colonies and foreign offices, as well as an example of Schleswig-Holstein Mi. 1a that is amongst the finest copies we have ever seen. Also take into account the zeppelins and postal history of the World Wars and there is sure to be something for every German collection in this catalogue. Individual highlights in the sale include:

  • Schleswig-Holstein Mi. 1a (1850 1sh Blue) used with wide and attractive margins (Lot 41)
  • Caroline Islands Mi. 6 I ZS (1899 50pf Bright reddish-brown, 48° overprint) vertical pair with full gutter (Lot 227)
  • Marshall Islands Mi. 9 H (1900 10pf Red) bisect used as 5pf on postcard (Lot 302)
  • Germany 1912 Rhein-Main Flight card with 10pf E.E.L.P. overprint (Lot 450)
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H.R. Harmer, Inc. - The "Argent" Collection of 1875-1901 Mint United States Stamps - October 20, 2018 The “Argent” Collection of 1875-1901 Mint United States Stamps is limited to only the United States stamp issues of the late 19th century. The owner sought to collect each major listing (and several minor varieties) in as high a quality as possible. The centering, the color, the perforations all had to be top-notch for a stamp to make its way into this remarkable collection. With less than two dozen examples known the Scott 205C is certainly the highlight here, although a unique Scott 197 10c Special Printing with double transfer at the top and bottom should also appeal to those who require the rarest of the rare. Individual highlights in the sale include:

  • Scott 197 var., 1880 10c Deep brown, Special printing, Double transfer of top and bottom labels (Lot 604)
  • Scott 205C, 1882 5c Gray brown, Special printing, Extremely Fine and choice in every respect (Lot 606)
  • Scott 240, 1893 50c Columbian, NH and graded XF-S 95 (Lot 632)
  • Scott 293, 1898 $2 Trans-Mississippi, NH left margin single with Extremely Fine centering (Lot 695)
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Fusco Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - October 20, 2018 This auction contains 1015 lots of rare stamps, country and topical collections, cover lots, large lots and dealer stocks. Very nice offering of U.S. with some of the highlights being 19th c. singles and multiple collections. Excellent foreign collections with many unused pre-1940 lots from the J.S. and Ken Nilsestuen collection. Excellent airmail exhibit page offerings from the Wiilam Harris collection featuring French Air Meet lots, Italian Polar Flights aboard the Norge and Brazlian Zeppelin and Semi-Official stamps and flights. Offeringsfrom the Arctic and Antarctic collections of Peter Barretta Jr. Large Postcard lots, Large U.S. and outstanding country collections and large worldwide lots .
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Modern Stamps, Inc. - Public Auction #469 - No Buyer's Fee - October 20, 2018 Public Auction #469 includes 433 Lots without Hidden Reserves. This Sale includes Collections of U.S. Stamps, plus World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Country Collections, Accumulations, Covers and "Box Lots". Sale Highlights Include Early U.S. Issues, U.S. "E.F.O." Material, U.S. "Postage" Lots, U.S. Mint Sheets and U.S. Covers (Many Better F.D.C.'s). The Sale also includes World Wide Small Lots and Collections from Africa, British Commonwealth, France, Germany, Hungary, Middle East and Vatican City. There is a Wide Selection of World Collections, Country Collections & Accumulations (Over 100 Lots), Plus Some "Cinderella" Items (Not Listed by Scott) and Picture Post Cards. There are many Better "Box Lots", Unsorted Mixtures and Accumulations (U.S. and World Wide). Something of interest for almost every collector can be found in this Sale. NO BIDDER'S FEE IS ADDED TO THE INVOICE. All Lots Sold to the High Bidder at an Increment Over the Second High Bid. PHONE BIDDING DURING THE AUCTION CAN BE SCHEDULED. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

House of Zion - Public Auction - October 21, 2018 I am very pleased to announce PUBLIC AUCTION #102, to be held SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1pm in conjunction with the NOJEX 2018 STAMP SHOW, being held at the Hilton Meadowlands Hotel, in E. Rutherford, New Jersey. Lots can be viewed during the show, October 19-21.  Lots can also be viewed in Tel Aviv, Thursday October 11, or in Boynton Beach, Florida, Sunday October 14.

The sale will include items from the collections of  Robert Cohen, Dr. Jonathan Becker, Dr. Robert Greenwald, and Dr. Jan Sarkin, plus the award winning Holy Land collection of Jacques Mahu.

Jacques Mahu was passionate about history and geography. In college, he was already exchanging stamps.  To him, the stamps were an inexhaustible source of knowledge..but the war came with an adolescence spent under the sound of boots. after the war, there was little entertainment but the history was fertile; the discovery of the Holocaust, the hope of joining the Promised Land, the War of Independence, and the proclamation of the State of Israel!  While being of Christian confession,for most of his life, he collected the " Holy Land", over 5 periods--Ottoman Empire, Foreign Offices, British Mandate, Interim Period and State of Israel. Jacques became a member of the Philatelic Amicale France--Israel, shortly after its creation in 1971,  He continued to be active in philatelic circles until 1989. One of his favorite items and close to his heart was the Cross of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful postmarks according to him. Jacques worked as a cellar master of a  Champagne house until his retirement. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 89.

We are most pleased we have been selected to sell his collection, which hasn't been seen in over 25 years.


  • Forerunners
  • Palestine Mandate
  • 1948/Interim Period
  • Israel
  • Judaica
  • Holocaust
  • Postage Due Covers
  • Autographs and Documents
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions what so ever, we would be happy to help and wish you all the best in our upcoming auction.
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Corbitts - Worldwide Public Auction - October 24, 2018 Offering 1662 Lots, The sale includes:

  • 59 of our ever popular room lots offered by the box full without reserves (to be removed on the day), followed by mixed lots and accumulations with a diverse range of boxed lots & multi volume collections.
  • A-Z all world including single country collections & ranges, better individual stamps and complete sets.
  • Postal history incl. a collection of Zeppelin mail broken down.
  • Great Britain with collections, postal history and a part reconstruction (½ sheet) of 1d blacks from Plate 4 (letterings KA-TL), VR Officials etc.
  • Plus many other very interesting lots.
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Status International - Worldwide Public Auction - October 25, 2018 Auction 345 has 3,794 lots, catering for all types of collectors & dealers - from bulk accumulations and intact collections to desirable single items. This auction offers a huge range of material, with special emphasis on lotting stamps to cater for collectors with varying types of interests and budgets. Items range from $30 to $50,000 so there's something for everybody. This auction offers strong representation of Australia & Colonies, strong British Empire material of all areas & periods, as well as General Foreign including small and large collections. There are over 300 lots of Australian Collections (Lots 46-383) and almost 600 lots of World collections (Lots 384-912).

Following on there almost 900 lots of Australia which consist of singles, sets and covers including Australian colonies (Lots 978-1903). The Australian lots cover all periods, from the Kangaroo issues up to Decimal and contains numerous number of mint & used £1 & £2 top values - this includes a First Watermark £2 Black & rose variety 'colour spot on map north of Bight', also another 'dot by roo's ear'. Superb MLH W/C (appears MUH) with beautiful deep colours. SG 16(var) cat £6500. ACSC 55A(D)qt cat $17,000 plus premium for centring. Lovely looking stamp. (Lot 1028).

There are almost 1,600 lots of World stamps, covers and single country collections (Lots 1904-3503) with the British Empire well represented, highlighted by a Malaya States FMS:1900 opt Elephants $25 green & orange top value. VF fresh M, nice original gum & beautiful colours. SG 14 cat £16,000+. Major rarity & the key of all the Malayan States Elephant issues. Exp Bolaffi & Alberto Diena(Lot 2751). Numerous other European and Asian rarities Including PRC China.
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H.R. Harmer, Inc. - United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Stamps, Covers, and Collections - October 25-27, 2018 Our sale of United States, British, and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections features several key areas which are worth noting. A remarkably complete and specialized collection of United States postal stationery, with an emphasis on postal cards, is replete with items that are sure to please students of this fascinating field. A lifelong collection of United States CAM flights is coming to market for the first time, with ample opportunities for further study and research. A particularly strong selection of collections touches on all corners of the globe; as always, we truly believe there is something for everyone between the pages of this catalogue. Individual highlights in the sale include:

  • US Scott 39, 1860 90c Blue, exceptionally-centered, one of the finest used examples we have ever seen (Lot 1095)
  • US Scott C3 24c Airmail blue "TOP" only plate block of 12 (Lot 1513)
  • US Scott U82a 1870 3c Brown error of color entire (Lot 1661)
  • Canal Zone Scott 157a 1962 4c Thatcher Ferry Bridge omitted error (Lot 1908)
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Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. - The Lee Wong Collection - October 26, 2018 The Lee Wong Collection.
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H.R. Harmer, Inc. - The Bert Boonstra Collection of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition - October 26, 2018 The Bert Boonstra Collection of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition is a love-letter to the world’s fair that has captured the imagination of so many in the century-plus since it took place. With an emphasis on exposition cancels, picture postcards, and foreign destinations, the collection abounds with material that is not only scarce but also visually stunning. Amongst the foreign destinations are such far-off places as Gibraltar, Bolivia, and Tunisia. Several cancels Mr. Boonstra collected are amongst the scarcest recognized by Bomar. But, regardless of rarity, this catalogue is simply a joy to peruse for its eye-appeal. Mr. Boonstra attempted to not just tell the story of the Pan-American Exposition, but how the events of the fair shaped American history for decades to come. We feel confident saying that he accomplished this mission admirably. Individual highlights in the sale include:

  • 2c Pan-American single on illustrated exposition cover with exposition cancel (Lot 703)
  • 5c Pan-American used with 8c Puerto Rico on registered letter from Puerto Rico to Brazil (Lot 836)
  • 1c and 2c Pan-Americans used on censored cover to Ceylon (Lot 844)
  • 5c Pan-American used on illustrated exposition cover to Tunisia (Lot 932)
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Engers Frimerker - Sale 117 - October 26-27 Large public auction featuring Norway-Iceland and other Scandinavia, but also including large untouched collections from England-France-Germany-Switzerland-Bosnia&Herzegovina-Portugal and colonies-China-Ethiopia (Exhibition Coll.)and a wide range of single items and collections from countries world wide,- numerous lots from British colonies. The Iceland section is especially strong from no.1 onwards with many better overprints, imperfs and inverted overprints and 3 Hopflug sets. England with no.1 plated, German Reich with fantastic postal history collections offered unpicked and a very strong section of Inflation covers. Exhibition collections of Bosnia&Herzegovina and Ehtiopia ! are offered intact as well as an extensive collection of China starting at US$ 11000,- A large coll. of France is split into extensive sections of different types of cancellations offered as separate collections from different periods. Many better single items from classic Switzerland, classic Italy and much else world wide. The Norway section is as usual highly specialized incl. numerous rare items, rare classic covers and postal history of all kinds. email: post@engers-frimerker.no

Württembergisches Auktionshaus Joachim Erhardt Gmb - International Public Auction - October 26-27, 2018 Philatelie und Postgeschichte mit der Sammlung Bredeney. Some highlighted areas:

  • Overseas, Europe
  • German Reich, Zeppelin Mail
  • German Area, Post War Germany
  • Collections, Coins, Literature
  • German States
  • Special auction german colonies, Bredeney Collection
  • Special auction german colonies and foreign post offices
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Kelleher & Rogers Ltd. - China, Hong Kong, Japan and Other Asian Stamps and Postal History - October 27, 2018 General sale featuring China (Empire, Republic and PRC), Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asia countries.
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James T. McCusker, Inc. - United States First Day Covers - October 31, 2018 Welcome to U.S. First Day Cover Public Auction #370. Highlights in the over 400 individual lots and collections include: 210, 295, 367 x 3, several flats with 563, 565 Muskogee, 567 San Francisco, 570, 571; other selections include some 30 different 610’s with 1st Linn x 2 and many U/O’s, Fantastic classic neo-classic cacheted selection loaded with better and hand painteds including over 20 Knapps. Airs and B.O.B. offer the best airmail offering we have had in years with C1, C2, C3, C4-6 (3), many C18’s as well as big Zepps with a rare c13-15 FDC on one cover. Rounding out the individual lots is a wonderful group of Inaugurals (our best in years) as well as some WII Patriotcs and a few selected collections. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

November, 2018

Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG - International Public Auction - November 6-10, 2018 The 163rd International Hall Auction will be held at Auktionshaus Felzmann between 6 and 10 November, right in the middle of the glorious autumn.

  • As always, we will be starting Numismatics off with the cream of antiquity, including a Greek tetradrachm – minted under Lykkeios with the head of Apollo.
  • Closer to the present day bidders will find a real Swiss rarity in the Europe from 1800 collection field. With just 4,224 specimens minted in 1888, the 20-franc showpiece is a must for all lovers of Swiss philately (Lot 21913, starting bid: €5,000).
  • On the Overseas front, there is a particularly attractive mohur featuring the young Queen Victoria, with divided obverse legend and a lion depicted on the reverse, standing for the British East India Company (Lot 22135, starting bid: €2,000).
  • The highlights among the currency notes include a Reich treasury note from 10 January 1882 numbered 463337 with a slight vertical crease (Lot 22500, starting bid: €2,000).
  • Philately will set the ball rolling on 8 November with the “Via Alpina” special catalogue, which takes a charming look at the cream of Austrian philately, from antiquity to the modern age.
  • The journey through the main catalogue will then continue, taking in many gems of international and German philately.
  • The auction will then move down from the mountains down to the Hungarian puszta with the MNH condition (!) 5,000-Korona “Patrona Hungariae” with inverted centrepiece, one of the great rarities of Hungarian philately (Lot 4634).
  • Fans of classic German philately will also find much to discover, In the both the single lots and the collections, including numerous inherited collections but also Claus Geissler’s exceptional collection “Forced labour camp in Nationalist Socialist Germany and occupied countries”, the subject of his recently published book “System of Terror” (Lot 7829).
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Eastern Auctions Ltd. - Highlands British North America Part One, Worldwide, Canada & BNA Public Auction - November 8-10, 2018

The Highlands Collection of British North America – Part One November 8, 2018 (Lot 1-360)
Built over a period of 40 years, this extraordinary multi-million dollar holding offers impressive coverage and consistently high quality. The collection is reminiscent in style and scope to the greatest collections of the past, with strong emphasis on the pre-Confederation era. We invite everyone who appreciates stamps, proofs and postal history of British North America to take advantage of this opportunity.

General Sale (Lot 361-1554)
Worldwide, British North America, Specialized New Brunswick Postal History, Exceptional Canada featuring the Alastair Bain Semi-Official Airmails and Daniel Cantor Proofs & Imperforates

The worldwide section features the Burma Collection of Alan Meech, long-time editor of The Burma Peacock, journal of the Burma Philatelic Study Circle; United States Revenues with early Documentary stamps including the famous $500 “Large Persian Rug” stamp.

A special section is dedicated to the Alastair Bain collection of Canada Semi-Official Airmails with rare mint stamps, varieties and surcharges, an impressive range of flight covers and worthwhile collections. The British North America section comprises the Graham McCleave New Brunswick postal history collections of early Colonial and Decimal 1860-1868 periods – with many rare postal markings, rates and combinations. Many exceptional items (including some never reported before) were meticulously added to this noteworthy collection for well-over 30 years.

A tremendous Canada sale (two-day event) comprising over 800 lots, features the Daniel Cantor collection of essays, proofs and imperforates; remarkable postal history of the Small Queen era including registered mail; equally impressive sections of the 1898 Map Stamp, 1911-1927 Admiral, plate multiples from King George V to modern era, perforated and overprinted Officials, Revenues along with numerous specialized large lots and collections.
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Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center - Public Auction - November 9-10, 2018 Thank you for making our September sale our best ever, we hope you find the material in November just as interesting.

In the U.S. cover section we have two nice #1s both with local cancels and there is also a 347V w/ PF cert on cover to Michigan. There are many nice lots in groups by topic, state and FDCs. There are also many larger U.S. and worldwide cover lots including a FDC of the PRC monkey #1586.

In the U.S. singles section there are many outstanding individual items like unused #76 block, 100, 115 & 121 with Yokohama cancels, 678 sheet and more. As usual we have a large number of accumulations and collections.

Among the coins, this sale features: Silver Dollars (1799, 1889-CC and 1893-S), 1804 $5 Gold (PCGS certified), modern gold high-relief coins (certified), 2017 Palladium Eagle (certified). These items and more provide collectors with seldom offered opportunities to add these scarcer pieces to their collection.

Our worldwide section features nice Australian Roos, Canada Jubilees, Canada #162-177 in NH blocks of 4, Cape Verde pair 5,5b unused, China PRC 948a used and unused, Falkland Islands Centenary, Great Britain 3b unused and much more. There are many excellent country collections, worldwide collections and accumulations. Hopefully you will find something of interest for you! Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Soler y Llach Subastas Internacionales - SPECIAL AUCTION: Spain "The Black of 1850" Part I - November 15, 2018 Outstanding sale of the most important collection ever collected of the First Spanish Stamp. Unique examples from the Ferrari, Hind, Hall, Burros, Caspary… collections are offered for sale. Among them the first POSTAL FORGERY printed in the world, the biggest blocks of the 6 cuartos of 1850 in mint condition and in used condition, also frankings to foreign destinations and the unique example known of one cover with the 6 cuartos used abroad. A great number of special cancellations also in a single stamp as well as on cover, most of them of great rarity or unique known. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy some of the biggest rarities in the Spanish Philately.
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Rasdale Stamp Company - Worldwide Public Auction - November 17-18, 2018 Welcome to the 438th Public Auction. The first session presents over 500 lots. Near the start of the sale, we are proud to offer an outstanding selection of over two dozen U.S. Currency notes most in very fine condition. Of note in the collections and accumulations is the Cinderella holding from The Riga Estate and the German area holding from the Frugal Philatelist's Estate. Also be sure to check out our Cover Accumulations. The sale contains many other country and area collections and an array of diverse miscellaneous collectibles.

The second session presents over 700 lots of singles and sets of stamps and individual covers. The United States singles section again is a very fine selection. Of special note is the recently discovered Dragon error sheet issued this summer. If you are a German Specialist, take note of the dozens of specialized lots in this area. For the Ireland Seahorse specialist, be sure to check this area. We continue to have many zeppelin flight covers from the U.S., Germany and several other countries in the single cover section.
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