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Public Auctions
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February, 2018

Phoenix Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - February 2, 2018 The sale comprises over 1200 lots (Plus 499 in the morning boxlot and Collections section).

Session 1 with enticing selections of Australian Roos with spectacular 'Broken Ears' on £2, KGV incl large 1d red dates collection and 4d orange 'JBC blk of 6 wmk inverted & later issues with 'Green Mist' flaw in 1/- Lyrebird courner blk of 12. Plus strong Colonies particularly SA Departmentals & Victoria pre-1870 postal history with many registered items

Session 2 features Australian Territories with GRI Overprints, valuable British Commonwealth incl rare Japanses Occupation of Sarawak issue, a wide range of varities and a must-view China 1949-88 collection offered intact as received.
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Raritan Stamps, Inc. - Public Auction:The Matvil Collection of Specialized Soviet Issues - February 3, 2018 The Sale contains 729 lots of rare stamps from RSFSR and Soviet Union of 1918-1991:

  • RSFSR Issues of 1918-23 representing 34 lots with litho “Star” surcharge 20r on 15k brown lilac and blue, beautiful range of “Philately for the Labor” issues, including the only pair of inverted silver surcharge 4r+4r, top stamp in addition with spaced “1 923” variety;
  • Early Soviet Union Issues of 1923-30 comprised of about 70 lots, including Airplane with “wide 5” variety, Peasant 15k lemon yellow, perforation 14½x15, gutter pairs and perforation varieties of Esperanto Congress of 1927, Zeppelin set in horizontal imperforated sheet margin pairs, other imperforated stamps of different issues;
  • Issues of 1931-35are containing over 70 lots, highlights include Ice-Breaker “Malygin” 30k violet, vertical top right corner margin pair, printed on paper without watermark, International Polar Year of 50k carmine with perforation 10½, two Moscow Philatelic Exhibition souvenir sheets, both with full original gum, numerous trial color proofs of Ethnographic, Baku Commissars, Anti-War Propaganda, Mikhail Kalinin (group of 24, representing all existing colors) issues, imperforated singles and pairs, perforation varieties;
  • Pre-Great Patriotic War Issues of 1936-41 including two proofs of Pioneers Helping Post 15k showing rejected design (Nazis’ Salutation), outstanding range of Pushkin and Architectural Projects with imperforated single of 30k black, Shota Rustaveli with comb perforation and imperforated pair, All-Union Agriculture Fair representing four se-tenant sheets of 36 or 40 in post office fresh condition and many more;
  • Great Patriotic War and Post-War issues of 1941-54 are showing fabulous group of raster varieties, including Colonnade in Kislovodsk of 1949 with raster vertical diamonds, complete offering of Russian Scientists raster horizontal diamonds, including Mendeleyev stamp, elusive issues in miniature sheets, such as Moscow Museums, Aivazovsky and Stalin of 1954, very unusual Soviet Elections 40k red and bluish gray of 1954 in block of four printed on ordinary paper and many-many more;
  • Issues of 1955-60 and Modern Issues of 1961-91, are starting with two Copernicus miniature sheets of ten, one of which on slightly pinkish paper, numerous perforation varieties such as Krylov, Kirov, Moscow University, Lenin, Heavy Machinery Plants, Radio Day and etc., as well as Aurora Borealis in block of four; unissued or recalled stamps such as Artist Makovsky, Soviet Circus, Poltava Battle, trial printing of Voroshilovgrad Locomotive Plant, both Mendeleyev Congress issues, Sabir, Women Federation Congress, “Raised Earth” of 1967 and Sobinov (both perforations) of 1972; imperforated stamps selection of 1975-91 and many others;
  • Each period includes Balance of Issues – Collections of several hundred, even thousand stamps in singles or multiples of numerous paper, raster, shade and perforation varieties. All of them are offered at very conservative starting prices.
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Cherrystone Auctions - Public Auction - February 6-7, 2018 Cherrystone's February 6-7 Sale is comprised of 1689 lots of important stamps and postal history of the World, including United States, British Commonwealth, Europe, Asia and South America. There are numerous rarities from the United States, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italian States, Italy and Italian Colonies, Russia and Soviet Union, Switzerland, Large Lots and Collections, booklets, Zeppelin covers and much more. A limited number of printed catalogues are available. Lots on view at galleries, by appointment.

Please note that this four-session auction (at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each day) takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6-7, 2018 - at our New York 57th Street Auction Galleries and on CherrystoneLive (www.cherrystoneauctions.com/live). Cherrystone Auctions 119 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019 USA. (800) 886.9313 (212) 977.7734; www.cherrystoneauctions.com; info@cherrystoneauctions.com Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

James T. McCusker, Inc. - Public Auction #367 - February 7, 2018 Public Auction #367 comprised of over 350 individual lots and collections including the award winning Alan Warren Byrd Exhibit. Individual First Day highlights abound including: 367, 372, 570, 692-701 set, several 703’s including rare Wenatchee predate as well as several other predates, hand painted and Beazell cachets, many “of the period” 3c purple cacheted FDCs, several Knapp’s, scarce Staehle cachets, nearly 20 scarce 1381’s plus Robinson & Gehrig as well. Airmail & B.O.B. FDC’s include: C5, C10A, many scarce large Zepps with C13-15 on one FDC, C13-15 on 2 Gorham cachets, plus sets and individual cacheted covers too, Clipper Crosby FDC’s including C21-2 on one #10 size cover, WWII Patriotics including hand-made and painted. The Alan Warren Byrd exhibit is broken down into some 25 individual lots and groupings including countless rarities, the entire exhibit is offered in this auction. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - Public Auction: The Deacon Collection of Worldwide Stamps and Cov - February 8, 2018 The Deacon Collection of worldwide stamps and covers featuring Europe including States, Offices and Colonial Issues, and extensive Latin America, including many rare items.
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Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG - Worldwide Public Auction - February 16-17, 2018 The 97th international Gert Müller Auction offers a wide range of philatelic rarities from all over the world. More than 3000 collections, lots and estates are offered at starting prices from 100,- to 30000,- Euro. The auction contains numerous classical rarities of European countries including:

  • France 1 Fr. Vermillon,
  • Switzerland with Double Geneva twice, several Basle Doves
  • Great Britain Black Penny in unused block of four and rarities of the old German states,
  • First Day Covers from Prussia and Saxony
  • German Colonies with many rarities including German Post in China 3 Pfg. diagonal overprint on piece and 50 Pfg. handstamp overprint
  • German Reich with two cruiser "Vineta" provisional stamps on wrappers
  • Soviet Zone with rare varieties
  • The "HOHENSTEIN inventory" with mint never hinged multiples of rare issues from the German Reich including many Zeppelin series, valuable collections China, Soviet Zone specialized collections including hand stamp and much more
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Rasdale Stamp Company - Worldwide Public Auction - February 17-18, 2018 Welcome to the 435th Public Auction. The First Session has an assortment of coins, miscellaneous collectibles, postcards, cover accumulations plus many United States and Worldwide Collections and Accumulations. Some of the stronger areas are Germany including offices and area, France and French Colonies, and Canada.

The Second Session hosts numerous United States Columbian issues, Trans-Mississippi issues, two Pan-American inverts, and blocks of the airmail issues including plate blocks of ten of the Zeppelin series. The General Foreign starts at Andorra and ends with Zululand. Here you will also find strength in France and area and Germany including offices and area.
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Christoph Gärtner Philatelic - Worldwide Public Auction - February 19-23, 2018 The 39th Christoph Gärtner auction. February 19 - 23, 2018. Seven auction days with more than 40.000 lot from all over the world. Philately, postal history, numismatics, coins, banknotes, picture post cards. Some Areas of special interest:

  • Asia incl. special catalogue Malaysia
  • Europe, Overseas, Thematics
  • Germany, German States and Federal Republic or Germany, Postcards
  • Collections: Overseas A-Z, Thematics, Europe A-Z, Zepplinpost and Schiffpost
  • Collections: Germany before and after 1945, Wunderkartons & Nachtrag, Literature
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Eastern Auctions Ltd. - Canada & BNA Public Auction - February 23-24, 2018 The John Smallman Collection of the Admiral Issue of Canada: A spectacular collection featuring in-depth coverage of lathework and imprint multiples including Pyramid and R-GAUGE. A mesmerizing range of shades and printings including selected examples will captivate the specialist and general collector alike. Built over a period of forty years, the collection includes many rarely offered items.

General Sale: Featuring the Mount Pearl Collection of Newfoundland Provisionals with an excellent array of 1897, 1920 and 1929 provisional surcharges, includes essays, multiples, errors & varieties and covers. Pioneer airmail stamps with special flight surcharges and overprints for the 1919 Hawker to 1933 Balbo, includes rarities in select quality, complete settings, better positional varieties and inverts. Pre-stamp Canadian era postal history with a noteworthy selection of H.B.C. Fur Trade covers – to / from Rupert’s Land and Red River Settlement; also a selection of BNA & Canada to / from foreign destinations, official handstamps, rare ship markings, etc. Superb mint NH singles and multiples abound, along with rare proofs and varieties, including a specialized collection of tagged stamps, large lots and collections.
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Fusco Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - February 24, 2018 This auction contains 1136 lots of rare stamps, country and topical collections, cover lots, large lots and dealer stocks. Very nice offering of U.S. with some of the highlights being 19th c. singles, a nice selection of U.S. Match & Medicine as well as U.S. Vending and Affixed Machine Perrforation lots. Excellent foreign collections with many unused pre-1940 lots. Large Postcard lots, Large U.S. and outstanding country collections and large worldwide lots . We will be accepting absentee bids via SAN until 9:00 am Feb.24, the morning of the auction.
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Modern Stamps, Inc. - Public Auction #463 - No Buyer's Fee - February 24, 2018 Public Auction #463 includes 441 Lots without Hidden Reserves. This Sale includes Collections of U.S. Stamps, plus World Wide Single Stamps and Sets, Country Collections, Accumulations, Covers and "Box Lots". Sale Highlights Include Early U.S. Issues, U.S. "Postage" Lots and U.S. Covers. The Sale also includes World Wide Small Lots and Collections from British Commonwealth, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia and Scandinavia. There is a Wide Selection of Country Collections & Accumulations (Over 100 Lots) and Some "Cinderella" Items (Not Listed by Scott). There are many Better "Box Lots", Unsorted Mixtures and Accumulations (U.S. and World Wide). Something of interest for almost every collector can be found in this Sale. NO BIDDER'S FEE IS ADDED TO THE INVOICE. All Lots Sold to the High Bidder at an Increment Over the Second High Bid. PHONE BIDDING DURING THE AUCTION CAN BE SCHEDULED. Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Essex Stamp Auctions - Worldwide Public Auction - February 25, 2018 Welcome to our 49th 'Stampex' sale with many valuable and desirable collections from Great Britain and the Empire, including one man's Commonwealth collection in 2 very well filled Imperials. Other standout sections include French Colonies with over 40 collections and Germany with almost 70 lots and many collections.

Amongst the GB is a very good collection with many of the Victorian and King's high values including £5 orange and £1 lilac-brown's. Also plenty of Penny Blacks ranging from collections to high grade individual stamps. We also have a good GB postal history section with interesting collections and a very nice collection of Telegraph forms.

The strong British Commonwealth contains very good high values especially from Malaya & States and British East Africa with values up to 500r overprinted specimen. There are also good selections from Gibraltar, Hong Kong plus some unusual lots such as proofs from Southern Rhodesia, stamps from Mafia Island and fresh Queen Victoria from Canada and North America.

There are also interesting Cinderella and Revenue lots with collections to pore over, nice South and Central America collections including high value Airs, an interesting postcard section and almost 200 general World mixed lots, estates, collections and unreserved lots.
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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC - Public "Flagship" Auction - February 27 - March 2, 2018 "Flagship" sale with over 2400 lots of U.S., British and Worldwide stamps and postal history, featuring:

  • The important "Josephine" collections of U.S. singles, multiples and plate blocks
  • The Clark Underwood collection of quality U.S. singles
  • The Stanley J. Richmond Holdings, Part VII
  • The "Regents" collection of Canada and British North America including strong semi-official airmail stamps and covers
  • Selections from the Jack Ott stock
  • The "Rochester" collection of U.S. proofs and essays
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March, 2018

Grosvenor - British Empire and Foreign Countries Postage Stamps and Postal History - February 28 - March 1, 2018 Welcome to sale 120 featuring important Malaya with the Joe Robertson collection of Postage Dues and Underpaid Mails of Malaya & Bornean Territories and the Brian Geden collection of the Postal History of Singapore, Saint Helena Postal History with the second part of the Stefan Heijtz FRPSL International Large Gold Medal collection, India featuring the Matthew Clough collections of Cochin and Travancore, and Ireland including the collections formed by Mel Doyle and Ray Chapman RDP, AM, FAP, FRPSL
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Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH - Worldwide Public Auction - March 2-3, 2018 Welcome to our 7th International Auction offering more than 4800 lots. We specialize in the field of German and International postal history, classic collectables and - outstanding in Germany - philatelic literature. Some Highlighted Areas:

  • The core of this auction's offerings are 1500 single lots of GERMANY and German areas. German States (250+ lots), German Colonies (220 lots) and Occupation areas of WWII (more than 300 lots) are strong sections. But of course, the so-called "standard" issues of the German Reich or the the after WWII areas will meet every demand.

  • The Inverted Madonna: Budapest 1925 - besides cigarettes, tobacco and newspapers, postage stamps are sold in the so-called "trafiks" (e.g. tabacconist`s , stationer). Also the new beautiful two-coloured stamps depicting the "Patrona Hungarica" (madonna of Hungary) are available... Hidden in the tabacconist`s stock of postage stamps is a sheet of the 5000 K. denomination, which has a small flaw: the centerpiece of the stamp showing the madonna with the child is inverted! A fabulous copy of the iconic Hungarian variety will be offered in our 7th auction. t is graced by a perfect centering and a perfect perforation (which is scarce with these stamps which are plagued with perforation faults due to the thin paper which was used for the printing). The stamp comes on a large piece tied by a BUDAPEST 85 cancellation and showing the corresponding registration label alongside

  • POLAND: depicted are the catalogue nos. (according to "Michel"): No. 36, 42 used, postage due no. 6 mint and dito used as well as postage due no. 11 unmounted mint. There were only a couple of hundred copies printed each.

  • CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Catalogue nos. 42 b, 51 II on piece (only 76 printed!), 98, 104, 137 used as well as no. 144 mint (only 100 printed). An old customer of ours from the Czech Republic said to us on the occasion of one of his last visits to Hamburg: "We do not have any classic stamps from the 19th century, our classics are the "1919" overprints!" We are happy to offer more than 20 selected single lots of these scarce overprint stamps and they all come with certificates of well-known experts..

  • LITHUANIA: The letter which is shown here bears a so-called "Telsiai" provisional of 1920. An urgent need for postage stamps was responsible that this provisional came into existence. After the troops of General Bermondt had occupied the region around Telsiai and Krottinga in the beginning of January there was no supply of stamps from the district post office of Kowno and it was an urgent need of postage stamps. The problem was solved in that way that the officials at Telsiai produced their own stamps. The official seal of Telsiai was stamped on a sheet of plain paper and it was reproduced by means of hectography. Only 450 copies (25 sheets of 18 stamps each) were made, among these 54 copies on ruled paper. You can see such a copy on the letter depicted above. After 3 days (Jan 13-15, 1920) nomality came back, stamp supplies came from the administration "above" and gone was the Telsiai provisional. You may think that the existence of this provisional is owed to philatelists, however, this emergency measure was taken to meet the demand of the public and complete letters survived only in very few numbers..

  • RUSSIA AND SOVIET UNION: Besides the Baltic States you will find again a comprehensive offer of Russia and of the Soviet Union such as vertical interpanel stamps of the 1866 issue in unmounted mint condition and the 1930 imperforate Zeppelin set in unmounted mint condition is only one of several interesting lots which cover also the issues of the modern Soviet era.

  • Kingdom of Italy:One cover that bears the largest strip unit of the 1863 15 c. stamp, a horizontal strip of five plus one single stamp. This is a well-known cover in the philatelic literature with much eye-appeal for every advanced collection of Italy.

  • Overseas: Nearly 800 single lots are on offer which is structured by continents. There are many rare and interesting items to be found like a letter bearing a 10c. stamp of the Bolivian Condor issue of 1867-68. Condor letters are the best you can expect from Bolivian postal history. Also from Bolivia, the 500c "Eleven Stars" is the scarcest stamp of this country, iconic as well in mint as in used condition. One copy offered bears a 1870 cancellation and comes with a Brian Moorhouse certificate. Also presented are two copies of the 25 Bolivianos stamps of the VENEZUELAN Escuela series… and so much more.
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Raritan Stamps, Inc. - Worldwide Public Auction - March 2-3, 2018 The Sale contains 1125 lots of Rare Collectible Stamps and Postal History of the World, representing the property of 34 owners:

The Auction presents:

  • United States color errors and imperforated varieties;
  • Nice selection of Great Britain and British Commonwealth including
    • GB Queen Victoria blued paper rarities of 2s6p, 5s and 10s,
    • beautiful British Occupation of German Colonies, e.g. New Britain, Cameroon, Samoa, Togo,
    • range of King George VI material in mint never hinged condition;
  • German area material, representing Third Reich, Offices Abroad single lots and Collections,
    World War II Occupation issues with powerful Ukrainian items;
  • Outstanding Republic of Korea presentation souvenir sheets and valuable General Collection of North Korea in 8 three-ring binders;
    • Imperial Postage Stamps and Postal History including two nice quality letters franking by No.1,
      classic stamps of Scott #5-7, 19-25, 26-30, 31-38 in premium quality,
      numerous errors and varieties;
    • RSFSR and Soviet Union Issues, contains early proofs of Marx and Lenin, New Russia Triumphant,
      as well as Postal Fiscals, including extremely rare 1k red on buff network in miniature sheet of ten with overprint "OBRAZETS" on margin,
      all important sets of 1930’s in mint never hinged condition, proofs and varieties,
      valuable perforation errors of Modern Russian Federation stamps;
    • Russian Non-Postal stamps presents the Steve Alushin Collection of Rossika, commemorating various periods of Russian History,
      valuable group of local fiscal stamps;
    • Zemstvo (Rural Post) representing many valuable stamps, complete sheets, large blocks and postal history items
      from Berdyansk, Bogorodsk, Kolomna, Luga, Ryazan, Solikamsk, Zienkov,
      most of the material from legendary Collections of Faberge, Baughman, Stibbe and etc.;
  • Fabulous Ukraine, representing nice range of various Trident Overprints, including material from Dr. Seichter, Dr. Zelonka and other World-class Collections;
  • Asia includes valuable philatelic material of China from all periods, Mongolia, Tannu Tuva and Vietnam;
  • Over one hundred Collections, Collective Lots and Accumulations.
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Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG - Worldwide Public Auction - March 6-10, 2018 We will be beginning the auction week in style with around 4,600 top philatelic lots. It all kicks off with our special airmail auction “Per Ardua Ad Astra” which, in three chapters, gives a detailed overview of aerophilatelic history, from the beginnings with ballons montés, to the pioneering achievements of Zeppelin and airmail all the way to the modern cutting-edge technology of rocket mail, including astrophilately. Another part of the special catalogue is a fine selection of Zeppelin memorabilia, including a thank-you card to balloonist Eduard Spelterini written and signed by Count Zeppelin himself (Lot 3169).

There are also many highlights to be found in the field of terrestrial communication. The high-quality material on offer includes surprising European rarities such as the Red Mercury in Type Ib in excellent quality (Lot 4460) or Lombardy-Venetia’s unique four-colour franking (Lot 4505). Philatelic gems from the Old German States include Lübeck’s exceptional specimen of a misprint (“ZWEI EIN HALB S”) with perfectly positioned town cancel (“LUEBECK BAHNHOF 20/1”). The German Empire section begins with a 3-kreutzer breast shield in carmine in MNH condition (Lot 4885) and a 9-kreutzer issue in lilac brown in extremely fine MNH condition (Lot 4901). The Chicago Flight from the Third Reich with a photo certificate (Schlegel) unsigned and in “… perfect condition” (Lot 5086) – incidentally, all top material auctioned by Felzmann is certified by experts. World War II field post enthusiasts can look forward to a Kuban admission stamp for field post parcels in Type III (Lot 5804).

Finally, the German Post-War Philately section includes the title item – and undisputed highlight of the 161st Felzmann auction – the legendary Gscheidle postcard, the first known complete article of mail, franked with a 60-pfennig stamp commemorating the 1980 Olympic Games, the entire printed issue of which was destroyed following the Western boycott of the Games. A small number of specimens that survived were used unwittingly by the wife of Minister of Post Kurt Gscheidle two years later – this is known in philatelic circles as the “Gscheidle error”. Having already generated extensive media coverage on two occasions before, we are proud to offer a third opportunity to acquire the “crown jewels of German philately” (Lot 6095). With a “Transport Exhibition souvenir sheet” on ungummed handmade paper to commemorate the 1953 Transport Exhibition, a further gem is going under the hammer in a complete presentation booklet (Lot 6090).
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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The J. R. Helton, Jr. Collection of Used United States Stamps - March 7, 2018 The J.R. Helton Jr. Collection of Premium Quality Used United States Stamps features issues from 1847 through Revenues. Included are gem singles in superb grades, with 62 stamps the highest graded in the P.S.E. Population Report.

LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The George "Buddy" Byers Collection of United States Stamps - March 8, 2018 The George "Buddy" Byers Collection of United States Stamps and Plate Blocks features a wide range of material from the Bank Note Issues through Air Post. Nearly all unused and featuring plate blocks, the Byers collection contains both rare items and more common blocks and will appeal to a broad array of collectors.

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Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The James P. Myerson Collection of Pioneer Flight Mail 1910-1916 - March 8, 2018 The James P. Myerson Collection of Pioneer Flight Mail 1910-1916 contains a complete representation of pioneer airmail flights listed in the American Air Mail Catalogue, for which at least one example is known. Included are several unique example.

Values and census data are quoted from the American Air Mail Catalogue, 7th Edition, Volume 3, with updated census information from Jamie O’Bannon. To learn more about the American Air Mail Society, please visit their website at americanairmailsociety.org LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Argyll Etkin Ltd - Public Auction: G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History - March 9, 2018 Welcome to Argyll Etkin's 41th public auction featuring:

The exceptional Brian Brookes collection of Channel Islands with 400 lots comprising pre stamp mail from 1592, sub offices, penny posts, 1d Black covers and Mulreadys, Channel Island Maltese crosses, postage due mail, parcel post, incoming mail, Ship letters, Mobile Box/Boite Mobile Mail, Paquebots, French Ports of Entry, Ballon Montes and Franco-Prussian War, World War II stamps and postal history, QEII stamps, proofs and essays, Alderney, Sark, Herm and Jethou.
This is probably the finest collection to be offered by Auction for over 40 years, possibly ever !

The Phil Kenton collection of GB Express Mail The Michael Goodman collection of MISSENT MARKS

World postal history including Napoleonic War.,

Bouvet Island, Boer War, China, Hong Kong.

Rhodesia, KUT, Africa airmails, Cape of Good Hope Maritime mail from 1785-1950 and a remarkable 1862 first edition Lallier album - the World's first stamp album.
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Dutch Country Auctions / The Stamp Center - Public Auction - March 9-10, 2018 Our 315 auction will take place March 9-10, 2018. There are 1747 lots of all kinds and sizes. This particular sale includes many large collections and accumulations.

There are many strong cover lots with advertising, event, air, Naval, CSA, Collins cachets, Weddle and many large FDC lots. Postcards are well represented again with many large topical, state and novelty themes. In the worldwide cover section there are many large valuable lots.

U.S. singles feature a nice #1 unused followed by many attractive singles like #188 unused, 209b with APS cert, 240 NH block with PF Cert, 432 PSE 98, 480 PSE 98 and much more. There are many strong accumulations and collections that deserve a look.

In our currency section we have a wonderful group of Colonials and Notgeld.

Our worldwide section is loaded with singles, country collections, topicals, accumulations and large lots. We hope you find something you need! Dynamic Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Scarsdale Collection, Part 10: France - March 13, 2018 The series of Scarsdale sales continues with a country other than the United States -- France-- but the same theme of quality continues. Inspired by France’s exquisitely engraved stamps of the mid-20th century, the collector started collecting every issue. The result is a small but wonderful group, featuring several major rarities. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - The Calgary Collection of Canada - March 13, 2018 An eye for beauty and discriminating taste for quality define the connoisseur who assembled the Calgary Collection of unused Canada 19th and 20th century stamps. Highlighting this magnificent collection is one of the finest unused 12p Black stamps in existence. LIVE Internet Bidding at StampAuctionNetwork.

April, 2018

John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd. - Public Stamp Auction - Sale 184 - April 29, 2018 Our 184th Public Stamp Auction is full of intact collections, bulk lots, better single stamps and postal history. Also included in the sale is 68 Philatelic Literature lots from the library of an advanced collector. The sale will be held at The Hellenic Community Centre (South Room), 133 Southdale Rd West, London, ON, Canada. Viewing of material begins at 9:00 the day of sale with the auction beginning at 1:00 pm. Please visit our web site for a detailed listing since there are over 300 "Floor Sale Only" lots (you must be present to bid on these larger, bulkier lots).
email: john@johnsheffield.com

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