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Interasia Auctions Limited

Public Auction - June 23-24, 2019

The General Sale (June 23-24) commences with the early postal history of the Chinese Customs and Imperial Post periods, featuring two rare examples of mail matter from Taiwan and Korea. Among the Large Dragons is what is considered to be the rarest and most remarkable of the essays and proofs: the unique complete sheet of the 5 candarins brownish ochre with extra circle and trial perforation, originally owned by Sir Robert Hart, later Sir Percival David, and ultimately the Beckemans. There are also four Large Dragons covers, the undoubted highlight of which is the Large Dragon-Small Dragon mixed franking sent from Chinkiang to Denmark through the French Post Office in Shanghai. Among the Small Dragons is the remarkable double rate combination cover from the Chinese Imperial Post Office in Seoul. The 1894 Dowager Empress Birthday features the magnificent set of the Second printing in marginal or corner blocks of four offered intact. The 1897 New Currency surcharges are replete with rare multiples and varieties, including the small figures surcharge 10c. on 9ca. with surcharge double and a fresh marginal mint example of the famous "Golden Dragon", the only such recorded with sheet or interpane margin. Two Red Revenue usages on postal stationery cards comprise a taxed usage to London and a registered mixed issue usage franked with the large figures 2c. on 3c. and various other values including C.I.P. 1c. horizontal imperforate between pair. A stunning mint set of the 1914-19 Junk Peking printing in blocks of four and the 1923 surcharged 2c. on 3c. with surcharge inverted are representative of the later issues, but one should also mention the eight exquisite 1942 die proofs in black of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen London printing. The highlight of the Local Posts is a set of the rare Shanghai Double Dragon essays with the values in English lettering rather than Arabic numerals. Rare unused multiples of the Taiwan 1950 Flying Geese surcharges include the top three values in blocks of six (the two high values with sheet margins). The Foreign Post Offices in China are highlighted by a splendid array of combination covers, the large part of which are from the Mick Goldsmith collection. Then, there are nearly fifty lots from the correspondence of Dr. Willis Clarke Noble, a late 19th century American missionary in Paoting who established a public health service there, which comprise mail from both the U.S.A. and China during the 1894-98 period, and represent a veritable gold mine for postal historians. Finally, there is a fine section of postal stationery.

The Hong Kong and Treaty Ports, and Macau catalogue (June 23) has a diverse offering, with the issued stamps featuring a mint example of the Queen Victoria 96c. olive-bistre and a further offering of modern varieties, including the 1983 Hong Kong by Night $1.30 variety silver omitted in a complete sheet and the 1988 Peak Tramway miniature sheet with black omitted in a booklet. We are privileged to offer the renowned collection of Revenues and Postal Fiscals formed by Philippe Orsetti, whose monograph represents the definitive catalogue of this subject. Macau includes early mail, extensive "Specimen" overprints, modern varieties, and the finest offering of postal stationery in many years.

The Stamps and Postal History of the People's Republic of China and the Liberated Areas (June 24) include a fine representative section of the Liberated Areas, while the stamps of the P.R.C. are well represented throughout and showcased by the unissued large format "Whole Country is Red" cancelled by Liaoning c.d.s., one of four recorded used examples of this great rarity.

Sale Sessions:
Day 1 - June 23, 2019 All bidding for this day stops on June 22 at 18:30 EDT
Session 1: China: Ching Dynasty and Republic 09:30 HKT Lots 1-493
Session 2: Hong Kong and Treaty Ports / Macau 15:00 HKT Lots 1001-1613
Day 2 - June 24, 2019 All bidding for this day stops on June 23 at 18:30 EDT
Session 3: China, Local Posts, Provinces, Manchukuo, Japanese Occupation, Foreign PO, Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia 09:30 HKT Lots 2001-2463
Session 4: People's Republic of China and Liberated Areas 13:30 HKT Lots 3001-3454

For more information please contact us at:

Interasia Auctions Limited
Suite A, 13/F
Shun Ho Tower
24-30 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2868 6046
Fax: +852 2868 6146

To request more information by email. info@interasia-auctions.com

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