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Registration is Free and you are not obligated to purchase anything or place bids with the auction firms. Registration does include 45 days of free use of Extended Features granting you access to the database and tools to learn how to use StampAuctionNetwork to build your own stamp collection.

Please provide the information below and click 'Submit Registration' to register. A Credit reference is another Auction Firm or Stamp Dealer with which you have purchased from before.

Note: By registering, you agree that you will read and abide by StampAuctionNetwork's general Terms and Conditions found Here and each auction firms' specific Terms and Conditions found at the Table of Contents page of each sale. Required information appears in red. Click here if you want to register using HTTPS security.

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Please give yourself a User Name and Password. If the User Name you choose has already been picked, you will be requested to select another. Do not use spaces, please only use letters and numbers -- no special characters.
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Valid credit references include stamp or other collectible dealers or auction houses. Collector organizations such as APS are not considered a valid reference by many of our auction firms, and your application may not be approved. On the other hand, some auction firms will approve you with no credit references, and if you are new to auctions, just put 'none'.
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In order to better serve you, we ask that you specifically "opt-in" to recieve emails from StampAuctionNetwork and any of our member auction firms about upcoming auctions. You must answer to either opt-in or to not recieve emails.
  Send me email notices about upcoming auctions.
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Before you can bid, you must select the auction firms that you wish to bid with. They will then approve your request and then you will be able to bid. This can take 24 hours if the firm is running an auction at the time. If they are not, you will usually be approved by the next time they have an active auction. Please only check the firms with which you actually intend to bid with. Do not check all firms, or many auction houses will automatically disregard your request as frivolous.

Please submit my registration to the following auction firms:

North American Auctions
International Auctions

  Alan E. Cohen
  Brigham Auctions Ltd.
  Cherrystone Auctions
  Colonial Stamp Company
  Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC
  Deveney Stamps
  Downeast Stamps
  Droege - Resilient Ventures
  Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center
  Earl P.L. Apfelbaum, Inc.
  Eastern Auctions
  Emerald Ventures, LLC (Alan Blair Auctions)
  Enchères Champagne Auctions (MTM International)
  France International
  Fusco Auctions
  Harmers International, Inc.
  Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, Inc.
  House of Zion
  HR Harmer
  Hunt & Co.
  James T. McCusker, Inc.
  Jasmin Auctions
  Jim Forte
  John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd.
  Judaica Sales Reg’d
  Longley Auctions
  Matthew Bennett International
  Michael E. Aldrich Auction
  Modern Stamps, Inc.
  Negev Holyland Stamps
  Oakwood Auctions
  Paradise Valley Stamp Company
  R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd
  Raritan Stamps, Inc.
  Rasdale Stamp Company
  Richard Frajola
  Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc.
Note: All references are checked by Siegel. Applications with incomplete valid credit information will automatically be rejected.

  Ron Leith Auctions
  Sam Houston Philatelics, Inc.
  Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions
  Sparks Auctions
  Spink USA
  Stampbay, Inc
  Stamps Around The World (SATW)
  Sterling Kingbrook Auctions
  TCNC Stamp Auction
  Vance Auctions
  Weiss Auctions

Australia, New Zealand

  abacus auctions
  Leski Auctions
  Michael Eastick & Associates Pty. Ltd.
  Phoenix Auctions
  Status International
China and Asia

  InterAsia Auctions Limited
  Kelleher & Rogers, Ltd.
Germany, Switzerland, Austria

  Auction Galleries Hamburg vormals Schwanke GmbH
  Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner
  Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG
  Corinphila Auctions AG
  David Feldman SA
  Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktions
  Georg Bühler Nachfolger Briefmarken-Auktionen GmbH
  Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG
  Harmers Auction SA (Switzerland)
  Heinrich Koehler Auctions
  Jennes und Kluettermann Auktionshaus
  Merkurphila GmbH
  Nordphila e.K.
  Schlegel Auctions
  Schwarzenbach Auktion Zürich
  Walter Fuerst Philately
  Württembergisches Auktionshaus Joachim Erhardt Gmb
England and English Speaking

  Apex Philatelics
  Argyll Etkin Ltd
  Essex Stamp Auctions
  Malcolm Sprei - M&S Stamps
  MAT Stamp Auctions
  Mayfair Philatelic Auctions
  Sandafayre Ltd.
  Spink London
  The Stamp Group
  Universal Philatelic Auctions
Spanish Speaking

  Filatelia Llach, S.L.
  Guillermo Jalil - PHILATINO
  Soler y Llach

  AB Philea
  Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers
  Burda Auction, s.r.o.
  classicphil GmbH
  Heritage Auctions Europe
  Postiljonen AB
  Postzegelveiling Rijnmond
  van Dieten Stamp Auctions
  Van Looy and Van Looy Stamp Auctions
French Speaking

  BEHR Philatelie
  Ceres Philatelie
  Francois Feldman
  La Postale Philatelie
  Lugdunum Philatelie
  ROUMET Philatélie
Italian Speaking

  IL PONTE Casa d'Aste
  Laser Invest srl
  Studio Filatelico Toselli S.N.C.
  VACCARI s.r.l.

Note: Register Only. This option will notify the auction firm that you would like to bid with them at SAN when they post auctions here. Meanwhile, they may choose to send you catalogs or emails about their sales.

If you ever forget your password, the following verification question will be asked. If answered correctly, you will be reminded of your password. Only you should know the answer to the question!
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Pay for StampAuctionNetwork Extended Features with Paypal here today!

BASIC Subscription - up to $49.95

Thank you for your voluntary support.

The BASIC subscription will guarantee that you get everything that is free now, plus everything we develop for the basic subscription, email support, telephone support, access to new features, and access to on-line helps all at this reduced price.

We are not going to require everyone to pay to use StampAuctionNetwork. However, if you like our site and want to help us improve it, your participation will be helpful.

Voluntary Membership Fee (1 Year)
Premium Extended Features $79.95

The premium subscription is the same as "Extended Features". It includes everything in the BASIC subscription, plus the following and more:
  • Search Auction History. Over 1 million lots with prices representing over $1.2 Billion of sales worldwide back to 2001. Images, Charting, Topical Search, Worldwide Search, and more...
  • StampAuctionNetwork Agent Bidding. Prepare bids ahead of time that are executed at the opening of the lot in a live bid auction without revealing the maximum amount. Free if you win less than $1000 in winning bids.
  • Get Market Data. Pull Relevant data from the StampAuctionNetwork Database while browsing a catalog or making bids.
  • Integration with 5 Powerful Search Tools, Philatelic Foundation's PF Search (Census/Population), Siegel Auction Galleries POWER SEARCH™, and Professional Stamp Experts ("PSE") Population report.
  • "My Purchase History" Access your individual purchase history for major sales from 2001-2017. Plus starting in 2018 we will keep all purchase history where the auction firm records you as the winner.
  • "My Archived Bids"...Access your individual bidding history for major sales back to 2014. From 2018 all your bidding history is kept for you to review.
  • Lastest Feature!!! Want lists and want list notifications.
  • Connections Connect with other collectors to share your expertise, jump start a new collecting interest, or mentor a new collector.
PowerUser Advanced Subscription $179/year

The PowerUser subscription includes everything in the BASIC and Premium, plus... Expanded access to the data. This is for specialists and buyers who want advanced access to the data for their own research or pricing modeling.
  • Download a single Excel compatible data file for either (purchase history, Auction History, Archived bids).
  • Dealer access to want list information.
  • Download images.
  • Aggregated Pricing Information. Examples: The Number of distinct buyers for a Stamp#, The number of different auction firms offering a Stamp#. Ask us for others that you want to pull up.
  • Research and Crowdsourcing. Powerusers with a collecting interest in a specific area may join us to make the database better through our "Stamp Champions".
  • We will make a custom introduction and help you find a advisor to help you build your collection.

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