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We are extending the Free period to provide some feedback and updates

Basically.... Provenance has two aspects. First it is a general census for what is now almost 50,000 stamps and covers. Second, it is a record of the offerings of a specific stamp or cover.

Guess who doesn't like this new feature? "Some" auction houses and consignors have asked for this feature to be removed. Why? Because it does what it does, and that includes revealing how many times an item has been reoffered. When a lot does not sell, Auction houses run it again. They also run each other's material to get a different shot at selling it. It is not like you couldn't figure this out yourself if you had the time, but Provenance makes that readily apparent. I would suggest this is a benefit to all. Even to the auction house and consignor that thinks they don't like it. First, if provenance reveals that the item has been offered multiple times, a reduced offer can be made, and Second, where their is no provenance on a lot, it signals to the buyer that it is a first time offering and may require a stronger bid.

British Commonwealth We have been focusing on United States as we developed Provenance. Over the last couple of months, we have been developing technology to standardize numbering systems for British Commonwealth. You will find now that Get Market Data and Provenance give better results than ever before.

Provenance Explained Provenance is everything on steroids. Censuses help you? How about 34,056 of them? Each with 6 different formats, Mint NH **, Mint *, Unused (*), Used Block, Pairs, and on cover. You want a census for a common stamp? Who has time to build a census of US #2? We do. We have 5 stamps that max out at our top for computing a census -- 1000 members. US #2 used and on cover, #26 on cover, #65 on cover and #12 used.

Got a favorite Stamp? Check it out now this week. One of the interesting aspects of provenance is that it reveals how often a specific stamp or cover has gone on the market. We have several that have been offered over 10 times. This is one that is near the top of the list. This #28 on cover is the #1 in its census and has been offered 11 times by Cherrystone, Siegel, Spink, Kelleher, and Shreves.

#28b, 5c Bright red brown, Ty. I, vertical strip of three tied by New Orleans, La. Jul 29 1858 c.d.s. postmarks on blue folded letter to Nantes France, red New York Paid 12 Aug. 4 c.d.s., French transit pmk. and receiving backstamps, the stamps possess incredibly deep and intense color (close to the Indian red shade) and fully intact perforations which is most unusual (these were typically scissor separated), truly insignificant corner crease at the bottom left of the bottom stamp, still very fine; any strip of three of the 1857 Five Cent Red Brown is rare; cataloged simply as three used singles, as Scott does not price multiples of this stamp; 2012 PF certificate.

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