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Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC Sale - 670

Public Auction: The Fleishman Family Collection - June 30, 2015

We are pleased to present to you the Fleischmann Family Collection of United States Revenue Issues, Private Die Proprietaries and Telegraph Stamps, formed over three generations by one of Cincinnati's most prominent families. The collection is replete and includes many of the scarce to rare items that most-often escape even the advanced collector. Focused upon rarity and quality, some of the nicest examples available today are being offered within. These historically important stamps were issued when the United States had no Federal Income Tax and the extraordinary demands of the Civil War upon the Federal Treasury resulted in Congress devising and passing the Revenue Act of 1862.

Some of just a few of the highlights contained within this collection include:

  • First Issue Imperforates: 3c Playing Cards (#R17a); $1.30 & $1.90 Foreign Exchange (#R77a & R80a); $2.50 & $3.50 Inland Exchange (#R84a & R87a); $10 & $20 Probate of Will (#92a & R99a); $15 & $25 Mortgage (#R97a & R100a) and others.
  • The Second Issue contains one of the finest examples of the $200 (#R132) of which Kingsley reported 19 sound without cut cancels, and also one of the finest of the 76 reported $500 Persian Rug (#R133). Three rare examples of the I.R. Provisional Issues 8c, 10c & 15c (#R156, R157 & R158) are included.
  • The Documentaries of 1940 include $500 (#R285a), an uncommonly well centered and never hinged example of the $20 (#R305A) and a $50 (#R306A) as well as two examples of the $500 (#R309). The 1953 $2,500, $5,000 & $10,000 (#R651, R652 & R653) are also present as well as many other desirable items.
  • The Proprietary Issues include both violet and green papers including one of the previously catalogued $5 on green paper rarities.
  • The Stock Transfer Issues are extensive and include: 1942 $500 (#RD138); 1945 $2,500 (#RD208A); 1946 $2,500 & $10,000 (#RD232, RD234) the latter one of the three recorded examples; 1951 $2,500 (#RD362); 1952 $10 & $20 (#RD371 & RD372).
  • The Cordials and Wines include 1934 $40 & $50 (#RE107B & RE107C); 1942 3½ c (#RE114); 1951 $9.60 (#RE204).
  • Playing Cards are nicely represented including (#RF7 & RF8).
  • The Silver Tax Issues are extensive and include some stunning items, to name a few: 1939 80c (#RG32) 1940 $30, $60 & $100 (#RG55, RG56 & RG57); 1941 $50 (#RG57) and $500 (#RG81); 1942 $500 & $1000 (#RG106 & RG107).
  • Narcotic Tax Stamps include (#RJA22 & RJA26) plus others, Consular Service Fee (#RK10), Motor Vehicle Use (#RV1-RV53) and Firearms Tax (#RY2) are also represented with nice collections.
  • The Private Die Match include the famous Macklin (#RO129a) as well as American Match (#RO13a); Buck & Co., (#RO45a); Byam, Carlton & Co., (RO48a & RO50a); N.Y. Match 1c on true silk paper (#RO137b); Pierce Match Co., (#RO145a); Powell, V.R., (#RO149a, RO150a & RO151a); Wilmington Parlor Match Co., (#RO182b); Wise & Co., (#RO183a) and Zisemann, Griesham & Co., (#RO185a) to name just some of the highlights. The Private Die Canned Fruit (#RP1a) followed by the
  • Private Die MedicinePrivate Die Perfume: X. Bazin (#RT1a); Corning & Tappan (#RT2d); E. W. Hoyt & Co., (#RT10d) and George Laird (#RT14b, RT14c, RT14d) and a lovely collection of Private Die Playing Card stamps.
  • Lastly, the section of Telegraph Stamps are noteworthy including: City & Suburban Telegraph Co., (#6T1, 6T2 & 6T3) Colusa, Lake and Mendocino Telegraph Co., (#7T1); North American Telegraph Co., (#10T8); Postal Telegraph Co., (#15T37, 15T38, 15T47A, 15T48, 15T49, 15TO17 & 15TO26) and th>e WTC (#17T1/T2).

We trust that you will find as much enjoyment as the three generations of Fleischmann's that assembled this important collection.

Sale Sessions:
Session 1: 06/30/2015 The Fleischman Family Collection 11:00 EDT Lots 1-485

For more information please contact us at:

Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC
4 Finance Drive
Suite 100
Danbury, CT 06810
Phone: 203.297.6056
Fax: 203.297.6059

To request more information by email. info@kelleherauctions.com

Visit our Home Page at Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions, LLC

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