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Worldwide Collections & Large Lots continued...

Worldwide Collections & Large Lots continued...
Lot Symbol Lot Description CV or Estimate
1641 (1000s) */O mounted in (44) binders from classics to 2000s, some countries somewhat sparse but better countries incl Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg & Denmark, no China noticed, great lot for expansion and huge catalog value Est. $2,000-2,500 HWC-L (7)

Closing..Mar-09, 11:30 AM
1642 image Valuable collection (1000s) */O w/ many better mostly to abt 1960 in (4) cased interleaved Minkus Globals w/ loads of premium incl unused Aden #1-10, Denmark C1-3, Falkland 1L19-33, Macau 285-86, 300-305, J33-42, Nfld 25, Pitcairn 1-12, St Helena 40-46, 50-55, Sierra Leone 103-118, Tete 25-40, Tonga 38-52, 73-81 plus used Ascension 23-32, 40-49, Bahamas 116-47, Canada 4, 8, 45-47, 50, 84, 95, 99-103, Gambia 1, 9-11, 66, Israel 1-9, Italy 506, 518, New Brunswick 1, Norway 1-5, 8-10, 11-21, 22-34, Russia 546-50, 556-66, 1261-64, C53-57, Obock 7, 10, SWA 120 & many more, cond varies few faults on earlier to later F-VF H (Image) (imageb) (imagec) (imaged) (imagee) (imagef)

image image image image

Est. $2,500-3,000 L (2)

Closing..Mar-09, 11:30 AM
1643 Well over (50,000) stamps */O to 1960s in (3) well filled Citation albums, offered intact, loaded w/ better items, over (400) pgs cat $25-1800, better used incl DWI 7c on piece, J7-9, Denmark 3, 5, 60a, Finland 10-29, France 38, 300a, J7, Libya 95-101, Lom-Ven 7-8, 14, 16, Sweden 2, O9, Switz 38a, 40 etc; unused incl Argentina 474, Austria 565-7, B128-37 (Blks), Brazil 1048a, DWI 5, 29, 46, Japan 501-4 etc, expect some flaws/faults usually restricted to some earlier issues but overall quite pleasing, F-VF or better w/some later issues NH, impressive collection w/ owner's CV in excess of $55,000 Est. $3,000-4,000 HWC-L

Closing..Mar-09, 11:30 AM
1644 Nearly all unused sets in (11) Scott Intl albums, quality collection w/ majority of strength from 1930s to 1950s, strength in GB & Colonies, France & Colonies, Germany etc, all VF w/ very few used classics, exceptionally fresh & attractive collection, offered intact, will Cat in excess of $30,000 Est. $5,000-7,500 HWC-L (2)

Closing..Mar-09, 11:30 AM

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