Excel Spreadsheet submission specifications
Sample Excel Spreadsheet for submissions

This is the file structure to provide the information for your
web pages in DBF format.  This is a very simplified format, call
me for more information on how we handle sub headings, and other
catalog presentation issues.

Please provide the format in dBASE III format.  This is the most
common denominator for us to use and eliminates the conflicts that arise
between the differences between FoxPro, Clipper, dBASE V etc....

Structure for database: CATALOG.DBF
1 record for each lot in the sale.
Field  Field Name  Type       Width    Dec
SALE_NO     Character      4            Sale Number
LOT_NO      Character      5            Lot Number, or Catalog Number (price list)
LOT_DESCR   Memo          10            Descriptions of Lot
EST_LOW     Numeric       11      2     Price Range (Low Value)
EST_REAL    Numeric       11      2     Price Range (High Value)
ORDER       Character     40            Complete Scott Number
REALIZED    Numeric       11      2     Sold Price (Prices Realized)
RESERVE     Numeric       11      2     Reserve Price OR Starting Bid (We must have a Starting Bid on each lot)
SYMBOL      Character     40            Symbol
NOTES       Character     40            Extra info after suggested bid
CATEGORY    Character      7            Category Code (or leave blank)
MAJGROUP    Character     80            Major Heading or Section
CATDESCR    Character     80            Sub Heading or Section
SUBGROUP    Character     80            "InLine Headings" (Optional)
IMAGELNK    Character     80            http://YourSite.com/images/lot345.jpg 

Structure for database: PROFILES.DBF
1 record for each Sale
Field  Field Name  Type       Width    Dec
SALE_NO     Character      4            Sale Number
PRE_SALE    Memo          10            Narrative describing upcoming Sale
POST_SALE   Memo          10            Narrative describing auction results
DESCRIP     Character     65            Short Description of Title of Sale
DATE        Date           8            Date of Sale
TIME        Character      5			Time to cut off Internet Bidding - 24 hour
TITLE1      Character     50            Name of Auction Company
BILL1       Character     50            Line 1 of Address
BILL2       Character     50            Line 2 of Address
BILL3       Character     50            Line 3 of Address
BILL4       Character     50            Line 4 of Address
PHONE       Character     15            Phone Number
FAX         Character     15            Fax Number
S_EMAIL     Character     25            Email Address
S_WEBPAGE   Character     50            Your Web Site Home Page