Highlights from the upcoming Siegel Sales

Every Stamp has it's own PR

Every stamp has its own PR -- Personal Record or the highest price paid. Not everyone cares or keeps track, but there is a highest price paid for every stamp in each of its formats, on cover, **, *, (*), used, pair and multiple. There is also a 2nd and 3rd place, right on down the line. And while grading is helpful, it can be subjective. There is nothing subjective about a stamp's price history and what it provides to understand its value. Yes there have been condition rarity bubbles. But consider the recent Morton Sale. There were 52 stamps that came on the market that are the current #1 of that stamp. Many of them did not reach their historic record prices, but 22 of them did. These included: 56-**, 63b-o, 133a-o, 139-o, 139a-o, 141-o, 146-o, 161-o, 244-*, C3-o, C5-o, C6-o, K1-o, K5-o, K17-o, K-18-o, Q10*, RW6-** and more. Stamps are breaking the records set back in 2006-2012. You don't have to be a major league baseball player to understand a batting average and you don't need to be an expert to understand our provenance ranking system. It is the great equalizer.

Join us as we present highlights from the upcoming Siegel Sale

Monday Evening, 7:00pm, May 18th, 2020

Let us walk you through the next sale with an entirely new approach. Starting with a quick review of some of the stamp records in the Morton Sale, we will move on to stamps offered in Siegel's U.S. Stamps - Sale 1221. We will look at a number of top 10 stamps. I expect that many of these will be setting their own records. If there is interest, we have calculated the Provenance on all the stamps in the Traveler Collection of U.S. Revenues as well, so we can look at those also.
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For More information. You can read the updated version of our Provenance Report (here). or you can Watch the Video on the new Provenance Viewer (Here) The video will feature some clips from the latest Morton Sale, speak to the market, and show a couple of bargains. I am going to give some examples from my report "Why Can't every stamp have provenance", but the video will also show you what provenance is and then demonstrate the Provenance Viewer.

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- Tom Droege