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Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions Sale: 100

United States
Registry & Postage Dues
image Sale No: 100
Lot No:2322
Symbol:Cat No:F1

Registry, 1911, 10¢ ultramarine. O.g., hinge remnant, perfect centering with large evenly balanced margins all around, strong vibrant color especially for this notoriously pale issue, a Superb gem, the highest grade in any condition with no equals, with 2012 P.S.E. certificate Graded (Gem 100, SMQ $500).
Scott No. F1; $75. US$0 (Image)

Scott $75

Opening US$ 210.00
Sold...US$ 210.00

Closed..Dec-10-2021, 18:03:03 EST
Sold For 210

image Sale No: 100
Lot No:2323
Symbol:Cat No:J2

Postage Due, 1879, 2¢ brown. O.g., never hinged, nicely balanced margins, strong bright color, choice Very Fine to Extremely Fine, with 1992, 1995 & 2009 P.F. certificates, the latter Graded (VF-XF 85 XQ, SSV $1,250 for 85).
Scott No. J2; $1,050. US$0 (Image)

Scott $1,050

Opening US$ 1,000.00
Sold...US$ 1,000.00

Closed..Dec-10-2021, 18:03:40 EST
Sold For 1000

image Sale No: 100
Lot No:2324
Symbol:Cat No:J43

Postage Due, 1897, 30¢ deep claret. O.g., very lightly hinged, near perfect centering amid wide margins, deep bold color and particularly fresh, choice Extremely Fine to Superb, a truly exceptional example of this difficult issue, with 2020 P.F. certificate Graded (XF-S 95 XQ, SMQ $1,300 for 95).
Scott No. J43; $600.

In the Philatelic Foundation grading booklet in reference to exceptional quality or "XQ" they note; "The final grade of a stamp is determined by assigning an initial grade based on centering and margins and then, if needed, adjusting that grade to reflect the various additional factors just described. Important factors such as jumbo margins or other exceptional characteristics are not included in the numerical grade but designated separately with a "J" or "XQ" designation."
. US$0 (Image)

Scott $600

Opening US$ 1,150.00
Sold...US$ 1,150.00

Closed..Dec-10-2021, 18:04:07 EST
Sold For 1150

image Sale No: 100
Lot No:2325
Symbol:Cat No:J57

Postage Due, 1914, 30¢ carmine lake, S.L. watermark, perf 10. O.g., never hinged, perfect centering within large beautifully balanced margins, intensely rich color and exceptional freshness, a Superb gem, a stunning perfectly centered gem, with 2020 P.S.A.G. certificate Graded (Gem 100, SMQ $3,200 for 98J).
Scott No. J57; $525.


Scott $525

Opening US$ 2,300.00
Sold...US$ 2,300.00

Closed..Dec-10-2021, 18:04:26 EST
Sold For 2300
image Sale No: 100
Lot No:2326
Symbol:Cat No:J94a

Postage Due, 1959 (6¢) carmine rose & black, denomination omitted. Horizontal pair at top of corner margin plate no. "26661" block of 10, o.g., never hinged, showing transition with slightly weaker "6 Cents" denomination below errors, F.-V.F., an extremely rare error with only 20 such errors recorded.
Scott No. J94a; $1,400 for two pairs. US$0 (Image)

Scott $1,400 fo

Opening US$ 725.00
Sold...US$ 725.00

Closed..Dec-10-2021, 18:05:06 EST
Sold For 725

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