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Argyll Etkin Ltd Sale: 49

Worldwide Stamps and Covers

1909-15 Mols Issues - Covers and Cancellations
Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1012
Cat No: 1/231

image 1909-15 Mols Issues - Covers and Cancellations. 1916-61 Mint and used collection well written up in an album, with some varieties, specimen overprints and covers, including "URUNDI" locally applied handstamps in lilac grey on 5c, 10c and 15c (B.16/17, 19, €825, only 250 of each value overprinted); similar handstamps applied in Le Havre comprising "RUANDA" 5c - 40c (with additional 25c) and "URUNDI" 5c - 15c, 40c - 1f; 1916-22 Occupation overprint sets with 1918 A.O surcharge set mint and used and imperforate set mint, 1922 carmine surcharges, "TAXES" handstamps on 1918 issue (14, all values mint or used) and 1922 surcharges (6, set used); and Mandate Territory basic issues complete mint and used, also 1925-29 stamps with red "SPECIMEN" overprint and a small punch hole (16), 1934 King Albert 1f.50 and Queen Astrid Fund 2f.50 + 25c handstamped "SPECIMEN" (in Lisbon), 1941 Albert Monument pair imperf, 1944 Red Cross Fund 1f.25 and 3f.50 surcharge errors mint, 1943 postage due 10c mint with overprint double, and a few covers. A fine collection. S.G. 1/231, £3,000+, B.9/230, TX.1/26, €4,700 (approx). (766). Photo on Page 156. (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image 3) (Image 4) (Image1)

Opening GBP 750.00
Sold...GBP 650.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 650

Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1013

1917 Covers with "B.P.C.V.P.K" Belgian Field Post Office cancels, comprising a registered cover from F.P.O No 4 to Tabora franked 5c (2) + 15c pair, registration label with typewritten "Postes milit 4 / Legerpost 4"; registered cover from F.P.O No.11 to France franked 10c + 15c, registration label with manuscript "BPC VPK 11"; and cover franked 10c to Maneromango endorsed "On active service" with F.P.O No 16 c.d.s. (3).

Opening GBP 150.00
Sold...GBP 130.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1014

1917-27 Covers and cards with Occupation overprints including 1919 registered cover from Kigoma to Belgium franked 10c + 15c, small 1926 cover from Kigali to Belgium with two 15c stamps, 1924 cover from Usumbura to Belgium franked 50c on 25c, two 1917 registered philatelic covers to G.B from Kigoma bearing 5c - 1f stamps between the two covers both with "Postes Militaires No 4" registration labels; and overprinted postal stationery cards comprising 1922-25 10c card franked 15c pair from Usumbura, '15' on 5c card from Kigali, '15' on 10c and '30' on 10c cards from Usumbura all with Uranda Urundi stamps, and a 1927 '15' on 10c card from Lokandu bearing Belgian Congo stamps. (11).

Opening GBP 220.00
Sold...GBP 190.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 190

Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1015

Horseshoe Cancels. 1918-21 Cover and postal stationery picture postcards with the unusual horseshoe type datestamps, comprising "KITEGA" on 1918 10c card to Belgium, "USUMBURA" on 1920 5c card franked 5c to Belgium and on 1921 registered cover to Kigoma bearing three 15c stamps. (3).

Opening GBP 200.00
Sold...GBP 170.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 170

Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1016

Paquebot Mail - Lake Tanganyika. 1937 Cover from Ururi to Belgium franked 4f + 50c, cancelled "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 2786), backstamped at Kigoma. Scarce.

Opening GBP 100.00
Sold...GBP 180.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 180
Sale No: 49
Lot No: 1017

1938-62 Covers and cards including 1938 Air Mail cover from Kigali to USA bearing Ruanda Urundi 1f.25 (2) + Belgian Congo 1f + 2f pair Air stamps, sent by Imperial Airways from Uganda; 1939 Air Mail cover from Usumbura to France franked 4f + 50c sent by Imperial Airways from Tanganyika; 1948 cover to Switzerland franked 7f + 1f postage due accepted for postage; other covers with cancels of seven differing offices. (24).

Opening GBP 150.00
Sold...GBP 280.00

Closed..Mar-10-2022, 23:59:00 EST
Sold For 280

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