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Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. Sale: 836

Worldwide Stamps & Postal History

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 924
Cat No: Collection

image 1862 TO MODERN MINT & USED COLLECTION: Carton of stockbooks with the 1862 to modern mint & used collection inc. 1897-1908 used 500c p. due SG D206C £180, etc., an almost complete run of mint & used 'Pro Juventute' sets from 1917 to 2010 inc. 1917 used set of 3 SG J6/8 £110, etc., a good range of mini. sheets inc. 1934 used (on large piece) National Philatelic Exhibition Zurich (NABA) mini. sheet SG MS357 £1000, 2000 mint Embroidered mini. sheet SG MS1461 £225, etc. Plus range of booklets & small group of covers. High cat. value. (Qty) Cross Reference: BOOKLETS, POSTAGE DUE STAMPS & COVERS (Image)

Opening GBP 550.00
Sold...GBP 550.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:13:08 EST
Sold For 550

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 925
Cat No: Collection

image FOUR SG "SENATOR" ALBUMS with the well presented, early to modern, mint & used collection. Useful group of used 1854-62 used 'Strubels' to 1f grey-lilac, seated Helvetias, etc., the high value Pictorial issues, 1945 'Peace' values incl. 3f & 10f used, then a comprehensive range of Pro Juventute & Pro Patria issues from earliest, supplemented by many covers. Fine range of Air issues and covers from 1920s onwards. We note the scarcer 1946 & 1949 'Pro Aero' issues mint or used and on cover. Collection also includes some 'back of the book' issues. (Many 100s of both stamps & covers) (Image)

Opening GBP 150.00
Sold...GBP 150.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:13:28 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 926
Cat No: Collection

image LIGHTHOUSE PRINTED ALBUM with the mainly used collection c.1907-1965. Well filled, incl. good range of 1920s/30s Air issues, better 1930s/40s mini. sheets & sheetlets, 1945 "Peace" set used to 10f SG 447/459 (£1,300). Also, a good range of Pro Juventute/Pro Patria issues for the period, and some additional early issues on stock cards. (Few 100s) (Image)

Opening GBP 260.00
Sold...GBP 260.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:13:52 EST
Sold For 260

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 929

image CANCELLATIONS: Six albums housing the extensive study of cancellations on old & modern issues (predominantly the latter), the great majority on piece to show the complete cancellation. Organised by Canton. (Many 1,000s) (Image)

Opening GBP 95.00
Sold...GBP 95.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:14:28 EST
Sold For 95

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 930

image 19th & 20th CENTURY MAIL; Range inc. 1867 cash-on-delivery env. franked 20c + 5c, 1938 internal airmail env. to Yverdon ex Lausanne franked 75c, 1944 airmail env. to England franked 20c (3) with censor tape at left & right, 1956 env. to London franked 2F, 1F + 30c with Bern reg. label on front and other related examples. (63 covers) Cross Reference: AIR MAIL COVERS, MILITARY - CENSORED MAIL (Image)

Opening GBP 60.00
Sold...GBP 60.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:14:45 EST
Sold For 60

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 931
Cat No: Collection

image MODERN FLAWS & VARIETIES: Album with the 1950s-2000s collection of mint issues each showing unlisted minor flaws. On printed pages with the relevant aberration clearly identified. (Approx. 48 vars + 48 'normals'.) (Image)

Opening GBP 50.00
Sold...GBP 50.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:15:02 EST
Sold For 50
Sale No: 836
Lot No: 932
Cat No: Collection

image EARLY POSTAL STATIONERY, BUNDESFEIER CARDS, SLOGAN CANCELS, ETC: Two albums & two stock books with the collection of late 19th. & early 20th C. Postal Stationery cards, both used and unused. Fine group of Bundesfeier cards from c.1912 onwards, early tourist PPCs and a range of modern reproductions. In the stock books an extensive collection of pieces with attractive cancellations (very many 100s) incl. many slogan types. Lot also includes a mixed assortment of stamps & covers in packets. (Qty.) (Image)

Opening GBP 75.00
Sold...GBP 75.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:15:21 EST
Sold For 75

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