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Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. Sale: 836

Worldwide Stamps & Postal History

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 915

image 17th CENTURY ROYAL MAIL; Pair with Mar. 1620 and Sep. 1632 EL's (one to Venice) written and signed by King Philip III or IV both with fancy embossed large wafer seals (one defective) on the rear plus a Jan. 1691 EL to Netherlands ex Bilbao endorsed 'Di Madrid' at lower left, contents concerning trade, shipping etc. (3 covers) Cross Reference: ROYALTY, EARLY LETTERS, SEALS/WAFERS, SHIPS/SHIPPING (Image)

Opening GBP 420.00
Sold...GBP 420.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:09:48 EST
Sold For 420

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 916
Cat No: Collection

image MADRID PRESTAMP MAIL COLLECTION; Range on annotated leaves in binder inc. 1759 EL to Genoa with "CORREO/GRAL DE/MADRID" h.s. on rear, 1774 EL to London with "[CROWN]/M/DATE" d.s. on front 1776 EL to Marseilles with "[CROWN]/M" h.s. on front, 1784/88 EL's to St Quentin with "D'ESPAGNE" h.s. on front, 1825 EL to Madrid ex London rated '2/2'd prepaid and with circular "[CROWN]/M" cds on rear, 1834 EL to London with "ESPAGNE PAR/ST JEAN-DE LUZ" h.s. on front, initially rated '3/6'd and re-rated '6/6'D with Inspector's Crown h.s. also on front, 1842 EL to Paris with "M/PTE PAGADO/HASTA LA RAYA" and "ESPAGNE/PAR BAYONNE" h.s. on front (redirected within France and to Belgium), 1843 EL's to Genoa with "[CROWN]/M/P.P." and "VIA DI NIZZA" h.s. on front and other related examples. (55 covers) Cross Reference: FRANCE, REDIRECTED MAIL, BELGIUM, INSPECTORS' MARKS (Image)

Opening GBP 340.00
Sold...GBP 340.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:10:12 EST
Sold For 340

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 917

image MADRID OBLITERATIONS & SPECIAL MARKS; Range on annotated leaves in binder inc. 1850 E/EL's to or from Madrid franked 6c Black tied by Arana obliterations, 1856 E to Madrid franked 4c tied by 'Parilla' barred oval cancel, 1856 E to Matavo franked 4c tied by 'Rejilla' diamond of bars, 1859 EL to Santiago franked 4c tied by '1' cartwheel cancel, 1866 reduced E to Prussia franked 12c (6) tied by barred numeral '1' cancels, 1875 E to Paris franked 40c tied by a rhomboid of dots, 1877 env. to Avila with franking tied by 'Taldro' grill cancel, 1878 EL to Albacete franked 1c + 15c tied by star rhomboid of dots, 1884 Argentina 1c Newspaper Wrapper to Madrid, underpaid & taxed with framed "ESTUVO DO MESES EN LISTA/MADRID" h.s. on rear - unrecorded by Sitja, 1888 10c PC used locally with framed "DESPUES/DE LA/SALEDA" h.s. on front and other related examples. (34 covers, fronts or cards + few stamps) Cross Reference: ARGENTINA, POSTAL STATIONERY, INSTRUCTIONAL MARKS, POSTAGE DUE STAMPS & COVERS (Image)

Opening GBP 300.00
Sold...GBP 300.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:10:42 EST
Sold For 300

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 918

image MADRID 19th CENTURY DATESTAMPS; Range on annotated leaves in binder inc. 1855 EL to Madrid franked 4c with Blue "MADRID/(1)" cds on rear, 1855/63 E's to or fram Madrid franked 4c with year slugs missing from datestamp, Nov. 1855 E to Madrid franked 4c with double-oval "MADRID/FRANCO" d.s. on rear, 22 Oct. 1856 E to Madrid franked 4c with double-oval "MADRID" d.s. on rear - only in use for 10 days, Nov. 1856 E to Madrid franked 4c with circular 18mm "MADRID" thimble cds, 1857 E to Madrid franked 2c Orange tied by ms. 'X' and double ring "MADRID/(1)" d.s. in Black on front, 1863 env. to Paris franked 12c Blue with "MADRID/(1)" cds and "5c" p.due mark both on front, 1874 E to Havana franked 25c + 5c with double-lined "MADRID/(1)" (27mm) cds on front, 1877 E to Lyon franked 25c with "EST. DE CAMBIO/MADRID" cds on front and other related examples. (63 items) (Image)

Opening GBP 400.00
Sold...GBP 400.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:11:17 EST
Sold For 400

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 919
Cat No: Collection

image MADRID - EARLY PICTURE POSTCARDS: Box file with binder housing the used and unused collection of early 20th. C. PPCs depicting exclusively Street scenes, buildings, monuments, parks, etc. of Madrid. c.72 colour tinted and black & white cards in a well written up and presented display. Also, a group of c.105 loose, mostly used, early PPCs of a similar nature (all Madrid) and c.70 modern Madrid cards. (Total c.250 cards) Cross Reference: PICTURE POSTCARDS (Image)

Opening GBP 80.00
Sold...GBP 85.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:11:35 EST
Sold For 85
Sale No: 836
Lot No: 920
Cat No: Collection

image MADRID BRANCH OFFICE & REGISTERED MAIL GROUP; Mainly 20th century selection on annotated leaves in binders (2) inc. 1901 PPC to Luxembourg franked 10c tied by "MADRID/(1.)" 31mm cds, 1901 large wrapper to Florence franked 1P, 50c 25c & 20c with Madrid Certificado printed label on front, 1907 env. to Buenos Aires franked 25c + Green Charity label both tied by "ESTFETA ESTE/MADRID" cds, 1920 PPC to Lisbon franked 5c tied by skeleton type "MADRID/*[DATE]*/[YEAR]" cds, 1921 unsealed env. to Germany franked 5c tied by late use of the "MADRID/(1)" d.s. with time of day, 1932 airmail env. to USA franked 1p (3) + 10c with Madrid Cambio printed reg. label tied by "CERTIFICADO/S.I./MADRID" d.s., 1934 reduced env. to Jamaica franked 30c + 10c tied by "MINISTERIO DE TRABAJO/MADRID" cds, 1939 env. to Zurich franked 60c (6) tied by "CERTIFICADO" d.s. and with censor tape and mark on front and other related examples.(c100 covers + few stamps) Cross Reference: REGISTERED MAIL, MILITARY - SPANISH CIVIL WAR, MILITARY - CENSORED MAIL, AIR MAIL COVERS (Image)

Opening GBP 150.00
Sold...GBP 150.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 14:12:00 EST
Sold For 150

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