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Cavendish Philatelic Auctions Ltd. Sale: 836

Worldwide Stamps & Postal History

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 517

image 20th CENTURY LOCAL & FOREIGN MAIL; Range with 1874 unfranked reduced env. to Montego Bay with Green Island cds on rear, 1896 env. to Vienna franked 2½d tied by Kingston cds, 1913 env. to Chicago franked KGV 2½d + 1d pair with reg. marks on front & rear, 1916 env. to USA endorsed 'Newspaper' and franked 'WAR STAMP' ½d, 1917 Parcel Post label (exporting Jam, Marmalade & Chutney) franked KGV 1/- block of three & 'WAR STAMP' opt on 3d, 1934 hotel advert. env. to NY franked 1/- (2) + 3d + 1½d (2), 1944 censored airmail env. to Barbados franked KGVI 2/- + 3d, 1951 env. to Kingston franked KGVI 3d pair with 'FRUITFUL VALE' reg. label on front and other related examples. (202 covers/cards) Cross Reference: MILITARY - CENSORED MAIL, ACCOUNTANCY MARKS, ADVERTISING ENVELOPES, REGISTERED MAIL (Image)

Opening GBP 240.00
Sold...GBP 240.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:28:12 EST
Sold For 240

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 518
Cat No: Collection

image QV MINT & USED RANGES: Mainly mint selection on stock sheet with values to 2/- & 5/- SG 14, 15. We note 2d Green var. inverted wmk. SG 28aw. Total cat. value c.£1,200 (34) (Image)

Opening GBP 220.00
Sold...GBP 220.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:28:37 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 519
Cat No: Collection

image QV TO EARLY QEII COLLECTION ON HAGNER SHEETS: Range of QV used low denomination defins. and some useful fine used KGV values from the 1919/20 Pictorial sets, War Tax types, 1935 SJ sets mint & used, then KGVI 1938 sets to £1 both mint & used (SG 121/133a £200). Also QEII 1956 set to £1 used and later issues to independence. (c.221) (Image)

Opening GBP 130.00
Sold...GBP 130.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:29:00 EST
Sold For 130

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 520
Cat No: Collection

image QV MOSTLY MINT COLLECTION ON ALBUM LEAVES: Small group of 'Pineapple' wmk. issues used, SG 1, 1b, 3 (2) & 6a (2) otherwise all fine mint incl. SG 1, 1b and 1883-97 various values to 5/- Mauve incl. 18, 18b & 20a (2d Slate), 1889-91 set of 3 (x2), 1905-11 various values to 2/- Purple/Blue. Also Officials O3/O5 and a few KGV issues. Fine throughout. Total cat. value £1,020 (46) (Image)

Opening GBP 260.00
Sold...GBP 260.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:29:32 EST
Sold For 260

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 521
Cat No: Collection

image 19th/20th CENTURY MAIL GROUP; Range inc. Nov. 1793 stained & defective EL to England datelined at 'St Elizabeth' with "IAMAICA" and v.scarce "LACOVIA*" h.s. on rear, 1888 1½d QV PC to USA with York Castle squared circle d.s. 1888 ½d PC to Kingston uprated ½d and tied by Mandeville squared circle d.s., 1903 folded 'photographs only' folder from London to Jamaica franked GB 1d KEVII and forwarded to London with Jamaica 1d, 1936 airmail env. to Canada franked 4d pair, 30 Sep. 1939 early censored env. to San Diego franked KGVI 3d, 1951 airmail env. to Calcutta franked KGVI 1/- (3) + 3d, 1956 env. to Browns Town franked QEII 1d (6) with ms. 'Kinloss' reg. label on front, 1962 airmail env. to Canada franked QEII 8d tied by Ocho Rios cds, 1964 PPC to Michigan franked 2½d with 2 x 4c p.dues applied, 1964 airmail env. to Leicester franked 2/- with Bog Walk reg. label on front, 1967 env. to Chicago franked 2/- + 6d with Prickley Pole reg. label on front, 1973 airmail env. to Chicago with ms. 'Berry Hill' reg. label on front and other related examples. (514 covers/cards) Cross Reference: REDIRECTED MAIL, AIR MAIL COVERS, POSTAGE DUE STAMPS & COVERS, REGISTERED MAIL (Image)

Opening GBP 360.00
Sold...GBP 360.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:30:01 EST
Sold For 360

Sale No: 836
Lot No: 522

image 55TH REGIMENT (WESTMORELAND) INTERNAL MAIL: Small range with July 1805 EL to Montego Bay ex Spanish Town rated '1/3'(d) with "SPANISH TOWN/JA" and "MONTEGO BAY/JA" h.s. on rear, redirected back to Spanish Town and endorsed 'Returned from Spanish Town' on top and then redirected to Kingstown and rated '2/6'(d), Dec. 1805 EL's (2 - one privately carried) to 'Uppark Camp' (ref. leave application for Captain Heyligen or dreadful losses sustained by the Regiment; possibly Yellow Fever) with s/l "MONTEGO BAY/JA" h.s. on rear and rated '1/3'd, c1805 copy letter to the Duke of York by Quarter Master Nixon complaining of Mrs Keans behaviour and a Mar. 1806 privately carried EL to Newcastle under Lyme also by Joseph Nixon written on board the Sappho. (5 items) Cross Reference: MILITARY, INCOMING OVERSEAS MAIL (Image)

Opening GBP 200.00
Sold...GBP 200.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:30:29 EST
Sold For 200
Sale No: 836
Lot No: 523
Cat No: Collection

image 1921-49 The mint selection inc. 1921-29 1/2d, 2d to 5/- (4), & 10/-. 1938-52 1/2d Green (2), 1/2d Orange (2), 1d Red (2), 1d Green (2), 11/2d (2), 2d (6), 21/2d (3), 3d Blue (2), 3d Green & Blue, 3d Green & Scarlet (2), 4d (2), 6d (3), 9d (3), 1/- (2), 2/- (2), 5/- (5), 10/- (2) & £1 (2). 1948 RSW set and 1949 UPU set x 2. Mostly fine. (95) (Image)

Opening GBP 160.00
Sold...GBP 160.00

Closed..Jun-02-2021, 10:31:00 EST
Sold For 160

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