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Dutch Country Auctions/The Stamp Center Sale: 21

Worldwide Currency
Foreign Currency

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 307
Cat No: Africa

image Africa (209) 20th Cent banknotes in plastic pages, from (51) countries, minor duplication, largest groups from Algeria (6), Congo (7), Egypt (16), Ghana (6), Seychelles (10) and Zimbabwe (43) w/ trillions of Zim dollars present; just one or two from many less common places; ranges from circulated to crisp Unc (Image)

Est. $200-250 L

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:48:00 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 308
Cat No: America

image (295) Banknotes of the Americas in Supersafe plastic pages, largest groups from Argentina (33), Brazil (71), Honduras (13), Nicaragua (13), Surinam (20) and Uruguay (11); others from Aruba, Belize, Bolivia, Caymans, Cuba, East Caribbean, Guadeloupe (5fr #7c), Neth. Antilles, Peru, Venezuela and others; range from circulated to crisp Unc; some minor duplication (Image)

Est. $250-300 L

Opening US$ 150.00
Sold...US$ 150.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:48:19 EST
Sold For 150

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 309
Cat No: Europe

image Europe (426) in plastic pages, notes from (43) countries or territories, covering the 20th Cent w/ only minor duplication, largest groups from Germany (115), Austria (36), GB (22), Greece (19), Yugoslavia (25) and Russia (54) covering all periods 1890s-1990s; some less common as Jersey, Isle of Man, Cyprus, Bukhara 1921 20,000r, Liechtenstein (all 3 heller notes), Scotland (15), Sweden (5) and more; well worn to crisp Unc (Image)

Est. $500-600 L

Opening US$ 390.00
Sold...US$ 390.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:49:06 EST
Sold For 390

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 310
Cat No: Germany

image Germany - stack of (292) banknotes from 1904-48, majority from the Inflation period, including some Notgeld, gen circulated (Image)

Est. $180-200 B

Opening US$ 220.00
Sold...US$ 220.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:49:39 EST
Sold For 220

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 311
Cat No: Germany N

image Germany - Notgeld (537) pieces, some loose, others in old German album, good variety, incl a couple small size and bank seals; only a few worn, mostly VF-XF (Image)

Est. $400-500 B

Opening US$ 900.00
Sold...US$ 900.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:50:02 EST
Sold For 900

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 312
Cat No: Germany N

image Germany - Notgeld abt (800) pieces, loose and unsorted, small to large size, good variety, a few worn, mostly VF-XF (Image)

Est. $700-800 B

Opening US$ 1,000.00
Sold...US$ 1,000.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:50:23 EST
Sold For 1000

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 313
Cat No: Judaica

image (7) Judaica themed notes; 3rm Wertmarke for canteen at Buchenwald, vertical fold at center; (3) "Quittung" notes from Litzmannstadt 50pf, 1m and 20m; two notes marked as Sabbath script for 1956 Sinai War & 1967 Six Day War; one unidentified note blue & green w/ perforated corner; F-VF (Image)

Est. $125-150 LE

Opening US$ 270.00
Sold...US$ 270.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:50:37 EST
Sold For 270

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 314
Cat No: Collection

image Notgeld collection (142) in plastic pages, little if any duplication, from Austria (84) and Germany (58) w/ some provisional banknotes as well; worn to crisp (Image)

Est. $125-150 LE

Opening US$ 370.00
Sold...US$ 370.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:50:49 EST
Sold For 370

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 315
Cat No: x150

image Stack of WW notes, good variety from crisp modern to worn mid-20th Cent, incl several from North Korea, written on by American soldiers, Japan, Spain, former Yugoslavia, China, Military and more; also a couple coins incl a large unknown Chinese coin in display case; also some US w/ well worn silver certificates, one Hawaii $1 and (4) worn fractionals; AVG to Unc (Image)

Est. $150-180 B

Opening US$ 310.00
Sold...US$ 310.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:51:02 EST
Sold For 310

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 316
Cat No: x200

image Stack of (329) WW banknotes, wide variety of countries, mostly 1950s-80s, circulated to XF, noted much Latin America & Eastern Europe but also Asia, Africa, West Europe; (Image)

Est. $200-250 B

Opening US$ 280.00
Sold...US$ 280.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:51:29 EST
Sold For 280

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 317
Cat No: Collection

image Accum of items on the periphery of notaphily; incl 1991 Lithuanian local notes showing sports; complete Specimen set of the euro banknotes; $1 Antarctic note (1996); other fantasies incl Amazonia, Atlantic Forest, Republica Aborigen, United Federation of Planets, Eklisivia (nudes), Nederlands-Mauritius; sample and test notes from Giori (Shakespeare), de la Rue (oversize note, bank teller promotionals, American history, German "Testschein"); Rapa Nui, Arctic, Hell Money, (2) Liechtenstein 2019 essays, more; fascinating and colorful group (Image)

Est. $200-250 LE

Opening US$ 260.00
Sold...US$ 260.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:52:03 EST
Sold For 260

Sale No: 21
Lot No: 318
Cat No: x300

image Abt (445) WW notes in (4) binders in plastic pages, not in order, variety of countries, many modern crisp notes, some circulated as well; noted a few valid notes incl €5 & €10, post-communist countries, Asia, Latin America, Germany, Korea, a few Notgeld, fantasy notes, Europe & Africa (Image)

Est. $300-400 L

Opening US$ 340.00
Sold...US$ 340.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:52:42 EST
Sold For 340
Sale No: 21
Lot No: 319
Cat No: x350

image Stash of several (100) WW banknotes as culled from donations to the American Philatelic Society; many of the usual suspects (German Inflation, AMG, Japanese Occupations) but also lots of German Notgeld, French Colonies, Sweden, Vietnam, Japan, Latin America w/ much Bolivia, China, Chihuahua, more; group of Hungary incl post-WWII notes w/ MNB stamps affixed; small group US Fractions in very poor condition along w/ an 1862 State of Missouri $10 note also poor; also a small amount of coins incl Portugal Euro Unc set; conditions range from ratty to crisp Unc w/ most being VF-XF (Image)

Est. $350-450 B

Opening US$ 600.00
Sold...US$ 600.00

Closed..Feb-10-2022, 18:53:28 EST
Sold For 600

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