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R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd Sale: 567


Sale No: 567
Lot No: 905
Symbol: O

REVENUES: PROVINCIAL: ALBERTA: WILDLIFE CERTIFICATE STAMPS: AW1/AW507: Fifty-two different 1965 to 1982, Bird, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Sheep Male, Special Moose, Grizzly Bear, Elk, Goat, Moose, Special Big Game, Caribou, Cougar, both Resident and non-resident, mostly fault free and f-vf. (Face val $755). Van Dam $10+ each. Inspect.

Opening C$ 350.00
Sold...C$ 350.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:17:52 EST
Sold For 350


Sale No: 567
Lot No: 906
Symbol: **
Cat No: SE24

REVENUES: PROVINCIAL: SASKATCHEWAN ELECTRICAL: SE24: 1937-47 $1 pink, 4mm controls (D26901/31600), 42 cpl sheets of 100, mostly nh, fine.

Cat. Val. 42000.00

Opening C$ 450.00
Sold...C$ 450.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:18:26 EST
Sold For 450

Sale No: 567
Lot No: 907
Symbol: **
Cat No: SE27a

REVENUES: PROVINCIAL: SASKATCHEWAN ELECTRICAL: SE27a: $10 purple 4mm controls (A10101/14601), six cpl sheets of 100, mostly nh, fine.

Cat. Val. 15000.00

Opening C$ 500.00
Sold...C$ 500.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:19:36 EST
Sold For 500

Sale No: 567
Lot No: 908
Symbol: **
Cat No: SL45

REVENUES: PROVINCIAL: SASKATCHEWAN LAW: SL45: 1938 issue, 5¢ sepia, 34 complete OTTAWA-No-1 imprint sheets of 50, some separation mostly nh, f-vf

Cat. Val. 25500.00

Opening C$ 180.00
Sold...C$ 180.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:20:08 EST
Sold For 180


Sale No: 567
Lot No: 909
Symbol: C
Cat No: YL13

image YUKON TERRITORY: TERRITORIAL COURT: YL13: 1902 Overprints 25¢ on silver overprint on 10¢ blue, 50 all with punch cancels on documents, dated 1948 to 1962, mostly f-vf. Inspect. (Cat Val as used only $2500) (Image)

Opening C$ 190.00
Sold...C$ 190.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:20:58 EST
Sold For 190
Sale No: 567
Lot No: 910
Symbol: C
Cat No: YL13

YUKON: TERRITORIAL COURT: YL13: 155 Small Debt Dispute notes all from 1952 with single 25¢ on 10¢ silver overprint, incl couple small faults, mostly f-vf. (Cat. as stamps only)

Cat. Val. 6975.00

Opening C$ 200.00
Sold...C$ 200.00

Closed..Mar-17-2022, 12:21:31 EST
Sold For 200

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